My Daughter’s Diary


My Daughter’s Diary
My wife and I have three k**s. The oldest is our son. Although he married in his early 20’s, he probably had some pussy from a few different girls before settling down. The next oldest was a daughter. When she was in the 8th grade she announced she had a boyfriend and she was going to marry him. It brought a chuckle from us, but she married him soon after they graduated from high school. She and her husband have been married over 25 years, and both have said they have never had sex with anybody except each other….and they are happy about that.

Our youngest daughter is totally different. She has been very sexual, even from a very young age when she would rub herself through her clothes, not caring if anyone was watching. “It feels good,” she told her mother one time, and didn’t understand why anybody would be upset about doing something that feels good. We never wanted her to think that it was bad doing that, but it was something for her to enjoy in private.

My wife and I knew our daughter….I will call her Janine, though it isn’t her real name….was very sexual and by the time she was f**rt**n we knew she was sexually active with others. But it wasn’t until she was in college that I realized how active she was. She had taken a trip during the summer and asked us to check on her apartment while she was gone. I gladly did that, as it gave me a chance to poke around in her panties, play with some “toys” of hers that I found, and generally be the ‘pervert’ that I was.

On an early visit to her apartment I was checking out a storage box in her closet, and realized that she had years of diaries in the box. I started reading them and discovered that she had been writing in them since she was 13 and gave dozens of stories about many things, including her rather free-wheeling sexual activities. Some of the incidents she wrote about didn’t surprise me, and a couple of them I was well aware of, like when she was caught fucking a teacher, but what made them very enjoyable was that some were very detailed and even had sketches in the diary. In her early to mid teens she went through a spell where she would describe the cocks she had enjoyed, and would draw sketches of them. It was so erotic reading the stories and seeing a sketch about the cock she had just enjoyed.

I took some of her diaries home and made copies of them, and shot a lot of cum reading the entries. I plan on doing more than one entry here on xham taken from her diaries, and I hope you all enjoy them. The first entry was when she was fi***teen years old.

“Dear diary, I had s-o-o-o-o much fun last night! Carla and me met a couple of guys last week and they invited us to a party, nothing but college guys and girls. They had beer and wine and some pot and everybody was so cool. Richard was the one who invited us and just talking to me made me wet. I thought about him all week and wondered if I could ever get him to fuck, and the next thing I know he calls and invited us to the party. After a couple of hours I thought maybe he was gay, he just didn’t pay much attention to me. I was bummed out and couldn’t find Carla so I thought I would just walk home, and then Richard said if I would like to go somewhere that was quiet follow him. So I did and he went into a back bedroom and Carla was there, on the bed naked between two guys, and they were naked too. They were stoned and one guy had his fingers in her pussy and she was giggling. When Richard walked in with me she told me she was glad I was there because she wasn’t sure if she could take care of all three. Richard started kissing me and he unzipped his pants and asked if I ever had cock in me. I thought I would tell him no but I told him the truth that I had been fucked many times. That seemed to make him real hot and he told me to pull his cock out of his pants. WOW! It was the biggest I had ever seen. Carla has big tits and lots of black pussy hair but my tits are real small and I don’t have any pussy hair. When he realized that Richard started telling me that is how he liked his girls. He told me to kneel in front of him and suck him. I don’t mind doing that but I had only sucked boys my age and they come real fast then they are done, and that isn’t much fun for me. But I got on my knees and took him in my mouth, and Carla started telling him to fuck my mouth hard. I thought he would shoot real fast like other boys, but he didn’t. He liked holding my head and forcing his cock as deep as he could, and I liked that too. Then the two guys with Carla came over and stood with their hard cocks in my face and Carla came over and she would take hold of a cock and guide it into my mouth. I wanted to suck all three and even lick her pussy, but I felt so hot making the guys hard. Finally one guy said he was going to cum and that made me cum. Carla played with his balls as he shot in my mouth. And then the second guy did the same thing. I though Richard would want to do the same but instead after I sucked the first two guys off Richard made me get on the bed. He push my legs up towards my head and he slid his cock into me. It was the biggest I ever had in me. Carla and I had never played with each other. I had thought about having sex with a girl but didn’t say anything to her about it, but as Richard fuck me she knelt by us and was rubbing her pussy as she watched his cock slide in and out. I was getting more turned on and she was to and I could tell Richard was going to cum. Without even thinking about what I was doing I put my had on Carla’s back and then I started rubbing and massaging her butt. Richard started cumming and I was to, and Carla leaned over and kissed me, a real deep kiss with her tongue in my mouth. After we calmed down we smoke some more pot. All three guys were hard and Carla asked them wanted they wanted to do next. One of them said he wanted to watch her eat me, and Carla said she would like to do that. And so she started licking me and as she did Richard stood behind her and put his cock in her and fucked her. She and I are still lovers, though we prefer cock. She and Richard and I fucked a lot over the next few months.”

Reading this story was such a turn on. I knew Carla and would have loved fucking her myself. Janine had a sketch of his cock with the story…..It was thick and heavily veined with a nice mushroom head… I stroked I wondered how it tasted with the girls pussy juices on it….and thought about that right up to the moment I came in her panties.

A year after this party Janine was caught fucking a teacher, and she wrote in detail about that. I will make that my next entry.

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