The night SAM became a cuck…

The night SAM became a cuck…
As she ground down on my cock, reverse cowgirl, his tongue dancing between her clit and my cock, I had to stop and reflect on just how fucking lucky I was to find myself in this situation. A sweet, innocent, 24 year old was working my cock with more gusto than I had ever experienced. She kept telling me, her “Daddy”, to give it to her harder and deeper.

Then there was him, Sam, such a giving boyfriend. All he wanted was his girlfriend to experience an older man, to have her first interracial fuck. But he also was greedy, he was between our legs waiting for the inevitable cum. He wanted it even more than she did.
The evening started out fairly tame. I had my doubts it was even going to progress to me getting laid. Sam and I had been chatting for a while but 99% of the time that leads to nothing but a cock dripping precum and two dudes dreaming together about fucking a girl in the photo…
Somehow I stumbled upon the one that was different. Sure we blue balled each other for a while. Exchanged ideas and fantasies. But then he invited me over. He was ready to take it a step further. Unfortunately when I arrived he had failed to inform her.

No worries, we exchanged pleasantries and I had brought over a nice bottle of wine and some chocolates. Sam and I batted back and forth bullshit reasons on why I was there and how we knew each other. All in good fun as we had built quite a friendship on xham.
It all changed when he excused himself to the washroom. She practically jumped me. Kissing, fondling, we went at it. Her tongue in my mouth, my hand up her skirt. We stumbled towards the bedroom and she locked the door behind us.

“So you know?”
I was the one that put him up to it. I let him think it was his fantasy. You are my Daddy now and I want to worship your hard white cock… I might let him know what is going on. She advanced on me, freeing my cock from the restraints of my pants. Her warm mouth was soon engulfing it with her lips stroking up and down the length of my shaft.

I was really hoping Sam was okay with some improvising because neither of us was in charge any longer. She handed me her phone and told me to send him a photo. I took one of her, just the edge of my tip protruding from her lips, a light in her eyes begging for more.
She grabbed the phone: ‘His white cock is delicious and oh so big’. Text sent. ‘I hope he cums in my mouth so when I open the door and you kiss me you can taste him’. Text sent… We heard a thump on the door, not a kick, maybe a head in desperate sadness?
She streamed a song and placed the phone next to the door. Another thump. Then she turned and slowly starting stripping. As she removed her clothes she exposed more of her sexy Asian body. Maybe 5’4” with a bit of extra cushion for the pushing, if you know what I mean. She knew how to move her body to make a man really hard. Impossible to believe Sam and his claim that she was with only a few men before him. She was really working the tease sensation (even though she really did not need to, I was fucking HARD).
She then turned her attention to me and helped me take my clothes off. Then, with me on my back, she guided my hard cock into her waiting pussy. Her tightness almost overwhelmed me. I took a deep breath and thankfully was able to keep my cum contained. We fucked and kissed for a few minutes before she took a photo of us intertwined.

‘I will unlock the door now. You get to open it when I say so. When I do, you will know what your role is’. Text sent.

She dismounted me and unlocked the door. She returned to their bed, spun around and hopped on reverse cowgirl. She moaned and fucked me for a few minutes before she allowed him to enter. When the door opened he looked like an a****l possessed. Sam lunged towards the edge of the bed. Dropped to his knees and began lapping at her clit and my cock. The sensation was amazing. More so than I have ever dreamed it would be. Fuck that felt good! So good in fact my sack got tight and I started to feel the urge to cum building.
I whispered in her ear. She giggled and demanded that he stop. To move away and to keep his hands away from his cock. I rolled her onto her back and then started pounding. Her legs lifted naturally onto my shoulders as I thrust deeper and harder into her. Our moans crescendoing to a mutual climax, it was then I told her to order him over. She grabbed his hair and just as I started to cum pushed down towards my cock. The first few spurts were hers, deep inside her fertile puss. The last hard shots were for inside his virgin mouth. Damn it was sweet. He swallowed and then proceeded to cleaning off my balls.
Never releasing her grasp on his hair, Sam then licked clean his used girlfriends pussy. His hard cock dripping precum the whole time.
I again whispered to her.
“Jerk it now and eat your own cum!”
Sam did as he was told. That time and ever time since my first visit.

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