Playing the fertile cougar


Playing the fertile cougar
It’s been a while since this started.

Osei went off to Lagos as planned and Kristen wanted a little fun. She wanted Jay and some breed white girl role play.
We planned as we drove back from the airport drop off. Very simple, place the kitchen chalk board in plain sight by the front door.
“2 fertile bitches in need —>”

Only it took Jay a long while to show up. Too much time laying just about naked in bed with serious deep conversation resulted in Kristen placing a light kiss on my lips. Which turned into me caressing her face and melting as I kissed her deeply. Kristen returned the passion in kind which led to my first lesbian experience and I terribly enjoyed every moment. Which, is now often been repeated as a tender part of daily life. So wonderful this is, I enjoy it immensely. It’s really all foreplay but to a point where a tender tough brings on an immediate climax. While lost deep in her tender clutch, Jay enters the room, never heard him come in, he is naked and catches us. So excited he was.

Kristen says she needs his cock, asks me if it’s OK and offers herself up to be taken from behind. Her pussy was slick with her juices and my saliva, with her knees on the edge of the bed her ass was up high. I could not help but worm my way underneath, lick her more as she returned me the favor. What a view I had as Jay slipped his cock into her. My lips on her as Jays balls started to slap my face had her cumming in no time at all. She became so occupied that my girl parts were all but forgotten about. That was OK by me. There was enough going on.

After being totally engulfed, Jay started to pound her. I mean hard, very hard. He would withdraw, slam back hard and when Kristen let out a sound of discomfort, Jay would cram himself deeper, which often brought another sound and he would repeat with another vicious jab. As long as she was making noise, Jay would work at earning another audible.

When Jay needed, or wanted a break from her pussy, he would switch to my mouth, better said, my throat. My position was perfect for him to fuck my throat. Without mercy I must add and I loved every bit of attention. The fact that I was taking all of him deep throat is kind of amazing, he would go deep, hold deep and start cramming. He was taking my throat just like he was hitting Kristen’s pussy.

It felt like this switching went on a long time, but I suspect it was in actuality fast and short.

“Who wants my cum?” he roars. I was the first to speak “Both of us” and I moved my arms around him to both pull and hold him deep in Kristen. Kristen is now up on her arms looking back at Jay and saying “Put a baby in me now. Give me that fucking hot seed.” With that Jay lost control. Kristen is moaning “deeper…. deeper… do me” as Jay moans while following her orders.

From my vantage point I could clearly watch the underside of Jay throb as his cock convulsed with each stream of cum deposited in my dear friend. I’m thinking around 10 streams of cum exploded from his deeply buried cock as she climaxed wildly. Jay held deep, as he did I saw Kristen’s pink lips squeezing his jet black shaft as she milked every last drop out of him. At first it was hard to see but as Jay grew soft it was unmistakable.

She was not letting him go nor was he in any rush to pull out. He just hung there being milked. With time his spent cock started to slip from her. I found this part oh so sexy and a huge turn on. With a “plop” he flopped out, landing between my eyes. Her pussy was still wide open. I was expecting a flood of his semen to spill out into my waiting mouth. But nothing happened for a while. He shoots huge and I was expecting an immediate gift. After a while a little drool started, this slowly turned into a flow and once I saw that I locked my lips to hers.

All the time my tongue was flicking her clit I was rewarded with a mouth full of cum to almost overflowing. Normally I swallow. Not here. I was ready to deeply kiss my girlfriend. Kristen was reading my mind. As I wiggled out from under, she flopped and presented me her mouth, with me on top, in anticipation. All the seed flowed from my lips as we kissed deeply.

The view afforded to Jay was one he will not forget. It got him hard immediately. As Kristen and I are still locked in a deep kiss I let out a “whoop” as Jay took me in a single stroke from behind. Then he locked his hands onto my hips and rode me hard as I waited my turn to be bred. He was rough, slapping my ass into a red mess and pulling my hair quite hard. It took quite a while and I loved every moment. All the while he was talking up a storm and my responses were picked to anger him a little. I wish I had the dialog taped. From memory……

“All you white girls over here want the black cock”
“FUCK ME NIGGER” ( I never use that word, but have been using it a lot lately during sex)
“You like that nigger cock?”
“What bitch???” (and he really starts going hard)
“THAT’S THE WAY BOY, KEEP IT UP” (and I had my head jerked back by the roots with no mercy)
“I’ll do you harder!” (and he did)
“You already got that.”
“Fuck you” he yells and somehow one of Osei’s neckties are in reach. Jay binds one of my wrists, ties it to the other, pulls both arms straight back with one hand while grabbing my hair with his other. There was no mercy here, I was a little concerned maybe, what a turn on!. I was a cunt impaled by an angry black man. If just for a moment.

Jay is a big boy, I’ve never felt him so big and so far up inside me.
He hollered like my first husband as he approached his climax, held deep and yelled “take that cum bitch” as he soaked my insides.

Kristen said I was fucked hard for nearly 15 minutes and the sight was oh so hot that if he stayed hard, she would have jumped him.
Regardless, he released me and I flopped down with him staying on top of me as we kissed tenderly. Kristen edged in and attached her mouth to his flaccid cock tenderly breathing live into a superior cock.

We’ve since introduced Osei to our new found girl on girl fun. Osei reacted the same way Jay did. He finds it so sexy as we both find it the best possible foreplay leading up to a good hard fucking. Osei is even open to Jay joining us in a 2 girl 2 guy event, though Jay and I are not welcome to sleep in their bed till morning.

So I’ve discovered something new, I’ve also now done my first (and not last) DP, which I will write about next time.


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