Neha: A Wrong Beginning

Neha: A Wrong Beginning

I am a 20-year-old Engineering student from Pune. I am currently studying in Mumbai. I am 6 ft tall with an athletic body and good stamina.

This story is about a reader Neha from Mumbai. This is the first of many installments of her sexual experience. Coming to the story, this happened 4 years ago. She is 23 years old now. This is about how she lost her virginity and entered the world of lust.

She had a boyfriend Rahul. He was kind of a rowdy guy. Known for all wrong things especially unnecessary low-level fights. He was a well-known guy, as he was in the college core committee. Let me tell you about Rahul. Rahul was average looking, a bit lean but of fair complexion.

His height is 5¨11 ft. He was a package of Pateli (mahapheku) and Rowdy boy. Like most of the girls, Neha also fell for his popularity. Neha, a bomb, was 5¨5 with a figure of 30-26-32, fair in color. They started dating and making out in classes when there were no lectures or after study hours.

Rahul came to know Neha is ready to be fully fucked. He actually thought Neha is a slut material as she was getting very horny in their session’s. One day while making out in a class.
N: Rahul, easy, you might make me pregnant by just kissing me.
R: Just go with the flow, darling.

Rahul was a wild b**st and knew today was the day to make Neha his bitch. Neha was getting turned on by his roughness. Rahul knew this is a good chance he started pressing her boobs.
N: You are just amazing!

He was kissing her neck and back region. As he kissed Neha there (neck region) there was a shock-like sensation in her body. She felt super horny. She was getting wet in her pussy.
R: How is it feeling, babe?

He started kissing her again. He slowly started entering her leggings and pressing over her underwear with his right hand. He was pulling her head for a kiss with the left hand.
N: It feels great.

R: You wanna get fucked?
N: Yeah, fuck me. I can’t resist anymore.
Rahul was about to put his hands inside her underwear but she stopped him.
N: Not here someone might see.

R: No one will see. (kept on kissing)
N: Someone will come. Let’s go somewhere else.
Rahul knew he had to arrange a place.
R: Let’s go.

Rahul took Neha to his old house which was used by him for his college purpose. Actually, it was his whore house he used to bring girls to. As Rahul and Neha entered the house Rahul started kissing Neha on her neck and ear region. Neha was also enjoying the way Rahul treated her.

She turned and started kissing him. Neha was now like a mad whore who needed a dick in her. While Rahul was kissing and pressing her boobs over her dress, she started removing Rahul’s shirt. Seeing this Rahul also started removing her dress. Both were undressed in a few minutes.Rahul was left with his underwear whereas Neha was just in bra and panty. Rahul took off Neha’s bra and started licking and sucking her nipples. Occasionally he used to bit also. Neha was moaning out loud. This was the first time someone was sucking her nipples.

N: Lick it, fucking don’t stop licking it.
R: You like me licking you, haa babe?
Neha nodded in response. Soon Rahul removed Neha’s panty and started playing with her pussy.

N: Just like that.
Rahul inserted his finger inside her pussy.
N: Oh fuck!
This was the first thing inserted in Neha’s pussy ever.

N: Babe if your finger is giving so much pain how much will your cock give?
(Though she had never seen his cock she has seen porn and thought it would be huge.)
R: Should I stop?

Neha was too much in the pleasure and she didn’t care for pain.
N: Nahi sorry, please chato naa.
R: Now you have come to your form, whore.
It was the first someone had called her. She would have slapped someone for calling her that. But instead.

N: I am your whore. Now get down and give me pleasure, please.
For a few minutes, Rahul sucked her pussy and entered with 2 fingers.
N: Aahhh, I can’t bear it.

Rahul was not caring about her while fucking her. He had not brought his low-level instinct till now as he wanted to fuck this bitch. But as he has made her his whore he is back to his real self.
R: Bitch abhi maat rok. Mera lauda dekh.

Neha removed his underwear but suddenly she was upset. She was expecting a huge cock but Rahul’s dick was only 4.5 inch. She was not upset due to his size but due to the way, he boasted about it. Rahul was not even thick. But as it was Neha’s first time she didn’t know. It was only later that she understood the dick philosophy.

R: Dekh kya rahi hai, chinal? Chusna shurukar chal jaldi.
Neha started licking Rahul. She could smell and taste something unusual. It was similar to her pussy juice. She used to play with her pussy but never insert it. She started licking the tip and slowly she started taking his cock’s head in her mouth.

R: You are a quick learner I see. Take it more in.
Neha started taking his cock in while he grabbed her hair and started pushing her head making her deep throat. She was making sounds. Rahul was not able to hold on for much more. He came in her mouth without warning.

R: Tu toh ek hi baar maein expert hogayee randi. Maza as raha hai naa?
Neha just kept smiling. He bent Neha and started licking her. He knew she was a virgin that’s why he applied oil on her pussy entrance and on his half-erect cock. Neha just sucked his cock to make it erect it.

Now Rahul asked her to sleep and tried entering her. She was tight and was having some resistance. He pushed his cock and it entered a 1.5 inch (approx) and she screamed.
R: Kuch nahi abhi ho jayega.

Rahul didn’t care if it was paining her. He still pushed his dick further in 2-3 strokes he was completely in. The bed was full of blood and the room full of screams. He started humping her. After some time she started getting a bit of pleasure but as soon as she was.

N: Yeah, baby, fuck me harder.
R: Yeah, you like it.
N: Harder, and deeper.Suddenly Rahul’s speed and intensity increased and he came in Neha. Luckily he used a condom after breaking her seal. He came in just 10 minutes that too after being blown. Neha had not cum even once and Rahul had cum twice. Neha was disappointed as Rahul went to sleep after it.

Neha went to the washroom and fingered herself watching porn. She was very angry with herself that she lost her virginity in such a way and to such a loser. She had never thought she will end up having a selfish fuck.

More to come in the next part, till then bye. Keep reading and safe fucking.

Note: This is a true story of Neha for any suggestions or for chatting please text her
Thanks for reading guys. If any girls/aunties are interested in sex contact me

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