Friend Wakes My Wife With Hot Tongue 3 of 6


Friend Wakes My Wife With Hot Tongue 3 of 6
Friend Wakes my Wife With His Tongue #3 of 6

AKA The Quiet one

Here we were, driving down to San Diego again. After a short break, the fantasies shared between Ann and I, started heating up again. Over the past month or so, the fantasies had become even hotter than they were before. The “before” I’m referring to, is before my wife Ann, and my best friend Bob, spent a few sticky hours fucking each other for the first time. Most of our fantasies had revolved around her seducing my somewhat shy friend Bob, who’s sexual self-esteem, was pretty severely beaten down.
His fucked up sexual situation, included a fat wife that would only fuck him a few times a year, and on those rare occasions when she did fuck him, she criticized everything he did. He had no other sexual experiences to draw on, because he married Kim straight out of high school, and had never had sex with another woman in his life.

This whole thing got it’s start way back, when my wife was feeling bad for Bob, and made the comment to me, that she thought she could help him regain some confidence. It started with that nurturing thought that she shared with me. I knew she was talking about fucking him, so my horny, twisted mind jumped right over the nurturing part, and charged full speed ahead with my voyeurism angle. I do liked to watch. It’s my fetish, my insatiable craving. This could work out great, because my beautiful young wife, (10 years younger than me) absolutely loves to be watched.
That’s her fetish, Her dark desire. I’ve been thrilled to watch her give in to that kinky desire a few times, to the delight of some lucky truck driver, but I could always see it wasn’t enough for her. We’ve both known for a long time, that Ann is an exhibitionist, but before she fucked Bob a few months back, Ann was completely out of touch with how deep and extreme that desire runs in her. Blatantly flashing her pussy to some unsuspecting man at the store, or even the nastiest, finger fucking masturbation as I inch the car slowly past some lonely truck driver, is fun for her, and she still enjoys doing it. It’s just that things of that nature were only a tease for her.
She always knew she wanted something more.

The first time she fucked another man, literally right in front of my eyes, she finally found what she had been looking for. Having someone else, especially me, watching her closely while she does the nastiest things she can imagine with another man, takes the sexual experience she’s having and increases its intensity by magnitudes, simply because someone outside the physical act is receiving pleasure by watching her.
Bottom line, my gorgeous little blonde wife, likes for an audience to watch her being a slut. Nothing gets her more aroused!

Not only was the night she fucked Bob, a true epiphany for Ann individually, but it was highly significant to us as a couple for several reasons.
That moaning, groaning, cum soaked night, was the first time in our relationship that we pushed our fantasies past our imaginations, and through them headfirst into reality. No matter how much we talked about it before, It was still the first time I actually saw Ann with another man. Imagining your wife with another man, and picturing in your mind what her facial expression may look like, or the sounds she might make while he’s fucking her, is one thing. To Practically smell his ass when he slips his forearms under the back of your wife’s knees, and then pushes them to her tits, so he can find out if he can actually push his balls inside her pussy, thats already burping up globs of his cum, because his hard cock is so thick, there isn’t enough room in your wife’s stretched out cunt to accommodate his entire cock, and the big load of semen he’s already pumped into her,,, Now that my friend, is a very different thing.

No more make-believe.
I mean, they fucked each other’s brains out with me secretly watching from less than 3 feet away. I told all about it in my two earlier stories.
Watching Bob fuck my wife that hard, two days in a row was a little tough get my head around, and even though my fantasies always include her getting covered with cum, only minutes before she went in the den to seduce him, I was chickening out. I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to use condoms this time. She looked at me like I was crazy, and reminded me how disappointed we would both be later if she did that.
She was right, so I got my head straight for the upcoming event by thinking about how horny it made both of us, every time we fantasized about watching Bob cum in her pussy.
I was totally excited again about watching him fuck Ann bareback. I’m not sure my excitement would have been the same if I had known ahead of time, that Bob’s massive creampies were going to overflow her pussy the way they did. Both times he fucked her, it looked like he shot a quart of cum into my wife’s cunt. I wasn’t totally ready for that sight.

Fortunately the jealousy I experienced over that first night they fucked each other had completely disappeared after a few reassurances from Ann. When we got back home from that weekend, she made it clear that she only had feelings for me, and whatever I saw happen meant nothing beyond the nasty sexual fantasies that we had cooked up together.
She said, “You have to look at whatever we do, as nothing more than nasty entertainment. You get off watching another man use me for his sexual gratification, and what gets my pussy throbbing is to have people watching when some asshole treats me like a slut. It doesn’t mean anything more than sexual satisfaction, there’s no reason to feel jealous.” Ann was right, ?The jealousy stopped months ago, and the fantasies were back, but now instead of the fantasies being made-up out of thin air, they had an absolutely real memory to to begin from. And oh my god! If that reality is where we get to start from now, I wonder what our imaginations can come up with?

Our recent fantasies were the hottest ever. And on this drive down to San Diego, we elevated each other’s temperatures with a little nasty, and suggested teasing, but none of the good stuff. There was no reason to get all fired up about this trip. We had zero expectations of anything at all happening, let alone something like the last visit. After all, Kim is back home now, along with both her young k__s, so we have no choice, other than putting it completely out of our minds, and that’s what we did as we drove the last few miles to their house. Apparently my mild disappointment was showing as I parked our car to the side of their driveway. Ann I’m sure sensed it. She took my hand for a moment and said, “It’s okay baby, we’ll have fun next time.” That’s when we heard Kim’s voice. We were back!

It’s been four months and a few days since Bob and Ann fucked each other for the very first time. Over that time, a lot had happened. Ann had told Kim what happened that night and, that there had been a threesome on the second night of our visit. Kim made it clear that she didn’t give a shit what Bob did as long as he left her alone. She said It wasn’t going to change the their friendship in the least. Ann learned that Kim had a boyfriend she had been seeing for more than a year, and that he was giving her what she needed. Ann had suspected this for a while, and when she made her confession about the night with Bob, Kim felt comfortable in explaining why Mister cum so quick hadn’t been getting any at home.

Soon after we arrived, Ann and Kim left with the k—s to do some afternoon shopping. Bob and I rarely talk on the phone, and would never talk about this stuff unless we were face-to-face, but both of us had been dying to grill the other, with our questions about the first night they fucked. He and I had spent so many high as fuck all nighters, talking about how hot my wife is, that it only seemed appropriate to break out some of our favorite, powdered entertainment. Fuck! That stuff makes us so horny! Now we were in the perfect state of mind to spend the entire afternoon satisfying each other’s curiosities about what went on in that room. He was thrilled to learn that she had enjoyed fucking him so much. He talked a lot about how great it had been to fuck such a sensual, and exciting woman. I think he felt sexy and manly again. I was getting horny just thinking about what I watched them do that night, but I couldn’t tell him I was watching them close up.
Instead, I had a blast asking asking Bob very specific and detailed questions like, did she do this, or did she do that to you, and how did it feel.
Of course, I probably remember the details better than he does, so I started asking him questions that led him right back into the moment. I Didn’t take long until I had him squirming a little, and making frequent adjustments to something in his gym shorts. I hadn’t even started with my detailed questions about what he did to Ann, when we heard the girls drive up, so I said, “listen man, I have to hear every detail of what you did to her.
I think she was so turned on that night, that she’s embarrassed to tell me how you got her that fucking horny. We won’t be able to talk anymore until they go to bed, but you think about it until then so you can recall everything. Then when we can talk again, I want to hear every last detail about how you turned my wife into your private cumslut for a night.” Bob couldn’t hide the hard on making a tent in his gym shorts, so I knew I had his thoughts right where I wanted them.

With the entire bunch back at the house, we had a fairly common evening. After dinner we all watched TV and talked to each other about various things going on in the world. As it got later, Bob and I started our usual routine of getting higher than we already were, and drinking vodka.
The young ones were tucked in and sleeping already when sometime after 11:30 both of the ladies decided to call it night. It was the norm for Bob and I to stay up for much of the night because we would be too wired for sleep. It was time for Bob and I to slip back into our earlier discussion about how sexy Ann is. I figured I would start him off with an easy question, so I said,
“I hate to ask you this, and please don’t take me wrong, but I had never seen your cock until you fucked her in front of me the second day, and dude! She told me you fucked her really good, but every time I ask her what she meant, she wouldn’t tell me. So here’s my question. Did you have a hard time getting your cock in her pussy? I noticed how thick you are, she looked like she was stretched to the limit. Was her snatch squeezing your cock as tight as it looked like it was? You have to tell me man.”
Bob’s tent was back, and taller than ever. Those things I just said, made him feel like King Fuck! He said. “Yeah, her cunt was so fuckin tight. It had a grip on my cock the whole time I was pounding her.” ” I said, “When Ann has an orgasm, it’s spectacular! Were you ever able to make her cum?” Bob’s chest puffed out and he said, Hell yeah, I made her cum two times!” I quickly asked him, “With your cock, or with your mouth?”
He replied, “Both ways!” I asked him, “Which way did you like best?”
Bob hesitated and then said, “I’m going to be honest with you, that was my first experience. I never made Kim cum. I don’t even know if she can.”
I said, “No Shit man! Ann was your first?” Bob admitted to it, “Yup, when I got her off with my tongue, she flooded my whole mouth with her girl cum. It freaked me out at first.” I laughed and said, Well, from the way Ann looked when she came back from your room, I would say you got even with her on any surprise cum sort of thing. He said, “yeah, that was a big one even for me. It was her fault though!” I asked him, “How so?”
I loved Bob’s next answer. He said, “That second time I made her cum, I was fucking her real hard, and she was begging me to cum in her pussy, and I intended to really soon, but when she started to cum, she was making those sounds, then all of a sudden, her pussy that was already super tight, started having one spasm right after another. I swear man It felt like her hot cunt was milking my whole cock, all the way from the bottom right next to my nuts, and then squeezing the shaft from there to the head.
Hot Cunt milking my cock, and a hot babe begging me to cum in her, I fuckin lost it right there. That was the hottest moment ever for me!
I’ve never cum that hard before in my life!

All the reminiscing about that hot weekend had us both going crazy.
I had the table set perfectly, but I had one more tasty appetizer for Bob to sample before deciding what his main course would be tonight. It was obvious that he was super horny again. I said, “Okay man, I brought along a little treat for you, but you have to keep this to yourself. If Ann ever found out, we would both be dead meat.” He didn’t even know what I was talking about when he promised to keep it secret. I told him to lay out a couple more lines, and refill our vodkas while I popped out to the car. I quietly went out the side door, and was back in the den in a few seconds. Bob had our new refreshments ready, so I sat down, then handed him a VHS tape and said, “Pop this in the VCR and tell me what you think.” Seconds later, a very horny Bob pushed PLAY. I had already queued up the tape to where I wanted. The first thing to fill the TV screen was a wide shot of Ann riding my cock cowgirl. She had her tits down against my chest. The camera was beginning to Zoom in for a super tight close-up of her wet cunt sliding up and down, the full length of my cock. She was belting out OH GOD I’M CUMMIN! I”M CUMMIN ON YOUR COCK PLEASE CUM IN ME!
FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! While Ann was making those announcements, the camera reached full zoom, and there was her wide open pink goodness in full orgasmic spasm, milking my cock.
I didn’t need to say anything

Bob blurted out “I need to fuck her again.”

No longer feeling any jealousy, I told him, —“You know where she is. It’s up to her.”
I must admit that I was getting very excited about the thought of him doing her again.
He asked me if I would keep an eye out for Kim or one of the k**s if they should get up.
I told him I would do that as long as he promised to tell me every detail when he came back out. He agreed that he would. With Kim asleep in his room he headed for the guest room door.

As it turns out, when Ann went to the guest room, she discovered that the bed had sheets on it, but no covers. Instead of leaving the room to look for a blanket, she grabbed a sleeping bag from the closet. The sleeping bag was a dark blue, waterproof, nylon type, with a soft, fuzzy, flannel lining inside.

In order to use it like a blanket, she unzipped it and put it flat on the bed with the warm fuzzy side down and the slick, waterproof side up. She crawled under it and fell asleep.
It would still be a couple of more hours before Bob and I would have our collective minds worked up into the horny frenzy that would send him on a covert mission behind the closed door of the guest bedroom but,
Around 2:00 AM he opened that door, stepped into the dark room, and closed the door behind him. When I heard the lock on the doorknob click,
I somehow knew, something pretty fucking hot, was about to happen.
My mind was spinning as I imagined what sort of perverted sex acts might be taking place in there. I wondered how he would approach her? How would he start something? As it turned, out he handled that part pretty damn skillfully.

When Bob finally emerged from the guest room about 68 minuets after going in, not that I was keeping track or anything, He had a huge grin on his face.
From what he told me that night and what Ann told me during our drive home the next day, I was able to get a pretty accurate picture of what went on that room.

When Bob went in where Ann was sleeping and closed the door, the room was very dark. He felt his way to the bed and located her, sleeping on her back, under the unzipped sleeping bag. He was feeling very bold at that moment so he went to the foot of the bed and gently crawled under the cover she was using.
Bob told me how he very slowly moved her legs apart, no more than an inch at a time.
He was trying to make room to get his shoulders in between them. He went on to explain how when he had managed to get her legs parted almost enough for his intended purpose, she stirred. He thought he had woken her up, and almost chickened out at that instant. Bob said he stayed very still as she shifted around slightly. He said he thought for a moment she was going to roll over but instead, she kept her left leg pretty much where he had positioned it, and raised her right knee up, dragging her foot up closer to her butt. Bob’s eyes had adjusted to the dark room enough by now that he was no longer operating blind. He told me when she raised that knee it caused the sleeping bag to shift a little to her left exposing both legs and her sheer white panties.
She may have been too warm with his added body heat near, and wanted the covers off her. According to her, (and I know she is telling the truth) she was still sound asleep. In any event, the raising of the knee had removed the covers and Bob said after no more than a second or two, she let her raised knee flop straight to the side.
That left her legs spread very nicely but her right foot was in his path. Bob claimed that he took another 10 minutes, in his estimation, to slowly move her right foot out of his way without waking her. Ann swears she was sound asleep through all of this and never knew it was happening. I believe her.

Now Bob could see her lying on her back, uncovered, with her legs spread precisely as he had wanted them. Ann is in fact, still asleep as he slowly inched his body up the bed until his face was hovering just above the hot pussy he craved so much.

Bob said he was so excited that he started shaking, and was forced to back away a few inches until he could control his body again. Slowly scooting up between Ann’s open thighs again, he tilted his forehead up slightly, making his face parallel to the slope of her pubic area. Bob then slowly, carefully lowered his nose, stopping finally within a millimeter of Ann’s fragrant
slit. Motionless, He remained there, inhaling deeply over, and over, taking in her scent. He told me later, the time he spent there could be the most erotic thing he’s ever experienced. A very beautiful woman, still sleeping,
as he inhales her natural scent. when Bob tried to describe the way she smelled he said, “It’s not at all like soap, and doesn’t really smell sweet at all, like some perfume, there isn’t any sort of offensiveness to her scent,
but it deffinitly doesn’t smell like nothing, and it’s so much more alluring, than when a woman has just stepped out of the shower. I could see how much he was struggling as he searched for the words to describe that experience. I told him, “I understand why you can’t put into words, what that scent is like, but I’ve been there, and it is hypnotic. It’s probably impossible to describe it any more accurately than a famous actor, when he simply called it, The sent of a Woman .
There was nothing in his way at this point, but those thin, see through panties that said Saturday in pink letters. (I have saved those panties to
this day

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