Someone asked about my best sexual experience ever

Someone asked about my best sexual experience ever
The best sex ever is always in the future dear but I can tell you about the best sex I’ve had in a while.

I have a FWB since I’m in a relationship but it’s for the k**s now, not because my GF and I are a thing anymore. Anyways, my FWB and I have been fucking around for about three months and she’s recently divorced so she’s out to play around. We usually hook up a couple of times a week but this time she had her k**s at the house and she is incredibly loud when having sex so we doing up parked in the countryside after midnight. We got out of the car and made out with her pressed up against the car, our hands all over each other.

We strip each other down and she falls back into the back seat of the car and pulls me down on top of her. “Get inside of me!” she said breathlessly and arched into me as my hard cock slid easily into her sopping wet pussy. I vary speeds and angles but always stroke deep as I batter her cervix and she tries to pull me in even deeper. Her head bounces crazily off the door panel as a plow her like an a****l and she begs for more; her moans loud in my ear. I chew on her nipples and kiss her deeply as she squirts all over my cock, my balls, my legs. She gushes like a fountain, as usual, as she cums over and over again. Her pussy grips me like a vise but I just fuck her harder as tears roll down her face, her breath fluttering under her ripe breasts.

I pull her out of the soaked back seat and help her to the front of the car where I d**** her over the hood with her ass in the air. I finger fuck her dripping pussy with three fingers as she continuously cums, her juices running down my arm to my elbow. I step in close behind her; my stiff dick in one hand and my other rubbing her juices all over her puckered asshole. I ease my cock into her tight ass and take about ten slow strokes before I start to fuck her ass hard and deep, she thrusting back with each long stroke. She moans like an a****l in heat, screaming at me how good I fill her ass and to fuck her even harder. I grab her under her hips and lift her feet off the ground and physically move her on my cock like a fuck doll, her screaming as her cum splashes all over the hood of the car, my legs and the ground. Her asshole tightens around my cock for one last time as I fill her bowels with my seed. I pump slowly as she milks every last drop of my cum from my still hard cock.

I lay there on top of her for a minute, my cock still stiff and throbbing in her ass. I slowly ease out with a slight pop as some of my cum slides out of her ass, down her swollen pussy lips and drips off. I help her up and walk her to the rear of the car and sit her down with her feet on the ground. We are both panting and tired but feeling fucking great. In fact I believe that’s the word with both use to describe the event, FUCK! We grin at each other in the near darkness and I step up onto the footwell of the car, my cock within easy reach of her lips. She wraps her red lips around the still hard cock that for the past 15 minutes hard been punishing her asshole. She cleans my cock with purpose, from tip to root and then sucks my balls into her willing mouth as well. She worships my cock until I step down and kiss her swollen lips and lay my head on her ample breasts.

True story from two weeks ago. We have decide to have car sex more often from now on.

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