Wife’s talk about CuckoldingPT2

Wife’s talk about CuckoldingPT2
On Sunday Jan called me and wanted to know if we were still having brunch. She sounded tired but very happy. I had to ask! Well did you do it?”

She laughed and said I would have to wait until we were at brunch. My husband wanted to know whom I was talking to and what did she do?

I told him it was my sister Jan and she was trying some new sex thing with her husband John. Bud just laughed and said to my surprise, “John have a boyfriend?”

He laughed and I realized he was joking. How little he knew how close he was to the truth. I called Mary and at around 11:45 Am we met Jan. She was so giggly and girlish we had to laugh at her actions as we ate our brunch and drank Bloody Mary’s as we listen to Jan tell us about last night.

I asked, “First of all before you tells us about last night Jan which man did you pick?”

She smiled and said, “Guess?”

Mary said, “Oh come on we don’t know?”

But I said, “The one with the biggest cock and longest tongue!”

She said, “Right! I picked Bill he was the number two guy I told you about the other day. You remember, big cock and long tongue man who was built like a weight lifter but was a male dancer.”

Mary said, “Ohmygod! Then you actually did this thing? God you have guts Jan! So come on tell us. Tell us how you decided and how John reacted and how you did it, where you did it.”

Jan said, “Slow down Mary, you’re going to have a stroke! I’ll give both of you the details, all of them. And they are fucking hot! But first let me say that it was amazing. Absolutely amazing and having John watching me made it even hotter. It was without a doubt the best sex I have ever had in my life.”

I sat there looking at my sister and realized she had done it. She wasn’t teasing us or k**ding us she had sex with someone else other than her husband while he watched her do it. She had picked this one man out of who knew how many guys. And now she was going to tell us about her fantastic sex with him.

Jan said, “From reading the stories on the web I had some idea of what John wanted from me. In a word teasing and stimulating his fantasy. I knew he didn’t want to be humiliated or treated like a sissy. That’s just not John.

But, I made him call Bill on the second day after we had finished talking to all three men. I had him invite the man over. My husband called Bill and asked him to come back to our house to fuck me. Jesus can you imagine how it felt? Another really well built well hung and very nice looking man was going to fuck me and my husband was calling him and asking him while I listened!”

I watched Jan’s eyes, she was so happy. Laughing and giggling she continued, “So John asked Bill to come by at 8 PM on Saturday and then we made love. Know we fucked! We fucked like we did when we first got married. I mean John was all over me thanking me and thanking me for do this for him. He went crazy on me and I can tell you I was dripping wet thinking about Bill as John went down on me. I mean Bill’s tongue was six inches long at least! So when John went down on me I went nuts on his face. I must have cum four times.”

Mary said, “Wait! We don’t want to hear about John! We want to know about Bill and you.”

Jan laughed again and said, “OK! I was just telling you how worked up John was just from the phone call! Anyway I bathed and shaved. I shaved everywhere! I’m completely shaved now down here.” She pointed at her pussy.

Jan continued, “So, then I put on my sexist nightie on. In fact it was the one John had purchased for me as a present for this night. Would you believe that John actually went out to Victoria Secrets and brought me a nightie to wear while Bill fucked me in it! I mean it was really wild! And it was also scary but stimulating at the same time.”

Mary asked, “What color?”

I laughed out loud at the question! Who cares what color her nightie was Mary?”

She said, “I do!”

Jan told us, “It was red Mary but very, very sheer. You could see everything I owned. It stopped about an inch below my vagina. And you know what? I didn’t wear the panties to it. I told John what’s the use of wearing them when they’re coming off as soon as my lover gets here? John didn’t care he sat me on the bed and opened my legs. He wanted to lick my pussy. But from reading the stories I didn’t let him, telling him I was saving my first orgasm of the night for my lover. A lover that he picked for me.”

I asked, “And what did John say? I mean what did he think when you wouldn’t let him touch you?”

Jan told us, “He looked a little shocked but soon was asking me if I wanted anything or if he could do anything. I think he was as nervous as I was. Besides, it would have taken only about three licks and I would have exploded on his face. I really didn’t want that to happen until Bill did it to me with that long tongue. So when he looked at me with that sad puppy dog face, I promised him I would let him do it when Bill was done with me if he still wanted to eat me then. He said he wasn’t sure about that. So I told him he was going to get the best fucking of his life when Bill left tonight if I was still able to fuck.”

She laughed but then said, “Well that made him happy as a k** in a candy store. But, I almost wasn’t able to give John anything. When Bill left he left me exhausted and fucked out! God what a night I had!”

Mary and I were sitting on the edge of our chairs as Mary asked, “So when Bill showed up then what happened?”

Jan smiled and said, “Well he was there right at 8 PM and he was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. He looked very nice and actually looked younger. He shook hands with John like they were old friends. And then turned and looked at me! I could have melted right there! But when he smiled and looked me up and down I did melt. My knees almost didn’t hold me. Here was the best looking man by far I have ever seen about to fuck me with my husband OK and I was standing there in a short red nightie that you could see everything I owned. Bill came over to me and asked me if his coming back tonight meant that he was my choice? I told him it was and than both my husband and I picked him. He smiled and told me he was very happy. And now that he could see just about all of me he was very, very happy to be the man picked to fuck me.

When he said that I looked at my husband and he smiled. I realized that it was OK. John was good to go with this. Then Bill said, “Turn around slowly for me Jan let me see what I’m getting.”

Jan smiled now and told us, “I did as he asked and he smiled as I turned back towards him.”

Jan said, Bill asked so what’s the plan John? I mean how are we going to do this. I don’t do guys! I’m not into that, I told you that the first time.”

John said, “Oh I’m not into guys either Bill. No! I’m going to watch that’s all and after you leave then I’ll have my turn with Jan.”

I blushed but stood there letting both men look me over. I saw Bill lick his lips and my pussy was dripping for that tongue. Bill took my hand and asked where I would John and I like him to do me?”

I told him, “we’ll be going to the bedroom now. Would you like a drink or something?

I looked at John and saw him looking at me. I said, “You still OK with this John? I mean once I’m in the bedroom and Bill is between my legs I don’t want to hear you tell us to stop. Because I won’t. Oh I might stop tonight but I will meet Bill some place some other time and you won’t know when or where. So decide now John. This fantasy of yours is about to be filled.”

Mary asked, ‘And did he? Did you agree to let you? I take it he did or you wouldn’t be here today.”

Jan said, “Well he looked at me for a while and then he smiled. John told me he would meet us in the bedroom. He wanted to get comfortable before we started. I knew then that I was going to get fucked by a strange man and my husband was going to watch us do it. I couldn’t believe it!”

Jan took a drink of her beverage and said, “So I took Bill’s hand and he pulled me to him. He kissed me long and softly putting his tongue into my mouth so far it choked me. Then he whispered I’m going to drive you wild first Jan. I’m going to make you cum so many times, you’ll forget your husband is even in the room when I fuck you. I hope you are ready for this too because I won’t stop now. I want you really bad. God I mean you look so hot in that red nightie.”

Jan smiled at us and then said, “I told Bill that John had purchased it for me, for us for tonight!”

I looked at my sister and then to my younger sister and saw a smiled on both of their faces. As we waited for Jan to continue.

Jane said, “I smiled at him when he said that and only told him promises, promises, promises baby. As we walked hand and hand back to the master bedroom I knew it was actually going to happen and I was dripping wet between my legs. I was about to get fucked by someone else other than my husband for the first time since I have been married. I started to get a little scared. I mean what if I’m not good enough? What if I tell him to stop because I can’t do it? All sorts of things ran over my brain as we reached the bedroom door. We entered the bedroom and I saw my husband sitting in a chair completely nude! I asked him what he was doing?”

He told me, “I’m getting comfortable Jan, don’t worry about me. Tonight is all abut you. Make believe I’m not even here. And with that he started to slowly jerk off. I mean he started to play with his cock while Bill and I kissed and touched each other, it was kind of weird!”

Then Jan told us, “When I turned around to look again Bill was pulling his shirt over his head and the sight of those arms and chest made my husband’s request very real I just might forget about him tonight. I looked at Bill’s semi-hard cock as he dropped his slacks and I knew that very soon I wouldn’t be thinking of John at all. I mean God this other man was built so much better than my John!”

We ordered more to drink and then Jan told us, “With Bill completely nude now he lifted me up on the bed like I weighted nothing and laid me on my back. He smiled down as my red nightie opened and exposing both of my breasts and all of my shaved pussy. I opened my legs and he asked me if I shave just for him? I told him yes. He thanked me and knelt down on the bed as he opened my legs saying I love a bald pussy to lick. I told him to help himself.”

Mary was all eyes, as she listened to her older sister talking. I waved for the waiter and ordered another round drinks. When he left out table Jan said, “Ladies I have to tell you having a hunk like Bill looking down on my naked body made me shiver from the excitement. He smiled and ran his ands up over my thighs and stomach and cupped my swollen breasts. I simply moaned from the pleasure. I looked over at my husband and saw him stroking his cock slowly. I guessed he was trying to save his cum for later. Bill cupped and squeezed my breasts as his mouth circled a nipple and started licking it. As his moth came down on it I arched my hips up and began to hump the air. I wasn’t touching anything. His tongue and lips sucking my breast while his hands and fingers worked on them too, made me cum! I’m not k**ding! I had an orgasm, right there right then! It wasn’t a hard or big long one, but I climaxed! Bill looked into my eyes and smiled as he knew what just happened.”

Jan took a break when the waiter came back with our Bloody Marys. We stopped for a few minuets and let her get herself back under composer. She took a drink and said, “I can’t believe it but I’m telling both of you I might cum again just from telling you all about this.”

I laughed and said to myself, “I might too Jan! I just might too! God this is one hot story”

Jan smiled at me and I wondered if she could tell how worked up I really was?

When we had settled down Jan continued. “So Bill worked my nipples hard as rocks and then started licking and kissing down my body. He ran that big damn tongue over my stomach and thighs and as I was looking at my husband still jerking off. I felt Bill’s face between my opened legs and I spread them more for him. I looked down into his eyes as I saw that six-inch tongue flicking out like a damn snake. He licked all around me and then stuck it against my wet opened snatch! I arched again as he held me up off the bed with those strong arms and hands under my ass. He lifted my bottom up with ease and began to make love to my pussy and ass with that tongue. With each stroke of his tongue I moaned and pushed my pussy up at his face. But he held back so he could show me how long his tongue was. He lapped my pussy like a dog drinks water. And then he smiled at me and kissed my pussy lips like he kissed my mouth. The he licked me deeper and further than John had ever dome. Bill’s tongue was as deep as John’s cock inside me. He was fucking me with that damn tongue and I was going wild with lust and desire. Then Bill wiggled that tongue deep into my hole and kept it there wiggling just the tip inside me! I screamed as my first real orgasm hit me like a car hitting a freight train going 100 MPH! I held Bill’s head and he fucked me with that tongue like I dreamed of. I began to fuck his face arching up into it over and over and over again! I squeezed my thighs and held Bill’s head and went off like a rocket cumming and cumming and cumming some more. Ladies, it was pure bliss! And you know what?”

We both asked together like stereo, “What?”

She smiled as she heard us both ask together. She said, “He continued to lick and suck on me making me cum. He didn’t stop after the first or second orgasm. Not the third or even the forth one I had he just kept pleasing me and licking me and then he would suck on my clit and make me scream. He continued to eat me until I just couldn’t take it any longer. God I don’t know how many times I climaxed but it was a new record for me. Finally I pulled Bill’s face out from between my legs and pulled him up so I could kiss him. When I did I could taste myself. You should have seen his face! I mean his face was covered with my cum and pussy juices. I mean he didn’t care either! He kissed me hard and rubbed my face with his and when we broke the embrace I was covered with my own cum too!”

Mary said, Ugh! That’s disgusting!”

Jan smiled and said, “Oh you young, young girl you. God Mary it was great, marvelous fantastic. And still Bill didn’t stop. His fingers replaced his mouth and tongue and he used two of them to fuck me as we continued to kiss and tongue each other’s mouths. I sucked that great tongue and moaned in his mouth as he fingered my pussy fast and hard. Finally we broke the embrace and we both looked at my husband who had a pool of his cum on the floor and was slumped down in the chair. I moaned to him telling him to save some of that for me for later.”

John looked at me and smiled. Then he slowly stated to stroke his cock again telling Bill to fuck me now.

Jan looked at me and said, “John looked like he was almost drained and I was just getting started! I looked at Bill and saw him smiling down at me. I reached between us and took hold of the hardest thickest cock I have ever held in my hand in my life. Oh Jan, Mary! He was so big! I put the big cock head against my opening and told him to push. He did, and the head went in slowly pushing my lips apart. They opened wider and wider and finally the big cock head went inside me. I moaned telling John that Billy’s cock was now inside me. I heard John moan too. Then Bill began to push again and I felt the head moving up my tunnel going further and further into me. I began to push back against him and we pushed into each other again and again and again. Then I felt his body against me and I knew he was “balls deep”!

I couldn’t help it I said, “Oh my Jan! How did he feel?”

She smiled and told me, “Jan there are no words to describe how a big cock feels as it moves inside your pussy. You have to experience it babe.”

She smiled and said, “One word, amazing, fucking amazing!”

Mary said, ‘That’s two words but please continue Jan.”

She said, “ I heard Bill moan as he realized he was fully inside me. I told John that Bill was now balls deep and John moaned. He told Bill to fuck me good but there was no need. Bill had already begun to fuck me steadily now with that big dick.”

I asked, “So come on tell us about how it felt Jan. I mean he was much bigger than John right?”

Jan smiled and told us that Billy’s cock was almost twice as big as her husband’s five and a half-inch cock. Bill was also thicker.”

She laughed and said, “Bill was fucking some virgin territory too last night. He was deeper than John ever had his small cock and I felt new sensations and new nerves endings pleasing me so much better than John. I mean I didn’t even know I had those nerves until last night and Bill’s cock was rubbing and stimulated them each time he pushed in or pulled out of me. It felt so different. I mean it was so much better than fucking John.”

With that last remark, Jan took a drink of her Bloody and then continued. She said, Bill began to move in and out of my vagina slowly and steadily at first. He was giving me time to adjust to his size. I must have felt very tight to him. But after a few times of being fully inside me I knew this was going to be the best fucking of my life. I arched my back and lifted up into him as he came down into me. We fucked for a long, long time and then Bill did something I never had happen to me before. He held me tight and rolled us over without removing his cock from inside me! I sat up them and looked at John. His eyes were glassy and his cock was spewing his cum out the fat cock head on to the floor again! His hand was flying up and down the hard shaft as he came. I heard him moan and as I began to orgasm so was John! I mean we both came together as Bill fucked me hard and I rode him faster and harder all the time. I screamed again as I climaxed again, right behind the first one I just had. I looked at John and the pool of cum was bigger. I knew he had climaxed at least twice since we had started. It was good for him too!”

Mary said, “Oh God Jan you got me all wet and horny now. I’m going to go home and attach Don!”

I laughed and said, “I’m going to screw Bud’s cock off when I get home.”

We all laughed but Jan said, “Wait! That’s not all of it. Billy fucked me for over an hour in three different positions and then he put me on my back again and began to drill my like I have never been drilled before. I mean this man fucked me hard and he fucked me long and then as he held my legs over my head and pressed my knees down into my tits and hammered me again and again. Then he arched his back and lifted his shoulders driving his lover body into me filling me as deep as he could. As he held my legs up I could feel him even deeper and he began to cum. Oh Jesus and did he ever cum! He filled me so much there was a pool the size of John’s cum under me. He came once to John’s four and he shot as much cum! I didn’t think he would ever finish. His cock was thumping over and over again inside me. I could actually feel it shooting cum into me! I never feel that with John’s cock. When it ended Bill released my legs and I lowered them and wrapped them around Bill’s stomach pulling him into me and holding him tight against me. He stroked my face telling me how good it was. I looked at the clock and it was almost midnight! We had been going at it for almost three solid fucking hours girls!”

I said, “Oh come on Jan don’t bull shit us! Three hours, really Jan at least be honest with us here.”

She smiled and said, “Is swear to God Mandy! It had been three hours and he wasn’t done with me yet. We got up and went into the bathroom where we showered together. As I walked out of the bedroom I looked at my husband and saw his soft limp cock in his hand and he was just looking at me with this lust over glaze on his face. I realized John had jerked off so much he had nothing left. He had no cum left. As Bill and I stepped into the tub we started the shower and washed each other. Then Bill knelt in front of me and began to lick my pussy all over again with that big long tongue.”

Mary said, “He started in on you again in the shower Jan? Did John come in and watch?”

She told us, “No Mary. John was still sitting in the chair in the bedroom with his cock in his hand, and it was completely soft when we left the room. Bill and I got out and dried off. Then we went downstairs to get something to drink. I didn’t have an orgasm in the shower but I was able to get Billy hard again by sucking on that big dick of his. When I had him rock hard and dripping with pre-cum I stopped. I know I’m a tease but I wanted to save it until we could get back into the bedroom with John. After we dried off we went down stairs and got some food and drink. While I was bent over looking in the refrigerator I felt Bill move behind me. His meat was semi-hard and I could feel him rubbing it up and down my vagina and ass. I mean Bill was so big that he could rub my vagina with his cock soft and I would have felt it.”

Mary said, “How big was he Jan? I mean really, how big?”

She smiled at our youngest sister and said; “Well babe when Bill was hard he put his cock between my legs as he stood behind me and his cock head stuck out the front of me. I could put three fingers around it and play with the big cock head. Does that answer your question?”

Mary shook her head and licked her lips. I smiled and said and he was good too Jan. He was a good fuck not just a big cock. There is a difference.”

She said, “Yes! Mandy I have never been fucked like that before. He was like the energizer bunny. He fucked me and fucked me for a very long time the first time. Now he had cum twice and I had no idea how long he could go this time. But when we finished eating he picked me up and sat me on the kitchen table and sat on the chair right in front of me. He opened my thighs as wide as he could and began to lick me like k** licks an ice cream. Up and down his tongue went over my ass hole and up to my clit! When he reached my clit he stopped licking and began sucking on it. He made me hold his head and moan with my passion as he sucked and licked and sucked and licked me. I was soon rocking and fucking his face again. But, he did to me what I did to him in the shower. He stopped just before I was going to orgasm. He picked me up in his big arms and carried me up the steps kissing and tongue fucking my mouth! His tongue was unbelievable.”

Jan took a long drink of her Bloody Mary and then looked at both of us. She said, “When we entered the bedroom I saw my husband sleeping in the chair his cock completely deflated and a pool of cum around his feet and some running down his legs. He looked so peaceful. As Bill put me on the bed again he moved around and we got into a 69 position this time. And we went at each other like a****ls grunting and moaning and groaning loud enough that I saw my husband wake up and sit up in his chair. He moved over to the bed so he could watch me suck Bill’s cock and to watch Bill’s long tongue lick and fuck my pussy. It was wild and it was good and John loved it all. Then Bill asked John if he wanted to join us. I was going to protest but didn’t since I often wondered about two men doing me at the same time. Bill showed John how to lubricate his cock and with the help of my mouth and John watching Bill lick my pussy we got John hard one more time. Then with the lubrication John laid back on the bed and Bill placed me up over my husband’s cock. Bill worked to separate my ass cheeks and told me to sit on John.”

Mary said, “Oh God you didn’t Jan! You didn’t let John fuck your ass did you?”

Mandy smiled and said, “I guess she never had it like that.”

Mary said, “Damn right and I will never do it that way, it’s disgusting!”

Jan laughed and said, “Well if you did and it was done right you might just like it Mary. In fact you might love it! I did. I sat down on top of my husband and he slowly inserted his cock into my backside. It took a few minutes to get it in but he was finally all the way inside my ass hole. Then Bill got over me and took his big cock and inserted it into my pussy. Again slowly and steadily was the way he went. But he finally was balls deep inside my pussy. I was stretched and full as I ever remember being. Then Bill looked down into my lust-covered face and asked me if I was ready? I told him yes and he told John to start fucking my ass. As John started moving his cock in and out of my back door, Bill waited until I was use to John. Then he started fucking my pussy. Seconds later I screamed with such an orgasm I passed out as the third orgasm from a back to back climax hit me. It was an out of body experience for me. John shot one more load. This one went into my ass. Bill pumped and he came too, filling me and giving me more of his cum filling my vagina. When he was sure I was done, he rolled off of me and I rolled off of John. John’s cock looked like a boy’s cock it was so shrunken now. It looked like he only had a cock head, no shaft. Bill’s cock soft was as long as John was hard. But Bill’s was soft now too! We just lay there panting and trying to get our breaths.”

I was holding my breath as I listen to Jan’s story. I realized it was true. Mary said, ‘My god you have become a real slut Jan. You let your husband fuck your ass while some stranger guy fucked your vagina. How many times did Bill cum in you?”

Jan smiled and said, “I counted four, but it might have been as many as six times and we had been going at it for five damn hours. I estimate he fucked me for four of those five hours. I mean his cock was in me four of those five hours. My poor husband jerked off three, maybe four times before he fucked my ass. It was a really great night for Bill and me. John seemed to enjoy himself too. And you know what? I loved it. I think John did too. When Billy left we told him we would surely call him back again. Bill pulled me to him and kissed me hard. Then he told me he would be happy to fuck me anytime any place. He said I was one great piece of ass. Well that’s it.

Mary said, “So what did John say afterwards Jan?”

I said, “Yea, what did he say?”

She smiled and said, “Well this is going to sound sick. But remember it’s what John wanted. When Bill left, John wanted me to shower for him. But I told him if he had any ideas about fucking me he would have to eat me first. According to the stories I read, most men who like to watch their wives get fucked also like to eat a cream pie.”

Mary asked, “What the hell is that Jan?”

Jan said, “That’s a pussy full of some other man’s cum. And John moaned and I was thinking he really didn’t want to do it. But when I offered my ass to fuck again, guess what?”

Mary said, “I’m afraid to ask.”

I said, “He went down on you! Didn’t he? He licked your pussy after Bill filled it! OH MY GOD! That is sick!”

Jan was laughing and said, “Yep! He ate me like a champ. Made me cum twice before we rolled over and I was almost sitting on his face. My pussy was so full I knew I was dripping Bill’s cum down on to John’s mouth and face. Finally he came out from under me. I saw his face covered with both Bill’s and my own cum. I said OK John you win baby! As I knelt on all fours pointing my ass towards him he smiled. John put his hard cock back in my ass hole and he fucked me for a really long time. Finally as he was firing off for the last time that night his fingers stroked my clit and I had one last orgasm! We both collapsed on a cum covered bed. We slept until 11AM when the alarm went off and I got up to meet you guys. I left John in bed this morning and I know he is drained. I bet he won’t be fucking me for a couple of days. In fact I bet he’ll be soft for at least two days. But I know he will want my ass now more and more since I gave it to him for the first time last night! Yep, Bill fucked my vagina deeper than John and he got some virgin territory and my husband John got my virgin ass. And that’s it ladies. What do you think?”

Mary said, “I don’t believe you or your husband. I mean you actually did it. Now what?”

Jan said, “Well now I see how John feels about all of it when I get home. But, I think I know already. I mean the pool of cum around his feet while Bill was fucking me told me that John loved it too. But we’ll see. Look if John wants to do more, I think I’ll ask the blonde hair young man to be my next man. Or I might just ask Bill back. But I really don’t want to use any man steadily. No reason to get attached to any of them at all. I mean there are hundreds of guys out there who would be glad to get a strange piece of married ass. Say I have an idea. Why not watch next time?”

Mary said, “WHAT?”

Jan said, “No really you can both see how horny John gets. See how good the sex is and see how well I’m fucked. I mean we can set it up so no one knows you’re there and you can see for yourselves how hot this sexual act is. What do you say?”

I didn’t say anything. But Mary said, “No. I don’t think I want to be anywhere near you when your husband goes nuts from all of this and kills you! Mandy, tell her what you think. Please!”

I didn’t answer I was rethinking what Jan had told us and trying to keep my wetness from running down my leg. I said, “Maybe. Maybe Jan, I might watch if the time is right. I would love to see how John handles all this and how you get off like you told us you did by fucking some hunk with a big cock. You didn’t bullshit us did you Jan. I mean you didn’t exaggerate any of it did you?”

She smiled and said, “None Mandy. Come to my house next time and watch. You can sit in the room and watch or we can hid you and let you watch. It’s what ever you feel more at ease with. I’m telling you it’s the hottest thing you have ever seen. And I’m going to do it again as long as John is OK with it. Come on Mary, come and watch too. You won’t be sorry. It’s really unbelievable.”

Mary said, “Mandy you’re not serious. You’re not going to watch your sister get her brains fucked out are you?”

I smiled and said, “Maybe Mary. Maybe. I want to see for myself what’s going on. I’m telling both of you we have to keep this quiet or we’ll have marriage problem. But I’m soaking wet between my legs listening to Jan tell us about her first night! I just might go and watch next time. If I do I’ll let you know Mary. And if you change your opinion you and I can go together. That might keep us from being really bad like Jan.”

Jan just smiled and said, “You know what? I’ll get the check today I feel that good, then I’m going home and take a nape. I’m beat!”

We kissed goodbye and Jan told me she would let me know what’s going on with John and if she was going to do it again. Her smile was so big I knew she was going to try it more than one more time. The question was what was I going to do? I didn’t have an answer for that one.

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