How she went….


How she went….I don’t know if this exactly how it happened, but it is close to the real deal.My wife and I had marital problems. We had been together for 5 years and married for 3. I was 9 years senior to her. When I met Julie, I was ready to settle and change my life style. I had travelled all over the world in the food industry, now I wanted to have a home and in the future a family. I think Julie was attracted to me because of my life experiences and how I had lived my life. She was only a few months out of college when we met. We took it kind of slow, she was a very sensitive young woman with some issues. I really liked her and wanted to work with her on her issues and create a life together.So after more than a year of living together, we decided to get married. We lived a good life and both worked hard. I managed to get a work injury and was out on sick leave for a long time. I had a busy life with rehab and trying to get back in working form again. Julie was not happy in her job and I think she stayed because she felt we needed the income. So this put a lot of strain in our relationship. We still had rocking sex and fucked daily. But we started having difficulty talking about serious issues or future plans. Like most guys, I talked about having another partner in our bed. I would be fine with a man, as long as I did not have to touch him or have him touch me. I always got turned on when my woman enjoyed sex. I had even suggested to find black big cock for her to try. Julie had been a virgin when I met her so she had no real sexual experience.It got so bad that when our contract was up on our place, she announced that she wanted to take break in our relationship and move apart. We had rented an in-law unit from her parents that sold their property and was moving away. Julie had talked to her mother’s best friend, Meridith who lived close by about renting a room from her. Meridith had grown sons that no longer lived in her home so she had a spare bedroom.Meridith was single, she dated some guys but did not have a “steady” boyfriend. She had been divorced for a long time and liked it that way. I found a one bedroom place and thought that my wife was going to come back to me in a couple of months. We did not hang out much at all. She would come over after work sometimes, more in the first couple of weeks and then it was less and less. I worked by then and worked hard. Long hours and often on the weekends. Julie had some not so good behaving friends, they partied too much and did not have any steady jobs. Julie still worked at her lousy job and was not happy.One Sunday night when she returned home to her rented room, Meridith had a guest over and they had been drinking. Julie was pretty drunk herself and sat on the couch with them and had another drink with them. Meridith’s guest was her big black man. I had personally heard her talk about that the only reason she dated him was because of his huge cock and that he was a wonderful lover. She thought he was too much of a player and would not commit to him. They got even more drunk as the night progressed. Since it was a Sunday night and a work day the next day, Meridith decided she was too drunk and too tired to stay up. She told her friend, Leroy that he could come to bed later, but she was going to bed now!Julie’s head was spinning too much, she was tired but did not dare to go to bed yet. Leroy was a huge man so he had managed to drink both women “under the table”. Leroy stood 6′ 5″ tall, he was working construction and even if he was in his 50s he was very fit in some sense. He had developed a gut lately, but he was still in shape. His hands were huge too and strong. He had calluses on his hands which made them rough and hard.Julie was sitting back on the couch and trying to not get sick. Leroy was watching the football coverage on the TV and sipped on his latest beer. After about half an hour, Leroy went to check on Meridith. He came back and announced that she was out cold!When he came back to the couch, he reached over and started to massage Julie’s legs. He asked how she was feeling and if she was OK. She slurred her words and told him that she was too fucking drunk and that her head was spinning. Leroy told her that he would make her feel better. She was not sure what he was talking about, so she just let him direct her to lay down on the couch. Leroy started to massage her calf muscles and got her to get more relaxed. After a few minutes of working on her calves, he moved up her legs and worked on her thigh muscles. Leroy reached up and pulled off her skirt and panties, Julie was so relaxed and out of it that she did not react when her panties were removed.Leroy then continued up her lower back and gave her a deeper massage. He worked up towards her shoulder blades, but to reach them he said she needed to take her top off. He helped her out of her top and unclasped her bra at the same time. Julie was not really conscious of what Leroy did to her. She was now laying naked in front of Leroy . It was turning him on to see this young slim woman laying naked with her tight little ass in the air.Leroy started to massage her shoulders and neck area. Julie got more relaxed and the spinning in her head stopped. She still felt very drunk and as most of the time when she was drunk she started to get a little bit horny. Leroy’s strong hands made her feel even more turned on. So far Leroy’s hands had stayed safe and not touched any erotic areas of her body. Julie felt real good and started to get very sleepy.Leroy got back to her legs and used his strong hands to get deep into her muscles.Julie felt her pussy getting wet from the strong hands with his thick fingers digging into her muscles. She had never felt fingers to strong and with such a hard callus on his fingers. As Leroy worked the inside of her thighs, she thought that one of his fingers were as big as my cock. She spread her legs apart so he could get better access to her inner thighs. She did not think anything about that she now was exposing her tight little pussy to Leroy’s eyes. It was not lost on Leroy, he knew exactly where his hands were aiming for. Soon he was so close to her pussy that his knuckles touched her outer lips. It felt like an electric shock for Julie, but she tried not to show it. Leroy worked his way up to her tight ass. Let me tell you about Julie’s ass. It was a little bubble butt that was very tight and guys often turned around to check out her ass when we walked out in public.Leroy spread her ass apart when he was massaging her cheeks. Then without permission, Leroy used his index finger and slide it over her wet pussy. Julie froze, but did not protest. It felt good to be touched.Leroy kept massaging her pussy lips and soon found her hard little clit. Julie let out a moan when he put more pressure on her clit and started to work on it. Leroy decided it was time to see how tight this young woman’s pussy was and slowly worked his index finger into my wife!He used his other hand to keep working her clit. It did not take Julie long to reach her first climax. Her pussy was tight around Leroy’s callus big index finger. Julie felt like she was getting fucked by a cock and moaned as orgasmed.When her orgasm calmed down, Leroy moved her ass over the edge of the couch. She heard how he unzipped his pants and again without permission or any word, Leroy put his hard cock at her pussy’s opening.Julie was to turned on, that she whispered to Leroy to fuck her, please. -Please, fuck me, give me some cock!She had heard Meridith talk about how big his cock was, but she still had not seen it. She was about to find out how big it felt in her pussy. Leroy grabbed her hips and started to push in his huge hard cock into her little tight hole. It was a lot of pressure on her opening as he tried to force his cock in. He wiggled and moved his cock around, Julie was very tight and gave him a lot of resistance. Julie started to feel a little scared since she had never felt something so big at her pussy. She had a big dildo, but this cock as much thicker.Then when his head finally passed her opening and started to split her pussy open, she grunted and felt so much pleasure that she grunted and moaned. Fuck he was big!Julie told me later, that as he worked this monster cock into her, she thought about me and how I had wanted her to fuck a black man. She now agreed with me and did not regret to have him fuck her.Leroy was half way in when she started to cum again. He fucked her slowly as she whimpered in lust and pleasure.When Leroy looked down and watched his huge cock sliding into this small framed young woman, he felt himself getting even harder.Julie had never felt so full before and it was filled her with so much emotion and desire. She knew that she would never go back to a normal size cock again. She wanted to feel this full of cock each and every time she fucked from now on.Julie admitted to me later that she lost count on how many times she climaxed. She told me that that cock made the whole world around her go away. All that she felt and experienced was focused on that huge cock.Leroy felt that he was getting closer to cum and picked up his pace a little, he forced himself all the way up Julie’s pussy until he reached her cervix. Julie moaned in another rocking orgasm.Leroy felt the pressure around his cock and decided şişli escort not to hold back. He held her hips hard with his callus hands, pulled her over his cock, and started to cum into her cervix. Julie felt the hot sperm invading her unprotected cervix and later told that it was true bliss. Leroy had not had sex for over a week so the load he gave to my wife was huge. He grunted and enjoyed this tight little pussy.It took Julie a few minutes to cum down from her high and when she did she told Leroy that she was not on the pill. She had ended that when she moved away from me. Leroy smiled and said that maybe soon she would be the mother of his next c***d! Leroy pulled out his cock that was still bigger than most other men’s erected cock.Julie also realized that she had just fucked Meridith’s boyfriend on her livingroom couch! She lay there with her legs spread apart, cum leaking out, and Leroy standing over her telling her to rest up, he wanted to fuck her from behind next…..Julie now felt sober, even if she still was very drunk. She felt a bit guilty to have let Leroy have his way with her and fuck her. So she did not intend to let him fuck her again.Problem for her was that Leroy was an very large man so when he pick her up and carried her into her bedroom and put her down on the bed, there was nothing she could do to stop him. Sure, she could start screaming to wake up Meridith, but she had just voluntarily fuck Leroy, so that was not an option. Plus, she still felt very horny and thought that she might never get to feel a cock so huge again, so she did not protest.Leroy stood over her with his cock inches away from her face. He told her to make him hard again. Julie reached out and grabbed his semi-erected cock. He had not fully lost his erection even after his strong orgasm.Julie got to feel and see his cock up close for the first time. She was in awe about how huge he was! She questioned how this monster cock had fit in her little pussy. She had masturbated with objects in the past and had found it difficult to push in her large black dildo that I bought her for one of her birthdays…This really turned Julie on, she felt it necessary to feel this huge cock deep inside of her again. So she started to suck his huge head and move her hands up and down the shaft as he grew to full erection again.Then when he felt that he was ready to fuck, he pull Julie up and put her down on the bed on her knees. She leaned over as he put his cock at her pussy again. This time Julie knew what to expect and assisted in getting his cock in her. Leroy looked down and watch Julie rocking herself back and forth over his cock. He loved the view of this tight little butt with her pussy stretched wide over his cock. Julie moaned non-stop while he worked his way to another orgasm. Julie was a very active participant in this round of fucking. She was going crazy over how good it felt to have this twice as old man fucking her tight little pussy with his huge cock. She could not help it, but she kept have multiple orgasms. Leroy called out and told her he was cuming again. Julie was more alert this time and determined that he was not going to cum in her pussy this time. She called out and told him that she wanted to suck him and for him to cum in her mouth. Unfortunately for my wife, Leroy did not agree with this and grabbed her hips and thrust himself deep into her pussy and started to cum into her cervix for a second time in less than half an hour.Julie felt like a really slut woman when she started to cum down from her climax and high from the amazing sex with Leroy. He lifted her with his cock still buried in her pussy and lay down in a spoon position. His cock was so big and her pussy so tight that even as he was getting soft and starting to shrink, his cock was still firmly in place deep in her pussy. They had fucked hard and the drinking caught up with them. They both passed out without saying a word to each other. Julie woke up hours later and moved, that cause his cock to pop out. She felt a large amount of cum leaking out of her pussy and puddle under her ass. She turned around and looked at this black older man snoring next to her. She looked down at his cock and was marveled about his size in this relaxed condition. She reached over and grabbed her smartphone. She snapped a couple of images and even put her hand around his shaft to show the size.she put the phone away and woke up Leroy. He was sleepy and a little bit lost. He looked at her and agreed with Julie that is was best if he went in and slept the rest of the night in Meridith’s bed. Leroy walked out in the livingroom and collected his clothes before going into Meridith’s room.Julie snuck out and gathered her clothes and made sure that there was no trace of their sexual activities on the couch.She brushed her teeth and went to bed.While falling asleep, her minded went over the events this evening. She had gone out with her friend and danced with a couple of guys, she had been horny and wanted to get laid, but did not feel attracted to any of the guys. Then coming home drunk, drinking more with Meridith and Leroy and finally how she managed to get fucked by this huge cock. Her pussy was tender and yet she felt that she could have fucked more!She felt hung over the next morning and called in sick. She never called in sick so one day would not make a difference.She went back to sleep and slept another hour. When she woke up she felt more rested and very hungry. She went out to the kitchen and found it was late. She felt lucky that is was late so she did not have to face Meridith this morning. She did not think that Meridith would have a clue that I had been fucked by her boyfriend. She felt her pussy getting wet when she thought about how good it had felt to feel Leroy inside of her.Julie made some coffee and started to make herself some breakfast when she suddenly felt some strong arms around her. She got startled since she thought she was alone in the house. Leroy kissed her neck and asked how she felt this morning? He hugged her harder and pulled her into his body. She felt his hard cock against her back. She said that she felt better than expected after all those drinks last night. Leroy laughed and said that she meant how she felt after making love to a big black cock?While saying this, he lifted her robe and felt her ass. She spread her legs open without thinking about it. Leroy took that as a sign of letting him touch her. He bent his knees, pulled back a little, then pushed forward and found her pussy with his hard cock. Julie was surprise how easily he found her pussy and how his head so quickly made his way into her body. When he straightened his legs with his cock buried in her pussy, he simply lifted her up on his cock. Julie grabbed the kitchen counter as Leroy grabbed her hips and started to fuck her.She was use to having some foreplay to get turned on, but with Leroy is was ready in before he entered her. She loved the feeling of getting her pussy so stretched and full of cock. She always thought that old guys could only fuck once a day, but Leroy was now fucking her for a third time in 9 hours. Leroy did not go easy on her. He fucked her hard and deep. He told her that he had woken up with a massive erection and that Meridith had laughed at him and said that he would have got some pussy if he had come to bed with her. He felt tempted to tell her that he had fucked that little tight pussy instead. So Meridith got ready and let him without getting release. He feel back asleep with a throbbing cock.Then he woke up and heard noise from the kitchen, still with this hard cock. So he wandered out in the kitchen and found his new little pussy to be taken again.Now Julie came strong as he held her like a toy and moved her over his cock until he felt that his release was coming. He pulled her hard down on his cock and erupted in her unprotected pussy again! Julie could not believe that she let this older black man to cum in her time after time, but it was like she could not resist it! Each time it brought her another orgasm. She thought how bad she was cheating on me, but the feeling of that huge cock fucking her was the only thing that mattered.Leroy let her go and sat down on a kitchen chair. Julie stood on shaky legs leaning at the kitchen counter. She felt so weak from the last orgasm that she did not know if could make it over to a chair, so she stood at the counter and held on until her strength returned. Leroy told Julie he wanted some eggs and meat for breakfast. Julie had not been raise to cater the a man’s need and wants. With me she would never take an order like that. In this case, she only said yes and started to make his breakfast. she did not even clean up the leaking cum that was running down her thighs. It turned her on to feel his sperm cumming out like that. Leroy ate his breakfast and told Julie that he planned to hang around all day since she was home too and that’s why he needed a good breakfast. She could expect to get a lot of his cock today. When he told her that, a small shudder went through her body in anticipation of what he would do to her.Leroy told Julie to clean up the kitchen and then join him in the shower. They needed to clean up before he got hard again!Julie quickly cleaned up and then promptly went into her bathroom where mecidiyeköy escort she could hear her shower was running. Leroy stood in the shower with the water flowing over his big body. She was amazed how large his organ was even as it hung soft between his legs. She felt lucky to have had a chance to fuck this monster cock and wanted more.Leroy told her to get in the shower and she did. He used a wash cloth and cleaned her whole body. He took some extra time to clean the folds of her pussy, which really got her going again. He then took her out of the shower and dried her off. Then he told her that he had not tasted her little pussy yet and it was time for that!Leroy put Julie on the bed and spread her legs wide open. She was totally at this call and did not resist for anything he did to her at this point. Leroy really liked licking a good tasting pussy and this is what he found when his tongue started to explore Julie’s folds. Julie got turned on by Leroy’s strong hands pulling her thighs apart and raising then up to her shoulders. She was spread wide open and totally exposed to this large black bull! Leroy licked her with expertise and it did not take her long to cum. But that was not enough for Leroy, he kept licking her and then started to finger fuck her. As I told you before, his fingers were as big as my cock and I have more than average sized cock but nothing compared to Leroy’s monster. So when he was licking Julie’s pussy and finger fucking her with his cock sized index finger, she kept cuming and cuming. She had never experienced so many intense orgasms in such short time.Julie’s excitement got Leroy hard and very ready to fuck his little pussy again.She was on her back lost in her orgasmic bliss when he climbed up on the bed and sunk his cock deep into her pussy in one single push. Julie grunted as he slide deep into her and she cried out when his cock hit her cervix. It was a mix of pleasure and pain. Leroy stop when he had his whole cock buried in her little pussy and looked her in her eyes and asked if she was in love with big cocks yet!Just as she moaned Yes, her phone rang. Leroy told her to ignore it, so the answering machine picked up. She had it set so that you could hear who was leaving a message. You can of course figure out that it was me call to find out why she had called in sick!Julie told Leroy that it was her hubby calling. This made Leroy very turned on and he started to pound her pussy. He urged her to pick up the phone now and talk to me. Lucky for me, this was too much for Julie, so she ignore his request. Instead she lifted her pussy and started to fuck herself onto his cock when he pulled back. He was elevated over her and she kept lifting and lowering herself to fuck his huge cock. It made it very exciting for him to have a woman being so horny for his cock that she kept trying to keep him in her.Leroy told her that he was ready to cum and asked if she wanted to suck him when he cum. She said -No cum in me!Leroy did as she ask and felt his cum leaving his balls and travel up his shaft and erupting into his little fuck doll once again.They were both exhausted after this mornings hard fucking, so they cuddled up and feel asleep. Leroy was too big and heavy for Julie’s small body so he had to roll off her and lay next to her.While dozing off, Julie thought about how horny she still was and realized that she was always this horny when she was ovulating. She felt herself getting wet again when she felt Leroy’s cum leaking out of her pussy as her thoughts were on her ovulation.Julie woke up a while later, she had a very sexual dream but couldn’t really remember more than she was getting fucked by big cocks. Her pussy was pulsating and soaking wet. Before opening her eyes, her hand wandered down her slim body over her tiny little tits and down to her pussy. It was like her hand was drawn down to her pulsating pussy, it needed attention. When she ran her fingers over her pussy she realized how wet she was. It was normal for her to be very horny during her ovulation period, but this was more than the normal horniness.Julie started to play with her clit. It felt so good and after a couple of minutes she felt her orgasm cuming. She opened her eyes and remembered that Leroy was in the bed with her. As brought her orgasm on, she looked down and saw that Leroy had another erection, this time in his sleep. she looked at his massive cock and felt her body get ripped by her orgasm. She was so fucking horny even after this orgasm. She sat up and then got up and straddled Leroy, she grabbed his cock and sat down on it. Leroy was still asleep when she lowered herself and got his whole huge cock in her tiny little pussy. She put her hands on his chest and started to ride this glorious fuck pole. She was so orgasmic that she started to cum over and over.Leroy woke up with this little cock lover on his cock once again. He could not help it, he got a huge grin in his face as he let her satisfy her needs over his cock.It had been a decade since he fucked like this and so many times in such a short time span. He felt hornier than he had felt in forever.Julie had her eyes closed as she was in her orgasmic bliss. Leroy felt his next climax coming on very quickly and did not hold back when his sperm started to flow up his shaft. Julie realized that Leroy was cuming in her again and opened her eyes. She moaned that she was ovulating as he was depositing his latest load of little baby makers into her cervix. In the end, Julie ran out of steam and was to tired to keep riding his still hard cock. She feel to his side and lay next to him breathing heavily. Leroy was not ready to stop just because he had cum, he felt a need to keep fucking this young little pussy.He turned her over so that her back was towards him, he moved her over so that her ass was by his cock and stuck his cock back in her pussy. This time he fucked her hard, he was still so fucking hard it almost hurt and he really wanted to cum again.He held her hips and pulled her over his cock time after time. Julie’s body was like a rag doll, flying back and forth over the bed next to Leroy as his huge cock went deep time after time. Julie like the feeling of having lost complete control over what was going on and loved the feeling of getting fucked without any mercy. Leroy was almost frantic in his quest for his next orgasm. Julie was so sore when Leroy finally started to cum. He grunted that he was cuming and she really felt it this time, he kept trying to press his way into her cervix and each pump of sperm flooded her cervix. She felt like a stuffed a****l when he started to slow down his pace and finally stop.Leroy had fucked her hard for close to 30 minutes non-stop. She was so sore that when she made her way to the bathroom it was difficult to keep her thighs together. But it had been worth every fucking penetration to feel like this. She had never felt more sexually satisfied in her relatively short life.When she sat down to pee, she felt a flood of cum pouring out of her pussy. Leroy had deposited everything he had left in those balls!Leroy was passed out again when she got back into the bedroom. She felt that she could not take more of his cock for a while, but it did not stop her from climbing up on the bed and start playing with the monster cock. Leroy did not stir, but his cock showed signs of life after a little sucking and stroking of his cock. Soon he was fully erected and Julie kept sucking him. She had a hard time fitting his head into her mouth, but she tried over and over. It was tight and soon enough Leroy’s body felt it was time to cum again. Without waking up, Leroy cum again. It was a minimal amount of cum this time. Julie never swallowed, but she was so horny that she let him cum in her mouth and she swallowed so that she could keep sucking him.It was late afternoon when she woke up again. She must have fallen asleep still sucking him. Her head was on his tummy and his cock right at her mouth. She still had one hand wrapped around his shaft. He was soft, but when she moved her hand up and down his shaft he quickly got hard.She did not want to wake him, since she needed more time for her pussy to rest. So she left her bedroom and went to the kitchen to see what to make for dinner.She got most of tonight’s dinner prepped up, only the cooking part was left now. Leroy came walking into the kitchen totally naked and with a smile on his face. He went over to Julie and hugged her. She only had a tin little tiny robe on, so most of her legs were showing, if she leaned over slightly her butt would show.Leroy said that she had been amazing and that he wanted to fuck her many times in the future. He said that they needed to be careful so that Meridith did not find out. He did not want to hurt her feelings. He told Julie that he would need to fuck Meridith too so she did not suspect that they were fucking. Julie nodded, realizing she had no say in this matter, but she wanted to feel his cock many more times.The phone rang and you picked it up. It was me and I asked if she were OK. She said that she was fine but had felt like she needed a day off so she had stayed home and spent most of the day in bed.Leroy listened and realized it was your hubby. He quickly went up behind her and started to play with her pussy. As every time esenyurt escort he touched her, she got wet in an instant.Leroy got turned on too and his cock got fully erected in seconds. It was the thought of fucking this young married woman while she was talking to her hubby. Leroy bent her over and put his cock in her sore pussy. She tried to sound normal as he force his way into her body. You let out a little moan. I asked if she was OK and she said that I had interrupted you while masturbating…Leroy picked Julie up with his cock buried in her pussy and put her down on the couch on her back. He started to fuck her with long slow strokes. I asked her if it felt good to play with herself and she moaned yes. She said she had just put a dildo inside and was now fucking your dildo. Leroy silently grunted as he fucked her harder. It was to tense and felt too good, so this brought her an orgasm with my listening in on her moaning as she cum.Leroy followed and started to cum too. When I asked if there was someone else, she said it was the porno she was watching on her computer.Next day, she came over to my place for a visit. I was so fucking turned on still by listening to her cum, so I pretty much attacked her when she came in the door.I got her clothes off inside the door and as always I found her pussy and started to lick her and suck her clit. She were still so horny that it did not take long for she to cum over my face. I turned her around fucked her from behind and I was to turned on by thinking about her masturbating so I did not last long. I was about to pull out when she told me to cum in her. I did not question if she was back on the pill and simply let my cock erupt in her.When we lay down on the couch and relaxed afterwards. I asked what got her to start masturbating. She thought about it for a minute and then told me that she had not been masturbating. She had been fucked by a huge black cock and was cum over his cock while we talked. Then she admitted that he had cum inside of her. I asked if he had protection and she told me no. It felt too good to have this huge cock getting pulled out so she let him cum in her.My cock reacted to this news even if I felt sick to my stomach at the same time. She started to tell me about that day I called and the night before. I turned her around and fucked her from behind as she told me about her experience. She had trouble talking each time an orgasm hit her. She got so turned on by telling me about this huge cock.’We fucked all afternoon and I could not believe how horny she was.That was the last time we had sex. Shortly after we jointly filed for divorce.When she arrived at Meridith’s that evening. Meridith was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. She walked into the living room and found Leroy on the couch watching some show. She went up to Leroy and caressed his cock outside his sweat pants. He grow to full erection in no time. He pulled down his pants to let his monster cock out. She had only a dress on with no underwear. She could hear Meridith in the kitchen, so in one crazy move She turn her back to Leroy and put his cock in her pussy. She sat down and let him deep in her pussy. Without any noise she rode his cock slowly. This time Leroy got so turned on by her crazy move, that he grabbed her hips to keep her steady when he started to cum in her pussy. She quickly followed and climax with Meridith in the next room. She heard her stopping her cleaning in the kitchen. She got off Leroy’s cock and quickly got into the bathroom. Julie looked back and saw Leroy putting his cock back in his pants.When Julie started to clean her cum dripping pussy, it felt so good to touch her clit that she started to masturbate on the toilet. It took less than a minute for her to reach another orgasm. She cleaned up and went back out to the living room. Leroy was still on the couch and Meridith was sitting next to him talking.Meridith announced that dinner was ready and please come to the table and she left for the kitchen again. Leroy walked behind Julie towards the kitchen and put his large hand under Julie’s skirt. She stopped and let Leroy’s finger find its way between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. She was still soaking wet. Leroy let out a moan and whispered that she was one horny woman. She pushed back in his finger and let him in deep. Then she started walking to the kitchen again. Dinner was like normally, lots of talk about a lot of different subjects.Leroy declared that he needed a shower and left.About an hour later, there was a show on the TV that they all usually watched. When Julie came out to watch the show with Meridith and Leroy, she found Leroy still in his robe. Julie had put on some panties after dinner and thought it was a good thing since she knew he was teasing her with sitting in only a robe. The show was an hour long and at the end it was kind of a steamy scene. Meridith started to tease Leroy that he should not sit there without much on with a young beautiful woman in his presence. Leroy asked Meridith why that was a concern, he was twice his age so she had no interest in him. Meridith was a bit tipsy after the wine at dinner, answered back that Julie had no clue what kind of monster was under that robe. Julie pipped in that she did not believe in the black man and big dick talk.Meridith’s eyes light up and she said that Julie was wrong. She assured Julie that Leroy was more than she could imagine. Julie laughed and if that is the case show it to me. Leroy answer that he would show it to her and that she promised to try to wrap her hand around his shaft while making him big and proud. Meridith said that she could make him big so Julie would not have to touch him. Julie laughed and said she was up for the challenge. With Meridith on one side and Julie on the other side of Leroy, he opened up his robe and showed then his huge soft cock! Julie pretended to be shocked. She told Meridith that she was right and that this soft cock was bigger than any other hard cock she had seen. Meridith reached out and grabbed the cock. She started to stroke him, Julie also grabbed him. Meridith looked at Julie and when she removed her hand she said that it was time for Julie to play with a real cock! Meridith told Julie that she had told her mother many times to come over and fuck a real cock, but she had never dared to do it.Julie started to lick Leroy’s shaft and worked her way up to his purple big head, this huge cock was growing by the second. Meridith move over to Julie’s side and sat behind Julie. She lifted her dress and told Julie to get up so she could remove her panties. Julie complied and Meridith pulled off Julie’s dress as well. Julie was getting really turned on by the attention she got as the same time as she was sucking her favorite cock.Meridith told Julie she needed to be really wet if she would be able to take this monster cock and then she moved her hand down to Julie’s pussy. Meridith found this little pussy soaking wet and decided taste her best friend’s daughter’s pussy.Meridith had lick pussy in the past, but it had been a long time. She found Julie’s pussy having a fresh clean taste with a hint of male cum. It did not take long for Julie to have her first orgasm of the evening. She clamped her legs around Meridith’s head as she tensed up in her orgasm. Meridith was playing with her own pussy. Leroy had enough of getting his cock sucked, he wanted to fuck his favorite young fresh pussy again. He pushed Julie back on the couch and went between her legs. Meridith grabbed his cock and guide to Julie’s pulsating pussy.Meridith told Julie it was her last chance to say no…Leroy knew that Julie was not going to say no, so he pushed forward and pressed his head in her opening. Julie tensed up, just like if she never had a huge cock in her before. Meridith told her to relax and that it might hurt the first time.Leroy pushed hard and more than half his cock slipped in. Julie was soaking wet and very, very turned on. Leroy grunted that this pussy was made in heaven.Meridith laid back on the couch next to Julie and started to rub her wet pussy. Julie was so turned on by being fucked by this huge cock and watch the girlfriend of this cock laying next to her and masturbating. Julie reached out and touched Meridith inner thigh, she could not reach her pussy so she gently caressed her thigh instead as Leroy now was fucking her hard. Leroy watched Julie touching Meridith and he flipped Julie over so he took her from behind. When he flipped her, Julie’s head went in between Meridith’s legs. Meridith spread her legs more and which gave Julie room to reach her wet pussy. Leroy put his large hand on the back of Julie’s head and force her into Meridith’s soaked pussy. Julie took the “hint” and started to explore Meridith’s wet folds.Meridith was to turned and found that Julie had a natural talent for pussy eating. Meridith felt each thrust that Leroy did to fuck Julie. It was hard thrusts and he was getting all the way into Julie’s cervix. It felt too good so he let go and felt his hot sperm travel up his shaft and erupting right into Julie’s little cervix. That cause Julie to cum and when Meridith felt Julie tense up, it got too much for her as well and she tensed up in her own climax.Julie’s and my divorce came through without any problems, I got everything I wanted and she left our home with a suitcase. Last I heard was the she was still living with Meridith and Leroy. One of my friends saw her a few weeks ago and she was pushing a baby stroller with a black baby that was about 18 months old and it looked like she had a pregnant belly again…..

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