Busted !


Busted !
I was walking down Pryme St in Hull and noticed the recently built Travelodge Hotel . Momentarily stopping and thinking “that is one ugly building ” . I carried on walking past the very small car park and noticed a couple kissing. I thought “That really looks like Helen and Steve” . Helen was my best mate Alan’s partner of 8 years and they had 2 k i d s together . Helen had a 3rd k i d Lulu who was the eldest and was Steves. Helen at the time was 19yrs old 5ft 7 , Size 6 with 32b breasts , Lovely soft and long Blonde hair and a gorgeous face .Steve would come round to Alan and Helen’s house to collect Lulu on weekends for Daddy Daughter time .
Here was Helen cheating on Alan ! . They were so engrossed with each other they didn’t notice me . I was a good 20 ft or so away but I managed to take some good pictures on my iPhone so the proof was irrefutable . I could not stand here for very long as there was nothing to hide behind. I walked across the narrow road to the multi story car park and stood in a recessed doorway under the big blue “Car Park” sign. That gave me a little cover rather than exposed standing on an empty street. Still infatuated with each other they looked into each others eyes and Helen had her arms around Steve. It looked like they were giggling and chatting ..probably about their next meet up . Steve gave Helen one last peck on the cheek and she blew him a kiss as he walked to his car . Steve drove off . Helen stood there for a few seconds before slowly walking onto the street. I walked up behind her and said hello.
“Oh my god Dave , You made me jump…what you doing here?” she said.
I told her I was just in town and decided to go this way home as I sometimes do when walking back. I asked what she was doing there and she lied saying she was going to Sallys the hairdressing supplier….
I confronted her and told her what I had seen..and recorded !
She went white and started to shake with fear because she had been caught out . “Helen, just tell me the truth and we can sort this out” I said. …People were starting to leave work and the street was getting busy so it was getting difficult to talk in the street . With Helen weeping and shaking people were looking at me in a strange way…at least that is how it felt.. I had an idea… “What room were you in ?” She told me and I suggested we go to the room ..might as well as Steve had paid for the room for the night . I told her to pull herself together and if she explained what had happened I might not tell Alan. She wiped her eyes and took a breath, composed herself and walked to the front desk. She collected the door card and went into the lift . I followed some 20 seconds or so later . When I got to the room I knocked on the door and I could hear Helen say “Oh god” . She answered the door and sheepishly let me in . I got the first glimpse of the ‘crime scene’ . The bed was obviously used as it was crumpled and the odour in the room smelt of fresh sex . She sat on the edge of the bed and I sat in the chair . She looked down at the floor and said nothing , just sniffed her runny nose . “Well … tell me what happened” I said. She started to tell me what had happened. Alan had more time for his hobbies and none for her , he only demanded blowjobs and gave nothing in return. Steve had always shown interest and flirted when Alan was not around but she had always rebuffed his comments . Alan and Helen had a huge row over Alan spending the last money they had for the week on a car stereo amplifier he wanted for the car. Steve had come round the next day to collect Lulu and complimented Helen on her nice blonde hair. She went along with it and things developed as she had responded to that comment he moved on to telling her what a beautiful woman she was growing into . Beautiful tits and ass and things developed . They had agreed to meet and have one off sex for old times sake . I caught them on the 3rd time she had met up with him. She told Alan she was going shopping in town and used a friend who was also having an affair to cover for her . They both said they were shopping to their partners when infact they were getting screwed!. I asked what they had done in the hotel room and she looked at me as though to say “really?” . She went into detail of how they had just got down to it and fucked . No blowjob, no pussy licking , just straight in and fuck … It is what she wanted and what she needed. She was so sorry for her mistakes and I disagreed .
“You are only sorry because you have been caught !”
Finally she agreed that was the case . I walked into the en-suite bathroom and looked around as I was holding my swollen dong pissing in the loo . I could see the shower had been used and the smell of bodywash and warm moist air hung about me . There was some toilet paper floating in the toilet and it started to break up as I was pissing onto it . A yellow condom appeared and I could make out the bubbles of cum in the end. She was still talking about the woes of being with Alan and I was getting fed up and bored by this point. I went back into the bedroom and sat down in the same chair. I knew she was on the contraceptive rod as Alan made her get it as she kept getting pregnant on the pill . “Why is there a condom in the toilet if you are on the rod? ” I asked. “Well I didn’t want to go home smelling and leaking cum in my knickers as Alan would find out. I got a shower to cover up any smells of sex .
Cool …. She was clean .
I knew I was onto a good thing here, “Ok Helen, I wont tell Alan you have been a bad little slut ” She smiled in a devilish way , like she had gotten away with it .
“Take your clothes off for me ” I asked .
She realised my silence had a price but without a concern or hesitation she stripped off her dress and her leggings to reveal her beautiful size 6 body and 32b bra . She reached around and unclipped her bra . I loved the view I was getting pure white titties with really nice light flesh coloured nipples and areolas . I worked my eyes down her toned body to her ‘Hello Kitty’ knickers . She pulled them down with both thumbs. She gently sat back on the edge of the bed with a naughty grin on her face . I returned the favour and took my clothes off . I turned round to face her with my 7 1/2 inch 3 inch girth cock waggling in the air. Her eyes softened and she gently bit the corner of her lip . After a few seconds she realised that there were no more condoms left and looked worried. It didn’t bother me and I just told her she would have to do without one. I pushed her onto the bed and put 2 fingers up her pussy . Surprisingly tight since she had been fucked not one hour before. She soon started to let out warm juices onto my fingers . She looked at me with contented eyes and gently moaned at her clitty being rubbed with my thumb. I took my fingers out and went down on her wet pussy. For a few seconds I could taste the banana flavor from Steves condom . I thought “Meh, what the fuck..” and carried on licking her pussy . She ground her pussy into my face and writhed as she came over and over . When I had stopped she said “Lay on the bed ” . I obliged and she took my cock in her petite mouth and sucked me tightly . Her tongue bar span all around the top of my bell end and I swear I nearly shot my bolt into her mouth a few times ! . I refrained from doing so and rolled her over onto her back . I climbed inbetween her raised legs and pushed my hot throbbing helmet between her pussy lips . I had to push hard to get myself in . “Fuck, she feels like a virgin” I thought …eventually there was a gentle but resistant unfolding of her pussy walls and I eventually got all the way in . The last 2 inches was the hardest to get in as there was alot of resistance . She puffed and panted when I was balls deep . I was the biggest she had ever taken ! . She was wet enough and I started to fuck her . She was struggling to take breaths and panted in short bursts when she did . Her pussy was the best I had ever had nice and tight with lots of ridges and bumps and nice and wet . I rammed it into her and she said “oooh, I’m cumming” over and over for about 5 seconds . She went cross eyed and her whole body shook as her pussy clamped around my cock . I made her do that loads in about 20 mins . I could feel my bell end was getting numb and decided to finish off . I got her to suck my dick again for a few minutes before I laid her back on the bed . This time when I pushed my cock into her I felt everything and worked my way up. I could feel I was not far off cumming and she said “shoot it on my belly” …No chance !… I built up steam and felt my balls squeeze I held onto her wrists and she just realised what I was going to do . I felt a surge and I pushed my cock as deep as it would go and pumped all my sperm inside her . I had a great orgasm that felt like an electrical shock running up my spine and around my brain. I slowly pulled out of her and watched all my spunk dribble out of her pussy onto the white bedsheet . She went and got into the shower where I took some more photos for posterity . We have not gone back to the hotel since and she has told Steve not to come to the house anymore and Alan will drop Lulu off instead. We fuck from time to time when our paths cross and we have time.Two weeks ago she came round with her hairdrier . She had taken the fuse out and told Alan it was broken. She asked him to fix it knowing he would tell her he was “Too busy” , she said “I will nip around to Daves as he is good at fixing things , he likes to poke and prod other peoples things” haha I can’t believe she actually said that!
I shoved a 13amp fuse in the plug and then I shoved my cock up her arse as she held onto the kitchen worktop . That was all planned and I popped her anal cherry , she likes it ! . I left a huge wad of sperm up her arse to take home with her . I fucked her earlier on today in the disabled toilets in Asda Mount pleasant in Hull ..that is what inspired me to write and tell you about our first encounter…hopefully more to come !

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