80 year old acquaintance


80 year old acquaintance
I was in the village shop buying my daily shopping when I met an elderly man. I discovered that unusually for this part of Croatia he spoke very good English. He was a retired Secondary School teacher and was interested to hear I was teaching English as a foreign language.
I must admit that I had not considered him possibly attracted to me; I was wearing sandals harem pants thong and bra and a loose fitting yellow top. However I noticed that he had what I thought was his spectacle case in his shorts pocket. As he bent over to select something for his basket I realised he had an erection and in fact a lengthy one to reach so high in his cargo shorts. I was flattered that he was hard talking to me and could feel my cunt flooding as it had been several months since I had had a long cock inside my cunt.
I asked where he lived and he told me that he had a summer home on the other side of the village; he had heard about the “young” English lady who had moved to the village last year and said that he would appreciate me helping to carry his food home. After chatting to others in the shop we set off through the old village. Inevitably we chatted from time to time with villagers and reached his home.
He had told me that he had been widowed for over ten years and had retired to the coast from the Zagreb area where he had taught in a large Secondary School. I told him my age on retirement when I sold my company and that I like Croatia both climactically and had been able to purchase a property reasonably priced which needed no renovation and had everything I needed.
I helped him unpack his shopping and to make coffee and noticed that the bulge was still there. I decided to ask him if he found me attractive which he enthusiastically affirmed and whether he found me arousing. He smiled broadly and said “Lady Pamela your English voice is so sexy”. I reached his shorts and felt a huge throbbing cock. He said “I hope you can forgive an old man becoming aroused”.
I was surprised to find such a big cock in both my hands and asked what I could do to help. He asked if I was able to have sex with him. Since my cunt was twitching wildly I said of course and he motioned me into a pleasant bedroom with a traditional wooden double bed. I quickly dropped my pants and thong and stood legs wide apart and barefooted and braced against the bed.
Naked he began to stroke his huge cock from my swollen clit along my dripping wet lips and told me he had not done this for nearly 20 years. Then very slowly and gently he began to push his head inside me. I love big dicks to fuck me hard and deep but slow gentle filling makes me climax just as well. I was relaxing as inch by inch he slipped a very thick shaft deep inside until I felt his balls touch me. He was extremely thick as well as long My cunt felt pleasantly stretched open and he could feel my cunt muscles rippling along his shaft He pulled back and then moved forward again and I could feel very close to orgasm; out again further and then back to his balls and I gasped as I came and he withdraw with my cunt force then pushed harder and deeper I came again he pushed harder to prevent my cunt forcing him out completely. I came this time from the force he used to ram deep inside me and he rammed harder each time causing me to come several times. He got the idea that he needed to fuck harder and harder; probably more a****l than he had ever fucked before.
I could not stop coming for this huge hard dick and then he shot his load deep inside me and the cunt juice and spunk began to run down my legs.
Incredibly I had encountered a huge cock attached to a rather sweet 80 something Croatian from Zagreb. I went on to drain his balls that day and he fucked me so hard (for which he apologised repeatedly) and told me he had only been able to have sex slowly and gently with his late wife. He became a good rough fuck that day. The sweetest thing is I know that if I need a much dreamt of rough fuck once a week I can readily get one now.

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