Victoria Justice On Tour – Day 33

Victoria Justice On Tour – Day 33

Disclaimer: You really shouldn’t be offended by anything if you visit this site, but if for some weird reason you are…don’t read this…I guess.

“Thank you guys, you have been a great crowd.” Victoria Justice yelled out to the crowd in the theater at Midland High School in New Jersey.

The 18 year old singer/actress was in the middle of a tour throughout the country, stopping at high schools and colleges to entertain the students. The entire tour would end up being two months long, with this being the 33rd day on the road.

After taking a few questions from the students in the front row, she made her way out of the auditorium. She slapped hands with everyone in the aisle seats and eventually found her way out of the crowd. She immediately made her way through the hallway looking for a bathroom. The last time she used the bathroom was when she first arrived at the school six hours ago.

The school was not in great condition, ceiling tiles hanging, paint peeling on the walls, lockers rusting, all disgusting to her as she ran her way around. After a few minutes, she stopped in front of the two doors with a “Restroom” sign above them. However, there were no signs to indicate which door led to the guys’ bathroom and which one was the ladies’ room but the discomfort in her bladder was too extreme to care. She flung open the door on the left and looked around inside. There was no one in there, so she quickly ran into a stall and released the urine from her body.

After she finished cleaning up, she walked out of the stall and saw two 16 year old boys standing near the wall, their backs to the stalls. One of them held up what she thought was a cigarette, but realized it wasn’t when the smell of marijuana filled the room. She tried to sneak out so the boys wouldn’t notice her but she accidentally kicked the steel trash can. She turned around saw the boys staring at her.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” The larger boy asked while taking a toke of the joint.

“I…I…I didn’t know which room was which.” She nervously stuttered as they walked towards her.

“Everyone here knows dicks on the left, cunts on the right…you’re new here aren’t you?” The other boy asked.

“Wait, wait…” The larger one spoke again. “…you’re that singer that was on the stage today, the Nickelodeon bitch…Victoria something. I’m Rob, that’s Stan”

“Yes, hi…yes that’s who I am…Victoria Justice. I’m sorry, I won’t tell anyone that you were smoking. I’m just going to leave.” She turned around the walk out the door, but Rob held it closed. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Don’t you want some of this?” He held the joint out to her.

“No thanks, I don’t do d**gs.” The boys’ started to look angry.

“I think you should just smoke it.” They moved in and cornered her against the door as one of the boys locked the door.

“Please, just let me go.” She was practically begging.

Stan took the joint and took a big hit, blowing the smoke directly in the frightened young woman’s face. She started to cough as the large cloud covered her head. He then held the joint up to her lips and told her to “smoke it.” She said “no” and held her mouth closed as the look of anger started to look evil to her.

“I think we need to teach this girl what happens when we hear ‘no’.” She looked confused as Stan spoke and pointed to the other end of the room. “Get her over there.”

Rob roughly grabbed her arm and dragged her to the other end of the bathroom, tossing her down and causing a scream when her elbow hit the tile. He stood over her, bent down and got his mouth right up to her ear.

“Shut the fuck up you little cunt!” He screamed into her ear. “You know how many girls scream in here every week? Nobody is going to help you now. None of this would have happened if you had just cooperated. Everything that happens from here on out is your fault.” She froze in fear as he got up and walked towards Stan.

They finished smoking the joint before Rob walked back over to her and pulled her up by her bruised elbow, causing her to whimper. He backed her into the corner and looked her directly in the eyes.

“You a virgin?” Her eyes grew wide at the question. She wouldn’t answer, so he slapped her. “I asked you a question! Are you a virgin!?” She shook her head ‘yes’ and a smile came to both of the boys’ faces. “Not for much longer.”

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down to her knees. He held her as Stan unzipped his pants and exposed his six inch cock to her. She had never seen an erect penis in person before and was horrified as it came closer to her mouth. He stopped and bent down to get face to face with her.

“If you bite me, we are going to beat the living shit out of you and probably kill you. Understand?” She again shook her head ‘yes’ as he stood back up and moved his cock closer to her.

In fear of what they might do if she fought it, she opened her mouth and let his cock in. He ran the bottom of his cock against her tongue and she fought back the urge to gag. She had no idea what a cock tasted like and she did not like how Stan tasted. He slowly ran it back and forth against her tongue as tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. After a few seconds he began to force it down her throat. She could not fight back her gag and struggles. He held it down her throat as she squirmed around trying to breathe.

Once he released his cock from her throat, she coughed took deep breaths. Before she could regain her composure, he shoved it down her throat once again. She tried to scream but the sound had nowhere to go. What she didn’t realize was how good the vibrations of her cries felt running up through Stan’s cock. Once again, she took deep breaths when he removed his cock but didn’t have much time before he did it again.

After five more deep throats, he backed away from her and let her recover. Rob let go of her and she fell to the ground. It was Rob’s turn to violate her, so he removed his pants and tossed them aside. Victoria was shocked when she saw his dick as it was eight inches long and very thick around. She wondered if her throat could even take a cock so large and how painful it would be.

He walked towards her, but instead of bringing his cock to her mouth, he reached for her jeans and unbuckled the belt. After yanking the belt off of her, he unzipped and yanked the jeans down her hips and off completely. She tried to kick him away after he reached for her panties. He slapped her multiple times in the face until she stopped fighting him. Her hands covered her face and she began loudly sobbing as her panties were pulled from her, showing her clean shaven pussy to the two u******e boys.

Rob crawled on top of her and pulled her hands away from her face. He saw her beat-red face covered in tears and preceded to plant a deep kiss on the frightened woman. She tried to push him away but was unsuccessful. Looking him in the eyes, she felt the tip of cock press against her opening. He inched his way into her until he felt his cock hit her hymen.

“I’m so glad you weren’t lying about being a virgin.” He whispered into her ear.

Victoria had heard how painful it was to have your hymen broken and she braced herself for the impaling. He pulled back and slammed his way through her barrier, making her scream louder then she could ever remember. He did not care about the pain she was feeling as he fucked her at a rapid pace, his cock covered in the no-longer-virgin blood of the crying 18 year old girl. Her painful shrieks were filling the room, much louder than any girl had ever shrieked in the room. Stan was getting nervous that they would get caught so he ran up and clamped his hand around her mouth.

“You better quite the fuck down you little cunt.”

She looked up and saw the anger in his eyes and tried to stop her cries. Victoria was in shock at the amount of pain she was feeling as this large guy was violently r****g her. She was relieved when she realized that he wasn’t one to last long once she heard him say “I think I’m close”.

“You gonna cum on her tits?” Stan asked him.

“Fuck no, I’m gonna fill this little bitch up.” Her eyes grew wide and she whimpered under Stan’s hand. He removed his hand.

“Please no, I’m not on any birth control. Please just put it on my face or something, just not inside me!”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he pumped a few more times before she felt his cock twitch inside her. Her body tensed up as she felt his warm semen fill her insides. Shot after shot launched deep into her womb as she was frozen in fear. He pulled his cock out and she saw the mix of cum and blood around the head.

“Come here and clean me up!” He commanded of her.

She didn’t move, so Stan grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to Rob’s cock. She opened her mouth and had it shoved into her. She gagged at the taste but again she feared what they would do if she stopped. Once he was cleaned, her head was pulled off of his cock and slammed onto the ground.

“Swallow it bitch!” Stan yelled at her as she complied and swallowed the nasty mixture. “Have you had enough yet?” She stared at him without responding, causing him to pick up her belt and whip her on the ass. She screamed out loud as he asked again, “Have you had enough yet you little cunt!?”

“Yes, I’ve had enough!” He whipped her once again.

“Wrong answer!” One more crack of the belt. “One last time, have you had enough?”

“No sir, I haven’t had enough yet.” Her voice was quivering.

“Beg me to fuck you!” He held the belt over her pussy.

“Please fuck me sir, I want you to fuck me.” He put the belt down and grabbed her by the arms, dragging her into the stall.

Rob followed them in the stall and pulled her shirt over her head, tossing it across the room and doing the same with her bra. He then held her head over the toilet with her breasts hanging in front of the seat. Stan began to lick her pussy from behind while Rob stood over her, holding her by the hair mere inches from the water in the bowl. He bent down and whispered “don’t move” into her ear. She was puzzled by what he said until she started to feel a warm stream hit her in the back of the head.

“Enjoy your golden shower you dirty whore.” He said as his bladder unloaded and covered the young woman.

She held her mouth tight enough so not even the Jaws of Life could open them, making sure not to get any of the disgusting piss inside. This however didn’t last long as she felt something that made her scream in pain, letting some drip inside. Stan had roughly plunged his cock into her tight virgin ass hole and began pounding her. The pain she felt was more intense than the pain of her hymen being ripped to shreds earlier. Her screams were loud enough that Stan got nervous and shoved her face into the toilet to muffle the sounds.

She felt like she was going to drown as he held her under for a long time, only to pull her out and let her breathe. He didn’t use any lube other than a small wad of spit and was beginning to feel a little pain himself, so he pulled out and dragged her head over to his cock. She could smell the rancid odor of her ass on his cock and was disgusted as he forced it into her mouth.

“Suck on it bitch, it won’t hurt as much going back in there if you get it nice and wet.” She mustered up as much saliva as she could and sucked hard on the smelly meat in her mouth.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved it back in her ass, this time with a lot more ease. She still screamed but nowhere near as loud as before. It didn’t matter though because Rob shoved his cock in her mouth and made her lick the last few drops of piss from the tip of his cock. He started stood still and let the force of Stan’s fucking push Victoria into his cock. She found herself involuntarily giving him a blowjob while her ass continued to get abused.

The pain began to subdue and her muffled screams dissipated, leaving the only sounds filling the room being Stan’s balls slapping against her pussy and her gagging from Rob’s eight inch cock forcing its way down her throat. Stan leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Make him cum first and I won’t cum inside you. If you don’t…” He pulled his cock from her ass and shoved it in her cunt. “…I’ll make sure that the next nine months will be hell on you.”

She immediately grabbed Rob’s cock and started to stroke it while starting to lick his balls. She had no experience on pleasing a man before, but the way she handled him made it look like she was a pro. She took both balls in her mouth and bobbled them around with her tongue, sending a shock of pleasure throughout the young man’s body. Her arm was beginning to tire with how hard she was stroking his cock.

He pulled away, lifted her head up by the chin and aimed his cock at her mouth. She knew what was about to happen so she closed her eyes and opened wide as he shot string after string of cum around and in her mouth. She fought the urge to close her mouth or gag, thinking that it would upset Stan.

“Good girl.” She heard from behind her as a feeling of relief spread throughout her.

He pulled out of her cunt and dragged her to her knees in front of him and, like Rob, shot his load all over and inside her mouth. She caught a few strands on her tongue and swallowed all that she could. He scooped the remains off of her face with his fingers and placed them in her mouth. She thoroughly sucked every bit of it off his hands until her face was cleaned.

Rob handed her a towel and told her to clean up. She wiped up as much piss and cum off of herself as she could before gathering her clothes. She was stopped by the larger boy.

“You can put the jeans and shirt on, but the underwear stays.” Rob told her.

She hung her head and began to dress, leaving her underwear on the ground. Both boys had already dressed and picked up their trophies, the panties for Rob and the bra for Stan. She fixed her hair in the mirror before turning to leave.

“Hey!” Stan yelled out. She got nervous as she turned around and saw him walking towards her. “You better not tell anyone what happened or we will put the video online.”

She was confused as to what he meant until she saw Rob retrieving a small video camera from the top of the mirror. He showed her the playback and saw video of her virginity stolen from her.

“We have an understanding?” She nodded and opened the door to walk out, feeling a slap strike her ass. She composed herself and made her way out of the school and into the car heading back to her hotel. Fighting back tears, she drove for an hour before arriving. Once she made it to her room; she lay down on the bed, crawled into a ball and cried herself to sleep.

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