Wife Catches us


Wife Catches us
It started about ten years ago when my neighbors first moved into the neighborhood. The husband and wife were in their mid-fifties. I had an immediate attraction to the husband. He had salt-and pepper hair and was a little chunky but in shape. His hair has since turned silver, which drives me insane wanting him. Over the years, I have become friends with both the husband and wife with nothing funny between any of us. Then one day, that changed.

As I was out doing yard work, I heard the wife say she was going shopping and would be back in a few hours. A few minutes later, the husband walked up to me in his gym shorts and no shorts. It was the first time I saw him without a shirt, and did he excite me even more. His chest was full of silver hair that ran all the way down his stomach and disappeared into his shorts.

I was kneeling down pulling weeds when I looked up and noticed something really nice swinging under his shorts. The husband, Steve started up a conversation as I stood up. Steve put a hand on my shoulder and told me he needed some help inside his house. I followed him inside, and as soon as the door closed, Steve laid a big kiss on my lips. I gladly returned the favor, at which time Steve ordered me into the bedroom, where we continued kissing.

Steve pushed me to my knees and told me to open my mouth. He dropped his shorts, and I finally got to see what was swinging in his shorts. It was a good nine inches and thick. He teased me by rubbing the head over my lips before shoving it down my throat. After about five minutes of being face fucked, I was helped up, and Steve stripped me. He had me lie on the bed and started working on my cock while skillfully working my nipples. I was moaning in ecstasy. Steve must have sensed I was about ready to explode because he stopped and told me to turn with my head hanging off the bed.

Steve walked up and slid his cock into my mouth and continued his face fucking when all of a sudden, I heard a voice from behind us. Steve’s wife, Mary came home and caught us. Steve froze with his cock in my mouth. I did not know what to do, so I started to get up. Mary ordered me not to move and told Steve to take his cock out of my mouth.

Mary ordered me to roll over and hang my legs over the side of the bed. Without thinking, I said yes ma’am and did as I was told. Mary said good boy, and I felt something being wrapped around my wrists. Mary secured my wrists to the bed frame and slid a blindfold over my eyes.

Mary told me to open up, and Steve slid his cock back into my mouth. As I was being face fucked, I felt a set of hands rubbing my ass. Mary told me how nice my ass is and continued massaging it, and I felt some cool gel being applied to my asshole. Mary worked it around my ass and without warning shoved two fingers inside me. I bucked forward as Steve shoved his cock deep down my throat. I heard Mary tell Steve to pull out and come to her.

Mary withdrew her fingers, and I was left there alone for a few minutes. I felt some one walk up to the front of me, and I heard Mary tell me to breathe in through my nose and figured she’d put poppers in front of me. My head started spinning, and I felt Steve slam his cock right up my ass. Steve fucked me for some time and got my ass really loosened up when he pulled out.

Mary untied one hand and told me to roll onto my back. Mary secured my hand, and then Steve put my legs onto his shoulder and returned to fucking my ass. Mary knelt over my face and told me to start licking. For the first time in my life, I was licking a lady’s pussy. I continued this for some time when Mary started shaking, I felt her squirting down my throat. Mary got off the bed and disappeared for a few minutes, and then I heard Steve start moaning as his tempo sped up. I felt Steve explode deep within me, and he continued fucking until he was completely drained. Steve slowly pulled out and I felt empty.

The room went silent, and I believed I was about ready to be let up when I felt a set of hands rubbing my ass checks. Mary moaned and started inserting several fingers into my ass. She worked my ass for several minutes, and a fourth finger entered me. Mary was very skillful and gentle while she worked my ass. Steve walked up to my head and pushed his soft cock into my mouth. I started sucking his cock as he got harder and harder when without warning, I felt a large dildo being pushed deep inside me, and I realized Mary was fucking me with it.

I was being sexually used by a married couple, and I was loving it. Mary continued her assault on my ass for what seems to be hours when she stopped, unhooked my wrists and told me to turn onto my back. I did as I was told as she pushed my knees up to my chest. She slammed the dildo back into my ass as Steve returned his cock to my mouth. Mary ordered me to jack off. I did as I was told and blew the biggest load I have ever done.

At the same time, Steve shot another load down my throat. Mary and Steve helped me stand up and removed my blindfold. I was told to never tell anyone what just happened and to be at their house the following weekend. I’m excited to see what more excitement I can get into with them.

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