Secured helpless and loving it. Chapter 2


Secured helpless and loving it. Chapter 2
She sat there looking up at you with her doe like eyes, the innocence in them warped by the eyeliner and fact she was naked. A vision of perfection she very nearly oozed beauty and sexuality.

Walking to the tabel by the wall you pick up a set of leather cuffs with metalic fasteners. The leather had been oiled recently and it gave off a strong scent that a cured hide gives off. Walking back to the waiting woman you take her hand and place the cuff on her arm. The weight being lighter she wondered how it would hold up if she tried to pull it off. Next the other cuff snapped onto her pale wrist. The fastenings pulled tight but not so much to cut off the circulation. Taking hold of one of the metal rings looped in the cuff you lead the beauty towards the chair. Sitting yourself down you pull her onto her knees and she looks at the hard member pointing towards the swing. You pull her across your lap forcing her to rise off her knees and pass the solid shaft she so desperately wanted in her mouth. Taking one hand you clip one of the rings into a metal clip at the bottom of the chair. You hear a noise come from her throat as she realises that she will have very little ability to move.

She will get a answer to the question of the strength of the leather cuffs mich sooner than perhaps she thought.

As the second hand is secured you sit back up and look at the view before you. Her breats pressed against your leg her hard nipples scr****g across the hair on your leg, her pale round ass moving side to side waiting. And if you bend a little you can already see a small drip of moisture running down her leg. You trace your hands from the nape of her head were her long dirty blond hair starts twirling and twisting your fingers as you trace lines of what feels like electricity down her back causing her to twitch with excitment and impatience.

As you grow closer to her ass your hand starts to lay flat on her back and the tickle turns into a rub as you start to massage her ass. The firm mounds are easily manipulated and she enjoys the strong hands on her body. So lost in the pleasure of it she doesnt realise that a hand has gone and she suddenly is jolted by a strong firm hand coming down on her pale ass. The sting rushes to her brain and she goes to put her hands there instinctively, the cuffs are much stronger then she realised and her hands stop dead in mid motion the hard metal unmoving. She registers the lack of movement and is distracted enough to not expect a second spanking this time on the opposite cheek. Jolted again she recovers quickly and starts to just feel the sting in her ass as the firm hand lands again on her ass. Despite her Sqirming around you get into a rythem top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. Slowly her ass starts to glow a pale red, heat from her ass starts to make the whole ass feel as if it was a stovetop. Stopping to rub her red ass you speak to her.

“Having fun little one?”

Before she has a chance to say anything you start the rotation again. She starts to really move around as her ass becomes a deeper and deeper shade of red. Finally you are happy with the shade and you lean down and unhook her arms.

“Stand up”

She tenderly rises and stands a few tears mar her face and make her makeup run down her face. Though its a stark contrast to the look of joy on her face. Taking her in your arms you hold her your hands runing down to her warm red ass and then slowly to her front to rub two fingers in the folds of her soaking pussy.

“Are you ready for more?”

Her eyes show the purest joy as she says in her mousy voice.

” oh yes please sir”

You smile as you place a firm strong hand on her shoulder pushing her towards the floor. Taking the hint she kneels on the floor with her hands behind her back and opens her mouth. Placing the tip of your cock on her mouth she darts her tongue out and flicks it across the tip tasting the precum as it slowly drips out. Reaching behind her you grab a fair amount of hair and you start to push your cock deep in her mouth and into her throat. You are impressed by her restraint at not bringing her hands out in front of her. The look of purest joy fills her eyes as she looks up at you as you slowly cut off her airway with a cock deep in her mouth.

She starts to gag and the cock is released from her mouth just long enough to take on some air and is replaced again. Each time the swollen member is slid in it get easier. Soon the cock is sliding deep into her throat and out again with her taking deep breaths in between.

Finally the slimy cock is pulled free and she sits there taking on air while you go and collect the chair placing in front of the swing. She looks up and lets out a squeal that turns to a cough from her abused throat.

“Stand up”

She certainly not needed to be told twice as she jumps up still coughing and with twinges of pain in her ass. She stands waiting to be told to do as more and more drips of wetness trace down her leg.

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