Wife offered to young students

Wife offered to young students
We were on holiday in Italy and staying in a cheap hotel; a small family run place with maybe 30 rooms. The guy on the front desk was a young first year student on a holiday job. He seemed to have a wide range of duties; basically doing everything.

After checking in the boy showed us to a big old fashioned room an showed us the facilities. It was already a bit late and we decided to go out for some drinks. My 30 year old slim, gorgeous girlfriend wore a short skirt, tight top and no underwear. She rarely does.

As we passed the reception guy he gave my girl a thorough examination and clearly enjoyed what he saw. I love men of all ages admiring my partner and so was happy to see him undress her with his eyes.

We went to 2 or 3 bars and had a few too many cocktails. My gf was getting pretty drunk and danced with several guys in the bars. her slim, tanned legs were a great attraction with her sexy mini skirt and her perky nipples clearly visible through her top. It was exciting me alot. It got a bit late and we had things to do in the morning so I thought i had better get us back to the hotel. Anyway, my gf was stumbling alot and I would have needed to carry her if she got much drunker.

I had to hold my girl to stop her tripping as we wandered home. At one point i sat her down outside a 7/11 while i got some water. I was gone only 3-4 mins, but when i got back she was slumped to one side, legs wide, pussy very much on display (cunt lips shaven, so labia clearly visible). An old man was stand directly in front of her admiring the view and I almost didnt want to spoil things for him but I needed to get her back.

Once I got to the hotel I struggled to get her up the steps. The same boy was on duty, but there was another young guy, similar age, who seemed to be mid-handover of duties. They looked up and smiled when they saw me struggling with my drunk girl. The one from earlier offered to help and I gratefully agreed and we half carried her to the elevator. Her skirt rode up exposing her arse to the other boy, who for sure noticed! In the elevator my gf slumped more and almost feel. The receptionist caught her and I lifted her into a bay carry position. This had the effect of fully exposing her bum, right to the crack and back of her smooth pussy. I could see in the elevator glass wall that her pussy was completely visible to the boy and he had gone a bit red. Even though I was a bit drunk i fucking loved this accidental exposure.

We got her to the room and dropped her on the bed. She was half awake and before we had paused was pulling her top off. The receptionist stood, mouth open, looking at her amazing tits. She asked if he liked what he saw. He said of course. She laid back on the bed, opened her legs and drunkenly asked him to fuck her. I was very happy with this turn of events and quickly got a condom to give to the boy.

The guy quickly got between her thighs and entered her. Gorgeous to see. We had not closed the door and I turned around on hearing a noise and saw the other reception guy standing behind me watching. I just stood to one side so he could see better and handed him a condom too. Damn it was all over quickly but so fucking lovely to see those tow guy use her slutty cunt that way.

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