The Cuckold Test III


The Cuckold Test III
Danny took the phone from Claire, it was Joe. He had already been speaking to her for a quarter of an hour and Claire came to him from the privacy of her bedroom to hand Joe over to him. “Joe wants a word.” Claire told him.

“How are you, Danny?” Joe asked him.

“Fine,” he replied hesitantly. “You?”

“I am well Danny, looking forward to seeing Claire again,” he told him. Danny could feel his cock stiffening from the sound of another man’s voice talking about his wife.

“Looking forward to fucking her again,” Joe told him. “Your wife is so hot in bed Danny.” Danny glanced down and saw the bulge poking out of his shorts.

“Bet you have a stiffy hey, Danny?” Joe said. Danny said nothing.

“Do you, Danny?”

“Yes.” Danny replied quietly.

Joe laughed “Passed the test again, hey Danny? You will be stiff all the time when I come over in five weeks time.” Joe told him.

“Five weeks!” Danny exclaimed.

“Yes, five weeks. I booked the flights today.” Joe answered. “Five weeks and I will be in your bed fucking your wife for three whole weeks.” Danny remained silent.

“Bet you are looking forward to it aren’t you, Danny?”

“Yes.” Danny replied softly after a few moments.

How could he say anything else? He was looking forward it as much as both Joe and Claire were. She had been quite vocal in telling him how much she had been looking forward to Joe coming over to see her. She had also been tortuous in preparing to remind him on a daily basis. On their kitchen wall was a calendar so that each morning she could cross off the previous day. Danny knew that he would soon be seeing Joe’s visit getting closer and closer. The day when Joe would be taking his place in Claire’s bed.

What made things even harder for him was the fact that Claire had already moved him into the spare room. There was no longer a trace of him to be found in her bedroom and she had replaced all the sheets, pillows and quilts giving the room a more feminine look. Claire had made this her bedroom. He was invited to her bed to share it with her every night but it wasn’t the same. It was no longer the marital bed; it was no longer his rightful place. Danny only went there by invite; a guest only in his wife’s bedroom.

As for sex between them, although she had given him a couple of hand jobs in the last couple of weeks, actual intercourse had ceased. It was not only her bedroom but also her bed and she could chose whom she had in it with her and what they could do with her. Danny knew that Joe would have all the freedoms and privileges that were being denied to him.

Joe spoke again disturbing his thoughts. “Claire tells me that you still want sex from her.”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Well she is your wife so you have rights, but I would you prefer it if you didn’t. In fact I have asked Claire to save herself for me. I want her to be really ready for me when I get there,” Joe told him.

His heart sank but at the same time he found himself getting even harder from another man telling him that he shouldn’t be fucking his own wife and that she should be saving herself for him.

“Is that okay Danny?”

Danny told him yes.

“There is something else, Danny.” Joe told him.

There was silence for a few moments.

“Claire has stopped taking the pill.” Joe told him.

“What!” Danny gasped.

“Claire is off the pill now so we have to be careful with her Danny.”

“Off the pill?………careful?…….why?” Danny blurted out.

“Claire wants to fully enjoy sex with me Danny,” Joe told him. “So we will have to be careful. If you have sex with her you will be thinking of me fucking her and you will be constantly leaking. We also doubt that you could pull out in time. So it’s another good reason for you not having sex with her.”

Danny was aware that Claire always enjoyed sex more when she was off the pill. The doctor had told her that the pill does have the side effect of reduced sexual desire. “What if you slip up though?”

Joe laughed. “There is always the morning after pill, Danny, if I lose control.”

Danny was stunned but when Claire came up to him from behind and took hold of his bulge he also realised just how horny the whole thing was making him.

“You okay with that, Danny?” Joe asked him.

Claire’s hand was already sliding up the leg of his shorts. He tried to speak as her fingers grasped his shaft and pulled it out into the open. Joe asked him again as her hand began to move back and forth. He closed his eyes as he began to picture Joe fucking her. In his mind he could see them coupling. Joe on top of her pounding her hard and deep; Claire with her legs wrapped his waist, her hands around his neck as she kissed him. He could hear their grunts and groans; he could see Claire’s contorted face as she neared orgasm. He could see Joe’s hands under her bottom pulling her tight against him. He could see Joe remaining deep inside her as he continued to thrust at her until the very last drop of seed was emptied inside her. He……he could not stop himself from cumming into her hand.

Over the next few days and weeks Danny tried remonstrating with her about her decision to come off the pill. He pleaded with her to think again but Claire was adamant. She did it however in a not only non-confrontational way but also in a sexually manipulative way. Claire’s trick was to put off discussion until bedtime; Danny was at his most vulnerable then especially as she had bought some nightwear sets to wear for Joe. Claire would put a set on for him to see her in; something brief, something sexy, something lacy, something see-through. Something guaranteed to give him an erection. She would ask him if he thought Joe would like it; a silly question of course but one that got him panting. Then would come the final twist; the final body blow; the final plunge of the knife. “I hope they don’t make him lose control,” she would say. “We want him to pull out before he cums, don’t we?” She would say as she held his sticky erection.

Danny had already lost it by them. He couldn’t even control himself so how would another man be able to control himself as well.

On top of all this Danny was seeing the days before his visit getting closer and closer. Each morning Claire made a point of waiting until he was watching before putting a cross on the day to day calendar. Five weeks soon became four; four weeks soon became three; three weeks soon became two and two weeks soon became seven days. It was down to single days now; down to a few days when he would be banished to the spare room so that Joe and Claire could have her bedroom to themselves.

As well as constant reminders from Claire, Joe would also join in the taunting. He would ring Claire every couple of days and speak to him briefly to remind him how many days remained before his coming. He would also tell him how much Claire was wishing the days away, “Coming off the pill has really increased her sexual desires, Danny,” he would tell him. “She is gagging for my cock Danny.” It was a reminder of not just how much they yearned for each other but also that she could get pregnant.

There was an up-side to all the torture though. Each day that passed also brought him success; success in passing the cuckold test. Danny would wake up and watch her coming out of the shower; watch her wander into the bedroom naked; watch her towel herself down; watch her dress. He would watch her slip into her lingerie; bra; panties; suspenders and stockings. He knew that she was taunting and teasing him but there was nothing that he could do about it. He was a cuckold wasn’t he? He had passed the test.

On the morning of Joe’s arrival he did not lie in bed watching her as usual. Danny had work to do. Joe had told him the day before that he wanted to help her prepare for him and part of the preparation was to make sure her pussy was nice and smooth. “I don’t want any bristles Danny!” He was told.

Claire stood up in the bath and rested a leg on the side of the bath to give him better access to her pussy. Danny was naked as he prepared her; naked with an erect and cum dripping cock. As much as he didn’t want Joe fucking her he could not control his excitement. When he had finished Claire reached for him and began to stroke him. He was already beginning to lose control even before she told him that she would soon be stroking Joe’s cock like this. Danny’s cum splashed against womb. “At least it’s not inside me,” she said to him as she washed herself down.

Afterwards Danny helped her into a new red, lacy bra and panty set with black hold up stockings and then made breakfast for them both before they set off to the airport to pick up Joe.

Claire had arranged for the c***dren to have half term holiday with her parents so they would have the house to themselves for a week and Danny had taken just the morning off work meaning that Joe and Claire would have the afternoon to themselves. Everything was set up for maximum quality time. As they took the hour long journey to the airport Danny drove with Claire sat beside him. From time to time she would reach across and touch his bulge. Sometimes she would grip him and ask him what he was thinking about. Danny remained silent for most of the time. His mind was in turmoil. Claire would be spending three whole weeks with another man, the first week without almost any interference from anyone; without any disturbance at all. Claire wasn’t silent though. “Thinking about me and Joe together?” She would ask him as she gave him a squeeze.

At one stage she told him that she couldn’t wait for his cock. “I am desperate for Joe’s cock, darling.” She told him.

Danny reached across and slid back the hem of her dress to touch her. Her panties were wet. Claire let him touch her for a brief moment and then moved his hand away. “That’s Joe’s property,” she told him.

At the airport there was another one hour wait. The flight was slightly late and customs were understaffed as usual. From time to time Danny would look around at the other people in Arrivals. There were a few couples there and he wondered if they were waiting like he and Claire; waiting for the wife’s lover; waiting for someone arriving to fuck their wives. He wondered how many of the men waiting there were cuckolds. Danny wondered how many men standing there had erections like him; he wondered how many men were passing their cuckold tests.

As the passengers started to trickle through his heart began to skip a beat. He knew that any moment Joe was going to come through the exit. It was Claire who spotted him first; it was almost as she instinctively knew that he was about to appear. She rushed up to the barrier leaving Danny standing there alone. He stood watching them embrace; watching them kiss; watching them press their bodies against each other. They seemed oblivious to everyone around them; oblivious even to him.

It was almost five minutes before they broke off and started to walk towards him. Hand in hand they came up to him. Joe broke away from her for a few moments to shake hands with him and then took her hand again. “Take his suitcase, darling.” Claire told him as they headed to the car park.

On the journey to the airport Claire had sat with him in the front seat; she had taken her place alongside her husband but for the journey home she climbed into the backseat with Joe. Claire took her place beside her lover. Danny was not all surprised when he looked up into the rear view mirror and saw them kissing; he was not at all surprised either to see them fondling each other. Joe’s hand was fondling her breasts through the thin silk material of her dress. Claire’s hand was much lower down. Danny adjusted the rear view mirror. Her hand was gripping his bulge. As she offered him her lips and her breasts she held on to his bulge.

From time to time she broke off to speak to him. Her voice was low and soft and he could not hear what she was saying or make out what she was saying but he knew from their smiles; he knew from the look on Joe’s face that she was talking sex. His grunts and groans of pleasure didn’t really need much interpretation. She was holding his cock in one hand and had the other around the back of his head. Claire was probably telling him how much she was looking forward to having his cock inside her.

Practically the whole the time Danny drove he had one eye on the road ahead and the other occasionally looking into the mirror watching them kiss; watching them whispering to each other; watching them fondle each other; watching them touch. It didn’t take long for Joe’s hand to venture downwards from her breasts. It did not take long for Danny’s eyes to be staring at Joe’s hand under his wife’s skirt. With one leg d****d over Joe’s leg and the other spread wide, Claire was giving him the best possible access.

Danny looked away for a few moments; his own bulge was becoming painful from straining in his tight trousers but he had to look back again when Claire began to groan loudly. Joe was finger fucking her. His hand was deep inside her panties, stretching them right back as he moved his fingers back and forth. Danny’s bulge hurt even more.

Her moans suddenly grew louder and he found himself looking up. The contortions on her face told him that she was close to cumming. He kept one eye on her reflection watching her climax reach culmination. Her cries grew louder; her body began to shake and she began to call out. Danny watched Joe’s fingers plunge back and forth. With her knickers now pulled to one side he could see them clearly; dark brown skin contrasting with her white flesh; large thick fingers performing like a large thick cock. Danny watched his wife orgasm at the hands of another man.

He looked away as she kissed him. He did not want to see her showering him with kisses but he did look back again to see her holding his hand and sucking his fingers. Claire was cleaning the fingers that had brought her orgasm. Danny looked away again as his erection became even more painful.

He heard the sound of a zipper and he found himself looking up at the mirror again, Claire was taking out Joe’s erect cock. He watched her kiss him and whisper something in his ear before lowering her head. Danny had to grip the steering wheel very tightly as he saw her lips close around Joe’s huge cock.

He didn’t think she would take him all the way. He heard Joe groan loudly and looked up. At first he looked at Joe’s face; twisted and contorted as if in pain. He watched his mouth opening and closing as his groans escaped and then looked downwards to see Claire’s hand pumping away at Joe’s shaft while her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him.

Danny glanced up again and looked at Joe’s face. He looked down again looking at Claire sucking and masturbating and then returned his gaze upwards. There was something very erotic about watching them but there was even more excitement in looking at Joe’s face; watching him enjoying the pleasuring that Claire was giving him. It was like, in a way, watching someone being tortured. Watching someone being tortured into confession. Watching someone trying to resist speaking while the pain was deeply etched on his face. All that kept coming out from his lips were groans and cries until suddenly words began to flow.

“Oh God. Oh God,” Joe cried out as if making his confession.

Then came one huge groan; one huge continuous cry that echoed around the car. Danny watched as the facial contortions subsided and changed into a smile; a satisfied smile. The slurping sounds from Claire took Danny’s gaze downwards. She was sucking up the last droplets of cum from her fingers.

Danny looked back up at Joe. He felt envious now. Joe was satisfied; Joe had experienced sexual release but Danny was desperate for release. He wanted to feel her lips engulf his cock; he wanted to feel her hand around his shaft; he wanted to experience her bringing him off. The envy was short lived however. He was home now; he was pulling into his driveway; he was delivering his wife and her lover to the marital home.

Half an hour later he got his release. After taking Joe’s suitcase up to Claire’s bedroom and having coffee he went up stairs with them both. Joe wanted a shower before going to bed to sleep off his jet lag and while he took it Claire undressed and slipped into a white negligee. “No need for the panties,” she commented after telling him that she was going to have a rest as well.

As she sat on the bed she called Danny over and unzipped his trousers before picking up the red panties that she had worn that morning. They were wet but Danny didn’t complain as she wrapped them around his wet and sticky shaft. “Better get this down before you go off to work,” she said as her hand began to move back and forth.

He didn’t fare as well as Joe had done. In less than a minute he found himself resting his hands on her shoulders for support as she pumped his cum from him into her panties. When he opened his eyes he saw Joe standing in the doorway looking at him. He was naked and smiling. “Passed the cuckold test again, Danny?”

Danny said nothing as he pulled himself away after Claire had wiped him clean and zipped up his trousers. He looked down at Joe’s cock as Claire turned away and slipped beneath the duvet. It was beginning to stiffen again. Danny turned away only to feel his own cock beginning to stiffen again.

“Is there no end to these cuckold tests?” he thought to himself as closed the door behind him.

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