Mine Are Nicer

Mine Are Nicer
Fbailey story

I was looking at pictures of naked girls on the Internet when my cousin popped her head into my bedroom and said, “Mine are nicer.”

I panicked and couldn’t cover my monitor, couldn’t hit the right keys, and literally didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know that she was visiting.

Brenda then repeated, “Mine are nicer. Really! Want to see them?”

Well at f******n, I had never seen a real pair of boobs before so I just nodded my head, yes.

Brenda then closed my bedroom door, locked it, and then she lifted up her T-shirt. Her breasts were tiny…not much more than an A-cup.

I said, “They are small.”

Brenda lowered her T-shirt with a huff and said, “I said mine were nicer, not bigger.”

I knew that I had blown my only chance to see her tits again so I said, “I’m sorry. I’m such a jerk. May I see them again? Please!”

Brenda smiled and said, “As long as you said please.” Then she lifted her T-shirt right up over her head and stood just out of my reach.

I looked at them and said, “You are right. Your tits are nicer.”

Brenda corrected me and said, “They are called breasts not tits and certainly not fun-bags, however I do call my vagina a pussy. I like the sound of it.”

I said, “I’m sorry. I’m new to this. I’ve never seen real breasts before and I’ve never talked to a girl about them before either.”

Brenda asked, “So what do you call your penis?”

I know that I must have blushed but I replied, “I kind of like to call it a cock. Dick just reminds me of a jerk I know and penis sounds too sophisticated to me.”

Brenda smiled and said, “I agree. I like the word cock and it fits in perfectly with the words cock sucker.”

I looked at her breasts again and said, “I like the way your nipples get hard and they are the perfect shard of pink for you. The small pink ring suites you too. They are perfect. I would say about half an orange in size.”

Brenda smiled and said, “I fill out an A-cup bra pretty well and soon I’ll be into a B-cup. You should see them then. By the way I’m trying to name them. I kind of like ‘the girls.’ What do you think?”

I smiled and asked, “Can I touch the girls?”

Brenda smiled and walked closer to me. I was still sitting in my computer chair so she walked in between my knees and placed her hands on my shoulders. I reached up and touched them just as gently as I could. I didn’t want to hurt her and cause her to run away.

Brenda said, “You can squeeze them, they won’t break. You can pinch my nipples too and I’ll let you know if you go too far. I play with them all the time now that have something to play with.”

I giggled and said, “I’ve always had something to play with.”

Brenda said, “I know and I’m getting to that part. When you’re done playing with the girls I want to see you cock, I want to touch it, and I think I want to suck on it too. Then if there is enough time I’ll let you play with my pussy for a while.”

I let go of her breasts and said, “I’m done.” She giggled and I stood up and dropped my pants and my underwear to the floor.

Brenda knelt down at my feet and just stared at my hard cock. She grabbed a hold of it and pulled the head down toward the floor before letting it go. It slapped against my belly with a sound and she giggled. Then she pulled the head down again but that time she slipped her lips over the end and took the head into her warm moist mouth. The feeling was wonderful.

Then all of a sudden I got that feeling that I was going to explode and said, “Brenda I’m going to cum.”

She grabbed onto my ass cheeks, pulled my cock further into her mouth, and sucked even harder. In just seconds I was shooting cum into the back of her mouth. Brenda held on and kept sucking and swallowing. A minute or so later she pulled back, looked at my still hard cock, and started licking it like a Popsicle.

Finally she said, “I liked that, how soon can I do it again?”

I replied, “If you let me play with your pussy, not long.”

She giggled and removed her shorts and panties and then she got up on my bed. I almost fell over trying to get to her, and then I removed my pants and underwear from around my ankles.

Brenda knew more than I did, even though we were the same age. She turned herself around so that my cock was hovering above her face as I looked at her pussy. She opened up her legs to give me a better look. I looked at it, I smelled it, and then I opened up her outer lips and tasted of it…just like she had tasted of me. The next thing I knew my cock was back in her mouth. I accidentally found her clit and I knew immediately that that was her cum button. I barely hit it when she lifted her ass up off my bed and gave a little squirt. I though that she had peed but it didn’t smell like piss and when I tasted it, it didn’t taste like piss either.

Brenda said, “I should have warned you, I’m a squirter and I’m extremely sensitive down there too.”

I laughed and said, “Me too.”

She giggled and went back to work. I went after her pussy and clit with a new desire, that of seeing how many times I could make my sexy cousin squirt.

I hadn’t thought of Brenda as sexy before but then again she used to be a flat-chested tomboy. Now she was a fully blossomed young lady and she was letting me play with her pussy while she sucked my cock. Wow!

I made her squirt six more times, she swallowed another load of my cum, and then Mom called us downstairs.

We dressed quickly but not so quickly that we did something wrong that we would get caught for. Brenda even had me check her out dressed. I ran my hands all over her T-shirt and her shorts to make sure that everything was in place.

When we got down to the kitchen her mother looked at us very suspiciously and then she said, “Brenda I thought that I told you to wear a bra. Your nipples are showing.”

Brenda replied, “I like my hard nipples to show.”

I added, “I do too.”

My mother said, “Of course you would. You take after your father.”

My aunt took me by my arm and walked me out into the living room. She then took my right hand, held it up to her nose, and said, “You better wash that hand, Brenda has a very unique odor. I’m glad she picked you for her first partner. Did you hurt her?”

I looked at my aunt in disbelief. I could not believe that we were talking about sex. Then I said, “But we didn’t do it. We just fooled around. Mom called us down to soon.”

My aunt then said, “Take Brenda back up to your bedroom and finish then. I’ll take your mother out for an hour or so.”

True to her word Mom was dragged out of the house by her sister, leaving Brenda and I behind.

I told Brenda what her mother had said and she giggled. Then she took me back up to my bedroom. She closed and locked the door just in case. Then she undressed and got back on my bed. That time she did not turn herself around.

I undressed and knelt next to my bed right between her legs. I leaned in and started licking her pussy and clit until she squirted on my chin and neck. Then I got up and had her turn on the bed properly. I positioned myself and my cock so that I could slip it into her. Just before I pushed it in I asked her if that was what she really wanted. She assured me that it was. So I pressed forward and watched my cock disappear inside her. It was amazing to watch my cock go in her and the feeling was incredible too. I heard her suck in some air and then smile up at me.

Brenda said, “I’m no longer a virgin…and neither are you. It really is as good as Mom said that it would be. Quick, move it around in there. I want to feel it inside me.”

I pulled and pushed, I moved it from side to side, and I watched her close her eyes and smile as if it was the best feeling in the world…because that was exactly what I was thinking myself. What a wonderful feeling.

Our pelvic bones were touching, our bellies were touching, and our nipples were touching…so I kissed her. She thrust her tongue into me with the same rhythm that my cock was thrusting into her. When I finally came in her she cried out that she was having an orgasm that was better than any that she had ever had before. That pleased me.

We did it a second time and were on our third time when we heard her mother’s car pull into the driveway. She ‘accidentally’ hit her horn just in case we hadn’t heard her. We quickly got dressed and went down to greet them. Brenda smiled at her mother and I saw her mother wink back at her.

Then without warning my aunt squirted Brenda and I with her new perfume asking us if we liked it. I quickly realized that Brenda and I must have reeked of sex. I was glad that my aunt was covering for us.

When my aunt asked my mother if I could come over after school and help Brenda with her homework, I felt Brenda’s hand grab my ass and I smiled. Mom hadn’t know that Brenda needed help but she was all for it. Brenda did not need any help. Once again her mother was helping us out.

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