Nude Beach And Me


Nude Beach And Me

I am somewhat shy. I have a nice butt, flat belly, and round boobs. My figure always attracts everyone’s eye. I maintain it by workout and limited sex. Let’s come to my sex story. I was selected to go to Germany for the three days training with some other colleague. The flight was early morning. I get up early and wore jeans and long fitting T-shirt.

Next day, I reached Germany and visited the hotel. Then I went to the venue for training. Training was boring and I was not getting any chance to roam around. Finally, the training got over and my flight was booked for the next night.

As I haven’t got time for roaming around, I left in the morning for site seeing. While traveling by taxi, I saw a nude beach beside. I asked the taxi to drop me and I entered in the beach lobby. I asked a counter girl for the information. She said it was the nude beach and I could enter free as it was free for girls.

I went near the window from where the beach looks clear. I saw many full nude and semi-nude people there. Some were walking, some sitting and some taking a sun bath. Seeing such bold scene, I felt very hot and something started moving in my stomach. I went to the counter and registered my name and proceeded towards the changing room. I got a locker where I could place my cloth and other things.

I removed my jeans, then the top and kept in the bag. I saw in the mirror, I was looking very hot. I tighten my hair with a knot on behind. Then, I thought, why to go semi-nude….I have a hot figure….Let the others see what is an Indian Desi Girl. I removed my panty and bra.

I applied some oil on my body. I have taken my sunglass. I was feeling shy to go out. Then seeing other guys from the balcony, I got courage and I went full nude on the beach. I was wearing sunglasses so that I could see everyone easily. I saw girls were nude and were having fun with their friends…Taking, drinking and talking.

I took the beer and while drinking, I walked forward. Many men’s cock was semi-erect fully and some were in the normal position. Some clean saved, thick and big also. Seeing such tools, I felt little naughty. I walked near the beach and was walking continuously.

Almost all men were looking for my hot figure and big boobs, pink nipple and trying to see my nude butt eagerly. One said,” perfect figure, madam…Which country”, I said,”India.” He smiled and said, “I love that…take care …bye” and he went away.

I came to some long distance. I saw only three white boys standing and chatting with each other. When I crossed all the three, they were amazed to see me and looked top to bottom and one said, “wow…What a beauty.”I ignored them and walked towards the sea. I saw them all fully nude and were looking at me.

I turned and saw all were seeing my big butt. I purposely came near water and bent to touch the water, so that they could see my full ass crack deeply. For some time, I remained in that position. I was also hot. I turned around towards them. They are seeing me continuously and smiling. I walked towards them, all three were seeing my boobs bouncing and pink nipple.

Their white cocks now were erect and one of them touched his cock and balls. Cocks were big and looking very hot. I got wet already. I went near them, they were all standing. One said, “dear, you got a very hot figure. I was very horny. I hold one of cock in my hand and start stroking.” The second boy came behind me and held my boobs in one hand and with other hand was moving on my flat belly.

The third guy started kissing on my neck from the side and fingering my pussy. All six hand moving my body and I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and the same time the first guy smooched, bit my lips. Our tongues were tasting each other. I was supporting very desperately to his kisses and smooches.

One boy took my boobs in his mouth and other one took the second one. Now, I am stroking two cocks at a time. Two Big cocks in my hand and my boobs in their mouth. They are sucking the boobs very nicely. Then, I got on my knees and start sucking front boy’s cock and stroking the second one. That time, I was feeling very horny and my pussy started dipping.

The third guy went to my back and lied between my knees and kissed my pussy. He starts sucking my ass hole and entered two fingers to my pussy. I moaned loudly. Then, he was sucking my pussy and ass hole both. He was sucking my pussy like a vacuum cleaner and fucking my ass with his finger. I was feeling this experience for the first time and I came in his mouth. I moaned very loud…ahhh.Ohhhh…ahhhhh…aaaann.

The front guy, whose cock I was sucking he came in my mouth. I cleaned his cock and took the second boy’s cock for sucking. As I am good in sucking, he also came on my face. I cleaned his cock with my tongue. Next, the third boy was still sucking my pussy between my legs and entered two fingers in my ass.

Ohh, what a feeling! I can’t explain. I came again…Aahhh.ahh. Then, he stood up and went on his knees and was trying to enter his cock in my ass. But I stopped him and I stood up. I held his hands and I lay him on his back. Then I took his cock in my mouth and start sucking.

I was sucking his big balls also. Other two were standing and looking at us. I was sucking his ass hole and masturbating his cock with one hand. I entered one finger in his ass and took his balls in the mouth and was sucking his cock. Due to this action, he was moaning and saying,” you are the best, my dear…suck it…ahhh…ohh…” and finally, he came on my hand.

We stood up, now their cock looked satisfied. They kissed my hand and pressed my boobs. Then they said thanks asked my number. I didn’t utter a word to them. I just smiled and left. I turned around and saw they were looking my ass and said bye hotty. I came to the lobby and took bath. Then, I wore the Jeans and top. I came outside with a different feeling.

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