Fucked by A Disabled Young Man

Fucked by A Disabled Young Man

All these years, my abode was my dad’s apartment. Being the only c***d, the apartment belonged to me by default. But life changed a lot in the last five years. Since my mother died eight years ago, dad was a lonely ape needing a life partner who could stimulate him intellectually and physically. This restless ape’s mentee turned out be an ideal match. My dad, a university professor was grooming Rithika. Rithika was a junior professor- divorcee and already had a son from her ex-husband. Both the academicians seemed to be aware of the consequences, especially the c***dren issue, including any future property dispute. Hence, the decision taken to overcome this impending complication was that, Rithika my step-mom would stay with my dad and her son would live in a hostel. I would move to a new apartment, which dad purchased recently.

This would be my inheritance. The message was clear that the apartment that I’ve been living so far- would belong to him and his new wife. The deal seemed fair as I would be getting other perks, like a nominee for his life insurance policy and the interest, bonus etc. Furthermore, my mother’s savings and the jewelleries would be mine.

The marriage was a low profile with few guests, mostly the old commies and comrades that my Marxist dad knew for ages. After the marriage, I moved to my new home. According to the media report, this place is the safest colony in the entire city. The apartment previously belonged to an Army veteran who had moved to another city for good. The government granted the entire place to Ex-service men and army veterans, but few apartments were either rented or sold to other civilians. The gated community provided all the facilities that a single woman would require. Although it seemed isolated from inside but there was enough bustling outside with plenty of restaurants, malls, and supermarkets. It was neither the center nor the outskirt of the city. The location was at the periphery of the military zone where cadets training takes place.

It didn’t take much time to build some acquaintances. Being a former air-hostess I was able to mingle easily with one of my neighbors who was a retired air force pilot in his 50’s, now working for a private airlines and earning a fat paycheck. My other neighbor was a Chartered Accountant who seemed lost in his intellectual pursuit; undergoing an existential crisis. I heard about him through g****vine that he almost spends his free time watching documentaries or reading books. His bookshelf was loaded with Kafka, Camus, and Sartre. Although married he looked quite indifferent. The Recreation Park inside the colony would be flooded with c***dren on weekends, and vacations. There was enough area around the colony to walk and enough greenery with plenty of trees and well-maintained lawn, which gave an aristocratic look.

The retired veteran and civilians are seen around in evenings either strolling or brisk walking. I’m particular about my fitness and do join them in brisk walks, even though blessed with a shapely body, I never allow fat to accumulate around my waist. My hourglass figure is a great attraction for the opposite gender. I’ve been religiously practicing Aerobics — Squats and Squat jumps which keeps my 35 year old body in great shape. Most of my sexual escapades are with boys in their late teens or early twenties. And all the experiences I have shared in my previous stories, where you can also find plenty of details including my personal details and background.For now, a small introduction would be sufficient.My name is Tanya but i like being called Ann and I’m a Bengali living in Hyderabad, a former air hostess currently working in an MNC .

Unlike my previous home and surrounding, this place seemed to be sober and puritanical –at least on a superficial level. For three months, I behaved like a Victorian spinster. But while taking brisk walk, I’d secretly glance at those young boys in their late teens playing cricket or soccer in the ground adjacent to B-block. My memory would take me back to all the naughty things I indulged in the last five years, all the youthful energy of teenagers unleashed on this shapely body. I’d have loved to invite these young-men to my apartment and allow them to unleash their lust and dirty fantasies on me. I’d relish the opportunity to be their whore, and if they prefer they can introduce their class mates and other friends outside the colony. Ah! But the colony people would certainly sabotage this fantasy. In fact those youngsters must be dating pretty young girls. They are the blue eyed fair and handsome north Indian from army background. Their father must be a high rank officer. The mother’s maybe the pretty north Indian women .They will abhor if they find their teenage son seduced by a cougar. My fate would be like Shurpanakha, the sister of Ravana from the great Indian epic Ramayana.

But nothing could contain the exhibitionist in me, and very soon I was presented with an opportunity to unleash my kinky nature. It all started when Victor who lived in the same building started looking at me during my daily walks. Victor was a 24 something and disabled so it never bothered me even if he ogled. He was struck by polio during c***dhood and had crippled legs. He couldn’t walk but that never hindered his daily activities; Victor could crawl his way to the apartment through the staircase. His room was on the first floor so that made things easy for him. If there was anyone at home,a friend maybe, they would fetch a wheelchair for him. Victor could drive a Moped Honda Activa with extra wheels. He could even change the oil, fix things, and do other small task like normal men. He was good-looking, and had the wretched polio not struck him he could be dating some beautiful young girl. Victor’s father was a retired army officer his two brothers were in the army posted in some border area.

My first proper introduction to Victor happened when I lost my apartment key and I was all at sea— bewildered — had no clue where to go. And there I saw Victor on wheel chair rushing towards me. He smiled and assured me that there is nothing to worry; and quickly climbed on his Moped and within ten minutes there was a key maker sitting behind him. He was super quick. No wonder people were right when they complimented about his contacts. He knew almost everyone around, and everyone was eager to help him. He was certainly a very resourceful person. In twenty minutes, the lock was open and a new key was handed to me. I paid the key maker his dues and expressed heartfelt thanks to victor.

After this timely help, Victor would meet me every day after my workout and brisk walk. He would be rushing on wheelchair towards the lawn where I normally sit and relax after my usual workout. For few weeks, I was like a ther****t to him, because he would vent all his pains and frustrations to me. He shared his painful breakup with a Muslim girl and not getting many dates after that. Women normally sympathized with him because of his disability and he would take it in the wrong way. I mean that is what I felt. He spoke about the office politics. Victor worked as a Software Engineer in an IT company . He was a techie from an Army family; poor thing must be like a pariah. Victor wasn’t his real name too. Before getting into IT he used to work in a BPO call center for American customers where his pseudo name was Victor. It was mandatory to keep an English name. Victor’s real name was Vikram. He came from a North Indian Punjabi family. After he quit the call center, he preferred everyone calling him Victor.

One night I was returning home after usual partying. My friend Tina dropped me. I wasn’t that drunk, had only a couple of breezers. It was half past twelve and while I was walking towards the building I could see Victor from the balcony ogling at me and also leering at my exposed legs. I wonder what he was doing outside at this unearthly hour. Ofcourse, I wasn’t dressed like a decent middleclass Indian women. He must be thrilled watching me in A-line denim front -button miniskirt; way above my knees. I’m sure he must be tantalized watching my white crop top- which exposed my belly accentuating my curves. I took quick strides towards the elevator and pressed the button. The moment door opened, I was astonished to see Victor on wheelchair. I got into the elevator and he escorted me to the third floor.

When we reached the third floor, he smirked; and I said, “Hell! It was a party and I’m living in the most secured part of the city. I don’t need an escort.”

He replied, “Well! I missed you today.”

I was taken aback for a moment by his innocence and said, “I’m sorry dear.”- Poor thing had only one friend and it’s only me with whom he can share his feelings.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I dragged his wheelchair to my apartment and then started searching for keys in the purse.

He smiled and said, “I hope you haven’t lost them again.”

I replied, “Well, lightening never strike twice.”

We entered the apartment and I folded his wheel chair and helped him ensconce on the laminated wooden chair.

I put my phone on charging and then we started some small talks. He kept flattering me, and incessantly praising my dress — must have called me charming and beautiful several times in the short conversation. He showed keen interest in dating me and taking me to a nice restaurant. It would be weird dating for a 24-year-old disabled guy. He kept on flirting and I could only smile and laugh at it. Meanwhile, I switched on my desktop, not remembering that it had crashed recently due to some virus.

This was the moment when Victor intervened; besides flirting, he started diagnosing my desktop. He was a good techie and quickly gauged the problem, and told me that if possible he will get some CD’s and other stuff, my desktop require formatting.

I asked, “What do you mean if possible?”

He looked around and whispered, “Everyone is sleeping, and I quietly sneaked out.”

“Well! In that case your parents will be worried Victor go to bed and you can work on this tomorrow.”

I helped Victor get on his wheelchair and escorted him to the elevator. I closed the door and kept thinking about Victor and all the flirting. It’s hilarious the way he talks- no women would take him seriously no matter how serious his intentions are in dating and marrying a girl. I’m sure he would have faced the same issue had he been able bodied.

I quickly went to my bedroom, removed my skirt, and remained in white crop top and high-cut black panty. After twenty minutes, I heard some noise and came out of the room, and I see victor crawling towards the dining room. He was dumbfounded to find me in panty, and I was shit scared for few seconds. He was carrying a pouch around his neck, with some CD’s.

The next moment Victor started apologizing and he must have said sorry a dozen times. He was embarrassed to find me in high-cut panty. Even though I was petrified, but I’ve been in this situation before. So it was more like, been there and done that.

I remained cool and asked him how he got in.

He replied, ” I first knocked the door but you didn’t hear, and I cannot ring the bell because it is too high. The door was not locked so I took a chance and entered. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh! That’s alright Hun.”

I helped him climb the chair and within few minutes, he started trouble shooting.

He was rather delighted to find me moving around in panty, and every time kept stealing glances of my shapely body. When I came near him to check how the trouble shooting was going; his eyes were transfixed towards my panty around the pussy region and bikini line. He was checking on my shapely ass and salaciously eyeing at my curvy body. I knew he was undressing my tops and thinking about my boobs. He must be desperate to watch my pussy. I started loving the tease, but wanted to make it more fun and fill with suspense.

I quickly went to my bedroom and came out wearing the same denim skirt. Meanwhile, Victor finished the troubleshooting and uploaded all the browsers in my computer, including Google Chrome and Microsoft office. The moment he saw me in miniskirt, there was disappointment on his face. Maybe he was expecting something more or some extra teasing.

I thanked him, and he replied, ‘It’s okay’ in a cold manner.

“What can I do for you hun?”, I asked.

He grinned and replied, “You won’t be able to do that.”

“Why not?”

“Well! In that case why don’t you show me your pussy? I’ve seen almost everything.

Hearing that, we both were equally stunned. He couldn’t believe what he uttered.

He really surprised me this time. I never expected him to be so direct.

For the few seconds, I was dumbstruck and he gave a melting look. Maybe he was feeling guilty. I tried to mitigate the situation, and politely told him that I’m not into striptease. But that wasn’t true either because what I did some 40 minutes ago was something similar to striptease. He quietly sat on the wheel chair. In that very moment, a novel idea spring on my mind to take this tease to the next level.

I told him to hold on. He gave the usual funny look.

I sat on the bamboo chair opposite to him with my legs folded, and said, “You get to see my pussy only if you correctly guess the color of my underwear.”

He was thoroughly delighted this time.

“You get three chances. Prove yourself sweetheart and let’s see if you are worthy of watching my pussy.”

He kept staring me from top to bottom, and randomly guessed blue, white, and black. That just turned out to be wrong.

I said, “Bad luck Hun; better luck next time.”

He didn’t give up and demanded me to show my underwear. That was a fair demand, because I could be lying.

I unfolded my legs and nonchalantly walked towards him. His eyes were wide open expecting something kinky. I slowly unbuttoned my denim mini skirt and removed it and in few seconds, my pink doted underwear was on display. He kept staring it. In the next thirty seconds, he examined every curve including my fleshy hips. His mind must have penetrated inside the pink dotted underwear. I’m sure he must have already created an imaginary picture of my pussy in his mind. His gaze pierced through my tops and penetrated my bra exposing my big boobs. My wheelchair friend must have scanned every curve. It was almost impossible to get him out of the reveries. I felt naked even though I was in tops and underwear.

After satiating his mind with the front portion, he requested me to turn back. I turned quickly and started stroking my hips and passing my fingers around my ass, teasing the shit out of him. I’m sure he was eye fucking my body. He was getting crazy watching my hourglass figure. I bend low to give him a perfect view of my big butt. Then started shaking my ass, watching this I’m sure he must be over the moon. What more can a disabled young man ask for. He never expected this in his wildest dream. This teasing must have made him horny.

All good things had to end. I finished the teasing despite of his repeated pleadings, I was really getting tired and feeling sleepy. Then quickly wore my skirt and escorted him to the elevator. This time I had to drag him in. He was reluctant and wanted more teasing. Before leaving, I informed him about the change in rules from tomorrow. He would only get one chance a day to guess the right color of my underwear. I said goodnight and we parted.

I wonder what Victor must be thinking about me. But whatever happened certainly aroused me.

The next day was a working day. The first day of the week, it was Monday blues. I dragged myself to work, and returned home an hour early and took thirty minutes nap and later started my usual workout and brisk walk. I didn’t see Victor around that day. He is usually around by 5:30 evening. Later that evening around 6:30 PM, I saw him near the elevator. He was excited to see me.

Without wasting anytime, he wanted to resume the bet. But there were few challenges. My neighbor was outside the apartment talking to his friend. He’s been around the staircase for quite some time -where he could easily see us coming out of the elevator. I couldn’t take Victor along to my place as my neighbor might think in the wrong way. Victor wasn’t alone at home either. After some time we decided to meet at the recreation park. Mostly on odd days, the recreation park is almost empty. I was little reluctant but Victor somehow persuaded me to come to an isolated spot inside the park. It took a few minutes for me to reach there. I was feeling apprehensive; but also thrilled at the same time. It took a while for Victor to reach the spot. I wonder how he pulled the tires of the wheel chair to reach here. Maybe, the security guard helped him.

We quickly settled in one corner where there was enough privacy. It was an isolated spot. But unfortunately it was dark out there, the outside light wasn’t sufficient. Thankfully, our smart phones were fully charged and we switched on the torches from the Smartphone’s, and there was sufficient light around.

Before he could begin the guesswork, I reminded him of the terms.

“For today you have only one chance Victor.”

He meekly obeyed and took a deep breath closed his eyes and said, “Pink dotted this time.”

I bluntly replied, “Wrong.”

He wasn’t bothered either, because he knew what was coming.

Before he could say show, I dropped my black leggings below my knees, and pulled my white T-shirt above the belly button, to give a proper view of my panty.

I subtly bite and licked my lower lips and said, “Bad luck baby it’s blue.”

It was a win-win situation for Victor despite of losing the bet for the second time he still had the opportunity to see me in Bikini. He was flashing light on my blue underwear and hips region and enjoying the tease.

He then started flashing light on by tits, I got the hint that he wants to see them.

I subtly asked, “Are you bored watching my panty.”

He looked around and said, “I wish I could change the bet from pussy to tits.”

I pulled my t-shirt right up exposing my bra and said, “I’m sorry hun that’ll be a different bet for some other day, for now I can only show myself in bra and panty.”

I removed my t-shirt and stood there in bra and panty; my leggings below the knees. I started squeezing my tits and bouncing them up and down; my tits protruding out of my bra.Then I moved back and tugged my thumbs inside the underwear, moving the thumb around the pelvis, creating the impression of removing my underwear and teasing the shit out of him.

I turned back showing my ass making sensual moves and said, “I know you are desperate to wrap your hands around my waist, but you better behave otherwise the entire teasing will come to an abrupt end and you won’t see me next time.”

After few minutes, I ended the striptease on my terms, pulled-up my leggings, and quickly wore my T-shirt and we both left- going separate ways.

Tuesday was a busy day for both of us; Victor was at his maternal grandmother’s place so we couldn’t meet. On Wednesday afternoon, while at work, I received a Whatsapp message from him. His message was vague, but it seemed like one of the security guard is suspicious. We need to be a little vigilant.

The bet would now continue on whatsapp. I was wearing a black formal skirt below the knees and a white shirt. Victor again made a wrong guess. He guessed white and I was wearing a black panty.

The next challenge was to decide the place for a striptease. We didn’t want to take a chance at either of our apartments. Neither, the recreation park was safe after the suspicious security guard. After plenty of deliberations and back and forth messaging, we decided the car-parking basement. The basement is usually isolated. There was an element of risk but it was worth it. By the time, I reached, my Smartphone was flooded with several messages. I quickly rushed towards the elevator and pressed the basement floor which is minus one, that took me to the basement. I reached the basement and before I could check my messages; Victor was in the corner sitting on his moped expecting a tease.

He looked around and gave a naughty grin. I smiled at him, and walked around to double check if anyone is around. The place was certainly isolated. I moved backwards towards the elevator hiked my skirt right up to my navel region showing my black panty. He was thrilled and excited and I loved the tease, the element of risk made it even more exhilarating. My front portion was well exposed.

After thirty seconds when I dropped the skirt and adjusted my shirt; my phone started ringing. It was Victor.

He said, “Nice! This is exactly what I wanted.”

“I know you are delighted.”

He requested second upskirt this time from behind. I turned back and once again hiked my skirt right up; making sure that he gets a nice view of my big butt. I’m sure he must be getting hard watching my underwear beneath my butt cheeks. I then pulled my skirt down after a few seconds of flashing. It was risky outside and we didn’t want to get in trouble or get caught. It would rather be condescending if the security guard or anyone finds out. I quickly got into the elevator without waiting for Victor and reached the apartment. I thought Victor might follow me to my apartment, but he didn’t turn up, later that day I didn’t received any message from him.

I took a day off teasing and then it was Friday evening, the weekend started. I had at a party with Tina. Had a couple pegs of gin, and was already feeling a little tipsy. Suddenly at around 7:30 PM I received a message from Victor. It was disappointing; Victor was moving to Bangalore city. He’s being transferred to the Bangalore office. That must be very frustrating to the poor lad. I knew he would be missing me a lot, especially the striptease.

Without wasting any time, I quickly requested Tina to arrange some transport. There was a young couple about to leave and they had a car, luckily, they stayed a few miles away from my place. They could easily drop me. In the next few minutes, we left the place and in one hour I was at my colony. Victor already informed me that he was alone. So I didn’t take the elevator and took the staircase to the first floor and barged into Victor’s apartment.

Victor was relaxed and smiling. I thought for a moment that the son of a bitch must have joked. But he wasn’t and quickly showed the train ticket. It was a Bangalore express ticket and 50% discount because of the disability.

We did some chit-chatting and small talk . He was rather surprised to see me in tight jeans and white t-shirt. He was expecting me in sexy miniskirt and irrespective of the result, he was confident of an upskirt. Very soon, we were back to the naughty game of guessing. He did the usual guesswork and this time he seemed quite lackluster. It looked like he wasn’t interested. The guess was anyways wrong.

I got up and said, “Well! Hun you lost the desire to see my pussy.”

He replied, “Nope I’m just bad in guessing. Never mind I’m going to anyways see you in underwear. This is my last day, hope you make it captivating and provocative.”

“I will surely make it, darling. You will never forget this striptease. It will linger your mind for eternity. ”

In one flash, I removed my top and exposed my black push-up bra.

Victor was delighted but he was eager to see my underwear.

I expressed disappointment , “Darling why are you soo obsessed about my pussy. Don’t you like my big tits, aren’t they attractive? You are soo pussy centric all the time.”

Victor quickly apologized and the strip tease resumed.

I started pressing my tits and said, ” Do you like what you are seeing here too. You are thinking about this. I know these big boobs oozing out of my bra will make you horny.”

“I know you are desperate to rub your dick while I’m grabbing my tits.”

I caressed over my curves shaking my tits and said, “You look at this all. I know you love it. Tits and curves will make you go crazy.”

Victor was mesmerized, and was completely under my spell. He moved his pants down showing his hard cock.

“Mmmm! Its quite funny that I can arouse you by just showing my bra. Since you showed me your dick, let me return the favor. ”

I slowly removed by bra and stood there topless showing my big boobs. Victor started rubbing his dick hard. He was ecstatic and aroused. I was enjoying this tease. It was making me excited, and of course the alcohol was helping.

“You are stroking really hard sweetheart. Wait a second.”

I came close and sat beside him on the sofa, grabbed his dick, and started playing with it. I leaned towards his body; making sure that his hands can reach my tits.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Darling let me take care of your tool and you can play with my tits.”

I began caressing his cock- simultaneously he rested his arms on my shoulder and started squeezing my tits and playing with my nipples. He kept feeling my nipples and tits with his palms; while my hands folded around his cock and slowly massaging the shaft making to and fro motions. I skimmed the white albumin oozing out of the hole and slurped it. The sticky transparent thing was still on my lips and I licked it in. I kept rubbing his shaft with one hand while covering and slightly pressing his balls with the other hand. I placed his cock between my index and middle finger and massaged it.

He couldn’t resist my big boobs and got his face closer to my tits and I stopped jerking his dick and allowed him to lick my nipples and suck them. That really excited me. He buried his face inside my tits licking them and sucking them. Once he was done. I resumed jerking him. I got on my knees and started licking the crown and the head of his cock; taking in the white fluid.

I immersed his throbbing cock inside my mouth thrusting it with my mouth licking the shaft. The blowjob was on.

He was so damn happy and said, “You’ll make me cum. I love those incredible tits.”

I loved the attention, and mercilessly started sucking his cock. In between taking it out of my mouth and jerking it.

In the next few minutes loads of cum gushed all over my tits spreading over my nipples. I devoured his cock completely squeezing every bit of cum possible.

I rushed to the washroom, cleaned the cum and wore my T-shirt. Victor was very happy and satisfied. I stayed there for a while and then decided to leave. Maybe I should take a shower as the smell and stickiness was still there on my body.

While I was about to leave Victor said, “Hey stop! What about the guess, I should see your underwear.”

I turned towards him and said, “Honey you made the wrong guesses all these days, but you will still get to see what you desperately wanted all these days.”

Victor was perplexed. I turned towards him, unbuttoned and dropped my jeans below the knees, and hiked my t-shirt giving a full view of my clean shaved pussy. The smoothness of my shaved pussy must have mesmerized this youth.

“You were wrong sweetie, I wasn’t wearing anything tonight- going commando (?) you see.”

He kept staring at my pussy shocked and surprised, never believed that wrong guess could bring right results.

I turned back this time showing my bare ass. I spread my legs and teased him while fingering my cunt from behind.

Then started teasing him while shaking my ass, “This is my final tease sweetheart I’m sure you will miss my big tits and bald cunt.”

After good amount of teasing, I wore my jeans and Victor had one last desire and requested me to come close.

I came close and he grabbed me around the waist with vigor and kissed my lips with full passion; caressing my waist and back with soft touches.

He knew that I was little drunk but never cared about the smell, we said goodbye to each other and finally parted.

He left to Bangalore the next day. Its been couple of weeks and I still get kinky messages from him, but till date he has never made the right guess.

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