The Night Dad Made Me a Woman


The Night Dad Made Me a WomanThe Night Dad Made Me a WomanIn your teen years, hormones start flowing and causing changes in your body and your mind. We all know that boys become preoccupied with sex and think more with the head between their legs than the one on their shoulders, but many people don’t know that girls can also become preoccupied with sex. That was the case with my twin sister Marty, (short for Martha) and me. How am I? I’m Mags, short for Margaret. Our mom died when we were quite young and to be honest Marty and I have no real memories of her. We were raised by our dad, Roger and our older brother Mike, who was eight years older than we were. Mike got a football scholarship to a college out west, so he left home when we were only ten years of age. From that time on it was just dad, Marty and me and we kind of liked it that way. Marty and me started developing and having our periods when we were eleven. We had learned about it in school, but we still had questions and no one to turn to but dad. He was so embarrassed when we told him that we needed to go to the store to buy our pads and first bras. He ended up getting his sister, our Aunt Sadie to take us shopping and she was great. She helped us find what we needed and she answered most of our questions. From that point on, we knew that we could always go to her when we had more questions or needed to go shopping.Not long after we turned f******n, we heard other girls at school talk about boys and their thingies. One girl we knew told us that she had seen her dad naked and that his thingy was sticking out straight and he was rubbing his hands on it and acting like it felt really good. That peaked our curiosity, but we weren’t sure what to do to find out for ourselves. We didn’t think we could ask Aunt Sadie and we definitely couldn’t ask our dad. Our dad worked hard providing for us and always attended all of our school events and let us know that we were special to him. Earlier that year, he had gotten hurt on the job and although he was pretty well healed and back to work, he had trouble sleeping. The doctor had given him some sleeping pills and they worked really well for him. So one night, Marty and I hatched a plan. Every night, we would pour dad a small glass of wine and give him his sleeping pill. He would say his goodnights and we would all head off to our bedrooms (Marty and I shared a bedroom). We knew the sleeping pills really put dad to sleep, but that night we didn’t want to take any chances, so we slipped a second sleeping into his wine. We waited until we could hear him snoring and then I snuck into his bedroom. The plan was that I was going to see if I could wake him. If he woke, I would tell him that Marty wasn’t’ feeling well and she would pretend she had a tummy ache. But after shaking and calling dad’s name, he never budged, so I went and got Marty.Again we tried to wake him, but he was old cold for the night. I was on one side of the bed and Marty was on the other and we carefully pulled the covers down off of him. Dad always slept in a pair of pajama bottoms but never a top. Marty stood opposite each other and stared at the fly of his pajamas, pointing to each other to be the one to reach inside. Finally I decided to do it.I carefully undid the button and reached my hand inside. I found his thingy and pulled it out. It was soft and squishy, not hard like our friend had described. It must have been about five inches long and quite big around. After pulling out his thingy, I pulled out a fleshy looking sac that we had learned about in school. It was called a scrotum and contained dad’s testicles and they were the little football shaped things that made his sperm. Marty reached over and wanted to touch dad’s thingy and when we were both touching it, it started to grow. Our eyes got big as we watched dad’s thingy get longer, harder and bigger around. When it stopped growing it must have been at least seven inches long. It felt so different than before. Neither Marty nor I could get our hands all the way around it. Now it looked like what our friend had described, but we had no idea what to do with it. We touched it and played with it for a few minutes and then figured we needed to put it back and get to bed, so we did. We giggled ourselves to sleep and promised to never tell anyone what we did. A couple of days later, the same girl karşıyaka escort at school was talking about her dad again and said she hid in his closet and watched him jackoff. We didn’t know what that meant and didn’t want to look dumb by asking, but another girl did ask. The girl who had all of our attention said that her dad slid his hand back and forth on his thingy until it started spurting thick white stuff out the tip. She said he looked very happy and pleased when that happened. One of the other girls said that white stuff was the semen and sperm that we learned about in school and that if that got into your girl thingy that you would get pregnant. Again our curiosity was peaked and so again we spiked dad with an extra sleeping pill. It did the trick and we snuck into his bedroom again. We uncovered him, took out his thingy and kept touching it until it got big and hard like the first time. Marty went first and put her hand around dad’s thingy and began to slide it up and down. It didn’t take long for her arm to get tired so I took over. After a couple of minutes of us jacking off dad’s thingy, Marty pointed to his scrotum and we watched as it got smaller, harder and very wrinkly. Then I felt something different in dad’s thingy and it began shooting out his thick white sperm. The first spurt that shot out surprised us and it went up and in the air and landed back down on dad’s pajamas. I kept moving my hand up and down until no more came out. It felt really slippery and gooey. Marty reached over and wiped her finger in some and then wrinkled up her nose at how slimy it felt. She got some tissues and we cleaned up our hands, dad’s thingy and his pajamas. By that time his thingy was getting small again and it made it much easier to put it back in his pajamas. We covered him back up and scurried back to bed. It was hard getting sleep that night as we were so excited about what we did.A couple of weeks later, an older girl at school was talking about giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Marty and I were so naïve at the time that we thought she was using her blow dryer on his hair, little did we know. We kept listening intently and several days later we found out that it meant the girl sucked on his thingy until his semen spurted out and she actually swallowed it. That sounded gross to us at first, but like I said earlier, our hormones were raging and we had become very preoccupied with sex and our dad’s thingy. So once again we doubled up on his sleeping pills and once again he went out like a light. Since Marty went first the last time, it was my turn again, so after uncovering dad and pulling his thingy out of his pajamas, I climbed onto the bed next to him and played with his thingy until it got big and hard. Dad never woke or roused. Marty kept motioning for me to start sucking on so reluctantly as first, I leaned down and touched my tongue to the end of his thingy. There was a small drop of dad’s fluid there and it didn’t look like pee, so I figured it was safe. It didn’t taste anything like I expected. It was kind of salty and bitter, but in a good way, so I licked the entire tip with my tongue and sat up and smiled at Marty. She silently asked what it tasted like and all I could tell her is that it tasted great, which in a way it did. Then came the hard part. Dad’s thingy was pretty big around and long and I wasn’t sure I could get it in my mouth. I stretched my mouth as wide as I could and only managed to get the tip of it, up to the ridge that runs around the tips, into my mouth. Once in my mouth, I began to suck on it. At the same time, Marty grabbed ahold of the bottom part of dad’s thingy and began rubbing it up and down. I could taste more of dad’s fluid oozing out the tip and eagerly sucked it all in. Just as my jaws were getting sore and Marty’s arm was getting tired, dad’s semen began spurting out into my mouth. It caught me by surprise and stated choking on it. There was no way I could swallow all of it and it started spurting out the sides of my mouth. It was thicker than the clear fluid I tasted earlier and had a stronger taste to it. It was hard to describe to Marty what it tasted like, but I did know that it tasted much better than I expected. After swallowing as much as I could, I took some up on my finger and held it out to Marty to taste. She shook her head karşıyaka escort bayan and wrinkled up her nose at me. I whispered that we agree that we would both try it, so she barely touched her tongue to my finger. As she did, I shoved my finger into her mouth, forcing her to taste more of it. Now to my surprise, she took some on her own finger and put it in her mouth. We cleaned dad up and went back to back. The night we repeated the plan only this time Marty sucked on dad’s thingy and swallowed his semen. At f******n, we felt like we were really getting experienced and were proud of ourselves. We had to wait a couple of weeks before doing it again because we didn’t want dad to get suspicious about his sleeping pills missing. In the meantime, we heard more talk from k**s at school talking about having sex with their boyfriends. We knew what they were talking about and also knew that our curiosity would spur us to consider taking the next step with our dad. We talked about it for several days and decided that it would be best to break our hymens first so that we didn’t get any blood on dad’s pajamas. Using the handles of our hairbrushes, we coated them with Vaseline and each of us broke our hymens on the same night. It hurt pretty bad at first, but we had heard about girls masturbating so using our hairbrushes, we also experienced our first orgasms that night. We were hooked on that. After a week of using our hairbrushes every night, we decided that it was time to experience the real thing. Like before, we spike dad’s wine and he zonked out pretty quickly. This time after we uncovered him and pulled his thingy out, we both got undressed and started giggling at each other standing naked in the room with our dad. It was Marty’s turn and after getting dad’s thingy big and hard, we put a little Vaseline on it and Marty positioned herself over it and then slowly started to lower herself onto his thingy. Just as her girl thingy was about to touch dad’s thingy, I sat up and told us to stop. Marty and I screamed as he scared us. We thought he was sound asleep. Both of us were shaking in fear, not knowing what dad was going to do. He put his arms around us and tried to calm us down. He then surprised up even more by telling us that he’s allowed us to explore his pecker and to jack him off and even suck him off but he just couldn’t allow us to have sex with him. Marty and I looked at each other when he told us that he had been awake each time. I finally got brave enough to say that we thought he was asleep because we gave him an extra sleeping pill. He told us that he had overheard us whispering and knew what we were doing so he pretend to take the extra sleeping pill but didn’t. We had a long talk that night about sex and that it was wrong for a father to have sex with his own daughters. We promised him that we would never tell anyone and begged him to let us try just once because we really wanted to find out what it was like and that we both wanted it to be him. Dad explained the danger of getting pregnant and then said that he had a plan.He knew that we struggled with our periods and that neither of us were real regular, possibly due to us playing lots of sports. He said he would have the doctor put us on birth control pills to regulate our periods and that after several months we should have no worries about getting pregnant. In the meantime, he would teach us as much about sex and answer our question as we wanted. The next couple of months was wonderful. We slept in bed with dad and all three of us were naked. He taught us all about oral sex and how to really suck a man and how to have oral sex with other. I remember the first time he put his tongue in my girl thingy and then sucked on my button and made me have an orgasm. I thought I died and went to heaven. He taught us how to play with each other’s breasts, navels and even play with our butts. We jacked dad off and sucked him off and he gave us orgasms for the next three months. Then it was the day we had all looked forward to. Dad said this day was so special that he had us get dressed in our good dresses and he took us out to a really nice restaurant. He treated us like we were very special that night. After we got home, he undressed both of us and let us undress him. Dad let us light some candles in the bedroom and put escort karşıyaka on some soft music in the background. Marty and I both wanted to go first but knew that only one of us could. We asked dad to pick, but he wouldn’t. We ended up drawing beads out of bag and the first one with a white bead got to go first. Darn it, it was Marty. Dad had Marty lie down on the bed and spread her legs. I got as close as I could to watch. He first kissed her thighs and then her privates and then her nipple and then her lips. Dad looked huge as he leaned over Marty. He got his thingy against her private and then slowly started to push it in and out. I watched and his thingy slowly disappeared into my sister’s private. At first she looked like she was hurting and when dad asked if she was okay, she told him that he was a lot bigger than her hairbrush. He went slowly so as not to hurt her anymore until finally all of dad’s thingy was inside of my sister. Dad held himself up with us hands and arms like he was doing pushups as he began to have sex with Marty. He told her how great she felt and all she did was moan. I wasn’t sure if she was moaning from the pain or the pleasure or both. Eventually dad started going faster and before long Marty had an orgasm. It was wild watching her whole body shake and contort under dad’s muscular frame. She was breathing hard, almost gasping for air. Dad kept moving in and out of her and Marty had another orgasm. Dad told her he loved her and that he was going to fill her with his semen. Then I heard dad grunting like he does when we jacked him off and I knew he was spurting his semen inside of her. I have to admit that I was very jealous of my sister at that moment, but knew that my turn would come. When dad had finished, he pulled out of her and moved back and told her that she was now a woman. I saw her private hole look larger than normal and then I saw some of dad’s semen seeping out. I asked Marty how was it and she just smiled and said it was the most wonderful experience in her life. I was anxious for my turn, but knew from our past experiences with dad that he needed a few minutes before he was ready again. While we waited for dad to be ready to go again, I got to lick Marty’s private and clean up dad’s semen with my tongue. I had tasted my dad’s semen before and Marty’s private juices, but this was the first time I got to taste them together and it was great. I made Marty have another orgasm while licking her clean and she squirted more of dad’s semen out. I could taste each of their flavors and yet there was another flavor that was the two of them combined that was a little different. Dad said he was ready to make me a woman, and I couldn’t lay down in the bed fast enough. I held out my arms and beckoned him to me. He did the same to me as he did Marty, starting with kissing my legs, my private and button, navel, nipples and them on the lips. The anticipation was killing me and I jumped with excitement and tingling as I felt the tip of his thingy against my private. Slowly he began working his thingy inside me and I had to agree with Marty that it was bigger than my hairbrush handle. He felt huge and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stretch enough to take him all in. Now I know that the grimace on Marty’s face was both from a little pain and lots of excitement. After dad was all the way inside me, he just stayed there until I relaxed and got used to his size. Then he started moving in and out of me. I was so worked up with lust and excitement that I had my first orgasm almost immediately. It was the most intense one I ever had. I remember the room went dark and my ears rang and nothing else in the world existed than the feeling of my dad’s thingy inside my private. Somewhere in the distance I heard Marty asking if I was okay and it kind of helped come around. I smiled at her and told her that I was fine and that the universe was good also and she laughed and told me she knew what I meant. Dad continued moving in and out, picking up speed as he went. I had another orgasm and then a third before I suddenly felt his thingy get bigger, followed by a warmth that filled my private and radiated throughout my entire body. I knew that my dad was giving me his semen and filling me up and that now I was a real woman also. It was the most incredible feeling in my life and I never wanted it to end.This is Babs and my first attempt at writing one of these stories, with some help from Sean. I tried to remember myself at that age and used some of the same terminology I actually used back then. Please let me know if you enjoyed it. If so, I’ll try to write more. If not, I’ll leave the writing to Sean.

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