Fuck Buddy

Fuck Buddy
I hated him. I hated him. I hated how good he fucked me. I hated how good his cock filled my holes. I hated how hard he could make me cum. I hated how much I loved the way he treated me.

I fucking hated him.

But I couldn’t resist him. I did what he said, when he said, where he said. He was my weak spot, my curse.

This time was no different than the others. He simply texted me “15 minutes whore”. I know what that meant. He would be here in 15 minutes and fuck me senseless. He didn’t care what I am doing, what my plan is. He simply didn’t care any of these details. He just wanted and he sure would get. Like I said, this time, was no different. The second I read the message, my pussy started to getting wet. It needed him. It needed his cock. I needed him. I needed his cock. And to satisfy my needs I would do whatever necessary.

True to his word, after 15 minutes he was at my door. And I was greeting him in my most expensive and sexiest babydoll. I was dressed for him, knowing he didn’t care what I wear for him. He just cared about my body and my holes, like a cheap whore. And he treated me like one. And I loved this treatment. This was what I want, what I need. I craved for this. I waited patiently for weeks, sometimes for months for his call.

When he entered the house I tried to hug his neck and kiss him. But he pushed me so hard, that I lost my balance and fell on the ground. “Do you think I come here for foreplay or lovemaking? Do your job, do the only thing that you are good at whore!” I knew that would be his response, but nevertheless, I tried to hug and kiss him. I don’t know; maybe I was trying to bond with him or my subconsciousness was helping him to humiliate me more.

Quickly I took my place before him on my knees. While he was pulling my hair, I was dutifully trying to untie his belt in order to free his cock. When I reached his semi-erect cock I eagerly started licking, sucking and stroking. In less than a couple of minutes, it has reached its full growth and ready to invade my holes. After that I slowed my pace down, savouring its taste, enjoying the feeling of it in my hands or in my mouth. I was swirling my tongue around of each ball, carefully sucking each of them. I was slow, I was enjoying the sensation of serving his cock again. Licking his shaft, gently sucking its bulbous head. I was compensating every minute I spent without it.

Suddenly, “Do you call this sucking, you piece of shit?” he shouted. I was stunned. Grabbing my hair he slapped my face. “I could get my dick sucked better than this at free glory holes. Cheap street hookers are more useful than you, whore!” he punctuated his sentence with a big spit on my face. After several slaps and spits, he pushed me to the wall. He put my hands together above my head. “I’ll show you what sucking is. Open your mouth whore!” and without waiting no more he started to fuck my mouth with all his power and rage. I was trying to keep up with his tempo. He was fast, hard and relentless. He was skull-fucking me. I was just a useless hole for him. And he acted accordingly. My head was banging against the wall, but it didn’t matter to him. He just kept fucking my head with all his power.

When he stopped assaulting my mouth, I was nothing but a mess. My face was covered with tears and spits and I was disoriented from lack of air and hard fucking. But these were not his problems. He just grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the floor.

“Crawl to your bedroom whore. On your hands and knees. Like a good pet.” He was right behind me. After pulling myself together swiftly I started to crawl. At the same time, I was wiggling my hips for him. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to make him hornier. So when he started to fuck me, he would FUCK me. I wanted him to fuck me to my limits. That way, after he was done with me, he would leave a broken mess behind him.

It was a dangerous and potentially destructive relationship, at least for me. It was like an addiction, consuming my soul. But I couldn’t resist it. And maybe I shouldn’t. I didn’t know, I didn’t care. All I wanted was him. Actually him fucking and humiliating me. I didn’t give a shit about him as a person or his thoughts. I just wanted him to give me what I wanted. And I was desperate about do or give him whatever necessary for my needs. He knew that and actually he was kind enough to give me what I needed. I knew this was his kindness, he probably could fuck anyone, anytime he wants. He didn’t need me, I was not that special for him. I was just a hole for him. A hole that he could replace anytime easily with another one.

When we finally arrived at the bedroom, “Undress me, whore” he commanded. I was undressing him slowly, without a rush. As much as I wanted his cock inside me at that moment, I was holding myself. I was playing with him, teasing him further. Kissing and licking his thighs, his abs and every part of his body I slowly undressed him.

He was standing fully naked before me, his cock glistening with my spit. He was like a some kind of God, waiting to be worshipped. He was my God. And I sure would worship him.

He grabbed my hair, asking “Did you dress fancy for me whore?”

I smiled “Yes”.

“I bet it is very expensive, huh?”

“Yes, very much.”


And then within the blink of an eye, he tore my babydoll in two, laughing. Here, my most expensive lingerie has become a rag in seconds. This represented the value he gave me. I was nothing but a ragdoll for him. He didn’t respect anything about me. Neither me nor my feelings. He treated me like shit. I was nothing for him. And I loved this. I loved this deep down in my soul.

He turned me and tied my hands behind my back with the leftovers of my babydoll. Then turning me again, he slapped me hard and pushed me to the bed. Finally, the moment I have been waiting so much was coming. He spread my legs roughly and climbed to the bed. The tip of his hard cock was at the entry of my pussy. Then with just a single stroke he was all the way in. His crotch banged to my clitoris. He was finally in me! I was so relieved. All that anticipations building up in me has satisfied at last. Without losing time he started to fuck me with long, hard thrusts.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Ohhh God, thank you! Thank you, I missed this. I’ve missed your cock.”

“You are such are dirty whore.”

“Yes. Yes, I am dirty whore. I am your dirty whore, waiting for you to fuck.”

“Then take my cock in your filthy cunt you horny slut.”

“Yes, give it to me. Fuck me with all your cock. I want it all. I want to fuck my dirty, little cunt raw. Ohhh Goddd!”

I was getting what I wanted. He was fucking me with all his raw power. He was like a primal a****l while fucking me. He was pumping his cock in and out of me faster.

While fucking me, he started to rub my clit with his one hand. The other one was tightening around my neck, slowly choking me. While slowly cutting my oxygen supply, his fingers on my clit fastened. I was very close to coming. The release I have been waiting for so long is so close. So close that I knew it wasn’t coming yet. He wouldn’t let me come so easily. After all these years I knew him that much. And proving me right he stopped. He stopped right when I was at the edge. I was two rubs ahead from coming. But he knew this better than me, so he stopped. A sadistic grin appeared on his face when he saw my body whimpered in disappointment. He was playing with me and this was his favourite game. He was a master of this game. I have never, not once, been able to come without him letting me. He controls me. He controls my body, my mind and my soul. I was his play toy. And this made feel satisfied, as if like all my life I was waiting for him, waiting for him to take me, make me his toy. I was just a doll without its own will for him.

He played and fucked me for a while longer. I had lost the count of how many times that I reached the edge of an orgasm. I knew that he was not going to let me come easily. He had to make up for the lost time. He had to tease and torment me. He had to bring me to the edge of an orgasm and leave me there, hanging. This is what he did and this is what I want him to do.

After a couple of minutes, his breathing and thrusts were quickened. He yelled, “I’m gonna spray your cunt with my seed whore.”

“Please don’t come inside me. I am not on pill.”

“Shut up whore! Do I look like I give a damn about what you want or what you fear? I am only here to take what I want and I want your holes, unconditionally. And I am going to take what I want. Do you understand whore?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you fear that you get pregnant to my bastards? Are you afraid of your little soon-to-be-hubby?”

“No, my pussy belongs to you. Take it, do what you want. Fill it with your little swimmers. Please, I beg you. Come inside of me. Breed me! Fill me with your seed. I belong to you. You own me. I am your whore. I am your fuck toy, human fleshlight. Fill me, pleaseeee!”

“Then take my cum you, whore!”

With that, he started to cum in my pussy. Spurt after spurt. He filled me up. It has been a long time since I felt so full. He was pumping inside me while his orgasm has been subdued. His cum leaking from my pussy lips. I was overwhelmed but haven’t come yet. I was patiently waiting for him for letting me come.

After he shot his cum to the last drop he got up from the bed and headed to the living room. “Hurry up whore. Grab me a beer.”

I hurried to the kitchen, his cum slowly oozing out of my pussy lips. I made some snacks along with beer. When I entered the living room I saw that he is already sat on the armchair and watching sports. I set a small table in front of him and placed snacks and beer onto it. Also, I put a portable cooler next to his chair to hold a couple of beers cool for the coming hours. Then crawled under the table and took my place between his legs.

This was a game we play for awhile. He was sitting in there watching TV and snacking. And I sucked his dick very slowly while he was enjoying everything that offered to him. As I was under the table, he didn’t see me. He didn’t need to. I was just an anonymous cocksucker, a hole for him. Nothing more. Usually, this would go on a couple of hours. There was only one rule: Not make him cum unless he said so. I had to adjust my speed very carefully; fast enough to keep him interested, slow enough to not make him cum right away. Also, we had a little second rule: not to play with yourself. Focus of the game was him and his pleasure, not me. I had to remember this when I was playing. No matter how wet I got, I must not touch myself. Not for a single second!

And so we started our twisted game. Today he played the game for around 3 hours. He was watching TV and chatting with his friends on the phone like there was nothing unusual. Like there wasn’t a slut between her legs sucking his dick for hours.

After 3 hours my chin ached, knees was sore, and every part of my body was cramped. But despite all of that, I never stopped for a rest. I couldn’t dare to stop. I couldn’t dare to disappoint him. I must do what he wants. I must let him use me as he likes.

When he was talking on the phone suddenly he said “Do you know what I am doing now? I am sitting in front of TV with a beer in my hand and between my legs, there is a slut who willingly sucks my cock for about 3 hours without complaining. Yes, this is slut’s house. Yes, she is a maid for me in her house.”

He was talking about me like I wasn’t in there, like I was an object, like I was a cheap slut. Actually, he was right. I was a cheap slut for him. His maid. His whore. He had every right to call me whatever he likes and treat me every way he wants. I was his whore.

“I wish you could see this. I wish you could see this little slut sucking your boyfriend’s cock under the table. Yeah, she is a skilled little minx. You would definitely like her. She chokes herself on my dick for hours. She is a born service slut. Yeah, I bet she licks pussy like a natural. It is in her. She exists to serve superior people.”

No, I was not jealous nor heartbroken. I had a fiancee so it was no big deal that he had a girlfriend that I have never heard of. I was just humiliated. He has always humiliated me. Humiliation was the base concept that our so called “relationship” has been found on. But this was beyond any humiliation he subjected me to. In the past, he had talked his friends while I was sucking his dick and told that a cheap whore was sucking his dick. But this was something completely different. It crossed a critical line. He was including somebody for the first time ever. It could be a really disastrous thing for me, considering the nature of our relationship. It was probably the beginning of something very dangerous and intoxicating.

Thinking all the possibilities, humiliations, and mind-blowing orgasms, I was so aroused. More aroused than in my all life. So I broke the second rule and touched my clit. He instantly realized this and yelled “Hands on my dick! Don’t try to pleasure yourself, whore.” I instantly pulled my hand over my clit. But he was angry. He threw the table above me. Grab my hair and began slapping me. He slapped me hard. Each slap burned my skin and there were a lot of them. When he finally gave me a break, I was disoriented and feeling dizzy.

“You stupid, useless piece of shit! You are only good at one thing and you can’t even do that properly. What should I do to you?”

I was trying to hold myself not to cry. I knew all this was a game, but this was different. With the earlier humiliation and this, something had changed. I could feel it. He took my pride, shattered into pieces in a way he never has done before. He was extending his control over me. I didn’t think that was possible but he was extending it. I always thought he has absolute control over me, so how can he extend it, right? But I was beginning to see I was wrong, terribly wrong.

“My girl wants to talk to you, whore. I’m putting her on speaker.”

“Evening sweetie. Are you two having a good time? Yeah, I think you do. Did he slap you hard? The sounds are very loud. But I think he is too rough on you. I thought you are doing well. At least for a dumb bimbo like you. Maybe you are not the brightest girl in town, but who cares? As long as you have three holes and a will to serve, nothing matters. A willing whore like you can be trained. Also, you obviously have a high potential, considering he still fucks you after all these years. So don’t worry honey, his anger will pass. But for now, I think he should fuck your mouth to calm down. It must be really hard. He should skull-fuck you to the point that you lost consciousness. Only this make him cool down. What do you say, sweetie? Do you want my man’s big, delicious dick fuck your throat like there is no tomorrow? Doesn’t the thought of it makes you wetter? A big dick thrusting into your mouth like a drill. Spit flowing down from your chin to your tits. Tears from your eyes ruin your makeup. You are struggling not to choke on it, but actually, there is nothing you can’t do about it. You give yourself completely to his mercy. If he wants you to breathe you breathe, if not… well, good luck then. But isn’t it the part you like most? Giving the control to him. Letting him do whatever he wants, to get everything he wants. Isn’t it liberating? Tell me the thought of being under his control don’t turn you on. Can you tell me that? Or are you wetter than ever? Do you like when he controls and dominates you? Answer me whore! Do you like it?”


“Ohh, don’t be shy, girl. Be specific. Tell me what you like.”

At that moment, I have lost connection with reality. My reality became her words. She hypnotised me. Actually, this was not a hypnotism. More likely it was a moment of revelation. Of course, I was aware of his effect on me, but I always thought it was about something special in him. After her speech, I realized that this was all about me. I was a born submissive and I need to be dominated, put in place. So I wouldn’t object to her control over me. It was only natural.

“I like how he fucks me like a cheap whore, how he treats me like a piece of shit. I love it when is in charge doing what he wants without regarding what I want or like. These turn me on more than anything else in my whole life. And when he let me I get the most fucking mind-blowing orgasms.”

“Well, well… Aren’t you a little dirty submissive. I like you, girl, we gonna get so much fun with you. But first, open up your mouth and wait while he fucks your skull near death.”

I opened my mouth submissively and he shoved his dick down to my throat. Like she said he was fucking my mouth very hard. It was like a hate fuck. But I didn’t think he was still angry, he was just for proving a point. A point that could change my life.

He was never letting me breathe, just fucking my mouth. I was trying to breathe through my nose but it didn’t cut. I was choking and he didn’t care a bit. I tried to push him with my hands with no luck. From lack of air I entered a semi-u*********s state. I quit struggling and left myself to his mercy. Finally, he withdrew his cock and to bring me back slapped me a couple of times. I inhaled the air into my lungs. I came from death. Like she said, he fucked me near death.

“Wow, that was hot! All these noises…” said the voice on the phone. “Now I think it is time for him to mark your pretty face with his seed. Don’t you agree with me, girl?”


“Then say it, you stupid bitch. Beg him. Earn his cum. Come on.”

“Please cum on my face. I need this. Cum on my worthless whore face. Mark it with your seed. Make me feel like a cheap street hooker. Humiliate me. Own me. Own this stupid, useless, bimbo slut. Put my good for nothing body into some good use.”

“Yeah bitch, you are one hell of a natural. We are going to have so much fun with you, you worthless cunt. Honey, I think finally she deserves your cum. Coat her face with thick, hot, white semen. But be careful don’t let her taste your delicious cum. She doesn’t earn this yet. Let it dry on her miserable face.”

“If you say so my love. Here it comes, whore!”

And with that streams of hot cum erupted from his cock and landed on my face. It was a big load, one of the biggest. It seemed that her talk did not affect me only. It must have been aroused him very much. I didn’t try to wipe it off or lick it per her instructions. I just stood there wait for him.

“Gotta go hon! I’m going to wreck that whore’s ass.”

“Bye then. Ruin her really good love. Broke her into pieces and left her like that for her fiancee. Love you.”

Hanging up the phone he grabbed my hair and began to drag me to my bedroom. When we arrived he threw me to the bed.

“Open your ass for me whore” he ordered. I reached my back and opened my ass cheeks with my both hands waiting for him to assault my asshole. He didn’t keep me waiting and using a little bit of spit as lubricant he started to invade my ass with his dick. He pushed his dick with a slow but steady movement. When his crotch hit my ass he hissed “I love your ass whore. It is much better than your used up cunt.” And started to fuck my ass without paying any attention to my pain. But this was what I expect from him: a good, hard ass fucking; without thinking about my pain or pleasure. This is the attractive part of these fuck sessions for me.

“Fuck my asshole! Fuck it hard! Tear it in two. Make me beg to you for stop and fuck me more. Hurt me, hurt my ass. Make it bleed. Fuck me till I pass out. Pleaseee. Punish me for being such worthless cunt. Own my ass and destroy it!”

“Slut, you are definitely stepping up the game. Don’t worry you’ll get what you want and more. When I’m done with you, even you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror.”

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