[SSBBW] Missed Connection

[SSBBW] Missed Connection
This happened to me years ago. One night I went to see a movie at a local theater. And I was in line behind a big, pear-shaped SSBBW and her friend in the ticket line.

She had very fair almost pale skin, long curly red hair flowing past her shoulders. Green eyes, red lips, fat chubby cheeks, and of course she had wide hips and a big round ass.

And over that ass she was wearing a long flowing floor-length skirt. It was not see-through, but it was light enough to show off every curve on her hips and cheeks. And every once in a while she would move around, and her skirt would flutter and fall deep between her ass cheeks.

Her and her friend were chatting about this and that, and she would shift her ass from side to side as she talked. That made her skirt sway back and forth even more. I don’t know if she was wearing panties or not, but every once in a while her skirt would flow just right, and get wedged in between her ass cheeks. I would get a glimpse of how deep her ass crack was, just before she reached around and pulled it out.

We got closer to the ticket booth as other people got their tickets in front of us, until it was her turn. Her and her friend stepped up and started buying their tickets. I was raging hard looking at the deep ass cleavage that her dress made between her ass cheeks. So maybe I stepped behind her just a little bit closer than normal.

After they got their tickets her friend handed one to her. But she dropped hers on the ground. And before I knew what she was going to do, she bent over to pick it up, and rocked her big wide ass, cheeks spread apart, with her big deep ass crack, right back into me…right on to my rock-hard cock…


In that split second I remember having to back up and actually slide my hard cock out from between her ass cheeks. My cock had wedged her skirt way deep up into her ass crack. She stood up and tugged at her skirt to un-wedge it and smooth it out.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” I said.
“Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were back there!”
“Here let me get that for you.”

I picked up her ticket, and we apologized to each other over and over, in between our smiles and giggles. Then she and her friend went inside. I got my ticket a few moments later, but unfortunately they were on their way to see a different movie.

As they walked ahead of me into the theater, I could still see her skirt swaying and wedging into her ass. I was close enough to just barely make out part of their conversation. Her friend had asked her something I couldn’t hear. But her answer was something like “yeah, and I think I should get a pregnancy test too!”

They both laughed as they kept walking. I was still behind them, watching her hips and ass cheeks swish back and forth. I got one last glimpse of her skirt falling between her deep cheeks. And as they turned a corner, she looked back at me, and smiled.

And that was the last I ever saw of her. I never found out her name, or her number, or even what movie she went to see, or what time she left. That was the missed encounter I missed the most.

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