Black Nylons & High Heels


Black Nylons & High HeelsThe first time that I remember, is that when a friend of my mother’s had come over to the house to give her a permanent. She was in her late twenties, single, medium build, a pair of sexy legs, red full mouth and I was horny and in a constant state sexual arousal . She kept smiling at me and licking her lips while giving my mother a permanent. I think it was because I kept staring at her sexy High-Heeled legs. She was wearing a very Tight Fitting Red Sweater, Black Form Fitting Skirt, Black Nylons and Ivory Spiked 4+ Inch High Heels. Karen (a fictitious name) knew she had me as a captive audience and shifted her weight from one High-Heeled Foot to the other while rolling the curlers in my mother’s hair knowing full well that I was watching her every move.I tried to watch TV, but my eyes kept straining in the direction of the hot, sexy woman in the other room. Karen continued to shift her weight from time to time knowing that her Skirt inched up her thigh to show more of her Nylon Tops and Garterbelt attachments. She enjoyed teasing me with the view of her Nylonned leg, not to mention the raging hard-on she saw. She knew that I was watching her and she grew more and more bold by bending down to pick-up purposely dropped curlers and showing me more of her round smooth ass, Black Nylon Tops and Garter Strap. She would shift her weight and drop her High-Heeled Shoe to the floor and then put it on and shift to the other Foot for a repeat. When break time came she slowly walked out and teased me by sauntering slowly past where I was sitting and headed into the bathroom where she left the door open on purpose. She then placed her Nylonned Foot up on the seat, raising her Skirt and straightening her Black Nylon, first exposing one sexy Nylon clad leg and Garterbelt up to her wet Panties and then the other.When the time bornova escort came for her to leave she asked me to help carry some of her beauty items out to the car. She slowly climbed into the car showing me a lot more of her exposed sexy Nylonned leg and High Heels knowing all the time that as soon as she left that I would run into the house and jack-off while dreaming of her Heels, Nylons and legs.She hiked her Skirt up a few more inches and looked me in the eyes and asked if I would like to come to her house and help her move some items that evening. I came in my pants right there in front of her, she looked down at the wet spot on my pants, licked her Red Lips, squeezed her legs together, winked and said thanks for the compliment.I arrived at her house that evening and she greeted me at the door wearing a Tight, Low-cut, Red Dress that came up just above her Black Nylonned knees, 4 Inch+ Black Suede Spike High Heels and Wet Bright Red Lipstick. My cock came to immediate attention as she smiled and licked her Red Lips knowing full well that she had me at her beckon call.She invited me into the house and as I followed her into the living room she swayed back and forth giving me a slow prick-teasing show. She knew that I was about ready to cum in my pants at any moment as I watched her every move. I sat down on the couch, and she then sat down in a chair across from me crossing her legs several times to give me a good view of her Black Nylon-Tops and Garter Straps. We exchanged small talk, then she slowly got up, walked straight over to where I was sitting, raised her foot to position it on the table in front of me, hiked up her Dress and smoothed out her Nylons while looking me straight in the face and licking her red lips.Karen finished smoothing both Black Nylonned Legs, sat down next to me and pulled bornova escort bayan up her Dress to her Nylon Tops and asked if I would like to feel her Nylonned legs to her thigh and Black Nylon Tops. I felt the Nylon material on my hand as I slowly rubbed her leg wishing this moment would never end. She then stood up, walked a few feet away, raised up her Dress to mid thigh and rotated in a full circle and asked if I liked the view.She walked up closer to me, raised her Black Suede High Heeled Spiked Shoe to my cock and shifted her weight until she was rubbing the toe of her High Heel on my now super hard prick. She told me she had seen me looking at her legs and High Heels and wanted to let me know that I could do whatever came to my mind. Karen told me that she loved wearing sexy clothes and High Heeled Shoes.Karen moved her High-Heeled Black Suede Shoe over my hard cock and asked me to raise her Dress higher so that I could see her Garter Straps and Nylon Tops and wet Black Panties. She then knelt down in front of me, took off my pants and made a Red-Lipsticked Mouth print on my undershorts where the pre-cum wet spot was. She then kissed the spot again with a little more pressure leaving another Red-lipsticked outline. She then took my hard cock out of my undershorts and starting sucking on it, licking from the bottom up and engulfing the head with her Red Lips and moving her head up and down like there was no end. While sucking on my hard cock, she crawled up on the couch hiking her Dress up to her smooth sexy ass while guiding my hand to her Black Sexy Bra covered mature breasts. The feel of Sexy Lingerie only made my cock harder.She sucked me harder as I felt her breasts through her Sexy Black Bra; she then stood up in front of me and teasingly unhooked her Black Bra, sat down and put my hand escort bornova to her large mouth-watering bare breasts. Her tits were full and her nipples got hard as I played with them. Karen then straddled my cock moving her Black Silk Panties to the side before placing it between the folds of her wet pussy while placing each of my hands on her sexy ass and guiding a mouth-watering breast into my Mouth. I sucked on one then the other while she fed them to me and at the same time rubbing her pussy back and forth on my hard cock. She had left a Red-Lipsticked imprint on my cock and as she eased herself off me she then reached across the couch for her Red Lipstick, put a fresh coat on and lying on the couch again put her Red Lipped Mouth over my prick moving her head up and down on my ready to burst swollen cock. She moved my hand down to her smooth ass and then to her wet pussy. My finger found the opening in her pussy and she encouraged me to explore her hot wet cunt. I then exploded into her wet Mouth as she swallowed every drop. Karen then moved down to the end of the couch, spread her legs, took my head and guided it toward her hot wet pussy.She taught me how to lick her pussy through her Black Panties and move my tongue over the sexy material. She lifted her Nylonned legs, removed her Panties, and wrapped her Nylonned, Spike Suede High-Heeled Shoes around my body as I worked my hard tongue on her pussy. Within what I thought was hours (only minutes) Karen started cuming and I could taste her sweet hot pussy juice. As she regained her composure Karen instructed me to lean back on the couch and she repositioned herself in such a manner that she could massage my now hardening cock with her High-Heeled Shoes, the feel of her Black Suede High-Heeled Shoes against my cock gave me unbearable pleasure and within minutes I exploded into a cum-spraying orgasm in which some landed on her Black Nylons and High Heels. She smiled and licked her Red Lips, as this was just the beginning of a great friendship. She told me that she had many pairs of High-Heels and sexy clothes that she wanted to wear for me, not to mention more Red Lipstick.

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