Ana’s cunt ruined after some BBC action

Ana’s cunt ruined after some BBC action
Ana’s cunt was red, swollen, fully stretched and gaping open.

But my adorable wife told me to lick her clean; but going easy because she was so sore now.
I went on my knees as she leant on her back onto the bed, her thighs wide open and her feet resting on the floor.

Then I bathed her used and abused cunt with my tongue.
I sucked the two huge loads of salty cum out of her loose hole…

Several hours before and with my permission, we went out with the goal of getting my sensual wife fucked by another man.

Anita was wearing her sexy stiletto heels and a very short green sundress; her long legs looked even longer and she was really hot.

We went to a hotel bar a few miles from town.
I sat in a corner while Ana ordered a drink at the bar.
It did not take long for a middle aged business man to hit on her.

He was a tall black man, very handsome and dressed elegant.
Ana danced with him and they exchanged the usual small talk and flirting. After some more margaritas, he invited my sexy wife up to his room. But Ana told him that her loving hubby would get to watch. The black guy looked a bit astonished; but he finally agreed.

Once we all were in his room, it was on.
The black guy undressed my wife quickly and began devouring her with kisses all over her sweet tight body.
Then he made her lay on the bed and he showed a couple fingers inside of her already wet cunt.

Ana moaned and said it hurt her and she begged him to go easy; but the black bastard told her that he had to get her ready for his huge black dick.
He warned Ana that she would take it and would love it…

After fingering her and licking her pussy for about ten minutes he told her that he thought she was ready for him.

With that he pulled off his clothes, thus revealing a very hard and a really huge black dick. It was at least as big as Ana’s forearm.

My lovely wife looked scared but excited at the same time…
She felt so slutty but wanted to prove me proud by taking all of him.
Then the black guy shoved all what he could in her.
With a loud scream all the air left her body somehow making room for the rest of his giant cock. He pushed it all the way in her wet cunt, as she thrashed around moaning and whimpering like crazy.

He picked up his pace and pounded Ana relentlessly for about ten minutes. My sexy wife seemed to be coming the whole time.

He finally unloaded without any warning; filling Anita up so much it was running out of her stretched cunt and down her thighs.

The guy rolled off from her spent body and asked if he could do it again in after a short rest. Ana cried that she was feeling empty after he had taken his monster cock out from her hungry pussy.

She wanted him to fill her back right now…
The black bastard laughed and told me to give them a few minutes alone. Then I went outside…

I had gone about fifteen minutes when I returned and could hear Anita panting and moaning down the hall.
I walked into the room and found her taking the huge black dick on all fours. Her black stud was fucking her very hard; pulling her curly hair as he pulverized her soft soaking wet pussy.

It went on for about ten more minutes.
Then he ordered my sexy wife to take all that black seed and make her cuckold hubby clean it up.
The bastard again pumped her full. He smiled as he pulled out…

He put his clothes on and handed me his card. He said that he used to stop at that hotel every month. He warned me if my slut wife wanted more black cock; he would be always available for her.
Then he said he would be enjoying a drink at the lobby as I sucked Anita’s cunt clean.
But then he said he would come back later to fuck my wife’s ass…
He just went out of the room…

Anita’s make-up was a mess; smeared and running from the sweat. Her hair was tangled and her nice round boobs had bite marks and her nipples were beet red. Her pussy lips looked raw; her cunt was fully wide open and stretched with some fresh cum leaking out.

Ana smiled to me and asked me if I had heard his words.
I felt totally turned on by this situation.
So I got on my knees and started sucking her…

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