Taxi Ride


Taxi Ride
It was a beautiful warm day ,the breeze was cool. I had to go and run some errands before my husband got home. I got went to bathroom and took a nice warm shower. I also shaved under my arms and between my legs. As I began to shaved my pussy I started to feel for a good fuck. So I stopped and masturbate f or a few minutes. Then continued to shave my pussy clean and did my legs . When I was done shaving , I soap up myself once more and then rinse wrapped in my towel. As I walked towards my bedroom, my pussy was getting rubbed by my legs. So got horny again, I went to my wardrobe and took out my toys to play. I played for an hour then I got dressed in a red bra and a red cr I crotchless panty,black flare skirt reaching at my knees and a lovely red linen blouse. I was ready to go on my errands and if by chance I was lucky to get in to one of those taxi or a maxi with the perverted man,which people talk about. They say that he has a thick cock and a vibrator which he put on high and insert it in your ass while he finger fuck your pussy.

Well if I meet up with him I’m ready for anything he has to offer me. I made sure to walk with an identical skirt and underwear in my handbag. I walked out of my house and made sure to locked my doors. As I walked down the road, a male breeze lift my skirt up exposing from knees to my waist. Like the breeze knew that the man driving the red car behind me was a very horny pervert. As faith would have it the car stopped alongside me and a very muscular man asked me if I would like a ride out of the village as the s un was so hot. I said yes with a smile. My skirt flipped up exposing my legs, he watched and smile at me. Then he said to me like your skirt want me to see what under it. I replied hmmm may be it want you to see the precious gem it is hiding.

Well I can take you to my place and remove it. So I can to get a good close up look of the precious gem. While he was speaking, his hand made it way between my legs. Which I open just enough for it to feel what it was searching for, as his fingers meet my smooth shaved pussy I watch him and liked my lips. He smiled and push his finger as deep as it could go at the moment. Then he pulled it out of my cunt and put it in his mouth. I melt at the sight of that,I wanted him to stopped the car and suck my pussy. But he could stop on the high way.

He watch me and say I better wine up the glass so no one would see us. It you want my hand to remain in there until I reach home my me. I told him yes I would very much like that,can I tell you something I ask him. He said yes anything.
Dressed this way today for a reason. I was feeling so horny and remembered that there is a perverted man with a thick cock and vibrator who sometimes travel in a taxi or a maxi ,just to fuck young girls and women. So I was hoping to meet him today but instead I met you. Ha ha ha ha that is my brother he loves to make young girls and women so hot that they go home with him to fuck. He is so lucky that he has to make a fuck rooster because of how many pussies he has to fuck in a day. Women does line up for his cock. He takes a lot of tonic and also the little blue pill.
Some of the young girls are still in school,when my brother finish fuck them they would walk funny for the day yet back after school for more.

My dear we reach the end of our journey. I can wait to rip that ass and cunt up w I th my cock. I followed the man who I met on the road inside his house. Not knowing anything about him or where I was,all I knew is that we was going to fuck and I can’t wait to see his cock enter my hungry pussy which want to swallow up his cock.He showed me to a bedroom with a huge be and mirrors on all the walls and ceiling. You can make yourself comfortable by undressing. I took off my blouse,my skirt and my bra. Slipped off my slipper and went to the washroom to empty my bladder. I wipe my pussy with a wet wipe and then wash my hands before going on the bed.

As I laid on the bed waiting g or the man to return, I notice that the room was getting dark and darker every minute. Then I heard a voice saying I built this room especially for fucking. It is sound proof and when the windows are close along with drawn curtain it’s like night in here. The next thing I knew there was someone on bed with me . I was being finger fuck and getting kissed all over my body. I was in heaven,I was getting fuck by a stranger in his house,I don’t know his name nor where I am. Yet I was happy . Can I get your name sir? Yes ,you can with one loud laugh. It is SATAN! As he sa I d Satan I felt his huge cock enter me with a force. I held on to him and bawl out loud. FUCK !OH FUCK! It hurts !! Your cock is fucking huge you really meant it when you said you going to rip up my cunt and ass.

Yes my dear ,but you going to enjoy getting for by us . By us you said Satan ? Yes by us I and my brother Demon. As he finish say his brother name the light came on in the room and I was able to see Satan and Demon. I couldn’t help but to steer at their thick and huge cock which was about 12 inches long. Their had bumps and a ring at the tip of it. I spread my legs wide giving them free access my pussy and I opened my mouth too. Although I knew that there is no way I could take one of those cock deep in my throat but I was going to try. Satan told Demon to come and have a go at my pussy ,while he let me taste his cock. Satan ram as much as his cock that could fit down my throat. Sametime there was a knock on the front door. A male voice was calling ,”Good Evening Bro” “Anyone Home?” Satan answered and said we are in the Fuck room,come right in cousin Incubus we have a sweet woman here . She love cock and love getting fucked by our huge thick cocks.

Can someone tell me the time? It is fuck time, three hole time and group sex time. Yes I know all of that I said to them but I will like to know the real time. Okay it is about 3:45pm. Shit I been out since morning fucking with you and your brother. I could hardly walk properly to go home to my husband looking like this with a stretch out ass and cunt. Which is also bruised up and with blisters. I will have to call my friend to cover for me while I spend the night fucking with the three of you guys. Okay my dear said Demon,but we can ask our cousin to go by your husband and spend the night with him. If she would do that I will be glad. I will call him and tell him that I met one of my old girl and I will spend the night by her. I made the call he answered and said okay see m e tomorrow. I think I heard a woman voice . Satan turned to me and sa I d v that was my cousin, she made on m time. He was getting his cock suck while you were on the phone with him.

Enough talking let’s get busy fucking. I was turned in all directions, put in all positions which I loved so much, I had cocks in each of my holes. Satan ,his brother and cousin took turns using my holes. I was wet and sticky from all the cum . My body was covered with their cum,still they were fucking and cumming inside me. I don’t know why I didn’t made them u se condoms. Then I laugh at myself for thinking about the condoms, because I don’t think that there’s any condom that big to fit such huge cocks. Plus I love feelings of bare cocks in my holes.

During the night we stopped long enough to eat and to regain our strength to fuck again. We fucked until morning. Satan said that I had to fuck with each of them one by one to seal our time together. So I and the cousin fucked first,he had me moaning and groaning. I didn’t want it to end ,he was touch me in places and making me beg him not to stop . He Fucked each and every holes cumming in each one too. To finish off he went between my legs and tongue fuck my pussy, he lick,suck and drank my juice . I was helpless by the time he was done with me.

Demon was next but he gave me sometime to recover.Demon love to fuck doggie style. He had me on my toes each time he ram of his deep inside my cunt. I was literally crying from the sweetness I was feeling from his cock. I was gyrating up, gyrating down. My love juice was making a poddle on the floor as it ran down my legs. Demon whispered in my ear “My dear your holes was made for cocks like mines,it can take hard fucking and still come back for more. It has been a while I haven’t enjoyed fucking like this . Please promise me that we can meet up once in awhile to fuck and make love.” I told I would like that very much to meet and fuck with you.Right after he cum in my ass. Then he gave me a tight hug and kissed me ,we stayed hugging for about five minutes then he kissed good bye. I don’t know why but I got sad as he said goodbye and tears began to run down my cheeks. He wiped it and we will be seeing each other soon.

A a a a a a a we are finally alone now and I can give you what I had to hold back yesterday. I did show you the real me because I know that I had to share you with my brother and cousin. Yesterday wasn’t the first time I saw you. When l passed you on the road I always sensed that you were looking to get fucked. I told myself one day I would get to fuck you and that day was yesterday but brother saw when you got in the car and called my cousin because they know that I only fuck women in my house. So last night I held back part of myself, that is why I made them go before me this morning so I can show you the real me.

Watch my cock my dear.For what Satan? Just watch it please. I watch as Satan grew a second cock. I was in shock now I was in so much pain from one cock last night. Don’t get me wrong ,yes I fucking enjoyed getting my holes fucked to the max,getting bruised, blistered and swollen. Part of me wished that I never had to go back home but be real to fuck with a man with two huge cock is unbelievable. As stood there watching and thinking how will it feel? Now he has two cocks one for my cunt and one for my ass. Satan just lift me up and lowered me onto his cocks. He was pumping them in and out of me ,kissing my neck. It was like I was dreaming, floating somewhere out in space. It was so incredible. We fucked on bed,on the floor and the bathroom. When he was done he put me down and gave me a bath. Yes he soap my body wash my ass and cunt too. I even got my cunt finger fuck while being washed.

We got dressed ate and when to the car . He dropped me off by my girlfriend who want to know why she had to lie for me . We kissed and said goodbye. Everyday after that night I thought of those three men I fucked with without condoms and had them cumming me one afrer the other.. Although that part have me a bit worried ,I miss having their in my holes. That I long to meet them up ,if not all of them then one. When the first week went by I told myself next week but still no one ,no call I started to feel sad and I began crying when I was alone. I needed those cocks again. It was four weeks when I met up with one called Demon in a taxi on my way to Point Fortin. I started smiling the minute I saw him. I had no panty on and my skirt was shorter than the last one. He hand when between my legs the minute I sat in the taxi. Next thing I knew I was getting my pussy finger fucked yet it felt like a cock in my pussy.

I said nothing just sat there and enjoyed it. It seemed like I dropped asleep in the taxi because next thing I knew I was in a old house getting my ass fuck by Demon and the driver of the car.

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