PIGGY BITCH/ Episode#2 /Part#1


PIGGY BITCH/ Episode#2 /Part#1The Red Dot Tavern was always filled to capacity in the bar area at night. After ten o-clock the half bar half arcade tavern serves as an afterhours spot. Singles go to mingle, lovers go to cuddle, and I go to drown away the memory of the Piggy Bitch. Not to forget the disgusting event that occurred. The foul b**st made my cock boldly go where no cock has gone before. The way she looked, smelled, and took all of my black monster consumed my entire being. My soul desired to fuck her fat sloppy asshole into submission. Thank goodness the tavern was dark. My cock was lifting the table with a Piggy Bitch hard on. I had to drink to drown away the memory just to function normally. The waitress walked to my table in her neon green skirt and yellow tank top to get my order. She was slim, tall, blond, and sexy as hell. “Can I take your order sir” she asked in light sexy voice. “Two shots of tequila and a beer” I said in a ruff tone. She started writing then suddenly stopped. “Sir” she asked in a shy manner “is something wrong with your table?” “No” I said “why do you…..” It hit me in mid conversation why she was asking that question. My dick was literally raising the table with my piggy erection. “I’m so embarrassed ma’am, I’m sorry” I said with a look of shame. She wrote down my order and wrote something else on another sheet of paper. “Here sweetie” she said in an even sexier voice “I can fix that for you”. The paper had here phone number written down on it. “I’ll be back with your drinks sir” she said while licking her sexy lips. “Thank you and thank you” I said with a rejuvenated voice. As she walked away I noticed that her perfectly shaped ass swayed like the winds at sea. While watching her walk away I noticed that the table had fell back to its level position. My erection had gone away. The sight of the super model shaped waitress had turned me off. “Damn what has happened to me!” I said in anger while hitting the table with my fist. The Piggy Bitch has conquered my being, my sexual drive, my thriving big dick. The waitress brought back the alcohol and I consumed it like my life depended on it. My table was directly across from the tavern entrance so I was able to see all who entered. I counted singles, couples, and drinkers while intoxicating my mind away from the thought of the Piggy Bitch. I observed a lot of slender to average woman coming into the tavern. The only group that stood out was in the back booth area. This area was designed as a sort of luxury box for VIP’S and paying guest. The group was a typical mixture of slender party girls with the exception of a very big, loud, and boisterous woman. She clearly was the leader bornova escort of the group. This big woman ordered the drinks, danced with men and women, and took shots like a sailor. Men ran to her in bundles to dance and rub on her curvy body. She was not your typical self-conscious bbw. She was in charge and wanted by everyone male or female. The fat white woman had long jet black hair and wore a sleeveless blue top that held her huge perky breast. The bottom of her ass cheeks were slightly revealed at the bottom of her flared black mini skirt. Black stockings ran half way up her dimpled thigh. They were held by straps on each side that were holding on for dear life. In essence she was a slop of a woman. Yet she carried herself like a damn prom queen. I starred at her for almost an hour before I stood and headed to the bar. I was buzzed enough to function another day without my sexual memories hindering me. Half way to the bar one of the slender friends of the fat woman grabbed my arm and pulled me to the dance floor. She was white with red hair and cute freckles. We went to the dance floor without any introductions. The music was so loud words would have been wasted. I stood on the dance floor as she turned around and pushed her ass against me. She danced and moved to the tempo of the fast pace music. I grabbed her waist and followed the motions of her dance more so as a courtesy. Like I said before my mind was on the Piggy Bitch and nothing else. When this was over I would leave, go home, and jack my big cock to tributes I drew of her. While those thoughts raced through my mind the big girl stepped in front of us. She was literally carried by two men and one woman to the dance floor. “Janet” my slender captive yelled “your fucking wild”. Janet stepped towards the slender dancer, grabbed her face, and shoved her tongue down her throat. The colorful flashing lights dancing on their faces seemed to enhance the tongue takeover. The girl slapped at Janet’s breast seemingly fighting for air but Janet only sucked her tongue harder. I held the slender victim and pressed my flaccid dick against her. Janet raised her eyes to see the expression on my face. Her eyes locked on to mine and suddenly her expression changed. Control disappeared and shock took over. For some reason Janet seemed to be caught off guard. Naturally confusion covered my entire body with the exception of my monster cock. The sleeping giant gained a mind of his own and arose to full attention. My bulge pushed the slender kisser closer to Janet. The big attacker called Janet finally let go of the slender girl and slowly stepped back to her dance partners. “Fuck!” bornova escort bayan the slender girl yelled “there’s nothing like a strong kiss and big dick on your ass”. She turned around and started dancing on me with her breast. She moved like a mad woman all over my body. She wrapped her arms around my body and grinded up and down on me. My cock rubbed up and down her abdomen through my pants. As hot as this action was the slender vixen was not keeping me at full monster erection. It was the fat girl Janet. While the two men fondled her breast and the girl sucked her on neck from behind, Janet starred directly at me. Her gaze seem to hypnotize my cock. Every blink made the black monster throb and jump. “Shit” the slender woman cooed “your dick is dancing on my body”. She reached one hand down and unzipped my khaki pants. My cock popped out like a jack in the box. Pre cum slid down the shaft like rain on a windshield. She grabbed my cock “fuck, I can’t get my hand around your dick”. She pulled closer to my body and placed both hands around my cock. She placed her head into my chest and jerked my wide cock. Her strokes were vice grip like. She moved swiftly yet unnoticeable. The pre cum covered here hands and provided a lubricant for her strokes. The feeling was intense and strong. In the middle of a dance floor my big black cock was being smoothly jacked and no one noticed. No one except for Janet. She stared at me with a devious smile. She seemed to moan and whisper something. Her lips moved but the words faded with the sound of the music. She gazed in to my eyes from a far. Her whispers were only disturbed by her moans and the twisting of her lips. My cock was hard as bed rock. It throbbed like a separate heart was in the head of my dick. The slender girl stroked my black cock up and down in a tight rotating grip. “Grip harder baby” I moaned into her ear. She positioned herself closer to my body and squeezed on my cock like a boa constrictor. “Like that” she said as she squeezed more pre cum from my cock. “Yes!” I said like a man who just hit the jackpot. As slender twisted and jerked my monster cock I placed my eyes back on Janet and realized why she was moaning. One of the male dancers that was sucking on her breast was also rubbing her swollen clit. You could see the mini hotspot bulging through her pink thongs. The wetness from her pussy was running down the man’s wrist. She moaned and danced at the same time. I placed my gaze back to her face and noticed that she was still watching me intently at me. Her lips still whispered something that I couldn’t make out. “You should know something baby” slender said escort bornova while interrupting my gaze at Janet “I am a serious cum slut for black men”. My balls grew tighter and tighter with every twist she made on my dick. Her grip was so tight I could feel my cum bulge working up my slick cock. My ass muscles started to tighten. The music seemed to get louder. An orgasm was tearing upwards toward the heed of my big black monster. Slender must have felt the bulge because she tilted her head down slightly and placed my swollen cock head into her warm mouth. As she was preparing for her reward I placed my gaze back on Janet. Her lips were over emphasizing her words. Her breast were heaving in and out with her heavy breathing. The woman on her neck was damn near biting her. The hand on her clit was rubbing at a fast pace. The bulge in my cock seemed to move with her breathing. In and out, up and down. Her lips became more and more legible. “Cum…for….me…….MASTER!” I made out with fucking disbelief. As soon as I made out the moaning whispers my dick jumped in the slender sluts vice grip hands and unleashed a wave cum. My legs stiffened and my ass muscles flexed like biceps. I could feel every sperm race from my balls to the slender slut’s throat. The veins in my dick pulsed and throbbed. My mind was being pulled apart into two directions. The Slender bitch had brought me to an earth shattering orgasm that I had to dance away. She slurped up EVERY drop of cum. Even the pre cum on my big dick’s shaft seemed to roll upwards toward her vacuum suction mouth. The slender cum slut slurped and swallowed my cum like a thirsty desert walker. Her moans vibrated through my big black dick as load after load splattered down her throat. The other part of my mind was watching Janet wither and cum all over the dance floor. The men had to use all their muscle to hold her up through her orgasm. Her fat dimpled ridden thighs quivered and swayed like trees in a hurricane. Her breast heaved and hoed like a game of tug a war. She grabbed the man’s hand and forced him to rub on her swollen clit even harder. Her words “Cum for me master” sounded alarms through my head. Could it be? Could Janet really be? The answer to my question came with undisputable evidence. The man removed his hand from Janet’s slut switch and revealed her identity. His hand was covered in a thick viscous fluid. The fluid also covered Janet’s panties and huge sloppy thighs. It was thick, creamy, and yellowish white. The orgasm made her fat pussy hole pump more and more of the fluid out the sides of her huge panties. It dripped in globs onto the dance floor. The girl and other male dancer took the fluid covered hand and proceeded to lick it clean. My mind and big black dick identified the fluid. It was piggy pussy cum. Sweet, foul, and thick piggy pussy cum. Fat Janet was my fat, foul, dream consuming slut. My sloppy white cum slut. My obedient big dick fucking bag. MY PIGGY BITCH!!!TO BE CONTINUED!

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