The Girl In the Shop


The Girl In the Shop
It wasn’t a bad job, just slow sometimes. Especially Wednesdays before summer really started. I had come in after school and opened the place at 2:30. We would get some traffic around 5:00 and then whatever crowds we were going to get during the dinner hours from 6:00 to 8:00. But from 2:30 to 5:00 I usually had the place to myself. And I was pretty horny.

This didn’t happen all the time. I was still in school but every now and then things just built up. And when I had gotten an eyeful of that one particular crush on the track and then talked to another very cute boy on the way to work, things had definitely built up. And there I was, in an empty little clothing store, squirming behind the register, sneaking a finger over my chest or maybe outside my pants…

Finally, I had enough. I went to a little closet off to the side and left the door cracked open just a bit. If the owner heard the front door had been locked I would be fired. Besides, I was only going to be a minute. There was a little chair in the closet that I leaned against and lowered my pants and started thinking of both those yummy boys and oh god it got really good so fast and I was so fucking close when the door opened and this couple walked in…

I don’t know how old, adults, definitely married, maybe even enough to have k**s close to my age (18 if you please). And fuck they were both hot and I was going to, going to…and I looked up though the crack in the door and the man was looking right in my eyes and he watched me cum so hard…it just went on and on…my eyes wide, my body twitching…

He gave me a look, a widened eye and a little nod: “Do you want me to come in” that look said to me and I honestly do not know where my head was but I nodded, still throbbing all over. He opened the door and I saw his wife had her back to us and before I knew it, he had mostly closed the door, come up behind me and put his hands around my bare waist.

Without taking my pants off, he pulled my panties down and pressed his mouth on the back and side of my neck kissing and biting softly. Before I knew it, a thick cock head was pressing my wet pussy lips apart while I held onto the back of the chair for dear life.

He was in me then and fuck it felt so good. I should have been freaked but I just went completely away as this handsome man with a nice thick cock started pushing inside me, firmly, deeply, not fast but oh thank god not slow. And before I knew it I was coming a second time…oh it was so amazing.

Then I started to come back to the world and he was pumping inside me, picking up speed and I started to think about what the hell I was doing, bent over a chair with a married man fucking my pussy and getting so much more insistent, and fucking my pussy and oh my fucking god in my pussy…when the damn closet door opened again.

I tried to stand but the man kept a hand on my shoulder blades while he kept thrusting in me so I was able to look at his wife and wait for her to start screaming at me.

And then she just smiled, this big, beautiful smile, took my face in one hand and said, “Oh baby, she is so adorable. Just look at her.” And while her man put both hands back on my hips and pushed even faster, his wife leaned down, eyes open and gave me the sweetest, sexiest kiss I had ever had. I couldn’t maintain the kiss with all the motion, and started making little oohs and, fuck me, moans with her man’s dick in my pussy.

“Oh, she is just a treat,” the woman said, and unbuttoned her blouse. She leaned against the chair and held her boob out near my lips. I hesitated, and her manicured hand found the back of my head and pulled my mouth onto her nipple. “Oh, that’s it baby, very nice…just keep licking me, doll.”

“Fuck, this is going to make me cum, honey,” said the man. And his wife just caressed my cheek and said, “Hold on baby, she is so close, get her there.” And with that I was lost in a cloud…a beautiful sexy boob in my mouth, her perfume filling my nose, a big (could it be even bigger than when we started) tool inside me and I didn’t know if I was close, if I was going to cum agai…ooooo fuck there it was…I was about to lose it again…and just as I started to moan and slobber all over this woman’s boob and soak her man’s dick I heard her say to her grunting man “Not in her, sweetie, she doesn’t need a little shop baby.”

And my pussy clamped down and spasmed all over his cock and then felt so empty when he pulled out but the hot splash of his cum on my ass cheeks fired my orgasm up to full intensity and I just throbbed and moaned in the arms of these two amazing people.

They helped me up, the wife buttoned back up and then helped me straighten my clothes. She gave me a sweet, long kiss, patted me on the cheek and without another word, took her man’s hand and walked from the store.

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