Success with Daddy

Success with Daddy
Success with Daddy

We live in a large A-frame house with three floors; a main living area with fireplace, kitchen and bathroom; a second floor with two bedrooms for Dad and my brother, Steve, and the top floor, really an attic space (we called it the loft) with a single room, Ashley and I shared. Our dressers were along the low hanging walls, with our beds between them, separated by about 4 feet of shared space. A balcony of sorts ran across the width of the room overlooking the living area below with an open staircase up one side. Our room was open with no door.


I had waited so long; it was starting making me wonder if I had lost my ability to excite men with my exhibitions. It was not that Dad was not attentive towards me, but there are only two females in this house, and my sister Ashley, seemed to get all the special attention that I craved. At 21, my figure is full with 36C chest, nice hips and shapely long legs. Ashley is full of youthful energy being 7 years younger. Her skinny butt, legs and 32A boobies should have made me the more appealing of the two.

Why was I getting so upset you may be asking yourself?

First, he is always innocently touching her shoulders or pulling her hair back from her face as they talk. He tries hard to keep his eyes off her, but if there was no one around, he brazenly stares at her.

Secondly, he has started to come upstairs to our bedroom, long after we have gone to bed; checking on us both. We have a nightlight because Ashley is afraid of the dark. We both have sleeping issues; she sleeps like a rock and I talk in my sleep. All the heat from downstairs rises to our room making it quite toasty, and in turn, both of us wear little to nothing in our sleep, usually only panties and sometimes, light pajama tops.

I would rouse sleepily murmuring as he entered our room, and he would place his fingers on my lips and quietly “Shush” me, telling me to go back to sleep. He would be quiet for a minute or two, then gently pull our blankets to the side, and stand looking at us both. I have known for some time, he had dug through the clothes hamper at the end of my bed and take my most recently worn panties, smelling them. In the morning, I would find them encrusted with something sticky.

One night I awoke shortly after his nightly visit and discovered there was a thick coating of white cream in the crotch. Without thinking, I pressed my tongue to it and tasted the salty seed he had left on them. It was the same taste I have had many times after sucked my brother and his friends’ cocks. I then realized he was jacking off in our panties during his visits to our room while looking at our near naked bodies.

I now started to feign sleep, murmuring softly as he entered the room, making him believe it was my normal talking in my sleep. Barely opening my eyes, I saw his manhood in his hand please himself. Smiling to myself seeing him shoot his load in our panties, it became a game for me to watch.

Then, the game changed. He approached Ashley’s bed slipping his hand down onto her panties and began rubbing her womanhood. He pulled her panties aside after a few moments, his large finger dipped into her tiny slit. He worked it in and out slowly, putting it to his mouth and then back in her again. His other hand continued to stroke his hard cock. My crotch was now wet with seeing what was going on. I moved my own fingers to my pussy, and started rubbing myself while watching him do it to my sister.
Her legs slowly spread as he continued toying with her pussy; and so were mine.
In amazement, he guided the tip of his cock towards her mouth, rubbing it on her lips, until they opened slightly. He held very still, then again, moving it across her lips, letting her mouth run against the underside of his cock, back and forth.

He found this quite pleasing, hearing a low moan of guttural pleasure escape from his lips. The more he moved against her mouth, the more she opened it. I could see her tongue licking at her lips, which of course, also licked his undersides. He pulled back and put the tip of his cock in her now open mouth and her little tongue lapping at the tip greeted it. He pushed gently and his cock started to disappear into her mouth. He gently pumped himself against her mouth, pulling the tip almost all the way out, then pushing it back into it. It took two minutes, his breath was fast and heavy, the moans louder, and he grunted. I saw the white sperm spatter around his cock and down onto her chin and chest. He arched his back, holding the cock tight in her mouth and continued to shoot his load in her mouth.

Slowly, his cock became soft, and fell from her mouth, with a gush of sperm coming out with it. He closed her mouth with his hand, and wiped cum off her chin. Taking the panties he had in his hand, he wiped her chest and his cock off with them. Stepping back, he put the panties in the hamper, and quietly headed back down the stairs.

My hands were furiously working on my crotch, the whole time, and I had managed to cum three times as he was fucking her mouth. He had pulled our blankets back up over us both, not noticing the pool of wet nectar on the bed between my legs, or the fact that my hands were still covering it.


For several weeks, he continued to visit our room, and each time, his attention was on Ashley’s tiny mouth. I started wearing skimpier and tighter clothing, accenting my breasts, braiding my hair like so many of his favorite TV and movie stars wore their, thinking this might get him to watch me, but it did not work. Everyone else noticed my appearance; Jackson the farm manager would stop working anytime I walked by and gawk at me until I was out of sight. Even the delivery drivers honked smiling and waving at me, to get my attention as they dropped off farm supplies.

One afternoon, Ashley came in from school and asked Dad if she could spend the weekend with one of her girlfriends. He of course, said it was fine with him, and she excitedly arranged with her friend to go on Friday night and Dad would pick her up Sunday evening.

Now with determination, I set about getting him excited about me. Wearing no bra and very loose blouses, I made sure I bent over in front of him, exposing my breasts to him from every angle. Wearing no panties and shorts in the house, I would make sure they pulled so tight in the crotch, exposing my pussy lips for his viewing pleasure every opportunity.

While he did look, Ashley was still home, so my efforts were to no avail. Friday rolled around, and he took Ashley to her friend’s house. I busied myself, wearing a short skirt and virtually see-thru blouse with no panties or bra. I got his cocktail ready at his table and prepared his favorite steak and French fries for dinner.

I ran and leapt into his arms as he arrived, crushing my chest against his, the points of my nipples were hard as nails as they rubbed against him. There were mirrors along the dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen, and I knew that my bare ass was very visible to him as he was holding me. I kissed him playfully, nibbling on his neck and ears.

“Daddy, I’m so happy you’re home. I have got dinner all ready, sit down. Let me mix your dinner drink and then I’ll serve.” I smiled, thinking, yes, I would serve him tonight.
I went to the kitchen, making trip after trip, getting plates, napkins, silverware and everything necessary for his dinner. Each trip ended in my leaning over him with my breasts showing. Several times, I dropped items and bent at the waist to pick them up giving him a perfect look at my glistening pussy. He was definitely not averting his eyes to my exposure. He even licked his lips a few times.

We ate with me chattering about this and that on the farm, making certain I was leaning forward, allowing my blouse to gap offering him the view of my nipples. After dinner, as he pushed his chair back, I moved quickly and sat on his lap, positioning my bare bottom against his semi-hard cock. I wrapped my arms around him and told him it was so wonderful that he and I would have the weekend together. I laid my head on his shoulder nuzzled against his neck.

“Everything tonight has been wonderful Frolic,” he voiced in a low tone in my ear. “You are… amazing. So lovely; you will always be my little girl, but I can see what a beautiful woman you are turning into.” I followed his eyes to my bosom, and I could feel his cock harden in the crease of my ass and smiled.

Unwillingly, I got up and went to his easy chair, bending and fluffing his pillows, wiggling my ass. “Come sit Daddy. I’ll clear the table, and we can watch a movie before bedtime.” Again, insuring that he had the opportunity to view my assets, I sauntered back and forth in front of him carrying dishes and such.

He chose on of his action movies and started it, as I sat cross-legged on the couch. To be somewhat modest, I pulled the skirt to cover my crotch, even though I knew if he could not see it, he certainly knew it was bare. As the movie played, I coyly let my hand slip down under the skirt and fingered myself. After just a few minutes, I could hear the squishy sound of my fingers and the faint odor of my sex wafted thru the air.

I noticed he had begun to fidget in the chair, pushing on his cock to force it between his legs. He had been glancing over at me many times, seeing my hand under the skirt, which was starting to ride up and now exposed my red pubic hairs and the outline of my pussy. I was thrilled that finally, it looked like what I was doing was having some affect on his libido.

Standing and walking to his chair, I whispered in his ear, “Daddy, I’m a bit tired. I’m going up to sleep now.”

“Ummm,” a low sound, like a kitty purring, escaped my mouth at his touch. His hand was resting lightly upon my bare buttocks. He did not move, as I leaned down and kissed him; smiling as he did not remove his hand from the delicate position. “Nighty night!” As I moved away, I felt that hand brush against my wet pussy for just a second.


I stepped into the bathroom, not quite closing the door completely, in case he would look in at me from the living room. I pulled my clothing off and running warm water on a washcloth. Each breast washed; top and bottom, followed by a brisk rub at my pussy and buttocks. I had already taken a shower before dinner, so, it was just the finishing touches, more intended for his viewing pleasure than anything else.

Naked, I stepped from the bathroom clutching a towel to my chest, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I turned on Ashley’s little night light, tossed my towel into the hamper, and settled myself into bed. There was no way I could sleep as my mind raced hoping Daddy would make his visit as he had, even without Ashley here.

I was so excited I had started fingering my clit and running my fingers up and down on my labia, feeling the moisture. I opened the lips wide, and felt the nectar flow from my womanhood. I was dreaming of it being him, not my fingers.

Thirty minutes had passed; I was practicing how I would be laying when he came in. On my side did not seem to be good, perhaps on my side with my legs spread back slightly and my body turned somewhat. Maybe on my back, I could not decide the position that would best offer him the opportunity he needed to take advantage of me. I was on my back, legs slightly spread, one set of fingers in my pussy, when I heard the faint sound of him at my room. Quickly I closed my eyes and feigned sleeping, making little murmurings as I did when dreaming.

In the dim light, thru my squinted and scrunched eyes, he was naked! His manhood standing semi-hard with his hand upon it. He slowly crept forward. I felt the air hit my body, as he pulled the coverlet off me. He gasped audibly seeing my fingers inserted in my pussy. I had completely forgotten. Deciding it was too late to do anything about it, I began a low unintelligible whispering as if in pleasure.

He stood very still, listening to me. Gaining some confidence, I murmured, “Daddy, please…” followed by more unintelligible words. “Give it to me,” I mouthed as my fingers poked my pussy. My eyes tightly closed still, he must have been sure I was sleeping and dreaming. He moved very slowly closer to me, his eyes were devouring my naked body. I felt his hands on my breasts, lightly touching them; squeezing on them as he rolled my already hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes…oh Daddy,” I murmured at his touch. He stopped again, not removing his hands, and watched my face intently. My low mutterings must have emboldened him. His eyes went to my fingers, and I managed to see his cock had fully stood straight out and was leaping in little jumps.

I feel his hands gently pulling my legs further apart, and feel his weight on the bed between my legs. His breath on my hand and pussy, I feel his tongue gingerly lick my clitty. Almost immediately, I shudder and my juices pour from my pussy. He licks along the outer labia, with his teeth, gripping the lips, his tongue darting in and out. My hand pulls his head tightly and my hips gyrate against his mouth. His face is slickened by all the cum. He continues to lap eagerly at my womanhood, sucking my clitoris into his mouth, I feel his hands under my ass, pulling me closer and closer.

My back arches and I clamp my legs on his head and cum again. As my orgasm subsides, my legs go limp, releasing him. He rises up on his knees, and moves up positioning his cock at my mouth. I am opening and closing my mouth, muttering unintelligibly again, as he slips his cock in. I feel his hardness throbbing as it enters, and my tongue immediately begins tracing the tip and my mouth closes and sucks him into it.
I feel him start to move in and out, and I keep the suction on him. He slowly pumps at first, then more rapidly, as I hear his groan as he reaches his release. I valiantly try to keep all his cum in my mouth, forcing his cock deeper down my throat. Gagging slightly, my mouth opens gasping for air, and once again, closes, sucking and swallowing his seed down.

For several moments, he goes still, and I allow my mouth to open, but continue to work his cock’s underside with my tongue, rolling it round and round. I feel him soften in my mouth. I gently bite on the semi-soft cock while still sucking on it. I suck the last of his seed from it, swallowing again. I let my body go limp under him and my head lolls to the side releasing his cock from my mouth.

He stands at the side of the bed, running his hands across my breasts and down to my pussy. He gently brushes his fingers against my cum-covered cheek and steps back and disappears down the stairs. I am elated, my breathing rough and tattered. My Daddy had suck my clitoris and made me have the most earth shattering orgasm I have ever had. I felt as if the smile on my face was a new permanent fixture to my appearance. Pulling the coverlet over myself, I turn to my side, and fall deeply asleep.


I wake to sunshine coming in the front window over the foot of my bed. Unsure of his reaction to me this morning, I pulled on a small robe and go down to the main floor. He looks at me lovingly.

“Good morning Frolic. How are you this fine morning? Were you able to sleep without your sister keeping you company?” he asked. He had a slight grin on his face. “I’ve made you some toast and there is fresh coffee in the pot in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Daddy, I slept well. I had a dream last night.”

“Oh?” he replied.

“Yes, it was the most Wonderful Dream,” I told him, “If only Dreams would come true.”


(To Be Continued. The Rest of the Weekend with Daddy)

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