Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 2.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 2.

The sound of footsteps on the promenade approaching the shelter somehow accelerated the atmosphere within. I turned the page of my textbook and the man quickly turned his head towards the sea.
A couple on their late summer’s break at the fading resort slowly sauntered past. I took the opportunity to take a break from my reading, I swung round and placed my feet on the ground. I stood up and stretched my body with my arms up in a arc whilst looking out to sea. I tidied my long bob of light brown hair. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was regarding my form; all too easy to see through the too thin, blue checked gingham dress, to the dark shadow covering half my torso beneath.

I walked into the direct sunlight towards the railings and stepped up onto the lower rail. Looking at the waves crashing onto the beach, a turbulent gust caught my dress, billowing and sending it upward on the breeze until I felt its coolness kiss the bare flesh just above the waistband, the hem of the dress settled briefly there before dropping back over my voluminous navy blue knickers. After several minutes of the wind repeating this movement with colourful variation, I stepped off the rail and returned to the shelter’s bench.

The man now seemed rather uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s that that hard seat! He seemed to have moved a little toward the centre. I sat down and twisted back into my position on the end of the bench, facing him with my knees pulled up and with my sandals placed a foot apart on the seat. He glanced back at the triangle of navy blue between them as I placed my book onto my lap for reading. I opened the book to find my place. Trembling slightly, I opened the gap between my knees about four inches and let the dress and the book’s spine fall in between, knowing the triangle below had morphed to a slightly curved oblong of navy blue. I heard a strange short gurling, half choking noise from my close neighbour. I looked up briefly with some concern but he was looking back out to sea with his hand across his mouth. I went back to the book and flipped a page. He made another glance. Then several longer looks, all to the soft sounds of the waves outside. I appeared to be deep in the contents of my book.

Suddenly I heard the clink of loose change followed quickly by a dropping of coins. The man stood up and looked for the ones he had missed. Ready to help, I looked up and leant a little way forward, dropping just one leg towards the ground ready to get up. I saw several roll in my direction. He paused and looked at me, his gaze alternating between my face and the now wide open navy knickered crutch under the dress’s tightened hem between my outstretched knees. He gestured with a wave of his weathered hand.

“No… no.. please stay exactly where you are. ”

He scrambled down onto his hands and knees, looking around, getting closer and closer towards me, picking up the odd coin until only the top of his head was visible to me over the hem of my dress. I spoke:

“I think there’s at least one that rolled down right under my seat.”

The top of his head now disappeared behind the still taut hem as he moved closer. How close, I could not tell. He seem to have stopped moving. Self-consciously, I felt the tension of my tightly clad school knickers pressing against the top of my inner thighs and mound, and then, for a moment I thought I felt pulses of breath on my left inner thigh itself; or was it just a breeze from outside?

“Can you see it?”

“Er… No… not yet.”

His voice seemed to have become quite unsteady.

Save for the sound of the waves in the background, we dared not speak nor move for no small amount of time. Only when I heard footsteps approaching did I hastily half-whisper:

“Someone’s coming!”

Shattering the spell of our unspoken collusion.

His face suddenly appeared over the hem, so close as to almost brushing it as he stood up. I laid back again against my blazer, replacing my left sandal back on the seat. He nodded thankfully and sat down. The footsteps, louder now, approached and another man appeared, looked and hailed my co-conspirator.



“And this is…?”

He looked at me. Surprised, I stood up, rather too fast in an unwomanly way – again. I blushed and flustered:

“Um… we’re not…. well, I’m Judy … but we haven’t…”

The man Frank, laughed. and turned to ‘Eric’.

“Come on, Eric, come and have a drink!”

Eric stood up, with a mixture of pleasure, sorrow and defeat while Frank continued his banter and persuasion. Eric half-turned towards me, smiled, and spoke more softly:

“Well, …Judy, it was nice to be introduced, at least!”

He stepped out of the shelter and with a last look back, they were gone. Sighing, I stood up and spied on them walking down the promenade and disappear into town. I shuddered at what I’d almost said and stepped back to pick up my belongings, then made my way home.

to be continued…

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