TheSlaveI have been watching him for hours tonight (Friday), at the “Taste of Beaverton” festival in Griffith Park, a yearly event that usually lasts the entire weekend. Listening to the sounds of Kool and the Gang I notice he is poised, self-confidant, he struts his bulge attempting to tease the ladies and he’s all male, the best part is, he is alone with no ring on his finger; fair game.I followed him all around noting the huge bulge in his jeans. I have to have him. He is going to be my sex slave. I opened my cell phone and dialed the house. Speaking to one of my roommates I suggested that I have found the “one” and they needed to get down here fast. I didn’t want this one to get away.As the ladies arrived I pointed him out and asked their opinions. They all wanted this one! I asked Brenda if she brought my badge and cuffs, she handed them to me and I tucked my cuffs in the rear waistband of my Levis, my badge on the side out of view for now. I told them the plan to get him away with us. I am going to arrest him! I think walking him out of this very public place in handcuffs is exciting and will embarrass him. The girls agreed and thought nothing of helping me. We have been lucky so far, not one guy has reported us for using him. This was different though, we are going to k**nap this one and keep him for a week. The rest were catch and release!The three of us have shared a house here in Beaverton, Oregon for about thirteen years. Brenda actually owns the house and Sara and I rent rooms. Over the years we have discovered each of us are very compatible in all aspects of our lives. We love being single, using men sexually and role-playing. Recently we have been talking about k**napping a man and making him our slave for a week. We had to be very selective and careful not to take someone that would be missed. In fact there is a slave auction on Saturday night in our BDSM group where this one will be auctioned for a day.I strolled up to him as he entered the beer tent and asked if I could buy him a beer. He agreed and we found a couple chairs at a table attempting to talk over the music of Kool and the Gang as we drank our beer. He is single and currently in between jobs having just moved here from Colorado. Funny but he says he is a cop!! He must think we are ignorant and don’t know that ONLY women can be cops. His name is Ross and he is going to be our sex slave for a week. I finished the conversation with Ross and wished him good luck in finding a job.I re-joined the girls and told them everything I had found out about Ross and we decided it was just risky enough to keep us excited and chancy that he might turn us in after it was all over. The thrill had the three of us so excited we didn’t want to wait; we are all very hot, wet and excited beyond belief.It was just after dark when the band started playing and most of the crowd moved toward the area of the park where they were playing. I told the girls it was time, so the three of us walked over to Ross and I introduced my roommates. I could see the effects of the Ecstasy I had slipped in his beer had kicked in, and Sara was behind him ready to cuff him. I pulled my detective shield out and told him I was vice and he was being placed under arrest for soliciting and being under the influence of i*****l d**gs. I passed the handcuffs to Sara.Ross started to protest as Sara slipped the cuffs on him but was quieted by Brenda and me as we looped our arms through his, at the elbow telling him he really didn’t want to make a scene out here. The three of us walked him out to my car where we blindfolded him so he couldn’t see where we were taking him. I had the girls ride with me and we could get the other cars later. I drove for about an hour as we always did. On the freeway, over some gravel roads and back on the frontage road, he’ll never know where we are going.The house is really only about a twenty-minute ride and no one spoke as we went home. The house is a tri-level and the entryway was at mid-level the master bedroom and one other bedroom are upstairs with two baths, the kitchen, living room, another bathroom and office are mid-level and another master bedroom with a bath downstairs. There used to be another bedroom but we had knocked the walls down and opened it up creating our playroom.The playroom had a bed in the middle of the room with four telephone poles holding it up. The poles went from floor to ceiling and did not move. They were in the foundation of the house. To the left corner of the room was a medical examination table complete with retractable stirrups. In the drawers were instruments used for through examination of the slave. The walls were triple insulated and then covered with sound proofing so no one could hear anything from the playroom, not even upstairs. There was a private entry on the far right wall and only the three of us knew about it.On each of the poles was an eyebolt screwed in very deep and they could not be removed. Through each eye were soft fleece lined leather bindings each had a metal ring attached. The walls around the playroom had every kind of toy imaginable and we had used them all at one time or another. The wall directly behind the head of the bed was dedicated to men’s toys of all kinds. We had electro-stimulators, pumps of all kinds, probes, cyber skin pussies, a TENS unit and many, many other toys. This was absolutely our “playroom”.We assisted Ross from the car and took him through the door on the side of the house, which led directly into the playroom. Stopping at the bench I took the scissors and cut every stitch of clothing he had on, off. He was trying to fight now but he still had too much of the date **** d**g in him to do any damage. We walked him over to the bed and sat him down.I asked him if he planned to continue to fight us and he shook his head no. I told him that there were just us three women and that he had been k**napped for a week of sexual slavery. I had the girls help me turn him sitting on the bed, facing the foot of it in order to strap his legs into the bindings. As we finished with his ankles and I was satisfied he couldn’t get out, they held him as I released one hand at a time from the handcuffs and restrained it to the bindings at the head of the bed.So we now had him spread eagle, bound and blindfolded. The hard part was finished. We ladies went upstairs to have a drink and decide what to do with him. As the door closed to the playroom I almost screamed “Oh My Gawd, did you two see what I saw or am I dreaming?” Brenda was in as much shock as I was and Sara just stood there with her mouth open shaking her head.It seems that Ross was very blessed. I had never laid eyes on a cock and balls that big in my life, nor had the other ladies. Now don’t get me wrong here, we had experienced some huge cocks in our time, but none near the size of this one. His balls were huge not unlike a bulls, his cock was the thickest ever. I suspect it wasn’t abnormal in length but girth was as large as a beer bottle and he wasn’t even hard yet.We sat in the living room talking and laughing and planning the week for Ross. We planned all sorts of games for him. We all planned to ride that cock at least once! After about two hours I decided to go down stairs and check on our guest. Upon opening the door to the playroom I heard him screaming at the top of his voice for help. I silently walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge he was immediately quiet.I asked Ross if he planned to scream the entire week he was with us and he refused to answer me. I rose up off the bed and grabbed a ball gag walked over to the head of the bed and strapped it over his mouth fastening it behind his head. I noted his cock thickening up a bit.Teasingly I asked him if he liked this and told him he’d better answer me when I talk to him or there would be hell to pay. Testing me he didn’t answer my question. Watching the very large clock on the wall, I allowed him two full minutes before roughly grabbing his balls. I stand corrected; I could only fit one of his avocado sized balls in my hand at one time! The entire sac was the size of a g****fruit! By now his cock had both thickened and lengthened his pre cum oozing from the head. Ross had to be a full eight inches if not nine and my hand wasn’t able to fully fit around the shaft of his thickened cock.I heard his gasp of air and looked at the red face of embarrassment. I was very shocked as my eyes averted downward again (thinking I was very glad he was blindfolded and couldn’t see me) and I just starred at his cock and balls. I took them into both of my hands and roughly began squeezing and molding them into perfect ovals. I played very roughly with his balls and held his cock up slapping it several times, asking over and over if he was going to be good. He finally answered me after I had slapped his cock about 25 times, he agreed to be good! I must have been down in the playroom quite awhile because before long Brenda and Sara were there beside me starring.From the head of his cock was a load of pre cum just oozing from his cock. I say load because with any other man we had taken, the amount of Ross’ pre cum was at least two full loads of their sperm. I was sure this slave’s pre cum was a direct result of his huge balls, the bigger the package all the more secretions to play in. Remembering his ball in my hand, I began to squeeze it harder and told the girls that Ross didn’t answer my question so I was roughing him up a little. They settled in to watch as I squeezed and slapped his cock more.Brenda reached down and took one of his balls into her hand and began squeezing it at the same time Sara grabbed the other one matching Brenda’s rough treatment, I was still slapping his cock and we all watched him grow hard. Brenda suggested we all get rid of our clothes and so we stripped. Too bad Ross couldn’t see us all naked. (Oh, but he could, the blindfold had slipped upward somewhat, unbeknownst to us, he saw it all).I asked Ross if he was enjoying this, for the second time. I saw his head bobbing up and down in a fast, yes motion. Good, he has decided to answer my questions. Now, I asked him if he still wanted to scream and his head rolled from side to side indicating a no. I asked Sara to remove the ball gag and if he made a peep without permission she was to get the six-inch penis gag and shove it down his throat. Ross was silent.Brenda and I were still squeezing and releasing each of his balls and I was almost milking his cock with my other hand. He was circumcised and the foreskin was tough, almost leathery I loved playing with it! I asked Brenda to take both balls and I straddled his chest backward. How could I know he had a bird’s eye view of my tight little ass? Sara removed his ball gag.I leaned down deliberately exposing my shaved cunt to him and took the tip of my tongue and slipped it between the foreskin and the head of his cock. I carefully rimmed his cock head keeping my tongue between the head and in the tough skin. Sara and Brenda continued punishing his balls roughly for his misbehavior thus far.His pre cum still oozing everywhere; I could feel his cock getting hard from the manipulation of his balls and the rimming of his cock head with my tongue. I was thinking I could just slide back a bit and press my dripping pussy over his mouth, effectively suffocating him and order him to eat me and as the thought crossed my mind I felt his tongue on my ass. I yelled at the slave “How dare you touch my ass with that tongue and mouth without permission?” Brenda and Sara were as taken aback as I was; we all agreed he deserved even tougher punishment.I told Sara we needed the cock rings, the leather one and to make it a bit smaller than the sac he was carrying around. She returned with a selection and as I had my ass planted on his chest I took the smallest one that would fit around his entire sac and pulled it tightly around, fastening it. I had never seen a set of balls so huge, so hairless and so accepting of the rough punishment the three of us have administered so far. His balls bulged out so far he had to be hurting, and his cock was now rock hard.I watched as Brenda pressed her fingertips into the area just between his thigh and balls and then pushed downward slowly wrapping around one of his balls. This had to be painful but he just thickened and lengthened more. I was enjoying the show! She was going to examine him! Sara was still standing at the side of the bed, I patted the area next to me for her to sit and watch with me. I had expected her to cup the entire sac but she suddenly stopped what she was doing.We all riveted our eyes down on his organs. Sara and I stood, went and got chairs, positioned them at either side of the bed with full view Ross and the things Brenda was doing to him. By now his cock had lengthened and thickened to its full size, rock hard. I grabbed the measuring tape and discovered he is a full eight inches in length and three sometimes four inches around in size. I didn’t measure this except with my hand, it wouldn’t go all the way around. His cock laid on his g****fruit sized ball sac his pre cum oozing out and dripping down over his balls onto the bed. We couldn’t believe our eyes. He would go for a very high price at the auction on Saturday night. We were all getting excited.Brenda still had the one ball in her grip. She pressed on it and we all jumped at the sudden jerk upward of his cock, his pre cum stringing up with it. She continued to press and release until his cock was dripping, and he was extremely hard. His cock and balls had the smoothest skin and a velvety texture even when hard. Both completely hairless, a plus for the auction and very sexy to the three of us; he was naturally hairless in that area there was no sign of shaving but the rest of his body was covered in coarse natural curls.Brenda’s hand was still tightening on that one ball. She was looking to see a pain response but in fact only continued to arouse him the tighter she gripped his balls. He did wince every now and then when her hands squeezed his balls almost flat and he relaxed as those same hands massaged his balls back into perfect ovals.Brenda slipped her other hand up his thigh and wrapped both hands around the entire bulging sac. She pressed and pushed up and down, pushed outward and we all watched as they flopped from side to side. I noticed his cock. He was enjoying every moment of this, his cock didn’t lie. He was stretched to the max, the head fully exposed from under the foreskin and it looked like it would burst. He had pre cum running down the sides of his cock and over his balls, dripping onto the bed!Sara reached over and pressed a finger into one of his balls, I winced from what I thought was painful, but his cock just jerked around more and stood taller. Sara pressed a bit harder, still no pain. Brenda was rolling each ball in both of her hands and squeezing every now and then a little harder with each hand. Sara reached in and took hold of his cock by the shaft to “move it out of Brenda’s way”. I noticed the head bulge even more and Sara never removed her hand. Sara pulled it up tight and reached over slapping it all over again as Brenda squished and massaged his balls. We all saw the wincing with pain and the relaxation of his facial muscles for the pleasurable parts.Brenda was trying to grip both balls at the same time with one hand, no luck at all. They slipped and flopped everywhere; her hand just wasn’t big enough. Ross was breathing harder gasping at times his cock swelling to what had to be its fullest ever and it looked as if it would explode any second. Sara had been squeezing, pulling and slapping the shaft. Ross was being let down by his body. He began to jerk around, breathing shallower, he appeared to be panting and his cock twitching uncontrollably.As Sara increased her grip on the shaft of his cock, Brenda began to assault one ball. She gripped the right ball and began to manipulate it pressing her thumb and first finger into it. She attempted to press harder trying to let the thumb meet the finger, pressing harder and harder I noticed this had become very painful to Ross, finallyHis hips thrust toward her with every squeeze. His back involuntarily arching off the mattress and his hips thrusting down toward the punishing hands, Brenda let go of the right swollen ball and immediately grabbed the left. She grasped the entire ball in her hand and squeezed hard, using all her strength; she started pulling it out away from his body stretching it farther than it should have gone.Sara had covered the head of his cock trapping his pre cum in the shaft of his penis. He couldn’t escape the bindings, he couldn’t escape the hands that punished his cock and balls and his fluids couldn’t escape from his cock. Poor Slave!!Ross was panting so hard I thought if the walls were not sound proof the neighbors would hear. His body thrashing around, back arching up off the bed and still thrusting his organs down to be tortured even more by the hands gripping them. Sara suddenly released the head of his cock and the pre cum spilled out of the wide mouth of the engorged cock landing on his thighs. Brenda still had a firm grip on his stretched ball and we all watched his body twitch as Sara squeezed and released his cock shaft over and over again.Brenda firmly pushed the ball back toward his body as Sara gave the shaft one last jerk. Brenda tightened her grip on that ball as Sara was releasing hers from the cock shaft, she suddenly gripped it one more time forcing the stretched foreskin downward exposing the swollen head and in that second both balls let go. Ross screamed as the semen rushed from his balls and flew up in the air splashing down on his belly and thighs. Brenda squeezed and released over and over, milking his balls of every drop. We had never seen the amount of sperm this man had, ever before. We watched and watched Brenda milking his balls until the last drool was out, amazing.I asked Ross if he was going to be so bold as to lick my ass without permission ever again, he shook his head back and forth wildly indicating a no. I could see the utter exhaustion in him and told the girls he needed a rest. We all wiped him up cleaning most of the huge mess up and headed upstairs.We talked and talked into the night about Ross and all the things we could do during the course of the week. The next step was to prepare him for the auction tomorrow evening.As it gets later into the night I realize my slave has had nothing to eat or drink, nor has he been allowed personal bathroom time. I excuse myself and head downstairs to allow him up to stretch and take care of things. I asked my roommates to fix him something light to eat and I grab a bottle of chilled water to take with me for him.I sit down on the side of the bed and he jumps, startled at my presence. I grab his balls firmly and ask him if he plans to give me problems if I let him up to stretch, use the bathroom and eat. Ross shakes his head back and forth quickly indicating that he won’t be a problem. I warn him that he will be severely punished if he so much as moves a finger without my permission. He will remain blindfolded and handcuffed. I will release only one hand for bathroom privileges and for eating and I will have a firm grip on the other. I ask if he understands the rules and he shakes his head yes.I am taking my time; I believe he is strong enough to under cut me, if given half a chance. Thinking on that for a moment, I remind myself of his positive reaction to everything we have done to him so far. I wonder if we might need to increase the painful stimuli and see how it goes. First, he must be prepared for the Slave Auction on Saturday night.The other two ladies slip downstairs with his food as I am handling other matters. Ross is being quite cooperative thus far, returning him to the bed I sit him on the edge to eat his food and have something to drink. Brenda flanks his right side and I release one cuff, bringing his hands out to the front of him and slip the cuff back on his wrist. Sara hands him a BLT to eat and I give him the water bottle.It’s getting late as Ross finished his food. We all work together to tie him back down to the bed. We need sleep in order to get up and prep Ross for the auction. Settling Ross down for the night, I headed for my bedroom here in the playroom as the others headed upstairs. I left my door ajar to listen for movements throughout the night.Brenda was up first, she took the opportunity to go down to Ross and punish him awake. She squeezed his balls tightly for awhile and pulled them away from his body farther than they should have ever been stretched outward. She administers some more slapping to his cock and lets them go after the slave is wide awake.Brenda wants his cock and balls huge for the auction, which brings more money for less time. The agreement for the auction is that the selected slaves will spend twenty-four hours with the highest bidder at the auction.We know that it is a very elite selection of rich women that participate in the auction and we are well aware of the rules and preferences: average height and weight, men with body hair always bring in more money. Shaven and extra large genitals are most preferred, bringing in literally thousands for the twenty-four hour period. The rich women look for huge thick and dripping cocks. They look for size in the balls, the bigger they are the more cum they produce. The ladies pay top dollar for the use of this equipment.Brenda had the idea that she was going to give new meaning to the words “huge packages”, having been a nurse she decided she was going to inject saline into his ball sac which causes it to bulge to almost unreal sizes. Brenda has done this before; she knows that it is imperative that the saline solution enters the sac and NOT THE BALLS! She also knows that the balls will float around in the fluid and the saline will eventually migrate back into the body so there is no chance of long term negative effects.She went to the exam table in the corner and laid out everything she would need, all in order just like the expert surgical nurse she was. She checks the temperature in the playroom ensuring the room is as hot as possible. The ball sac is like nipples, in cold temperatures it draws up and gets tight. She wants the sac loose, soft and hanging.Brenda walks to the bed, grabs both of Ross’ nipples and twists hard, pulling out from his body; she only hears the sound of his groan against the ball gag on his mouth, she is beginning to think that this slave is enjoying the rough treatment.She leans down and tells Ross she is moving him over to the exam table and he had better behave or be punished expertly by the three of us. Ross shakes his head in the affirmative as Brenda is releasing his arms and legs. He seems very eager to comply.She stands him up and allows him to stretch before leading him to the exam table and helps him up and onto his back. Initially she has his legs stretched out over the end of the table, which presses his balls out in front of his thighs. What a gorgeous sight!She lifts the head of the exam table about ten inches and locks it into place. Threading the leather bindings under the top of the table and around Ross’ chest, she cinches down on the buckle tightening it around him, making certain he can’t move. Then she lowers the head back down.Brenda slowly pulls out the stirrups and locks them into place, asking him if he has ever had his legs and knees spread so wide that it feels he will split. Ross shakes his head no and she giggles as she fastens the leather cuffs around each ankle to the stirrups.She takes hold of one stirrup, unlocks it and stretches it out as far as it swings wide, then locks it into place. She repeats the same on the other side and Ross is laterally stretched to his limit. She can see him wince slightly as she locks that last one into place. His ball sac rests on the table, spread wide. It is fat and bloated. His cock about half hard, revealing his excitement of what is to come.Brenda steps back to admire her work and is very excited about the upcoming injections. She lets Ross lay a few minutes and watches his cock respond. She pulls on three pairs of surgical gloves carefully pulling them tight around her fingers. She will need protection from the hot water she will soak his balls in. She needs the skin of his balls soft and pliable to introduce the needle. It requires skill and the knowledge that the needle will still be difficult to press through the skin. She must be extremely careful so that she doesn’t cause damage or enter the testicle which would be disastrous.Her gloves in place, she heats the water, adds anti-bacterial soap and dips a wash cloth in, getting it saturated. Turning to the table she gathers the ball sac in her hands, applies the hot cloth feeling the sac loosen and soften in her grip. Using both hands she applies more hot compresses to the growing sac and she begins to manipulate each ball between her thumb and fingers. She feels each muscle and tube as well as the many other parts of the male reproductive system. She continues to apply the hot compresses until the skin is very stretchy, almost elasticized.Brenda turns the overhead heating light on and directs it to just over his genitals. She pulls off his blindfold and pulls up the rolling stool, gets the IV size needle ready and shows it to him. She opens the alcohol prep pad, looks into his huge eyes and swabs his ball sac; she grabs the tube of anbesol and pinches some onto her gloved fingertip, spreading it over the area of the sac to be injected. The skin shines from the oily substance.She then applies the pain killing ointment on the underside of his cock and covers it with a rubber. Within thirty seconds it becomes limp and stays soft for about 45 minutes, allowing her the time to slowly introduce the saline. We don’t want a big mess in the area we will be introducing the needle. And we don’t want another orgasm, which is reserved for the lucky lady at the auction.Brenda begins to describe the procedure to the slave and starts working with the sac. She takes his ball sac and she manipulates it with both hands. She pulls and spreads the sac, separating the balls to the sides, so they don’t get stuck by the needle. No mistakes here, if the needle penetrates the testicle, the pain is excruciating. We only want the sac, where the pain is seductive.Brenda feels the balls in her hands, very heavy and full. She slips them to the sides and rolls them around in her hands. She notes the steady stream of pre cum pouring from the outstretched mouth of his cock, as if begging for more. She can see the fear in his face, but the cock can’t lie, he loves this.Brenda applies just a little more of the anbesol to the injection site. The slave is thrashing around, as much as the restraints allow. He twists and turns from the heat in the room and the ball wash, his fear and the element of betrayal from his cock.Brenda notes that this thrashing around is not going to work. She doesn’t want any mistakes here, so walks to the wall, and chooses a small gauge, heavy duty, nylon rope and ties a noose in the end. She turns back to the slave slipping the noose around both the cock and balls. His ass being very close to the edge of the exam table makes this easy to accomplish. Brenda then tightens the noose pulling the cock and balls into a nice neat package. She takes the end of the rope and threads it through his ass crack and secures it to the table; this totally immobilizing his cock and balls. She decides to tape his cock to his stomach to insure his copious pre cum doesn’t contaminate the injection site. Now he can thrash about all he wants, the cock and balls are stable and won’t move.Brenda takes a roll of surgical tape and tears off several pieces. She grasps the head of the slaves cock and tapes it up on his abdomen. This allows her access to what appears to a seam in the “top” of the ball sac and the injection sites which are on either side of that seam. In past experience Brenda knows both sides have to be injected, almost like there is a wall between each of the balls. She removes the condom as she tapes his cock to his stomach.Brenda is now ready to insert the needle. She opens the sterile paper around the needle and tells the slave what she is about to do. She has to continuously wipe the heavy pre cum from dripping down his cock as she proceeds. Applying firm pressure to the needle on the left side of the seam, she encounters tough resistance. She pushes and pushes harder firmly holding the needle until she hears a “pop”. The needle is seated. Ross’ cock is rock hard certainly demonstrating his pleasure. His fear obviously replaced by excitement.As the warmed saline flows into the sac, Brenda manipulates the ball in the sac, molding the sac into the huge round shape expected from the procedure. She is enjoying this tremendously, and the slave notices. Brenda removes the gag from the slave and allows his jaw to rest; we want him in top shape for the auction.As the fluid flows into the sac, the definition of the testicles is lost, and the sac is huge and they get bouncy. Brenda warms some vitamin E oil and massages it into the stretched skin continuously as the procedure moves forward. She applies the anbesol into the second injection site and proceeds to fill the right side.Brenda calls Linda and Sara to come look at her handy work! Linda is fixated on how hard his cock is and leans down to lick and suck the engorged head. Sara just watches as Brenda and Linda push him to the edge of orgasm and stop then bringing him back until the balls are as full as they can get. Brenda removes the needles and tells Linda to get a constriction band for the base of his cock. The fluid will migrate back into the body if not restrained and constricted.Linda tells Sara to heat the body oils, the auction only two hours away. Brenda prepares Ross for a shower. She removes all the restraints except the leather one surrounding his cock and balls and helps him stand. We can’t help but notice how incredibly huge his balls are. He has to walk with his legs slightly apart he is so huge. The sac bounces of each of his thighs as he walks he is visibly embarrassed and we are enjoying the hell out of it!We take Ross into my room to shower him. I heat the water to just above body temperature; we don’t want the ball sac to swell any larger. I strip and climb in to the shower with Ross, soaping him all over his body. Rubbing the soap into his skin I pay careful attention to his cock and balls. I mold the balls a bit more with both hands into a nice big circle that protrudes out from his body. I quickly shampoo his hair and then carefully shave just the mound above his cock.Brenda pulls the hand held shower head from the wall and begins to rinse him. His body free from soap, I tell Sara to put the warmed protective pad on the bed. Brenda and I lightly pat his skin removing just the excess water; we want his skin a little moist as we apply the warmed oil. He is almost ready to transport.Laying Ross on his stomach on the bed, we all rub the oil into his skin, gently massaging him at the same time. I feel his anticipation and anxiety as we get closer to transporting him to the auction. We slowly turn him over, Brenda checks to make sure the constriction band is holding and secure. We all continue to rub the warm oils into his skin. He is gorgeous. His skin shines, his “package” incredibly huge, like none other we have ever seen. We stand him up and all step back to admire our work.Ross is told to turn around as we stare at him. He turns a few times, slowly so we get the full effect. His eyes, as well as his semi hard cock reflect his pleasure. Brenda grabs a loin cloth and we all work together to fit it securely to our slave. We have a ‘huge’ surprise for the rich ladies at the auction!Saturday evening arrives and Brenda, Linda and Sara are ready to transport Ross to the auction. Linda sits in the back seat of the car, with Ross as they ride to the auction barn. She tells him the rules. He is to be absolutely silent, he will speak nothing and he will ask NO questions. He will do as he is told or face punishment from 15 of the harshest Mistresses in the lifestyle. He will be led onto the stage. His loin cloth will be dramatically dropped to the floor as the ladies get a full look at his size. He will then feel the constriction band cut from around his cock. He is to stand perfectly still until told to do otherwise. Ross nods his understanding. He is again reminded that he is to remain completely silent.The auction is run almost like a beauty pageant. The slaves are lined up, examined by the twenty-five judge panel and only the top ten out of the slaves are selected to be auctioned off. The auction is only held once every month. The slave owners must make sure that the slave is in top shape in order to be selected. Ross was selected first for the ten to be auctioned. Brenda, Linda and Sara were very proud of all the preparation they did getting this slave ready to auction. They all three knew he would place highest in the selection process and would bring in the most money.After the ten top slaves were selected, all the other slaves were placed in a holding area until the auction was over. We could hear the owners punishing some of the slaves that didn’t make the cut. The sound of whips against oiled skin and loud screams from the offending slaves caused the top ten to stand tall and visibly relieved they were chosen.The crowd of elite ladies had gathered in the staging area. They each had a very comfortable seat and a paddle to vote with. They all waited patiently to examine each of the ten slaves as they paraded across the stage for them.Brenda checked Ross again; the constriction band has done its job, no migration of the saline and no dripping pre cum. He is ready for the stage. Sara waits to hear the number of the slave called and she cuts the constriction band; drops down to suck on Ross’ cock.The constriction band has been on for so long he is huge but the cock is soft. As Sara sucks on his cock he begins to elongate and fatten up, this also helps produce the pre cum flowing back up the shaft for the stage showing. Sara understands that there is not a lot of sucking, but just mouthing it to get things started. The constriction band has been replaced with a diamond studded leather band just for the stage. It forces the slaves cock and balls outward showing them off much better.The slave’s balls are still shiny and smooth the lights glowing off them. They are well oiled very hairless and bloated. The sac is the size of a melon with two very large avocado sized balls nestled inside. The auction hall is kept very warm to keep the slave’s parts to hang perfectly.The blood flows back up to the cock as Ross is marched to the stage. The huge amount of pre cum that has built up, is now flowing to the head. His entire cock is beginning to swell hugely from the release. His balls so large he feels them slosh around in the fluid as he walks across the stage.On the stage, he stands with his legs slightly apart, his balls immense, hanging down, flopping and bulging. As he gets to the edge of the stage, a HUGE drop of pre cum drops onto the stage. The ladies could hear it as it hit the floor in a noticeable splat. All we heard were huge gasps of breath as the hundreds of women were vastly impressed. Then cheers as they realized what a package they were looking at.Each of the ten slaves were instructed by the auctioneer to turn completely around very slowly three times so the ladies could get a very good look at what they were getting for their money. They were instructed to show themselves completely. They had to face front, showing their legs, turn and spread their legs, bend over and show every angle to the audience. They were reminded that they were to speak not a sound, nothing.The auction began after the ten slaves marched across the stage for the ladies to view. As the first nine slaves were auctioned off, we noticed that Ross was saved for last. The women went wild, screaming out bids. They would give anything to have this slave for twenty-four hours. His price was three times the take on any of the other slaves. We were again astonished, not believing his bid!Ross was turned over to the highest bidder at midnight and would be returned to the owners the following night at midnight. The highest bidder was Mistress Darla, the usual price for a slave for the twenty-four hour period was $1500.00, and Ross took in $4500.00.We had heard rumors about her slave handling and we knew that Ross was in for some heavy torture in her hands. She was known to be very rough, mean and even cruel to the slaves, leaving them totally exhausted, beaten, raw, empty and even u*********s at times.At midnight Saturday night we reluctantly turned Ross over to Mistress Darla and arranged to meet her at midnight Sunday night in the park, close to our home.Darla’s eyes were gleaming as she took in the gorgeous sight of Ross. She asked if his balls were naturally that size or altered. Brenda explained that his balls were normally very huge, but that she had injected saline into them for the auction. Darla was pleased knowing that the bigger the balls the more secretions. Ross was restrained after the actual auction the three owners didn’t want to take any chances. He was visibly frightened and could bolt at any time if left unrestrained. Besides that, the slave was easier to transfer from us to Mistress Darla with full restraints.Darla asked when the slave had last orgasmed. Linda told her that he had in fact came yesterday but that he is an over producer and can harvest more and more sperm in very short periods of time. With the size of his balls he is able to cum repeatedly it’s just that the amount reduces each time he cums until he finally has just dry orgasms.She estimated Ross could cum six times in twelve hours and at least four times in two hours. She pointed out that it was very interesting to watch Ross have dry orgasms, his cock twitching and jerking with nothing coming out. His stomach very tight, back arched, thigh muscles constricted and his hips thrust outward and a very obvious contracting cock makes for a very nice show.Linda also pointed out that the more the slave was “played” with, taken to the edge of orgasm and back repeatedly the more he vastly produced.Darla took control of Ross and locked him in her Limo for transport to her dungeon. He remained very nude, very vulnerable, his package was still bulging and he was very frightened.Mistress Darla placed a blindfold over his eyes and warned him not to remove it. She placed his hands and legs in leather restraints that caused him to be seated in the middle of the back seat his legs and arms spread wide open. Darla returned the previous restraints to the three owners and she instructed her two female servants to prepare the Limo for departure.The servants are in the front of the Limo and she climbs into the back with Ross. He is restrained, spread wide open, still very nude. His cock is soft but his balls still bulge from between his legs from the constriction band being in place.Darla can’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She begins to tease and torture him in the vehicle as they drive to her dungeon. Of course the servants have instructions to drive over the different terrains and for at least an hour before arriving at the dungeon which, in reality is a mere ten minute drive from the auction hall.Ross is very frightened and restrained as they travel. Darla can not refrain from touching, pulling, examining and groping the slave. She teases him to the brink of orgasm and then slaps his balls to bring him back down. She teases him again to the brink and slaps his balls harder. She punches them with a closed fist and begins to squeeze them hard with both hands. Darla makes a mental note that the slave’s cock is rock hard and oozing pre cum. She smiles knowing that this slave loves the pain and is very aroused.Darla knows from experience that swollen balls make for much larger loads. She leans down and bites the balls hard. She continues to slap and punch them the entire time they are riding to the dungeon. Ross’ balls have swollen twice the size they were at the auction. Darla is proud of her work. She offers Ross a drink in which she has previously spiked with the ecstasy d**g.They arrived at her dungeon located several miles off any main road, knowing that unless invited, no one would find it. Darla takes out a tazer and between the d**g and the tazer, she renders Ross u*********s. She removes the restraints ordering her servants to carry Ross into the dungeon and place him on the futon in the center of the room. Darla restrained the slave to the futon with handcuffs and leg irons which were locked to eye bolts in the floor on each end of the futon.Darla instructed the servants to administer as much pain and torture as they could before he regained consciousness. The servants were more than willing to comply with their orders. They decided to pierce his cock. The servants got an eighteen gauge needle and two stainless steel rings with pressure balls and set out to jewel the slave’s cock.One servant pulled the skin on the under side of the slave’s cock very tight, stretching it farther than it should naturally be stretched. She did that several times and after the third time the other servant told her to hold it out tight. She measured down approximately one and one-half inches and pressed the needle through the skin. Ross moaned a little from the piercing but didn’t wake. The servant then threaded the stainless steel ring through the fresh hole and fastened it with the pressure ball. The servants repeated the procedure for the second piercing except they placed it one-half inch below the first one.It wasn’t very long after the piercing that Ross regained consciousness. He was aware of severe pain in his cock and balls and he was aware of the feeling of having been d**gged. Darla was there to rub some anbesol on the piercing site and welcome the slave to her dungeon. She informed him of his new piercings and with the help of her servants got him up on his feet, held his cock up tightly toward his abdomen and showed Ross his new rings with a mirror.Darla walked Ross to the center of the huge room. She placed his wrists into suspended, soft leather restraints, which spread his arms wide above his head. Darla then restrained each ankle with the same soft leather cuffs. His legs spread wide, she was able to take a very close look at those huge balls and that semi hard, thick cock. She was pleased and she thought she got this slave for a true bargain, especially for her first auction.In the loft of the barn, Darla had renovated the space into her private quarters. She had an entrance from the dungeon and an entrance from outdoors. Her guests used the outside entrance. She had a modern kitchen, four medium sized bedrooms and six baths. The living room was old oak and her bedroom red and black silk. She had a sliding glass door installed in her bedroom which opened to a twenty square foot deck. To the right of the sliding door was her twelve person hot tub. She had it recessed into the floor of the deck to easily step down into.Darla took a seat on one of the many sofas surrounding the center of the room in the dungeon. She sat and watched her slave as he became uncomfortable being spread eagle standing nude in front of her. She saw him squirming in the restraints. Thus far, she had spoken not a word to him except to ask when he had his last orgasm.Darla was waiting on her invited guests to arrive. She had ten other women coming over to play with this gorgeous slave. Darla stood, went to get a restraint for his cock and placed it around his entire package. She cinched it down tight to keep the saline from migrating; she was very familiar with the injections. She couldn’t resist the pre cum accumulating on Ross’ cock. She took just the tip of her fingernail and scooped some pre cum into it and raised it to her lips. She noted Ross had flinched from her touch. She noticed that nail was a bit sharp.Darla asked the slave if he liked the feel of her sharp nail on the head of his cock. Ross answered “yes Mistress”. Darla couldn’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She examined his cock and balls up close and noticed that his hole had been stretched. She thought she could fit her finger all the way down into his cock. She made a mental note to try it later.The chains that held the slave were suspended from the ceiling and were retractable. Darla started winding the arm chains up, stretching the slave to stand on just his toes, his arms spread wide. Darla took very light nylon cord and wrapped it around his balls. She then encircled his thick cock with the same rope; his cock was completely covered except for the bulging purple engorged head. She ran the rope over the rafter and tugged it tight.The slave was suspended, arms and legs wide, up on his toes and his cock being roped and pulled up and away from his body. He was very uncomfortable now. Darla would release the tension on the ropes and tighten it again, over and over stretching his cock and balls and giving them the appearance of being longer and fatter. Her guests would enjoy seeing him like this and playing with the ropes.Darla heard the door upstairs and went to welcome her guests. She showed them to the dungeon and suggested they help themselves to refreshments until everyone arrived. The ladies took advantage of the sofas in the dungeon. They were really looking this slave over, noting his cock and balls and complimenting Darla on his suspension. She noted a huge glob of pre cum ready to drop off the tip of the slave’s cock. Darla noticed her guests visibly becoming aroused and excited. She overheard them talking about getting their hands on him, she was proud.Within fifteen minutes all her guests had arrived and were seated on the sofas around the slave, admiring his body and talking about just how huge his package was. Darla invited her guests to get comfortable and remove any clothing they wished. This was going to be a very long twenty-four hours!In minutes all the women were running around the room in thongs or completely nude. Every one of her guests is associated with the BDSM lifestyle. They are upper class and filthy rich, they have to be to afford the price of pleasure she provides. She personally knows each woman intimately. She has a vast assortment here tonight some very cruel and rough on slaves to satisfy their own sexual taste. Some women are very shy and timid; fearful of even touching the slave so they are satisfied with visually taking in every aspect of the slave’s body. They stare at his cock and balls, his chest and nipples, the hairy body wishing they could run their fingers through it but knowing they wouldn’t dare. They take in his body definition and his very nice ass and silently get very wet, just looking.There are a couple of ladies that are dead serious and only want to lick, suck and fuck the slave until he passes out and some others are giddy and joking, just having fun with the sexual bantering. The variety in Darla’s guests is for a purpose. The emphasis is focused on the mean and cruel guests because the husbands of the other ladies pay her nicely to train the meek and mild. They will never know about the arrangement she made with their husbands, but they would learn to administer pain and torture tonight!Darla asked everyone to return to their seats and give her their attention. She asked all of her guests to move so that they were facing the front or side of the slave for best observation of her first procedure.She told the women that the term for this process was called milting, very similar to milking. The value of this procedure is simple; the male maintains a rock hard or semi hard cock without the ability to really cum. If the male is allowed to really cum the arousal stage plummets and it takes time for that stage to return. By milting the male prior to playing with him, it eliminates wasted time waiting for the balls to produce more sperm. Milting also relieves some of the pressure build up from the arousal stage and he feels “on the edge” and that doesn’t go away.The slave’s eyes widened when she moved closer to him. His excitement growing; Darla asked someone to come up and release the rope from his cock and balls. Everyone watched as the blood filled the slaves cock and balls again, making them appear to be twice the size that they were.The rope was removed and there was a huge amount of pre cum. All the women thought the slave had cum after the rope was removed. Darla let them know that this was just his pre cum and they need not worry. With that said she grasped the slaves cock and smeared her hand with his secretions. She hit the head of his cock and the ladies watched as it with drew back toward his balls. He was instantly soft.Darla demonstrated for her guests. She tells them that the cock must be soft to do this; the milting won’t work if the cock is hard. She slides two fingers down the underside of the cock head towards the sac, with her two fingers still close to the head, the foreskin slips back up and covers her fingers and the head of the cock. She then takes her other hand and gets a cupping type grip under the sac and holds them steady so that they are trapped in that hand.Her two fingers slip downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock; the exception is they are inside the foreskin and not inside the wide mouth of his cock. The fingers reach a very slight “restriction” area of the sac. Pressing harder the two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slip with a “pop” into the sac and rest between the two testicles inside the sac. Darla then tells the ladies to select their favorite ball and begin stroking it and she demonstrates. The fingertips will feel the various muscles, tubes and cords of the balls. She begins to rub and stroke them, stimulating the ball to erupt which allows the sperm to just flow out.Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard. Within a moment they should feel a large amount of sperm and pre cum in the palm of their hand. Relax a moment, no movement at all and begin again. She warns them to be very careful and not continue the stimulation while the sperm and pre cum flow out because that will cause a full blown orgasm which defeats the purpose of the milting.Time was passing quickly. It was early morning already so Darla loosens the slave’s hands and orders him to stroke his cock to hardness. Ross opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by the cheers of the women all around him. He reached down and began to rub his cock. It didn’t take long and his cock was fat, long and thick. Everyone was impressed. He was totally humiliated.The women were very excited ordering the slave to rub his balls, and stroke his cock. He was told to insert a finger into the mouth of his cock and slowly stroke in and out as if it were a hot, tight pussy. They marveled as he complied and were amazed that his finger fit into the opening. Ross was told to introduce a finger into his ass as he stroked the inside of his cock; he was visibly humiliated, but complied. It was obvious that he was deriving some pleasure from the orders and his own stimulation because his cock was swelling monstrously large.Ross was told to remove his hands from his cock and ass. He was then ordered to pull his balls out and away from his body, “tighter and farther” the women yelled, “Squeeze those balls hard and pull.” He was ordered to slap his balls and bend it in every direction imaginable. They wanted him to grab hold of his cock and pump it hard, slowly at first and as their excitement grew they wanted him to go faster and squeeze it harder. He was forced to torture his own cock, balls and ass for these women.Someone shouted that she wanted to sit on that cock. Darla told the slave to stay still as she let him out of the bindings. She showed him a mattress and ordered him to bring it to the middle of the room. She handed him linens to cover the mattress and he was forced to make the bed that these women would continue to torture him in! After he finished placing the mattress cover over the mattress, he added the sheets and he was made to lay down on it and stroke himself back to hard, fat and long!When the slave had finished stroking himself hard again his hands were again restrained and secured by the suspension chains from the ceiling. They were pulled tight after the restraints were fastened to his wrists. So he is on display lying on the pure white clean sheets on the mattress in the center of the room. His arms slightly raised above his head with the suspension chains locked in place.Darla allowed her guests to tease, feel, touch and torture the slave but they could not make the slave cum. Ross was told to warn the women if he felt he couldn’t hold back. He was also told the punishment if he did cum. He would be strapped down and the electric toys would be brought out to punish him.Ross lay as all the women gathered around him helping one another get seated on his huge cock. They were cheering each other on and taking turns squatting over his face making him lick their hot, wet pussies. One woman had both hands wrapped around the slave’s balls and had squeezed them until they were almost flattened. Darla noticed the apparent strain in the slave’s face and watched as he convulsed in obvious orgasm. He was dry but never the less, he was cuming.Darla quickly placed a very tight restriction band around the base of the slave’s cock making sure he was still rock hard. The band will force the blood and fluid to remain in the cock and won’t allow it to return to the body. This essentially will keep his cock hard indefinitely. As Darla applied the band, she noticed the cock was sore and reddened. The slave had a few abrasions in the upper portion of his cock so with each woman trying to fit his cock in her pussy or sucking on his cock, it would be painful for Ross. It may burn as well from being so raw.Once the ladies finished with the task of each sitting on his hard cock, Darla informed them that the slave had cum after the seventh woman sat on him. She told the ladies that he had to be punished for his transgression. He had built up some desensitizing from the number of women battering his cock, but Darla had ointment in the event he was too raw.Darla asked the ladies to return to their seats and ordered her servants to move Ross from the mattress to the exam table that she had placed in the center of the room. He was to remain in restraints on both his ankles and wrists. As the servants walked him to the table everyone noticed he was a bit wobbly. His cock was swollen immensely and his balls much larger than when he had arrived from all of the abuse applied since he was purchased.The servants helped the slave up on to the table and his wrists were restrained just below the table. Darla restrained him herself to ensure his hands were not able to move. His feet were placed in stirrups, his legs spread wide and restrained to the stirrups. He was blindfolded and gagged so that he wouldn’t know when the electricity was coming.Mistress Darla asked the ladies to return to their seats again so that they could see how to attach the probes for the TENS unit. She explained that electricity and the current from the TENS unit run from point A to point B. She continued to explain that a probe attached to the slave’s ball sac, his prostrate, inside his ass and the second probe placed just inside the mouth of his cock would be ideal. She demonstrated the precise areas for her guests. The purpose of placing probes in those areas is simply that the current will run from one point to the other and will electrify everything in between the two probes. She left the probe in his cock head and placed the other on his ball sac.Darla held up the Oster massager and showed it to the ladies. She plugged it in and allowed each woman to feel the intensity of the vibrations. She heard gasps and whispers as the ladies talked about what it would obviously do to the slave.Darla tells the ladies that she wants the slave’s cock to stay hard, so she adjusts the frequency (the speed of the electrical vibrations) to low and then adjusts the intensity (the amount of electricity) to low also. The result is the cock will rise, thicken and then definitely get hard. Depending on the settings of the two, Ross would feel either a soft dull throbbing sensation, or he would feel very sharp sensations. In addition to that, if the Oster massager were applied to the balls it would have to be very quickly on and off, or he would not be able to control his orgasm.The women were all watching intently as the electricity was turned on and Darla makes the adjustments. Ross was bucking his hips and loudly screaming behind the gag within a few minutes. His cock and balls was swelling to twice its normal size and they are rock hard. His cock drooling as the low settings take effect. She played with Ross, turning the dials for the settings up and down, taking him to the edge of an orgasm and stopping, over and over again.Darla lets the guests know that the slave has to be monitored at all times for differences in breathing and body responses to prevent him from going over the edge into a full orgasm. She tells them that this comes with practice and complete knowledge of how the individual slave responds to the torture. As she turned the dials high, she pointed out that Ross was now twisting, jerking and spasming the current and intensity on high it wouldn’t take long at all to take him over the edge. She turns the dials down to low again.The sweat was pouring off the slave as he was wracked with the pain/pleasure of the toys. He was begging behind that gag to be able to cum. Darla knew if she let him cum he would be exhausted and useless, so the torture continued into the late morning. She asked each of her guests to come up and try the controls on the TENS unit but left the Oster to be played with later.It had been a solid two hours of electric torture when the Darla removed the toys. The pain/pleasure evident on the slaves face; and he was warned once again not to cum without the strict permission of Mistress Darla. She demonstrated a snap of the leather cat-o-nine. The eyes of the slave conveyed intense fear.The slave remained restrained to the exam table as the ladies all moved upstairs for lunch. The talk was hot during lunch and Darla took food and water to the slave. He was going to need fuel to fuck all these women. He was allowed to sit up on the table and one hand released to eat. Darla had removed the ball gag from his mouth. Ross finished eating and he was restrained again to the table as the ladies slowly filtered back into the room. Darla got the attention of the ladies and had them resume their seats on the sofas circling the slave. He has become uncomfortable on the exam table, restrained with his legs spread wide in the stirrups. The slave was returned with his cock and balls red and raw from over use during the last twenty-four hours. His balls were empty of the saline solution which had migrated back into his body. He was tired and visibly exhausted. Ross winced when Darla even touched him, he was so sore.There were huge dark circles in the foreskin of his cock from obvious use of the cock and ball wash. When too much pressure is used and the cock swells it can be difficult to remove from the cylinder, so with the force of the pressure and pulling and tugging to get it out, dark spots similar to bruising appear as the veins break under the skin. Darla asked for a couple of volunteers to play “doctor” with Ross.As she turned to gather the necessary “probes”, two of the ladies approached the slave. Darla heard one of the ladies tell the slave that this was going to hurt her more than it would hurt him. The room of ladies erupted in laughter. The women were still nude because the room had to be kept very warm for the slave to keep his balls soft and hanging down allowing each one to be languishing in a warm bag of fluid.Darla returned to the middle of the room with a stainless steel tray covered with an open towel and on the towel were several metal probes, a small lighting device and three pairs of latex gloves. She instructed the ladies to put the gloves on as she slid hers over her hand, snapping it against her wrist, and grinning.One of the ladies was instructed to work on the slaves misshapen balls, squeezing them and manipulating them back into nicely shaped ovals. She began to squeeze harder, flattening them out then massaging them back into ovals repeatedly. She crushed them under the palm of her hand against the end of the exam table then manipulated them back into ovals. She was enjoying his balls immensely. Ross would occasionally grimace in pain then pant from the manipulations.Darla let the two women go ahead inviting them to begin the examination. The lady at Ross’ balls was not very careful; she had one of the slave’s balls almost flattened in her hands again. Darla handed her a device that resembled a press. Two pieces of acrylic with four bolts, one in each corner, each one had a wing nut affixed to the top which could be twisted down to move the two pieces of acrylic firmly together.The woman’s eyes were huge as she took the press from Darla. She took hold of the slave’s balls and stuffed them between the two pieces of acrylic and began turning the wing nuts to tighten it down. Watching the slave wince every now and then had some of the audience fingering their clits as they watched the show. They could see the slave’s cock getting harder and swelling as the press was flattened more. Ross was in serious pain as his balls were being literally attacked by these sex crazed women. The other ladies began to gather around the exam table to get a better look. As the press was tightened down even more, the slave’s balls were just as flat as they could get.Darla handed the other woman a set of nipple clamps which had alligator clips at the end. She watched as they were applied to the freshly licked and sucked nipples on the slave. The ladies all clapped as the slave screamed behind the gag from the pain in his nipples. They could see the pain in his eyes. His balls flattened his nipples in alligator clips and Darla about to introduce Hegar Sounds into the mouth of his cock.Darla picked up one of the metal probes. They are each about eight to ten inches in length, hollow, polished aluminum and range from small to large. The sounds stretch the urethra as they are being slid into the male’s cock. They are very smooth and therefore tight as they slide down into the urethra.Darla lifted the slave’s cock and began slowly feeding it down into the eye. Ross responded by literally rising up off of the table, hips bucking, cock straining trying to push it out, as Darla continued to slide the probe down into him. It took two extra ladies to hold him down at the pelvic area. Darla decided to play some; she let the probe slide out of the slave’s cock and began to push her baby finger down into the urethra, telling the women to hold him tight. She was about half way in when Ross screamed behind the gag over his mouth. The women were cheering her on and gasping from what they were watching.Darla soon tired of the finger and let it slip from his cock. She got one of the larger sounds and began feeding it down into Ross’ cock again. The women held him down as he struggled against the assault. When she had it deeply embedded, she attached a small clamp with a wire from the TENS unit to the probe. So his balls pressed, his penis probed and his nipples clamped the ladies stood back to admire their work.The slave was ready for some electrical fun! The ladies all returned to their seats and Darla readied them for the show. All eyes were on the slave, they could see the sweat pouring from his brow as the clamps and wires were tightened. When the electricity was turned on, if the slave moved his nipples would be pulled by the clamps out and away from his body, causing extreme pain. Darla held the probe in place by squeezing the slave’s cock tightly around the head. Another person was invited to apply the electricity.As the woman turned the TENS unit on everyone could see the instant results of the shock. The slave’s cock jutted upward and pre cum trying to ooze from the mouth, but forced back into the shaft of his cock. His body moved just enough to pull the nipple clamps tightly. He winced in pain.His body betrayed his fear and humiliation. His thighs and stomach muscles taunt, his back arched, his neck straining with his head thrown back, the ladies watched as his hips thrust upward and pumped hard. The sound probe was bobbing up and down and back and forth as the electric current surged through it. It doesn’t get any more intense, than this.The electricity was applied several more times until the ladies were getting restless again. They wanted this slave badly. Darla had to continually reposition the probe as Ross tried to push it out, she had kept her latex gloves on for that specific reason, and she didn’t want to get shocked.Darla removed the electrodes from the sound probe in the slaves cock and positioned them on each side of the slave’s balls. As the TENS unit was turned on again his balls twitched and literally danced as the electricity passed through them. They were rock solid in minutes. The skin was stretched tightly over the balls it looked and felt as though they would pop, like a balloon.The ladies removed the electrodes and the sound probe, the clamps were removed from the slave’s nipples and as the blood flowed back into each one, the slave groaned behind the gag from the pain. Darla summoned the servants who were also cops to stand by as the restraints were removed so that Ross could stand and stretch his body, relieve himself and drink some water. The servants were prepared with a tazer in case the slave decided to get too wild.Ross returned to the middle of the room, security by his side. Mistress Darla ordered Ross to service every pussy in the room. He was required to make each lady cum at least one time. The women got very excited about this and several volunteers to be first came forward.It was decided that the slave would start with the one lady on the left end of the sofa and work from there to the last lady on the right. Ross moved to the first lady and spread her legs wide. It just happened that this lady was here for the first time. She was very shy and timid but within minutes Ross had her screaming in orgasm. She clamped her legs together, pulls on his hair and ears and grabs at him in an attempt to get his cock. The older experienced ladies were humored with her reaction.The next lady was one of the mean ones. She was very experienced, had huge tits a completely tanned body and shaved pussy. She moved down and spread out on the carpeted floor and orders the slave to make her cum hard or he’ll be punished hard. He leaned into her wet cavern and held her lips wide open as he lapped at her pussy. The other ladies were watching intently, a few with their hands working their own clits. She had his semi hard cock in her hand as he licked and sucked her. As she moved closer to orgasm she pulls and stretches his cock hard. She pulls the foreskin tightly stretching it causing the slave to work double fast on her cunt. As her back arches and she cums really hard, she grabs his cock and stretches it out tightly until her body relaxes and lets it go.Ross worked his way down the line of women licking and sucking clits and pussies until he thought his tongue would fall off. As he serviced the last one, Darla stood next to him with a glass of water and a small pill for him to take. The slave was concerned as he had never been required to swallow medication before, but Darla assured him that he would be fine. He swallowed the Viagra.The women cheered as the slave’s cock grew harder and harder. He was leaking pre cum like never before. The women had mixed responses to the huge amounts of pre cum oozing from his cock. Some loved it and some couldn’t even look at it. Ross was ordered to begin stroking his cock for the ladies, using only the pre cum as lubricant. He was not to touch any other part of his body.After stroking for awhile Darla decided to milt him again. His balls were so full from servicing all the beautiful women and the abuse; she thought it best for all concerned.His cock must be soft to milt and it won’t work if the cock is hard. Darla slaps at his cock until it is soft again. She slides two fingers down the underside of the cock head towards the sac, with her two fingers still close to the head, the foreskin slips back up and covers her fingers and the head of the cock. She then takes her other hand and gets a cupping type grip under the sac and holds them steady so that they are trapped in that hand.Her two fingers slip downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock; the exception is they are inside the foreskin and not inside the wide mouth of his cock. The fingers reach a very slight “restriction” area of the sac. Pressing harder the two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slip with a “pop” into the sac and rest between the two testicles inside the sac. She has the servants stroking the slave’s balls. Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard. Within a moment they should feel a large amount of sperm and pre cum in the palm of their hand. Relax a moment, no movement at all and begin again. She warns them to be very careful and not continue the stimulation while the sperm and pre cum flow out because that will cause a full blown orgasm which defeats the purpose of the milting.After the second milting, Darla orders the slave to stroke his cock hard again. He was in the middle of the room, stroking his cock hard. He was humiliated because he had to rub harder and harder, faster and holding it tighter just to try and get hard for all the women to see. When Ross was hard once again, desensitized from all the abuse and the Viagra the head was very engorged and huge, the shaft super thick and very fat he could do almost anything at this point and not cum.One of the women slipped down in front of him and spread her pussy lips for him. Ross looked to Darla for instruction; he was such a well trained slave. Darla ordered him to fuck the woman in any way she wanted.Ross guided the head of his engorged cock to the opening of the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. His balls ached from the lack of release, and he knew now that Darla had fed him Viagra, he wouldn’t be able to explode for at least six hours.The woman pressed her ass back as the slave’s cock entered her. She felt the head of his cock so very deep, massaging the inside of her wet pussy. She bucked her hips and moaned her pleasures. Ross was not responding as Darla had hoped so she took charge of the situation. Ross was placed on his back as the woman slid down his huge cock. Darla invited the next lady to straddle the slaves face, he was ordered to lick and suck her to orgasm as the other woman rode his cock hard.Ross was amazed at the short time it took to get these two ladies off and relaxed a bit as the one from his mouth was lowered onto his dripping cock. This one was much tighter than the last and he had to work his hips to enter her. His cock tingled from the tight constraints of her hole but he pushed forward anyway.Another woman was sitting on his face before he was touching bottom of the lady on his cock. He worked his tongue into her matching his thrusts into the womb of the other. He almost choked as the woman on his face squirted her cum all over his face. That triggered the other to contract her pussy around his cock like a vise, he groaned as she emptied her orgasm over his cock.The women continued through out the afternoon and evening getting licked, sucked and fucked by this slave. Everyone serviced, Darla announced it was time for the party to end. She escorted her guests to the door and hugged each one as they filed out. She breathed a sigh of relief as she started toward the dungeon again.The slave was brought in front of Darla by the servants. Darla asked for the cylinder and slipped it over Ross’ cock and balls. His eyes widened not knowing what to expect and Darla smiled, reassuring him that this was a very pleasurable cock and ball wash with “pump” action!! The sting from the hot water and baby oil caused Ross to jump slightly and the pain from the pumping, he knew would be more than the first time.The two women tightened the cylinder and started the pump. They watched as the slaves cock and balls were cleaned and washed by the warm water, and began to swell and his face showed the pain and stinging. When Darla saw his balls twice the size they were, the pump was turned off and the ladies pulled and pushed until the cylinder was removed. Ross was placed in the shower and told to clean himself up. The servants were instructed to place him back on the mattress spread eagle and restrained, then let Darla know when he was ready.Darla leans down to the slave and begins to examine him for damage. She finds him hugely swollen yet still hard. His balls are much larger yet very tight. She notes the small breaks in the skin, abrasions, bruising and the mouth of his cock has been stretched to the point she could easily fit her thumb down inside. She is very surprised there is very little blood. She also is concerned when she sees bite marks on the head of his cock and also on his balls.Ross has never been with more than one woman before and he was exhausted. Darla came into the room totally nude and the slave was astonished to see such a lovely woman. He instantly felt a deep desire over come him as he drank the beauty of her body. He didn’t think his cock could get any harder, but it swelled and throbbed like never before. The servants released Ross from the restraints and were told to step away and wait for further orders.Darla ordered the slave to his knees; she spread her lovely legs showing of her smoothly shaved mound and pussy. Ross moved in with his mouth and tongue without being told, He grasps the cheeks of her ass and pulls her to his awaiting mouth. She gasps and presses her mound into his face, his tongue flicking over her clit like lightening bolts.Darla’s knees give out and the slave lowers her to the bed just across the room. He spreads her legs wide open and presses them into the air with his shoulders. He licks the Mistress from tailbone to clit and back over and over. She is panting as her pussy begins to contract around his tongue.He slips a finger into her hot, wet hole and sucks hard on her distended clit until her body convulses and she literally screams as her orgasm over takes her. Then Ross takes the tip of one finger and slides the hood of Darla’s clit back and assaults the head of her clit with his tongue. He lessons the intensity of his assault on her clit and slides a second finger into her pussy. He slowly strokes his Mistress of the night into another mind blowing orgasm.Ross feels the effects of the d**g wearing off as he slides up the length of her body. His balls are so full and his cock rock hard when he reaches the smooth skin surrounding Darla’s steamy pussy. The slave traces the outer lips with the head of his cock ever so softly as he stares into her eyes. He tells her with his body that he has all the control now.Darla’s eyes slowly shut as Ross slips the head of his engorged cock up and down her slit, she moans envisioning that huge cock stretching her pussy to its biggest ever. She imagines that feeling of fullness and anticipates his deep strokes.The slave takes her nipple and sucks it hard into his mouth; he rolls it over his tongue and gently bites down on it. Darla’s eyes instantly open and she gasps for air feeling him take her in one hard, long and deep stroke. He presses himself deeply into her feeling the opening to her womb. Holding himself tightly against her cervix, he leans down and takes the other nipple in his mouth sucking hard and biting as Darla loudly moans her approval.Ross rocks against Darla’s womb, massaging the inside of her cunt and presses his lips over hers deeply kissing her into her third orgasm. He then begins to stroke her dripping wet pussy with long, slow motions. They rock together, Ross fucking her hard and deep then suddenly withdrawing. Darla moans her protest as he withdraws and rolls her to her stomach.The slave pulls his Mistress up onto all fours by her hips and presses the head of his drenched cock to the opening of her ass. Darla excitedly presses her ass back onto Ross’s cock and he feels the head push through the opening. They hold still allowing her to adjust to the large cock entering her ass.Ross begins to press forward as he feels her contract around his cock. He slips deeper into her ass and hears her beg for more. He presses hard and slides balls deep into her ass and she slams her ass back over his cock. They move as one when Ross starts to move himself slowly in and out of her tight ass. Ross fucks her ass hard, balls slapping against her clit, faster and deeper as she loudly moans. He feels her pussy contracting and he reaches around to firmly pinch and pull on her clit, taking her over the edge and into the throws of yet another explosive orgasm.Darla dismounts the slave and turns on her side. Ross lies down beside her and they notice the time. She has just enough time to drive him to the park to meet his owner. She will return him well used.Darla had the servants get Ross restrained in the car and the four of them headed for the park. Brenda and Linda were there to take the slave back to their place. Darla turned him over to them and thanked them for a wonderful twenty-four hours!Linda and Brenda looked at one another when they saw Ross. He was literally asleep on his feet. His cock was hanging down, elongated and super fat. His balls appeared fuller than when we sent him, hanging down much lower on his thighs, stretched, was the only word they could think of to describe his balls. The slave had his head down, he appeared as a broken man, humiliated, his shoulders shrunk and bowed. He was totally exhausted.Brenda drove and Linda was in the back with the slave. He reeked of sweat and sex, his pubic area full of dried, matted sperm and pussy juice. She questioned the slave of his twenty-four hour captivity. The slave turned to Linda and told her that he had been sworn to silence by the Mistress Darla. Linda is shocked yet appears to let the subject drop.The slave drifted off to sleep, restrained and spread eagle in the back of the car. Linda examined him along the way home. She picked up his balls, which were huge and swollen, sagging and stretched she looked at them at them from every angle. His cock was elongated, thick and fat. An almost continuous flow of clear fluid was leaking from the awfully stretched mouth of his cock.Linda noted the red marks, bite marks, breaks in the skin and the abrasions. She saw the scratches all over his ball sac, the shaft of his cock and the head of his cock as well. It was obvious that his balls had been beaten because they were huge, even larger than when Brenda injected the saline into them.There were bite marks around his nipples and breaks in the skin where he obviously had alligator clips attached. Linda was stunned to see bite marks on his thighs and his ass cheeks too. Ross had fingernail scratches down his back and thighs. Linda noticed a small amount of blood in the fluid oozing from the mouth of his cock and wondered how much internal damage had been done.Brenda pulled into the driveway to the house and joined Linda in walking the slave back into the playroom. Ross is then escorted to the shower and told he needs to be in there until he squeaks, they want him clean. He is given shaving gear and told to shave his face and the area just around his cock and balls.Ross entered the steamy shower feeling exhausted from the last twenty-four hours, he hoped for some recovery time before these ladies start in on him. He needed some sleep. He emerged from the shower with just a towel tied around his waist, his balls were so huge, and nothing hides them. Linda wondered to herself if he knew just how sexy he was, and if he knew what kind of effect he has on women. She doubted that he truly understood.Unrestrained and fresh from the shower, the slave knelt voluntarily in front of the three women captors. They all seemed impressed with that voluntary demonstration of a broken man. Linda told the slave that he would be allowed to sleep all of that night and as late into the morning as he would like. He was ordered back to the bed and Linda restrained just one of his legs with a tether allowing him the ability to stretch and turn in the bed because he was likely to be very sore.Sara, Brenda and Linda headed upstairs to discuss the rest of the week and what they wanted to do with their slave. They only had him for a few more days. Tonight they will allow him to sleep and recover from his ordeal with Mistress Darla. After a long discussion they all agreed to let him recover until Tuesday morning, which is just over twenty-four hours.It was noon on Monday when Linda went to check on Ross. She found him awake and stretched out across the bed. She took him over to an overstuffed chair and placed his breakfast in front of him. She told him he needed to eat to regain some of his strength back. She ensured the restraint was still tight around his ankle and secured to the chair. Sitting down with the slave, she informed him that he had until the next morning to recover and then the fun would begin all over again. Tuesday morning arrived rather quickly.Ross had been looking around the room at all of the “tools” the women had collected. His heart beat a bit faster from the fear of some of the toys. He knew some or all of them would eventually used on him and he wasn’t sure he liked the idea of that.Ross reminisced over the events of the last four nights. He grew hard thinking about some of Darla’s guests. He thought they had some gorgeous tits and pussies. His eyes riveted on one section of the wall, his cock throbbed because he knew they were tools for the TENS unit and as much as it hurt he enjoyed the feeling of electricity. It was a more intense orgasm than anything he had ever felt.Ross didn’t hear Linda come down the stairs, and he was ashamed to be caught with his raging hard on. Linda teased the slave about getting so hard looking at all the toys. She informed him that he was all hers for the day, as Brenda and Sara had gone out. He was in for a treat.Linda took Ross back to the bed in the middle of the room and restrained his leg back to the pole at the end. She ordered the slave to remove her clothes. He was slow to respond so she slapped his ass cheek hard several times. Ross quickly began removing her clothes, and leaned in boldly kissing her mouth with an urgency she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Linda broke the kiss and slapped Ross’ ass harder reminding him of his position as her slave.Ross let his hands slide down to the hem of her blouse; he stared into her eyes as he slowly lifted the blouse up over her head, not bothering to unbutton it. He was deliberately being bold, and challenged Linda to do something about it, with just the look in his eyes.He had unclasped her bra and then sensually looped the straps under his fingers. He slowly slid them down her arms and he bravely leaned in and kissed her again. His tongue slid into her mouth and his tongue danced with hers. He removed her pants sliding them over her hips and down her legs then had her step out of them.They stood naked in the very warm room and Linda sat back down on the sofa. She motioned Ross to lay with his head in her lap and was quite surprised to feel him as he immediately begin sucking on her distended nipples. She laid her head back against the back of the sofa and gave into the moment.Ross sucked her nipples hard and he gently bit them. She was getting very excited. She felt the juices flow from her pussy as Ross switched to the other nipple and moved back and forth between the two. It was if her tits were made for this, they fit right into his mouth as his head lay in her lap. She reached out to stroke his very hard cock and her arm was just the right length. She used his pre cum as lubrication and slowly stroked him as he brought her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly.Ross sucked her nipples like they would be the last nipples he would ever suck. She felt his tongue as it teased the tips. Her back arched as she felt his teeth gently but firmly bite into the hardened buds. She felt the current that went from her nipples down to her clit, just as if there was electricity flowing and her clit throbbed. Her body responded to the slave’s mouth with surges of her juice running down between her legs and soft moans escaping from deep within her.Ross continued the assault on her nipples sucking them hard and then he blew cool air on the hard buds causing them to stiffen even more. He bit and licked and teased them until he had her heart racing, and she was gasping for breath, her breathing fast and shallow and her hips pressing firmly into his side. He took one more gentle bite of each nipple before bringing her to her limit and easing her over the edge into an explosive orgasm.Linda was without words. She loved the feeling of his mouth on her nipples, his searing tongue teasing the tips, his teeth closing around them with just the right amount of pressure. He had brought her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly by just licking and sucking her nipples. She felt the dizziness of passion swell inside her as he took her over the rim of ecstasy, her body writhing under him, her chest jutting out for more of his expert tonguing. She felt her pussy contracting deep within her as a gush of her juices spilled out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the sofa. She loudly moaned as her orgasm took over and then as her body relaxed back into the sofa.They teased and played on the sofa for quite awhile, she had cum over and over again as Ross teased, sucked and bit her nipples. He suddenly turned over onto his side and spread her legs wide, his tongue found her already swollen clit and he sucked on it just as if he were sucking her nipples. He began to gently bite her clit as he sucked hard then he slipped to his knees in front of her, spread her legs and her pussy lips wide and he licked and sucked her clit even harder.Ross leaned his face back in between her legs sucking and gently biting her clit, when he lets one hand slip lower and his middle finger finds its way into her hot and wet pussy. His finger snakes around feeling the soft warm tissue within and settles on that spongy feeling spot. He draws small circles with the tip of his finger and slowly increases the pressure as his finger moves back and forth.She tosses her head from side to side and feels another orgasm about to erupt. Ross applies more suction on her swelling clit and grabs it between his teeth. Not letting go of her clit he feels her pussy begin to contract around his middle finger and slips another finger inside her, spreading her lips wide, stretching her pussy opening he expertly brought her to another powerfully explosive orgasm.Her body shook and her back arched up off of the sofa, she came hard. Her pussy contracted around his fingers like a vise and her juices spilled into the palm of his hand. She slid her hips down tightly against his hand grinding against his fingers pushing them deeply into her cervix and she came again even harder into his hand.Ross stayed right between her legs softly licking her clit as she began to calm. His fingers slid from inside her pussy and he picked her up into his arms, carried her to the bed in the middle of the room and he lay down beside her. His cock at her mouth, she took very slow and deliberate licks to clean the pre cum from him as he slipped his tongue between her parted legs to lap up all of her juices.Linda noticed his balls were full and hanging down in the warmth of the hot room. His cock was fat, but soft lying on his thigh. She turned and took his balls into both of her hands and began to squeeze them hard. She molded them into perfect ovals and got them ready to unload.Linda continued to massage his balls squeezing and manipulating them until she noticed his cock head straining, and very purple, pre cum flowing from its gaping mouth. Her pussy was still saturated with the juices from the powerful orgasms and she had worked the slave’s cock into a rock hard erection without ever touching it.Ross gently guided Linda to her knees and bent her at the waist. From behind he pressed his stiff, fat cock into her dripping pussy. He had to take her slowly as she was so small. He worked the head of his cock into her tight opening and strained to keep from exploding.With the head of his cock nestled into the deepest parts of her, he reached around with both hands and parted her lips wide. He used one hand to work her throbbing clit massaging it, pinching it, rolling the hood back and softly teasing the tiny head bringing her to another explosive orgasm.He felt her pussy contract hard around his rigid cock, she slumped her upper body down to the bed, pulling him with her; her shoulders and head rested on the pillow. Ross could feel every move from deep within her. His cock was harder than ever before and swelling even more.Linda was spent but Ross was still rock hard and buried deep inside her. He allowed her to rest a few moments and let her pussy return to normal. He then began to thrust into and out of her. Gently at first, slowly increasing in speed and depth; he pressed hard into her wet cavern and his pelvic bone rested on her ass; his balls flop against her distended clit, over and over he continues to thrust deeply into her. He thrusts in and pulls completely out before plunging deeply into her again watching intently as her pussy swallows every inch of him.I didn’t take much before her tightness trapped his thick foreskin and made an audible plop every time it cleared the entrance to her pussy. Within minutes she felt him press into her one last time, hard, deeper than ever before; brushing against the entrance to her cervix massaging it. Then he stopped, she felt his muscled cock head swell enormously and the first hot, thick, spurt of his cum splatter deep inside her. She then felt a rhythmic explosion of thick, hot spurts of his cum lodge deep within her, his cock head contracting and relaxing as he emptied his balls deep inside her pussy.They rolled apart and Linda could not believe she let that happen. She had been so excited from watching him prior to the auction and then thinking about the things that Darla made him go through, she just didn’t realize how hot and excited it made her. She got up and headed for the shower. When she emerged she instructed Ross to go in and shower as well.Linda was lost in thought when Ross returned from the shower. He remained nude and had not been allowed any clothing since the loin cloth for the auction. She took him upstairs and ordered him to begin some household chores. He rinsed the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and started it. He wiped the counters clean, swept and mopped the floor. Linda had him clean the upstairs bathroom and dust and after he vacuumed and then she took him back down to the playroom.Brenda and Sara arrived home just a few minutes after Linda had Ross secured to the bed in the playroom. It’s Linda’s night to cook dinner so Brenda and Sara get to monitor the slave. While Linda was preparing dinner Brenda and Sara had an idea for the evening’s entertainment. They got everything ready and just as Linda brought the steaks and salad down they had Ross ready to be restrained to the suspended fir lined cuffs from the ceiling.Sara ordered Ross to the sofa as Linda and Brenda went upstairs to get the dishes, salad dressings and silverware. They all gathered around the sofa area and enjoyed dinner; Brenda and Sara were snickering and smiling with each other as if they were hiding a secret. Linda asked what was going on and Brenda told her they had the evening all planned and she would truly enjoy the show.Dinner complete and everything cleaned up the ladies were able to retire to the playroom with their slave. He had been restrained with his legs spread wide, ankles cuffed to the poles in the center of the room, his arms stretched up over his head, spread wide and cuffed as well. The three ladies sat down to enjoy looking at Ross. He lowered his eyes in shame as his cock grew rock hard knowing they were watching him.Sara got up and filled the large cylinder with some hot water and oils that would soak into the skin of the slave’s cock and balls softening them and keeping them supple and pliable good for stretching without damaging them.Ross was ordered to cram his cock and balls inside the cylinder, Sara applied a copious amount of oil around the outer area of the sac to help facilitate the entry. Sara began to pump when Ross finished cramming his cock and balls into the cylinder. The ladies watched as the slave’s cock grew even bigger, fatter and harder.Sara tugged and pulled on the tubing, moving it up and down and trying to make small circles with it. Every now and then a wince of pain shot across Ross’ face. His cock and balls were now twice the size of the opening to the cylinder where eventually he would have to pull them out. Even the thought of it was very painful.Brenda and Sara didn’t know that Linda had emptied the slave’s balls once that day, and they continued to apply the pump until Ross’ cock and balls were only convulsing; his balls dry and totally empty there was nothing coming out. Brenda took over pulling and pressing the cylinder all around the slave’s pelvic area. Pressing it up against his abdomen then pulling it down onto the thigh area, twisting and turning it as Sara continued to pump and release.Brenda wanted to play all night and Sara was game, but Linda finally told them that Ross had cum so much today that there simply couldn’t produce anymore for awhile and he needed to rest his battered cock and balls After some discussion, Sara stopped pumping and Brenda handed the cylinder to Ross, ordering him to take it off. The trio sat back to watch Ross struggle with the cylinder trying to get his cock and balls out.As he slipped from the tube Brenda noted a small amount of blood and pointed it out to Sara and Linda. It was decided that Ross would need to see a Doctor as soon as morning got there. He needed a complete exam.It was getting late so the three ladies allowed Ross to get into bed. He didn’t even have the strength to take a shower or the few steps to get in the bed, they had to help him. Once Ross was in bed and restrained again, the three women went over to the sofa, taking some toys off the walls as they passed, and proceeded to help each other get off. They all relaxed, talking into the night on Linda’s bed just off of the playroom. That is where they all woke up the next day.Linda was first to wake up. Her thoughts drifted to the night before and she smiled, while she slipped on her robe to go check on the slave. He was still sleeping and his leg was still tethered to the pole on the bed. He stirred as Linda stood watching him. Rolling over on his side, he looked up at her and asked for a shower. Linda told him he would get showered and cleaned up very soon and also that he would be seeing the doctor after dinner that evening.She didn’t tell him that the doctor specializes in urology. She is a “quiet” member of the BDSM/Auction community and very wealthy so she has the means to acquire any slave she could ever want. She is considered one of the top experts in male modification and considering her expert knowledge of male and female reproductive systems as well as all of the functions with each; she is the best in her field. There is no one in the “community” that truly knows what she does with the slaves she leases, but there are many rumors floating about. Some say she is very rough and she doesn’t damage the slave, but she has tried. Some have said even if she did damage one of the slaves, she would know how to repair the damage done.Throughout the course of the day the three ladies showered and got cleaned up then allowed Ross to do the same. He was then required to clean and disinfect the bathrooms and work around the house until it was time to transport him to the doctor’s office.Sara put together a quick meal of spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner with dinner rolls. The four sat together to eat and Ross was then prepared to go to the doctor. He was put back into the shower as Brenda cleaned up the dinner dishes. Linda supervised him and when he was finished with the shower she placed Ross in full restraints for transport. He was blindfolded to avoid any risk of exposing the identity of the doctor or her office. They left the house just after dark to ensure the waiting room in the doctor’s office had been cleared and her medical assistants had gone home for the evening. Brenda had a blanket for the slave to keep him warm on the trip.Ross was taken into the clinic through the doctor’s entrance at the rear of the building. He was placed on an exam table, complete with stirrups. His wrists were placed in soft leather restraints just below table level and his ankles strapped to the stirrups. The doctor was informed that her patient was ready. As the doctor entered the room she was immediately aware of this slave’s huge cock and balls. She stared momentarily and told the ladies that she wasn’t present for the last auction but she had heard about this new slave. She spread the stirrups wide open, locked them into place and then placed a soft leather restraint across the slave’s chest and a padded one around his neck, securing his head to the table. Linda could tell that Ross was frightened, his cock was soft and limp but his balls were still swollen, bloated and full, very huge.The doctor reached for the bright exam light and pulled it down to the slave’s genital area offering her a much better and closer look. As she began her examination she was pushing and touching all around the slave’s balls. He appeared to be frightened of this exam, however, his cock and balls gave him away. His cock was thickening, getting very fat and a drop of pre cum appeared at the tip. The doctor noticed the change and commented on the fact that the cock and balls “don’t lie.”She got quite a bit rougher with Ross since his arousal level had given him away. She poked and prodded every inch of the two orbs in the sac. The slave’s discomfort level was obvious from his twisting and the slight gasps from his mouth. The doctor continued the exam as she felt for the tubes and cords that distended to the top area of the balls from deep within the body. Her fingers probed and were almost into the body cavity by way of the slave’s sac. Her touch became more hard and firm as she seemed to enjoy the discomfort Ross had displayed. The Slave’s cock had become rock hard and a steady stream of pre-cum was spilling over the shaft from the doctor’s firm touch.Turning to Linda, Brenda and Sara the doctor told them there is an easy way to soften a very hard cock. She asked if they knew how to accomplish that and when they told her that they didn’t she demonstrated. The doctor firmly grabbed the shaft of the slave’s cock and with her other hand, slammed the open palm into the cock head, literally forcing it hard back into the body. Ross jumped and groaned in pain and almost immediately his cock wilted and became soft.The doctor began to rub the underside of the softened head with her long fingernail. The slave’s cock responded instantly by thickening and swelling, dripping from the tip. He was rock hard again. The doctor firmly grabbed the shaft again and she slammed her open palm hard into the head again forcing it hard back into the body. The slave jumped again and let out a long painful groan as his cock instantly wilted and softened again. The three women could tell that the doctor was having fun while inflicting this pain on their slave. The doctor explained that this method of”instantaneous softening” had little or nothing to do with pain, but had everything to do with the element of surprise, or shock to the cock. Males never expect women to slam their cocks.The doctor continued to examine the balls by palpating each one individually. She began by softly “thumping” each one but gradually working her way from softly to very hard. She claimed to be checking for damage, but Linda surely didn’t think that was the case at all. She noted the sweat pouring off the slave and his obvious discomfort from the palpations of each ball. He winced with every thump. It was confusing though as his cock swelled up and stood rigidly for all of us to see.The doctor stated that everything seemed to be in “good working order.” She thought to herself that she could have lots of fun with this slave, and she was already planning on how to accomplish that.The doctor took a large sample of the pre-cum from the head of Ross’ cock and examined it. She told Brenda, Linda and Sara that it appeared to be normal with no blood present. She then squeezed her thumb and forefinger around the base of the slave’s cock and performed a squeegee type motion up the entire shaft squeezing all fluids up to the tip. She leans in and closely examined the fluid. She told the women that if the blood they saw was from scratches it would be fine, but if it was from internal bleeding there could be huge problems that could result in serious infection, internal damage or even more serious, death. She continued to examine the slave trying to duplicate the visual sight of the blood that the three women had seen. After several attempts at squeezing a small amount of blood appeared at the tip of Ross’ cock, mixed in with his pre-cum. The doctor let the ladies know that it warranted further examination.Linda overheard the doctor refer to an MRI. She asked why the slave needed such an expensive test. The doctor downplayed it as a joke and just thinking out loud. Brenda looked at Linda and shook her head. The ladies silently agreed that an MRI was not necessary. The doctor thought to herself that she really wished the ladies had not heard her mention the MRI. That was a pleasure the doctor wanted all to herself.Ross flinched as the doctor continued the exam of his balls. She was beginning to get really rough with them. Her mauling caused concern for the women watching but they stood silently by, observing. Ross seemed to be able to take lots of pain, the doctor’s hard probing had to hurt, but he rarely moaned or groaned. He winced every now and then when she was extremely brutal.She grasped the slaves cock shaft and smeared her hand with his secretions. She hit the head of his cock with her open palm from the other hand and the ladies watched as it with drew back toward his balls. He was instantly soft. The doctor stated she was about to milt the slave and milting wouldn’t work if the cock was hard. She slid two fingers down the underside of the slave’s cock head towards his sac, with her two fingers still close to the head; the foreskin slips up and covers her fingers as well as the head of his cock. She then took her other hand and got a cupping type grip under the ball sac and held them steady so that they were trapped in her hand.Her two fingers pushed downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock. Her fingers were in the foreskin and not inside the mouth of Ross’ cock as they reached that very slight area of the sac meeting resistance. Pressing harder her two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slipped with a “pop” into the sac and rested between the two testicles deep inside.The doctor then began to stroke one of the slave’s balls. Her fingertips felt the various muscles, tubes and cords that distended from the body into his balls. She began to rub and stroke them, stimulating the ball to eruption; which allowed the slave’s sperm to flow out. Ross was feeling deep arousal evidenced by his panting. They all noticed his stomach tighten and the muscles in his thighs twitch and contract from being pulled so tightly, he was very close to orgasm. She stopped all stimulation momentarily and after a few minutes, she began to stimulate his ball all over again, hard. She waited for a minute and then felt a huge amount of pre-cum and sperm mixed, in the palm of her hand.The doctor obviously has vast experience in milting because she knew just when to stop all movement around the slave’s cock and balls to avoid full orgasm. She was just emptying his balls for now. The women watched closely as the doctor continued the milting process until there were just spasms coming from deep within his cock, but no fluid was being released. She had drained him, for the time being. There was sperm and pre-cum everywhere. Ross was exhausted, drained. The doctor’s hands were dripping cum onto the floor. There was cum up on his stomach and dripping down off the exam table.The doctor explained to Brenda, Sara and Linda that with the presence of any amount of blood she needed to insert a tiny flex camera to locate the cause of the bleeding. Since this had been the third time blood has been seen, she needed to ensure there was no internal bleeding. She wiped the head of Ross’ cock over and over again, only to find more and more pre-cum drooling from the mouth. She verified with the ladies that the slave’s cock had been worked extensively previous to the auction.She noted that the opening to the slave’s cock was much larger than the average male and she attempted to clean out the urethra several times before taking much harsher steps. She found that the shaft just oozed more each time she attempted to clean it out so she opted for the “wash” prior to inserting the camera. She had to be able to see once the camera was inside and with the amount of pre-cum and sperm in the shaft, it wouldn’t be possible.The doctor grabbed a small pressurized metal head very similar to the instrument that a dentist used to wash your teeth off, with the exception that this one had much more pressure to it. The doctor ensured that the tiny hose was attached firmly to the pressurized head as she began to feed it into the slave’s cock shaft. He was in very obvious discomfort as she threaded deeper and deeper into his shaft. She sprayed the warm water each time she probed deeper which actually stretched the urethra a little bit more. The doctor sprayed one last time and the slave was rock hard again. Ross was extremely excited. He was gasping for breath.The doctor knew that spraying was somewhat painful as it attacks lots of nerve endings. Ross was beginning to pant again from the intense feelings from the sprayer. The doctor pulled the tiny sprayer from his cock and began to insert a tiny suction tube. Deeper and deeper it went down into his cock, actually suctioning his shaft dry as it progressed. He was in torment from the pain and of virtually no fluid and a dry shaft as she pulled to remove it from deep within him. The doctor turned to Brenda, Linda and Sara and elaborated that the slave’s urethral opening was huge and it was not in any way like a typical male. She noted it was very unusual and erotic. She was very intrigued and warming up to the thoughts of having that slave to herself.She took the tiny camera which was smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil and immediately fed it into the shaft of Ross’ cock. He screamed from the pain this time as he was very dry still. The doctor watched what her expert hands were doing to the stretched mouth of the slave’s fat cock. He was almost coming up off the exam table, sweat pouring off him as he tried to pull away. He was gasping and groaning but his cock was still very hard.After several attempts and watching the smooth inner muscles of the slave’s cock, there seemed to be no evidence of a cut or tear. She informed the ladies that in fact, there was lots of bruising. She decided to find out once and for all if there was cock damage or internal damage.She opened a drawer at the foot of the exam table and removed a set of hegar sounds. She explained to Linda, Sara and Brenda that by forcing the inner urethra smooth tissue to stretch farther and farther, it would actually cause any cuts or tears to re-open and bleed, therefore confirming whether the cut is actually in the shaft or in the body.Linda gasped at the thought of the stainless steel instruments being forced down into the shaft of her slave’s cock. She stepped out the back door for some fresh air during that part of the procedure. The doctor placed a ball gag into the mouth of the slave and tightened the straps around his head.The doctor squeezed the puckering mouth of Ross’s cock open. She looked inside for a long moment attempting to gauge the size of the sounds to start with. The shaft of Ross’ cock was still virtually dried out, but the doctor knew that the pre-cum would soon rise to the tip all over again.She selected one of the large gauged sounds and began to insert the nine inch tool into the stretched mouth of Ross’ cock. As she gently pushed it into the shaft she felt it smooth all the way. She noted that the slave’s hips were up off of the table and he was deathly silent. She glanced to his face and noted his profuse sweating, and the muscles in his neck pulled tight. She knew she was just getting started and felt sure he would not enjoy the amount of torture to come. This process could be extremely pleasurable for the slave as the sound slides in and out, pushing past the head and on down the shaft. As the sound forced the urethra out the slave winced from the hard pain. The ladies noticed that he would vacillate between fun and feeling good to pain, over and over again depending on what the doctor was doing at the moment.As Ross became accustomed to the size of the sound embedded deeply in his cock shaft, his hips and butt began to rest back down on the table. The doctor took that opportunity to have Brenda and Sara place another leather strap across the slave’s stomach and pelvic bone. She insisted they be extremely tight. He was completely tied down with his thighs up and spread wide. Everything was hanging out except the sound which was only exposed out of the head of his cock about a half an inch.Everyone in the room heard the slave panting around the ball gag as the doctor pushed the last half inch of the sound into his cock shaft. His hips tried to rise up off of the exam table, but the restraints did their job and held him down. His thighs were tight and extremely hard, his toes were curled under and he was sweating even more profusely than before. It poured from his forehead. Brenda gasped and panicked, worried that the sound would not come back out. The doctor laughed and told her that it could be lots of fun getting it out.The doctor was gently stroking the slave’s cock. The sphincter muscle, just inside the head of the cock, was holding the sound in place. There was no way it could come out without some help. On the underside of Ross’ cock, the large gauge sound was visually obvious, making the urethra bulge outward. The head of his cock was swollen enormously and completely engorged from arousal, trapping the sound inside with the extreme tightness.The doctor had a sinister type smile on her face as she probed around under the slave’s ball sac. She looked at the ladies and told them to press firmly on the prostrate and as she did, the sound rushed almost completely out of the head of Ross’ cock with a thick squishy plop noise. The doctor grasped the sound and pulled it the rest of the way out, with a pop sound as it was released.She immediately began the squeegee type action on the shaft of his cock trying to push any fluid up to the tip so she could check for blood. There was none. The slave was still panting audibly against the ball gag as Linda returned from outside. Ross’ body was almost limp, he was still sweating and the shock of the sound leaving his cock caused it to become very, very soft. The doctor pointed out that working on a soft cock with the sounds can be very difficult, but working with a hard cock was a snap!The doctor continued to squeeze the shaft of the slave’s cock over and over squeezing fluids up to the tip, still not seeing any blood she looked at the ladies once again and declared that she was going to make absolute certain the blood was not coming from the body cavity.She laid the first sound on the metal tray. The sound was covered in sticky fluid and what appeared to be a small amount of sperm. The sound was nine inches long; the slave’s cock was eight inches long which left about an inch inside his body. The doctor looked out over the sounds on the tray and selected the next larger size up from the one she had originally used. The women were shocked and decided there was no way she would ever get that thing to fit into Ross. The doctor was attempting to stretch that soft inner tissue in order to cause any tears or cuts to re-open and cause bleeding, eliminating the concern of internal injury. After selecting the huge sound the doctor began manipulating the slave’s ball sac, locating the cords above the left, and obviously larger of the two balls, she found that magical spot and started her gentle pinching and pulling of them.She pulled them out and away from the ball itself and watched Ross closely for his response. The doctor applied more pressure and pulled on the left ball, the slave’s cock was instantly rock hard again and twitching. She stopped the ball manipulation and gripped the cock shaft tightly. She forced the thick foreskin down, stretching it tight and as she did the mouth of Ross’ cock opened wide and about three fourths of an inch inside was visible.The doctor placed the huge sound at the opening of the cock shaft and began to slowly press it into the wide gaping mouth. The slave was resisting already, his hips bounced up and down as much as the pelvic restraint allowed, his thighs were quivering and his head was thrown back as far as the exam table allowed. The doctor loosened her grip on the shaft of Ross’s cock and pushed the sound into the swollen head past the first sphincter. The ladies heard a slight “pop” as the sound passed through. Ross grunted behind the ball gag and quickly inhaled deeply through his nose. The sound penetrated about three more inches down into the shaft.Ross was straining very hard and sweat was literally pouring from his brow. The doctor grasped the sound a bit more firmly and slowly pushed it farther down into the shaft of the slave’s cock, stretching that inner tender tissue almost to the max. Linda let out an audible gasp and turned away from the procedure. She just couldn’t stand to see her slave in so much torturous pain.The sound was embedded to the limit and the mouth of the shaft stretched beyond normal limits and there was still about two inches sticking out of the purple, grossly swollen head of the cock.The sound was so deeply and tightly embedded into the shaft of the slave’s cock that the doctor let go of it with both of her hands. It didn’t move outward at all. With every twitch of Ross’ cock, the sound bobbed around left to right and up and down. The doctor grasped the slave’s balls and began to manipulate them, squeezing hard, rounding them then flattening them only to round them again. The bulging urethra looked as if it would burst, on the under side of the slave’s cock.The doctor started to show off to the women owners. She bent Ross’ cock up over his stomach laying it flat then went back to manipulating his balls. The ladies thought for sure the procedures alone would hurt Ross, or worse yet, kill him. The doctor quieted any and all concerns they had. By this time Linda had turned around at Brenda’s insistence. She is shocked by what she saw.The doctor was still massaging the slave’s balls, adding more and more pressure until she thought the slave was feeling nothing but the ball pain, forgetting the pain in his cock as he strained to push out the huge metal rod from the shaft of his cock. When she saw the slave’s cock and balls spasm, then his balls quiver, harder and harder, she grabbed a towel in one hand and using it she grasped the sound firmly and jerked it out in one fast movement. As the sound cleared the head of the cock everyone in the room heard that squishy plop sound.Immediately a huge amount of pre-cum and sperm poured out the widely stretched mouth of the slave’s cock. The ladies thought for sure they could have fit a thumb into the opening of the cock. The slave jumped and silently screamed against the ball gag in his mouth, it seemed to last forever.The doctor then instantly grabbed the base of the slave’s cock. She put one finger up on top of the shaft and her thumb under the shaft. She pushed it slowly into the body with her fingers and squeezed tightly, slowly pulling the clinched finger and thumb upward forcing anything inside the shaft to run out the mouth. There was more pre-cum and obvious sperm that ran out and then a slight amount of crimson. Proof positive there was indeed a tear in the inner tissue of the urethra, but there was one more thing that could cement her findings.Without any hesitation the doctor squeezed several more times with the base to tip type motions. After several attempts and when nothing else came out of the head of that cock, she grabbed the tiny camera and expertly fed it back into the gaping mouth of Ross’ cock. She carefully watched the monitor and smiled when it showed what she had expected. There was a slight tear about two inches from the base of his cock and pubic bone.The doctor; along with the three other women were shocked that there could be a tear that deep inside the shaft of Ross’ cock. Each of the ladies were mentally measuring the length of their fingers, just as the doctor told them that it wasn’t finger play that tore this slave, one could only imagine what kind of toy or object was thrust so deeply into the shaft to cut him.The doctor continued to watch the monitor and announced that there were no other injuries and that this one was minor. Being an extremity, the cock could bleed profusely, even from a small cut. She told them to add arousal to the equation and there would be a big mess and it would scare anyone. She assured the ladies that this was nothing to worry about and she got some anti-bacterial ointment for them. She told them to have fun medicating the slave. From the looks on their faces she felt she had to show them how to accomplish it.The doctor unrelentingly cleaned out the shaft and after a few washings she took a large tube of antibacterial ointment, grabbed the slave’s cock head with her fingers just under the fattest bornova escort and widest area and pulled up tightly. She told the three women that they needed to apply the ointment every three to four hours, and very carefully.The cock was wilted and soft again from the last washings. She stretched it out grotesquely to where it looked as if it would pull apart. The ladies grimaced and saw the slave wince all over again. The doctor used the same hand that was holding the head, used two fingers to spread open the already unbelievingly stretched mouth. She took the tube of ointment she was holding and pushed the opening of the tube inside the mouth then squeezed a huge amount into the gaping hole.As the thick heavy ointment pushed past the battered mouth of the slave’s cock, the doctor loosened her pull and allowed the cock to return to its similar to normal appearance. With her left hand she grasped the head of his cock HARD and squeezed it off so that nothing could escape from inside. She then used her right hand to stroke the shaft. She paid special attention with her thumb and forefinger to the underside and the bulging urethra. She maneuvered her two fingers up and down, squeezing and forcing the ointment down the shaft and into the very tender area where it needed to be.She continued to squeeze her fingers upward to the head and back down to the base of the slave’s cock near his pelvic bone. After several minutes of this technique, Ross’ cock was unbelievingly hard once again and he was panting against the ball gag all over again. The doctor explained that the manipulation of the shaft and the ointment reaching the raw tissue probably felt very good and soothing to the battered cock.The three women couldn’t help but note that the doctor was enjoying herself very much as she took the slave so very close to orgasm and then backed off, then to the edge again and backed off, they watched for several minutes until she broke the silence by reiterating the need for the ointment to be applied every three to four hours.The doctor allowed the women to release the slave from the exam table and prepare him for transport. She told Linda that she would need to see him again in ten days as a follow up to the cut inside the shaft. She walked them out and they all left for home.The three women were silent as they drove back to the house with Ross. He was exhausted and appeared to sleep as the drive went on. As they approached the driveway Linda shook Ross awake and they all walked him into the house. He was tethered to the pole at the foot of his bed down in the playroom and he fell right to sleep. The ladies went upstairs for a beer and a long talk.The three of them had decided that the slave would not be released back into free society. He would not be safe from all the women he had been exposed to at the auction, they would capture him and who knew what would happen if they did. The ladies thought it was best for him to remain with them so that he would be well taken care of and earn them lots of money. They all went to bed satisfied they had made the right decision about the slave.Linda woke early on Wednesday morning. It didn’t seem like they had the slave for five days already, and he survived an auction as well. She went to check on Ross, he was still sleeping and so were Brenda and Sara, Linda went upstairs to make coffee.She took her mug of coffee back down to the playroom and brought the slave a cup too. She knew he would wake at the smell of coffee! True to form, she no sooner sat down and comfortable, sipping her coffee and he was awake, asking for coffee. Linda got up and handed the mug of coffee to Ross and told him to get comfortable, she had something to tell him.Linda started out by telling Ross that the three of them had planned to release him on Friday, but since the auction and subsequent days they had decided for his safety that he needed to remain as their slave for awhile longer. Ross showed no emotion and had nothing to say. What could he say? Mentally he was thinking about his life prior to slavery. He was experiencing conflicting emotions, he had initially hated the thought of slavery and since he had been thinking it wasn’t that bad. He had been looking forward to his being released soon and the disappointment showed on his face. As they were talking Brenda and Sara came down with their coffee and a fresh pot. Linda told them that she had informed Ross that he would be with them for awhile longer.. They were relieved to know that he had been told.They all sat around and finished their coffee and decided to head upstairs for breakfast. Before they went, Sara suggested that the slave be “decorated” properly as a slave. She got up from the sofa and gathered the items she needed. Then walked over to the bed where the slave was and began to adorn him with his attire.Sara began with a soft leather fir lined collar that had several eyelets attached for various restraints. She then placed matching wrist cuffs on him and ankle cuffs as well. She walked over to the bench and took down five padlocks, sashayed over to the slave and proceeded to fasten each one to each of the leather “decorations” she smiled at her work and took a bow for Linda and Brenda.Brenda got up and took a leash off one wall, attached it to Ross’ collar and the four went upstairs for breakfast. Brenda fastened the leash to an eyelet hidden in the carpeting near the table. She then refastened the leash to the slave’s ankle cuff and told him to sit in the chair closest to the wall. They all ate breakfast lost in thought and after Ross was made to clean up the kitchen under the supervision of Sara.Ross had been so humiliated, scared, frightened, embarrassed, forced to perform, beaten and abused, he was used and tortured, he silently decided to himself that he’d had enough. He decided to balk at his orders and became defiant. Mentally and emotionally he didn’t know what to do about his feelings. He was so confused. He loved the sex and all the attention, but not at the price of freedom.Brenda suggested quietly to Linda and Sara that they watch him close. They each suspected that Ross did not like the “decorations” he was forced to wear and along with that, he didn’t know when he would be released back to his life of freedom.The ladies returned with Ross downstairs to the playroom, the five foot tether trailed down his back; Sara held on tight. Ross’ ankle cuff was soon attached to the rubber coated steel cable which was attached to the eye bolt at the end of his bed. He was ordered to finish cleaning up and to make his bed. He suddenly turned to Brenda and firmly stated; “No, make me.” He told the women that he was finished and he had enough of their bullshit. The ladies noted the mixed emotions in his voice as he spoke. A welling up in his eyes was surfacing, it was clear that Ross had not taken the information about his extended stay very well. His fear showed as rebellion.Linda, Brenda and Sara were incensed. He made a fatal mistake by refusing orders while ALL three women were present. He may have gotten away with it had there been only one or even two of them present, but with all three he was definitely in for trouble. Sara slowly moved around behind the slave, just casually and unnoticed. That left Brenda and Linda facing the slave, listening to his pitiful refusal to follow ANY order he was given. Bad decision on his part!With his last comment of “fuck it, I am finished with this shit;” Sara, the smallest of the three, very shy, timid and quiet, even humble at times, surprised everyone as she grabbed his collar and jerked it backward very HARD. Ross reached up and grabbed his neck collar; which is the most typical response to the force and jerk backward on the collar around his neck.As Sara moved up closer behind the slave, Linda and Brenda moved closer from the front slightly separating holding his attention. As Sara pulled hard on the tether Ross lost his balance and began to fall backwards. Brenda quickly took a couple steps forward positioning her self between the slave’s splayed legs. She balled her fist up and reached back and slammed it into his huge balls. Ross fell backward, he released a very loud scream, gasped and his butt hit the floor.Brenda had stepped closer between Ross’ ankles preventing him from closing them at all. She dropped to her knees and landed two more very hard punches to the slave’s balls. She missed each of the balls and her punches actually landed between the orbs forcing them to fly outward just like a water balloon that was squeezed in the middle. As her fist connected with the sac each time, she felt the balls give and heard his cries of pain. He had begun to cry.Brenda grabbed Ross’ very hard cock and jerked it out of the way, bending it upward forcing it against his abdomen. She slammed her fist one more time into his balls. Ross was trying to get his legs closed, but Brenda had knelt down between his ankles. He was powerless to move anywhere out of her line of fire. He laid there twisting and writhing unable to defend himself.Linda grabbed the closest pair of handcuffs and snapped one onto his wrist then without allowing him to recover, Linda and Brenda rolled Ross onto his stomach; Brenda made sure she stayed between his ankles while Linda wrenched his arms behind his back and snapped the other cuff to his opposite wrist. She double locked them to prevent any tightening or injury to his wrists.Ross was still twisting and writhing and attempted to double over at the waist. He had severe pain in his stomach and abdomen; he looked green, like he would loose his breakfast. Sara pulled any slack on the tether preventing him from doubling over. His ankle was still restrained to the pole at the end of his bed and Sara had his head and neck tightly pulled backward. He was ninety-five percent incapacitated.Brenda was so angry with the slave she demanded the tazer. Linda went to the wall and selected one, returned to the center of the room and handed it to Brenda. She turned on the power and zapped Ross near his left hip. Sara and Linda felt his body immediately go slack, almost slumping back down flat against the floor. He couldn’t move for several minutes and moaned.Ross finally flattened to the floor in a submissive heap. He was still cuffed behind his back, his legs were spread wide open, his balls were swollen, his cock was very soft from the pain and Brenda was kneeling between his legs still forcing them spread wide with her knees they were stretched to their very limit.Sara still had control of his head, pulling on the tether tightly so his face wasn’t injured when he fell to the floor. Brenda grabbed the tether from Sara and pulled the slack out of it. She slipped from in between Ross’ legs and used the tether to tie his ankles together. She yelled to Linda to hand her the nylon rope.Brenda took one end of the rope and began quickly looping it around the top of the slave’s ball sac. She pulled the rope tightly downward with one hand and with her other hand, leaned back grabbed the loose end of the tether, which was tied around the slave’s ankles and pulled the tether up toward his crotch. She tied the loose end of the rope from his ball sac to the end of the tether and pulled tight. If he even attempted to stretch his legs out he would experience severe pain.Sara attached the opposite end of the collar to a floor hook which safely secured Ross’ head and neck, preventing any injury. Brenda cinched down on the connecting line between the slave’s ball sac and his ankles which pulled his ball sac out very painfully. Ross finally began to relax and stop resisting realizing that it wasn’t as painful when he relaxed.Brenda knelt down beside the slave’s head and screamed in his face, “Don’t you EVER even think about defying any one of us ever again.” She reached down at that point and slapped his cock extremely hard, which was lying on the floor pointed toward his feet. Between his pain and his fear his cock was soft and totally flaccid.Brenda moved around to the lower section of the slave and surprised all of us by sitting down hard on his thighs facing his feet. Ross’ thigh muscles were stretched at that point causing even more pain. Clearly the connecting rope automatically pulled tighter which stretched his balls to the max. He let out a gasp that broke the silence in the room. Brenda suggested Sara get one of the gags and hook it up.Sara chose the perfect gag this time. Ross was used to ball gags, but he had not had any of the gags with dildos attached. She selected the medium sized one and smiled at her devious thinking. She moved across the room and shoved the dildo into the slave’s mouth, tightened the straps down around the back of his head, noting the strong embarrassment and humiliation Ross was feeling. She nodded to Brenda indicating that Ross was ready for anything at that point.Brenda reached down and grabbed the foreskin on the underside at the head of Ross’ cock. Brenda remembered from the first night that it was the thickest and most elasticized of the foreskin on Ross and she jerked it up hard, pulling tightly. She used both hands and crammed her thumbs into the underside of the head at the same time her forefingers pinch up a very large amount of foreskin. Facing his ball sac in her sitting position she had a very firm grip still using both of her hands, she pulled straight up, stretching the foreskin out tightly the hundreds of small nerve endings screaming out pain to Ross.Brenda relaxed her stretching of Ross’ foreskin and turned her head to yell at him again. She screamed that he was their slave and if he still was thinking that he could pick and choose the orders given to him by any of the three of them, he would most certainly be punished to the extreme. Still yelling she told him his sole purpose in life would be to serve them in any way they chose. She told Ross that the punishment he was experiencing at this point was just a small sample of what he would experience if he decided to balk at his orders anytime in the future.To reiterate what she had just screamed at him, she pulled the foreskin up tightly about three inches over the head of his cock. Ross screamed behind the gag and Brenda slapped his balls even harder which caused him to scream again. Brenda continued to slap the slave’s balls, first with her left hand and then following immediately with her right hand. She hit those balls over and over until Ross was crying from the extreme pain. The only problem was his cock was fattening up very nicely and the ladies couldn’t help but notice the vast amount of pre-cum oozing from the mouth into the palms of Brenda’s hands.Brenda was so angry with Ross for being excited at the punishment she had instilled that she raised her closed fist and slammed it into his balls. Ross screamed behind the gag again and huge tears flowed from his eyes.Sara left the playroom and headed upstairs. When she returned downstairs the slave’s cock was rock hard again the head engorged and the skin was full showing off the abrasions he had sustained from Darla’s place. His balls were grotesquely swollen and bulging. Sara asked Brenda to move off of Ross for a moment. She took a huge amount of orange juice in her mouth and slipped the slave’s cock into her mouth. Instantly his hips had jumped up off of the table and thrust up high as they bucked. His legs attempted to extend which caused severe pain in his roped off balls.The orange juice burned every scratch and open sore along the outside of Ross’ cock but when it dribbled down inside and soaked into the cut he screamed so loudly behind the gag it was almost as if he didn’t have a gag on. Each of the women were thinking the same thing, and were thankful that they had sound proofed the playroom. Gradually the burning had subsided and turned into a rather sore numb feeling as the damaged tissue became accustomed to the acid bath.Linda moved silently to the “wall of pleasurable toys” and took down the cat of nine tails. She returned to the slave and told him that he would NEVER back talk of even think of defying the three of them again. She brought the soft leather whip down hard across Ross’ ass. After 20 lashes some actually grazing his cock and balls, Ross was in silent tears again. He appeared broken, humiliated and submissive.The three ladies moved over to the farthest area of the room and decided to release the severe bonds but they also agreed that the slave needed to be completely restrained again. They moved over and removed the bonds. The three of them grabbed him, turned him on to his back, spread him eagle on his mattress and attached all the cuffs to the eyelets on the four poles. They then attached the tether to an eyelet in the floor above his head. He was not going anywhere. Sara removed the gag. Ross was silent. He didn’t even get to cum and his balls ached for release. The three of them returned to the upstairs portion of the house allowing Ross to think about his behavior and the punishment he received. Linda and Sara were called out to help a friend. Brenda found herself alone in the house with the slave. She was so excited from administrating the punishment she wanted to take him. She thought about it for almost an hour before changing into her black leather corset and thigh high boots. She paused in front of her full length mirror and was proud of the way she looked.She was just one hundred twenty pounds on a petite five foot five inch frame. Her hair was waist length, an auburn color. She had sapphire blue eyes that danced when the light shined in them not too bad for a mid-thirties woman. She ran her hands down over the soft leather and back up to her breasts. She lifted them from the binds of the corset and positioned them perfectly, her nipples hard and jutting forward.Brenda thought better of going down with Ross alone, but the thought of taking him was more than she could stand. She was dripping her juices down her thighs just thinking of the punishment the three of them had administered and now the thoughts of pleasuring herself with him. The phone rang and she smiled into the handset as Linda told her they wouldn’t make it home tonight. There was an unexpected crisis that needed attention with their friend’s slave. Linda cautioned Brenda to be careful with Ross and they hung up.Brenda locked up the top of the house and as she passed the kitchen grabbed a couple cokes. She was quiet as she descended the stairs. Ross appeared to be sleeping but as she got closer she could see his cock, it was very hard and twitching. His balls were bloated and looked ready to explode. She watched as the pre-cum dribbled out the gapping mouth and ran down the shaft onto his groin. He was so exciting to her. She had waited for this opportunity.Ross jerked his head away as she reached down to remove the blindfold. He looked deeply into her eyes with a new respect. She saw the hunger in him. She removed the straps to the ball gag and warned him that ANY screaming or talking without her express permission would result in more punishment. He shook his head up and down nodding his understanding.Brenda stood above Ross. Her feet spread one on each side of his chest. She spread them a bit wider, forcing him to look up seeing only her dripping wet pussy. Brenda bent from the waist and checked all of the restraints ensuring they were still tight, then lowered herself to her knees over the slave.She looked down at him and told him that he would do anything she wanted for the rest of the evening and if she wasn’t completely satisfied he would suffer more than he had up to this point in his captivity. Before he could answer she dropped her pussy over his face pressing down hard and ordered him to lick her dry.Ross could hardly breathe but his tongue moved expertly all over the outer lips of her pussy. He licked her tenderly then roughly and explored her inner lips. He darted his tongue in and out of her wet pussy, but only a short amount to start. He sucked on the lips of that sweet pussy and tongued her skillfully. He tongued her for a full ten minutes and started all over again.His tongue lightly explored the outer lips of her pussy, slowly up one lip and down the other. He lapped her juices from the lips as he teased the inner lips with his kisses. Brenda tossed her head back, her hair cascading down over her to his stomach, he longed to free his hands and play in it, but he knew that wouldn’t happen so he concentrated his efforts on her very sweet pussy.Brenda shifted her weight as she approached her first orgasm. Ross licked her from her clit all the way back her slit until his tongue touched her tailbone. He quickly continued back and forth bringing her to an explosive orgasm. Her body convulsed over him as her juices flowed into his mouth. He could do nothing more than drink them down, and enjoyed every drop. She would never know how much he liked the taste of her.Brenda slid down the slave’s body and rolled over onto her side. She came so hard and wanted more but first she wanted to play. She got up and walked around the very warm playroom as if she were clothed, no shyness and very proud of her body, she gathered the items she needed to play with Ross for a couple hours.She began by wrapping the silky rope around his balls. She wound the rope around several times which caused his balls to press out in front of his thighs and the sac was stretched to its max. Ross had no choice but to lay back and take it, but he was secretly hoping she would fuck him tonight. He needed to fuck his Mistress. She was the only one of the three that he adored and especially so after today’s punishment.Ross felt the rope as she stretched it up the shaft of his cock, through the rings of his piercings and wrapped it around the bulging head several times. Brenda then attached the end of the rope to the pulley above the bed.Brenda pulled the pulley tightly so Ross’s cock and balls were stretched and pointing upward toward the ceiling. It took everything Ross had not to scream out as she tightened the tension on the rope, but he just bit down on his tongue as he breathed deeply.Brenda stood up over Ross again, her legs parted and each foot placed on either side of him. She smiled as she admired her work. He definitely had to feel some pain with that. She turned around and looked toward his feet and dropped her pussy over his face again. She ordered him to suck it dry and tease it wet again.The head of the slave’s cock was purple and huge. She couldn’t help but lick on it as he was licking her pussy and sucking her lips. She knew it had to hurt more as the head of his cock swelled even more. A small amount of pre-cum leaked out and she reached up with just the tip of her finger and rubbed in small gentle circles around the head of his cock. She heard his groan and smiled.Brenda then leaned in and raked her teeth over the head of his cock and he let out a scream when she pressed them together taking just the tip of his cock between her teeth and held it tightly. She reached around with her right hand, the same one that had just teased and rubbed the tip of his cock causing it to swell even more, and he let out a blood curdling scream as she punched his tightly bound and bloated balls.Brenda stood and told Ross he wasn’t given permission to make any noise. She picked up some clothes pins from the head of the bed and she knelt down next to Ross’ ear and whispered “I told you that you’d be punished even more.”She clipped one of the clothes pins on the very bottom of his ball sac near his ass. She saw a lone tear slip down the side of his face as she attached four more pins to his ball sac. She stood and pulled a little tighter on the pulley stretching the slave’s cock to its absolute limit and she slowly tied off the end of the rope, watching his face.Brenda pulled up on one of Ross’ nipples, stretching it out from his body and tightly clamped a clothes pin to it. She did exactly the same thing to his other nipple. She could tell he was in pain but he has to pay when he disobeys orders. Brenda felt the lips of her pussy swelling and her clit throbbing, she loved this stuff, and suddenly had another idea.Brenda went over toward the exam table in the playroom. She pulled out one of the drawers and took out two open ended syringes. These were used to give liquid medications to a****ls. She took them over to Ross and she could see fear in his eyes. She smiled down at him as she pulled the tip of his right nipple out farther from the clothes pin and away from his body. She pushed the plunger all the way down to the tip of the syringe and sucked the tip of his nipple into the tube. A vacuum lock kept it stretched out tightly. She took the other syringe and did the exact thing to his other nipple. She paid no attention to the humility and tears in his eyes.Brenda stood back to admire her work. She grabbed the digital camera and took picture after picture from every angle of Ross. His face was red as roses he was so embarrassed. When she finished taking the pictures she went over and sat on the sofa and just watched the slave as he struggled with his pain and bondage.Brenda grew tired of just watching and went over to the slave again. She knelt beside him and traced the head of his huge cock with her tongue. She heard his guttural groan and continued to tease him. She traced the length of his cock with the tip of her tongue and could feel it trying to twitch. She reached the bloated ball sac and licked it with the flat of her tongue. Ross did everything to stay quiet but the groans kept slipping out. With every groan she dug her fingernails into the flesh of his inner thigh.Brenda reached up without warning and snatched each of the syringes off the slave’s nipples and immediately pulled the clothes pins off after. Ross gasped as the blood returned to the punished nipples but never made a sound.Brenda decided to release the slave’s cock from bondage. She quickly removed the clothes pins and released the rope from the pulley above the bed. Very slowly and carefully she removed the rope from the slave’s cock and watched as the skin pinked up as the blood flow returned. The cock never lies. Ross was stiff and hard as a rock. His thick cock throbbed and twitched all around after being released. The gaping mouth immediately spilled copious amounts of pre-cum down the shaft and Brenda noticed Ross had turned his face away from her. She could see the redness from embarrassment rush over his exposed cheek and down his neck.Brenda was drenched in her own juices. She loved the control and power she had over this slave’s cock. A wave of adrenalin flushed through her and she was quickly trying to decide what she wanted to do next. She picked up the leather cock restraint, made sure it was a size or two smaller than Ross’ cock and she quickly fastened it around the slave’s cock and balls successfully trapping the fluids in his balls preventing it from re-absorbing into the body.Ross began to pull against his bonds trying to stretch out his tired muscles. They began to burn from being in one place for so long. Brenda was opening a condom teasingly in front of Ross. She leaned into his crotch and took his thickly engorged cock deep into her throat and sucked hard. She immediately rolled the condom over his cock with her teeth. Ross was watching her thinking that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, but she would never know.Brenda removed the stainless steel rings from the slave’s cock then she seated the condom in place. She sat back to admire the expert job she had done. The slave was very quiet and appeared to be resting for the next round.Brenda went over to the wall and picked up the Oster massage unit. She was dripping wet thinking of using it on Ross, but she was looking for something else also. Walking around the room glancing at all the toys she decided on a vibrating dildo which was about nine inches long and six inches around. Long and thick, she couldn’t wait.Returning to the slave she held up the two toys, the fear that flashed through the slave’s eyes caused her to giggle. She took that opportunity to tease Ross and asked him to guess which of the toys she wanted to use first. When he didn’t answer, Brenda reached out and slapped his cock over and over again. She asked him again to name the toy that she was going to use on him first. Ross cleared his throat and meekly whispered “the massager.”Brenda was amused because he was so fearful and so correct. She told the slave to close his eyes and open his mouth. She leaned down and placed the end of the vibrating dildo into his mouth and told him to close his teeth around it. When he had it in his teeth she told him that he needed to do everything possible to keep it as she had put it. Ross lay with the head of the long vibrating dildo pointed outward from his mouth as Brenda fitted the massager over the palm of her right hand.Brenda straddled Ross and dropped to her knees with her face very close to his balls. She told Ross to hold the dildo tightly and place it at the opening of her pussy. She switched the massager on and began slowly rubbing it over Ross’ cock shaft. The slick surface of the condom allowed for smooth strokes up and down his cock shaft. She watched as his cock lengthened and thickened to twice the size it originally was and she guided the massager down over his balls.Ross was breathing harder when she told him to fuck her with the dildo. She gasped as the plastic entered her dripping pussy and again as Ross shoved it deep inside her at her command. She thought of releasing his hands but decided the risk was too much, so he remained spread eagle on the bed.Brenda used the massager for what felt like hours to Ross. He would get to the edge of an explosive orgasm when she pulled it away and screamed for him to fuck her with that dildo. In the middle of it all she got up, turned off the massager and went to the wall for a different dildo. When Brenda returned she placed the new dildo into the slave’s mouth and told him to do the same as before. She added lube to the double headed dildo and told Ross he better get it into both holes without stopping or she wouldn’t let him cum.Brenda straddled Ross again and fitted the massager over her palm then began rubbing his cock all over again. She was so hot and wet she wanted him to fuck her hard. She stroked his cock and balls with feeling and screamed at him to fuck her.Ross was sweating hoping he could get the dildo into both holes with no problem and he pressed his face forward. He felt some resistance and pressed harder until he felt the head of the anal dildo plop through her opening. He shoved his face forward just as she pressed her hips back towards his face. The dildos were seated deeply inside her as her body began to convulse in response to her powerful orgasm.Brenda had forgotten about the massager as she shuddered and only remembered it as the slave began to groan. She quickly pulled it off his cock and balls because she didn’t want him to cum yet.Brenda told the slave to fuck her hard and deep with that dildo. Ross responded with everything he had, slamming it deeply into her and pulling back quickly. Over and over he repeated this action and he heard her breathing quicken. He watched as her body responded to his fucking her and he was enjoying every minute of it.Suddenly Ross felt Brenda’s hot mouth cover his bulging, rock hard cock. He gasped from the shock and the heat of her mouth over the condom. Brenda face fucked the slave for what seemed like an hour then just stopped. He whimpered as he felt her mouth lift off his cock. The dildo had popped out of her holes and she tossed it aside.Brenda then straddled the slave and lowered her dripping pussy down over his quivering cock head. She reached down and guided him into her hot pussy and dropped her weight down on him completely. He groaned as he felt his cock being gripped by her tight pussy. She ground her hips down onto his cock and took him as deeply as she was able.Brenda sat up straight and stopped all movement for a few minutes. She loved the full feeling she had with him deep inside her. She began to slowly rock back and forth, allowing the tip of his cock to erotically rub over the mouth to her cervix. When she had her fill for that moment, she leaned down over the slave and began to ride his cock like nothing he had ever experienced before.Ross’ thoughts drifted to that afternoon when Brenda was punishing him and he couldn’t stop himself. He screamed out as his hips bucked up off the bed, pressing himself deeper into her. His cock convulsed as he shot his hot cum into the end of the condom. Brenda responded in an explosive orgasm of her own and collapsed down on his chest.As they relaxed and caught their breath, Brenda slid off Ross’ cock and removed the condom. She threw a blanket over him as she went into Linda’s bedroom to bed. She didn’t bother cleaning him up or herself, she had plans for morning.Brenda woke up to find Linda in bed next to her and Sara sleeping on one of the sofas in the playroom. She was embarrassed being totally nude in Linda’s room and reeking of sex. She carefully checked the time, only 4:30 am, and wondered why they came home so early.Brenda crept upstairs and into her own bed fell back to sleep and only woke to the smell of bacon cooking. So much for her morning plans.Meet Stephanie: Stephanie is a young hair stylist and her friends call her Stephi. She has very few friends, and the ones she has are all female. Stephi is still a young twenty year old and she is struggling to build her clientele. She lives in the same neighborhood as Linda, Brenda and Sara. She is basically very shy, timid, and equally sexually in-experienced. More than anything, she is very naive.Stephi has lived in the area for her entire life. Her experience sexually consisted mainly of a few times with young boys her age that have just briefly fondled her, crammed their cocks in her and immediately cum. They attempt a few minutes of awkward talking and off they go, in a big hurry to leave. This had left Stephi, increasingly frustrated and extremely horny over the months that she had been dating. Her fun consisted of what she did when she was alone. She is definitely no stranger to orgasm, but only at her own hands. Even though she is very sexual, and highly sexed, her dating had been, at the very best, discouraging.Stephi spends hours surfing the internet on her computer. One day she stumbled across The Castle Realm which is a very informative site that deals with the basics of BDSM. She clicked a link and found herself looking at pictures, very graphic pictures. Stephi was embarrassed at first, but quickly noticed that the bound women were actually very attractive and more than anything, extremely arousing.Stephi found it hard to “click off” the site, and surfed a little deeper. She looked at the lovely ladies, all trussed up, showing what appeared to be real fear for the camera. As Stephi turned off the computer, that first time, she discovered that she was more than wet, from the pictures that she had seen. Over a very short period of time, she started finding more and more of these sites, and also found herself more and more aroused. In short order, she was masturbating to the BDSM sites. The aspect of power and control became an aphrodisiac to her.Not long after finding that first site, Stephi happened to run across a BDSM site that had pictures of men, bound and being tormented by gorgeous and shapely females. Not only did the female dominatrix arouse Stephi, but she found herself staring with deepening arousal at the sight of the men, bound and gagged, cocks fully exposed to torment, balls being punished, and looks of fear on their faces.To this point, Stephi’s only connection to the BDSM sites had been those where females were the captives. Stephi had found a new source of fantasy. She was mesmerized by the pictures of the men. Based on Stephi’s past experience, she could only fantasize about such behavior, and knew that she would never get a chance to partake of such total sexual satisfaction. She could only dream, and frantically rub the hard bud, between her legs.After seeing such sights and pictures, she would find herself at the edge of u*********sness, drenched in her own juices, breathless, and spent. Stephi was entering a whole new world, but one that was so distant, it was only a dream.After just a few brief weeks of her “net adventures”, Stephi found that she could go online and reach her favorite sites, and in less than 10 minutes; she could be totally exhausted from working; but she loved surfing the net, and couldn’t stop. The women in the pictures had so much power over the tortured males. Stephi only wished that she had that kind of power. Her biggest sense of power in the past had been cleaning some guys cum off her thigh or stomach, after he spilled it much too quickly. Power and Control. She wanted it.Stephi was attractive, more than average. She was small, around 5’2 and only weighed 101 lbs; but she was very shapely. She was more than proud of her legs, which she worked on continuously in the gym along with her tight stomach and butt. She knew that her tits were very small, but what hurt Stephi was her own self image. She didn’t know that men considered her gorgeous and she never saw them staring at her. She was too busy avoiding eye contact.Stephi would look at the women on the BDSM websites admiring the leather and thigh high boots they wore. She loved the more than revealing outfits, their body jewelry and the toys that they wielded. All of it made Stephi more self conscious. In her own mind, she felt that she was nowhere near as attractive as the internet women; but she was wrong, very wrong.After several months of exhausting herself masturbating to the pictures on BDSM sites, Stephi couldn’t stand it any more. There had to be more to her feelings, than just visiting the fake sites. In a moment of despair, she breathlessly told her closest friend of what she had been doing, her feelings growing frustration. Almost immediately, she regretted that she ever opened up to Lisa.Lisa sat there, at the restaurant table, looking shocked. She had known Stephi for more than ten years and never suspected anything like this. Lisa didn’t know what to say, she struggled to find the right words to respond to her friend. Stephi was horrified. She had just admitted to her best friend that she was perverted, sick, weird and twisted. Lisa excused herself from the table mumbling about something that she was supposed to do. Stephi watched as Lisa walked out the front door of the restaurant. The damage had been done, her fantasy was out, and she believed she had just lost her best friend.What Stephi didn’t know, was that Lisa had been involved in the local BDSM community, for over three years. Lisa had her own secrets. She attended the auctions regularly, and had, on one occasion, even been able to save enough money to “buy” a lesser slave, for a “short night.” A short night was only six hours with the slave.The slave turned out to be pretty disappointing to the high spirited Lisa, cuming just moments after a rope was wrapped around his cock shaft. After that, Lisa couldn’t get him hard again, and that evening left her more frustrated than broke. She decided at that time she was going to save for the best.Lisa had abruptly left the restaurant that afternoon. She was so shocked to find that her best friend was interested in something that she herself, had been living for some time. Lisa didn’t know how to handle it. She wanted to help her friend by blurting everything out at once but she knew better than that, and kept silent. Now, in thinking it over, she wanted to tell Stephi everything. Lisa called her and made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant at seven that evening. Lisa could hear the fear and embarrassment in Stephi’s voice, but begged her to come enticing her with a secret that just had to be told. Hesitantly, Stephi agreed.At the restaurant that evening, Stephi listened to everything Lisa was telling her. The more she heard, the more aroused she became. Before the end of Lisa’s very descriptive narrative, Stephi was begging to enter the tight secretive circle of the BDSM community.Stephi had very mixed emotions about all of this. On one hand, she was overwhelmed with erotic anticipation about the aspect of “HER” doing the things that she had only seen on the internet. She knew that she would look good in thigh high boots, she giggled to herself. On the other hand, she feared that she would not be able to “wield power” or “control” a man, like the women on the websites did; but she was willing to try.Sitting at a computer and looking at pictures, was nothing like the real thing. She wasn’t real sure she could do it, but she knew that she wanted it, desperately and would stop at nothing to accomplish at least one night.In short time, Stephi moved among the circles of the BDSM community. She had only attended two auctions, but was amazed at the sexual openness that was on display for everyone to see. She found herself getting very moist, looking at the fear on the faces of the slaves, as they were paraded around the stage. She would watch them and fantasize about what she would do to them, if they were hers. But they were not hers and likely would never be hers.Stephi did not belong to the income bracket that could afford such fun times. She was very good at her job, but not to the point of being able to buy a slave, not even for a short night. It would take her months to save that kind of money. She swore that she would find a way to live her fantasies and until then, all she could do was stare and get wetter, watching the bound cocks, bulging balls, and male slaves, of every type that you could imagine. Stephi saw it as an exquisite buffet, laid out just for her, and she dreamed of the day it would become a reality.After several months, Stephi came up with an idea and put it into action. In talking with other BDSM members, she found that there was a definite market for her services. All of the slave owners were concerned about their slave’s appearance. The slaves always had to look their best for the auction. Looks, endowment, or certain sexual attributes were all factors in whether the slave brought in top dollar, or a minimal amount, the better the slave, the better the income.The owners had more than enough money to take care of their slaves. Stephi soon found that owners wanted their slaves groomed to their best, meaning hair cuts, facial hair trims, pubic haircuts, coloring, and electrolysis. Whether the owner wanted pony-tailed, shaved genitals, clean shaven, bearded, or the occasional dye job (some owners wanted the slave’s pubic hair to match the new ‘blonde’ hair look), Stephi was soon in demand. One owner even wanted the word “SLAVE” cut into the slave’s pubic hair.Stephi was making a bundle, and her services were putting her right where she wanted to be which was in the company of male slaves. Once there, she had control over the slave. Stephi was getting more work than she ever imagined. She couldn’t believe the smorgasbord of male flesh that she was being called to “work on” and because of this, she quickly came up with rules for her services.Being a secretive community, the owners had no problem following Stephi’s rules. First, upon her arrival, the slave would be completely and totally restrained. Second, the slave would be blind-folded and gagged. She did not want any slave to see her, fearing the possibility that he might later identify or recognize her. And the gag was so that she didn’t have to listen to their pitiful begging or crying to be milked, jacked off or freed. And, on occasion there were slaves that would literally brag to her about their unique abilities, or their super stud mentality. And last, the ‘session’ with the slave would be completely private, and behind locked doors. If any of the rules were broken, she would not return. The owners just laughed and agreed. They had no objection to whatever Stephi wanted to do. Some were a little suspicious, but they didn’t mention it. Others didn’t care, since it was only money and they had plenty of it and they knew Stephi was worth every dollar. Stephi couldn’t believe her great fortune.On her first “session”, Stephi was literally scared to death. She showed up at the appointed time at what looked like a mansion. She was ushered into a private room and offered champagne, wine, or anything she could have imagined. She was treated like royalty by the female house servants. After her beverage arrived she was taken into a private room, where the slave was seated, completely restrained and gagged. She could immediately sense the fear in the slave, and she relished that moment.The serving girl showed Stephi the double locks on the door inside the room. She then quickly and quietly disappeared. Stephi just stood there staring at the slave, almost afraid to approach him.Being here in this closed room with a bound slave was vastly different than the hair salon she was used to working in. Stephi double locked the door and walked closer to the slave. He was very handsome and appeared younger than her. He was extremely muscled and had a huge erection. The only area not darkly tanned on him was his cock, balls, and a small patch of white skin, in the pubic area.If he was nervous, he didn’t show it. He was still rock hard and very wet from the dripping of his pre-cum down his shaft. Stephi silently approached him from behind and saw that he was squeaky clean and smelled fabulous. The fact that he was blindfolded and gagged, didn’t help her fears any. She couldn’t take her eyes off the huge erection. Stephi didn’t know what to do. As she moved toward the slave, she could tell that he was turning his head, trying to hear her, or sense where she was.Stephi was very concerned that the slave could see her and would know who she was; she would learn in time, none of the slaves would ever see her. The owners had taken care of that fear for her.Now, confronted with the aspect of what she had been dreaming about, she wasn’t sure what to do. Stephi was almost afraid to even touch the slave, but slowly started to trim his hair. It only took a few minutes and there were no problems. She walked in front of the slave and just stared at him. He would cock his head to the left, then to the right, trying to hear where she was. She was only feet in front of him, but he didn’t know that. His cock was still hard and sticking out. She saw that it was long, but skinny, and sported an oversized head.That oversized head was beginning to drip pre-cum. After all this time, Stephi had what she had desired, but she was too scared to do anything. The owner had told Stephi that she wanted a haircut and a pubic trim. Stephi held her breath as she took the elongated cock into her hand and moved it out of the way of her scissors. It immediately twitched.Stephi trimmed the pubic hair in record time and let go of the still rock hard cock. She did notice that the slave was breathing a little harder than when she first entered the room. She also noticed that her hand was covered in pre-cum. Stephi quickly put her tools away and rushed to the door. She was met by the same serving girl who opened an envelope with hundred dollar bills in it. Stephi awkwardly took one bill and stuffed it into her jeans, and quickly left.She literally fled from the mansion. As she drove back to her home, she couldn’t help notice how wet she was, and how exhilarated she felt. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of that power and control she had hoped for. It was frightening but it was wonderful. She immediately went home and masturbated collapsing after one of the most powerful orgasms that she had ever felt.Over a very short period of time, Stephi’s clientele list grew unbelievably long. Word had spread quickly of her services and the skill with which she handled the slaves. The owners didn’t care about price; they just wanted their slaves to look good.Stephi was overwhelmed with so many clients coming in so quickly. She was even more overwhelmed with the vast array of male flesh she was seeing and touching. It was not long before Stephi got over her fear and started having her own fun with the slaves.Not a single owner had questioned her rules, nor had any of them even tried to enter the locked room. She found that she could actually cut and trim the slave’s hair in less than twenty minutes, which would leave an hour, to an hour and a half, for her to do what she wanted.She still could not believe the huge variety in males and their attachments. Some were obviously big, most were young, muscled, tanned, in excellent shape. There were some that were not as desirable, but all of them were obviously sought after for one reason or another. Stephi could only imagine what some of their sexual attributes might be. She understood the most desirable brought the most money, while the less desirable brought less money. It was that simple. They all had some attribute that made them marketable.It had been hard for Stephi to get over her being timid and fearful. It was quite a few sessions before she was comfortable enough to start playing with the slaves and many sessions before she got up enough nerve to actually examine the slave’s cock and balls as she wanted to. The slaves were all alike, immediate erections, lots of pre-cum, and the insistence for release. Even though gagged, it was obvious that they begged for release. Stephi thought most of their sexual frustration came from the fact that they were NOT allowed that kind of pleasure by their owners. Further, with them blind-folded, their imaginations could run rampant trying to picture the person that was cutting their hair, or moreover, the person that was gently fondling their sex.As Stephi became more accustomed to the sessions, she became bolder. She had gotten to the point that she stopped wearing panties under her jeans or short skirts; it had become way too messy and it gave her quicker and easier access to those parts that craved attention during the sessions. She would, for the most part, only tease herself; touching and tormenting her clit and her overly wet pussy until she could reach the safety of her car.She had long since stopped rushing for home. She would enjoy herself on her drive in just moments after leaving the clients house her fingers reaching deeply into her wet pussy and flicking over her throbbing clit. She always had to pull over as she came, fearing she would lose control of the car if she didn’t.She was finally doing in person what she had dreamed about, ever since surfing the pictures of mistresses and dominatrix on those early websites. She was still amazed at the power and control she wielded over the male slaves. They couldn’t see her, but she totally controlled them. Being restrained was not the control, what she did to them or better yet, what she didn’t do to them was the control.After several months, Stephi went to a session one day, at the home of a very, very rich client. The money she was making was beyond belief, but this particular slave was more than desirable.Up to this point, Stephi would have her fun teasing and tormenting the restrained slave then rushing to her car for her own fun. She had been too scared to go any farther. The most she had done was to gently massage a slave, until his panting and thrusting hips frightened her so bad, that she stopped. She could tell that the slave was furious, his hips thrusting into the air, but she was more scared than turned on. She left the house, not sure of what she was feeling. She knew that the slave had been desperate for release, but she was too scared to do anything to him, with him, or for him.It had come to a point where fondling and playing with the slave, just wasn’t enough. On this particular day, she quickly finished the haircut and pubic trim. This slave was what some women would refer to as a “Greek God.” He was magnificent.He was young, built like an athlete, a very dark tan with long blonde hair. His cock was like none she had ever seen. Stephi’s sexual experience had been limited to several occasions where the male always came too quickly, spurting only moments after entering her. She had been frustrated by males her entire life. Not one had ever given her the kind of pleasure she had been giving to them. Besides that, every date and boyfriend Stephi had been with wouldn’t even be considered average in cock size based on what she had been exposed to doing the haircuts and trims for the slaves.Stephi was drenched just driving over to this session. This slave was amazing and now she was sitting between his legs, mesmerized by his huge cock. Stephi estimated that he was probably eight or nine inches long. His cock was muscled, but not very thick and it was rock hard. This was the third time she had met with this slave for his hair cut. She was thinking that he must be in high demand, bringing top dollar. Considering that the owner was calling Stephi back about every two or three weeks for grooming. Stephi could tell that this one was arrogant, apparently knowing full well the power he had over women.As Stephi cut his pubic hair, he just sat there, grinning at her behind the gag. Even though he couldn’t see her, Stephi felt that he was laughing at her. Still, she was mesmerized by him. He was not like anyone she’d ever been with, and here she was, sitting between his legs, only inches away from the biggest cock she had ever seen. Stephi couldn’t resist. She reached up and wrapped her fingers firmly around the base of the shaft. The slave’s hips immediately thrust forward and his breath quickened. Even from behind the gag, Stephi could see his grin widen. With her hand wrapped around his cock, there was still a large amount of his hard flesh, sticking out. She wrapped her other hand around the slave’s cock, just above the first hand. She squeezed tightly with both hands and pulled upward. The slave gasped, sucking air in through his nose. Stephi was entranced, watching the effect she had over this slave.She held both hands in this position for a moment and then slowly slid them back down toward the pubic bone. She felt a hard twitch in his cock as his body stiffened. It surprised Stephi, since she had only just begun to work his cock. His walnut sized balls were sucked up tight, against his body. Immediately, one small drop of sperm shot from his cock head, followed by two, even smaller drops that landed quietly on his tanned stomach.Stephi could immediately feel the huge cock, start to soften, and within a few moments, it had shrunk down to a tiny, shriveled pile of soft flesh. Stephi had only begun, and it was already over. Just like her earlier days with “young boys”. She felt frustrated. This fabulous specimen of male was nothing more than the guys she use to be so frustrated by. Even gagged, she could hear him laughing at her. She quickly cleaned the three small drops off of him, picked up her bag and left. Stephi didn’t know it at the time, but she would later learn how to use her power, and control with this particular slave.Driving home that day she decided that the “fabulous hunk” was not that fabulous. It was somewhat fun, and the more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. It was fun playing with him, toying with him. He was handsome, hung, and hard. What turned Stephi on more than anything was the power she had over the young male slave. It was her hands, her being there, her scent, her actions that made him cum. She decided that she held all the power, just by deciding WHEN he was to cum, or IF he was to cum. It was all in her control and ultimately gave her all the power. Stephi would have to come up with a different approach if she wanted to be like the women in the BDSM sites.Stephi was no longer scared. She had found that owners never came into the locked room. All the power was hers. She would do whatever she wanted and be highly paid for her services. Over a period of time, seeing the same slaves time after time, she developed relationships with some. Some were desperately horny bastards, some were arrogant, and some were just stupid huge cocked slaves.There was one slave in particular that she liked. He was about her age, young and well built. He was not endowed like most of the slaves she saw, but he was nice. He seemed different than the arrogant types she had been seeing. This one was quiet, almost timid. His cock showed his true emotion, being rock hard every time Stephi came for a session. But, this was common. Stephi couldn’t remember ever doing a session where the male was NOT hard.This time was different. After cutting his hair and the usual pubic trim, she gently took his cock into her hand. She carried different oils and lotions, just for occasions such as this or for her own enjoyment. Squeezing a small amount into her hand, she started massaging the oil into the already stiffened cock. He was panting as she gently rubbed the shaft, working her way up to the flared head. By then, his pre-cum was dripping down the sides of the head and shaft. Using the oil and the copious pre-cum, Stephi gently but firmly continued the rubbing, knowing that he was quickly approaching orgasm.She didn’t hesitate; she applied a little more pressure and slowed down her strokes, allowing the shy slave to enjoy himself. Suddenly, the slave thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock out. Stephi enjoyed watching his face as she continued firmly rubbing the head. It was one of the only times that she wished she could remove his eye covering. He looked almost delirious. His cock twitched hard, as thick spurts of warm cream pumped out of the bloated head, over and over. Most of it landed on his stomach and chest, and there was lots of it, cascading down Stephi’s hand.The slave must have enjoyed it, Stephi had never seen so much cum from one man, it was literally everywhere. As the slave relaxed and started to settle down, Stephi leaned up and kissed him softly on the cheek. The slave just moaned. This, she would do for a slave that she liked. She had no doubt, that he was thankful for her slight manipulation. Stephi thought to herself “now this is power.” She was exhilarated, and more than aroused at what she had just done.Stephi had discovered that the power was in what she could do. Just walking into a room, and even though the slave couldn’t see her, his reactions to her every move, made her the center of his attention. She also found that the power and control, was in what she did NOT do, granting the slave all or nothing, depending on how she felt.There had been very few slaves that she had manipulated to orgasm, but it was a rare occurrence, and to only those deserving. She had played with the others bringing them to the edge, hearing them beg or demand an orgasm, only to be left twitching and still rock hard as she ended the session. She always made it known to the slave that she was leaving, and on a rare occasion, whispering to them “wasn’t that fun?” All of the slaves that she had left begging would never make up for the small number of pathetic lovers that Stephi had experienced, in the past.Stephi was having more and more fun, becoming bolder and bolder in her sessions. She changed her appearance. She was wearing shorter skirts, or clothing that gave her better and quicker access to her own pleasure palace. She had learned that a ten minute haircut and five minute pubic trim or shave left her plenty of time for her own fun. She was no longer rushing home to experience her shattering orgasms or pulling over on the darkened roads. She was enjoying them, during the sessions.Stephi had learned how to speed things up in the session. She had so many clients that she could literally pick and choose which slave she wanted to play with and which slave would just get a haircut. She would toy with them, while playing with herself. On occasion, she was even bold enough to lean in close to their face, letting them hear her panting or moaning, as she exploded.One day, she was called back for a session with the arrogant “Adonis” slave. She knew by then, that he was extremely popular among the women. She had come to the conclusion that he was a private slave, because she had never seen him at auction. She learned this slave sold to only rich women, on pre-arranged deals and had never been seen at auction. A slave of this magnitude would bring top dollar and would make the owner literally a fortune.When Stephi arrived, she remembered the pathetic excuse for an orgasm that he had exhibited, the last time. Upon locking the door and approaching him, he laughed under his gag. He was arrogant. He had gotten her to jack him off last time and she had left utterly frustrated; but not this time. Stephi walked over to him, standing within inches of his face. In the position he was sitting, his face was only inches from her leather covered crotch. She was wearing one of her short mini skirts, with thigh high boots. She was already wet, thinking about what she was about to do. She rubbed her leathered thigh against his bare shoulder, letting him imagine her thigh high boots. He smiled, feeling his power over her. After all, every woman was after him, he knew it. The pathetic females couldn’t resist him.Stephi watched his long cock, fatten up. He was already wet around the mouth of his cock as he remembered the last time she had played with him. Stephi raised her mini skirt up, letting it rest around her hips. She was not wearing any panties, something she had stopped doing a long time ago. She leaned in closer to his face, letting him smell her delicious scent. She could hear him take in a deep breath through his nose. Stephi was very wet. She put her finger, just at the edge of her pussy lips, and dipped in between the wet lips. She then brought her finger forward and put it under the slave’s nose, letting him savor it for a few moments. She rubbed the heavy liquid across his upper lip, under his nose. He was forced to remember her scent.Stephi now moved quickly, because she wanted to make sure she had plenty of time for this special occasion. She quickly trimmed his hair and moved to his pubic area. Taking only a minute, she trimmed the ‘almost nothing’ pubic hair and put all her tools away.The slave was rock hard and she could hear him occasionally sniffing, trying to capture the scent she had placed on him. Stephi moved in between his legs and grasped his cock. He sucked in a deep breath, anticipating what she was going to do. She expertly rolled a condom on to his cock. This only deepened his desire. He knew that she was going fuck him.With the condom in place, Stephi took out one of her favorite oils and began massaging it into her tender lips and pubic mound. She made sure that the slave could smell the scented oil, and hear the squishy sounds as she rubbed it in. He was literally twitching as she partially lay down on top of him. From her position, she was straddling his left thigh, just above the knee.He immediately felt her juices all over his thigh. She started to slide slowly up his thigh dragging her exposed wetness over his wet skin. After a few moments she reached up and gently took his sheathed cock into her hand; not too tight but just gently holding it.She continued her sliding movements, up and down his thigh. She was drenched in her own juices. She occasionally sat up and purposely worked her hardened clit. She was so close to her own orgasm, the squishy sounds coming from her pussy and her hard labored breathing let the slave know she was almost there. Just as he would start to pant, she would slow her hand movements down, letting his twitching balls relax.The arrogant slave knew what was coming, from past experience, he knew that the female would bring herself to the verge of orgasm and then during that last second she would rise up and plunge her contracting pussy onto his cock. He was ready and was literally begging for it. Stephi continued her thrusting which was now more demanding than before. His leg was covered in her slick juices. She was past panting and at the edge of orgasm when she grasped the slaves cock hard, and continued her thrusting on his thigh furiously. She suddenly spread her legs a little farther apart putting more of his muscled thigh against her pubic area. She exploded.She took a deep breath and as she held it in, she felt the waves of her orgasm rock through her convulsing body. Her juices poured out of her running down the sides of the slave’s thighs. He was on the edge of orgasm as well. Stephi could feel his cock twitch hard and she immediately let go of it. She watched with rapt enjoyment as the cock twitched and twitched, just on the edge of cuming, but not there.As his cock stopped the weird little dance it was doing, Stephi slid effortlessly up the slave’s body, resting on his chest. She leaned up to him, and kissed him gently on the cheek. She leaned closely to his ear and whispered, “Was it as good for you, as it was for me?”The slave was furious; he immediately began wildly humping against Stephi’s stomach, trying to cum. Stephi just laughed and rose up, off of him. He was wildly thrusting his cock into the air, trying to connect with an unseen hand, mouth, or body, but there was nothing there.Stephi stood up, arranged herself, pulled her skirt back down and leaned in close to the slave’s ear. She breathed, I’m sorry, I forgot something.” Then she reached down and jerked the rubber off of the softening cock. The slave was so mad he was trying to get loose, just to get to her. She patted him on the head, and headed for the door. NOW, she felt the power.Stephi was having more fun than she could believe, and making a fortune at the same time. Gone were the days of the “young boys” and being sexually frustrated. She was actually living what she had only fantasized about, just a few months before. She didn’t need to visit the BDSM websites anymore she was living them, in person, on a daily basis. She was still amazed at the huge variety of male appearances, having fun examining them. She wasn’t too impressed by any of them so far.Stephi happened to be home one day when her phone rang. It was a new customer, and after the usual introductions and conversation, the caller said she wanted to get a slave ready for auction. The caller told her that it was only a hair cut and trim. Stephi advised the caller of her rules regarding slaves and the caller totally agreed to abide by them. They both agreed on a date and time for Stephi to come and cut his hair. The caller said that the house would be all hers, that she and her friends would be gone for the entire evening. The caller told her to ask for Linda, Brenda, or Sara.Stephi arrived at Linda, Brenda and Sara’s house at the appointed time. She was always punctual and prided herself on running a ‘real’ business. The money she was making and the fun she was having made her feel like she had to stay on top of things. The vast majority of clients she serviced were in the ‘high income bracket’.At the door, Stephi was met by Linda. She found that her new client was warm, friendly and they quickly began talking about the BDSM community. Over a glass of wine, Stephi found that her new clients consisted of three women, roommates, who had been involved in the community for several years. Without going into any details, Linda explained that they had acquired the slave and had him for only a short time. In that short time he had become well known and sought after.She told Stephi their slave had only been to auction once and they were preparing him for a second sale. Linda hinted that the money paid for him at auction, was extremely good, money that they just couldn’t afford to pass up.Stephi felt that she had seen pretty much all there was to see in slaves while providing her services, and she found herself wondering what ‘attributes’ this slave might have. Stephi was more than willing to add another client to her ever growing list, especially one that had a slave that was in high demand. Stephi would still have her fun, no matter what type of slave it was. She surmised that if he was in that high of demand, he was probably the arrogant type.Linda led Stephi down the stairs to the large playroom. Upon entering the room, Stephi was instantly shocked at all of the toys and tools on display. She was in awe. The room looked like something out of a torture movie or a medical movie. Linda was happy to show Stephi around the playroom, a room that the three room mates were very proud of.She walked her over to the exam table in the right corner of the room and pointed out the various toys that could be very tempting while the slave was being tortured. She walked over to the door to her bedroom and asked that Stephi not go in except to use the rest room. Linda stood back and showed Stephi the ring of sofa’s surrounding the bed where Ross slept. Stephi asked about the four pillars cemented in the floor. Linda explained that they held the bed in place and allowed for the intricate roping and restraints to be secured. Linda mentioned that Stephi would have to attend one of their “parties”.In the past, Stephi’s services were mostly held in large living rooms, play rooms, and occasionally in kitchens. None of her employers had ever led her into a fully equipped dungeon, let alone shown her the different toys and apparatuses. Linda showed her every type of sexual device imaginable, and some that she was too afraid to ask about.Stephi had barely even noticed the slave, sitting with his back to her, tethered and restrained in the middle of the room. He was sitting quietly, not moving. Stephi continued her curious observations of all the items in the room, till her gaze came back to the slave. Linda introduced her to the slave, calling him Ross. Linda even teased the slave, saying “Ross, this is Stephi, you WILL behave yourself”.Ross was sitting in a low chair with his butt less than a foot off the carpeted floor. His wrists were restrained behind his back in soft cuffs and attached to the lower end of a posture bar. The posture bar went straight up his back, where a soft collar restraint, attached to the top of the bar held his head and neck in position. The top of the posture bar was also attached to a ceiling bolt, by a long tether line, keeping him upright and leaning slightly back.Over all, he was sitting straight backed, but seemed to be comfortable. From where Stephi was standing, she could see that his legs were also restrained with soft cuffs, but were splayed open, giving her easy access to his pubic area. They were open very wide, but not so much as to be uncomfortable.Linda realized that she was running late and excused herself saying she had to leave. She explained to Stephi that she would be all alone with the slave, and asked if that was ok. Stephi said it was fine. Linda also explained that all of the restraints and security had been checked, and that there was no way he could get free. Stephi said that she was fine and she was not worried. Linda said that she wouldn’t be home until late, and that her roommates weren’t expected back this evening.Linda then asked Stephi to make sure that the dungeon doors were locked when she left, she just had to twist the button and it automatically stayed locked if she shut the door hard. She was to leave the slave restrained, as he was. She added that he would be ok. She also asked Stephi to lock the upstairs door when she left but until then she was welcome to use the kitchen and there were drinks available in the fridge. Linda pointed out that the playroom needed to be kept very warm so that the slave’s cock and balls could be manipulated easier. The matter of payment was settled on, and Linda went upstairs. A few moments later, Stephi heard the outside door close, and then moments later, a car in the driveway start up and drive away.Stephi looked around the room in amazement. She found herself getting more aroused, just seeing the sexual tools, medical instruments, and weird contraptions that she could only wonder about. She could have a field day with all of this equipment, she thought to herself.The slave was still sitting, quietly, in the middle of the room. Stephi walked closer to the walls, where all the implements were hanging, or laying on counter tops. She turned back toward the slave and walked over to him from behind. He was much older than Stephi but healthy in appearance. He was darkly tanned, with no tan lines. This slave appeared to be about five feet eight inches and about one-hundred sixty pounds of pure muscle!Ross was very hairy all over, such a sexy turn on, she noted. His shoulders were well defined as were the cheeks of his butt, at least what she could see of them. Over all he was very sexually attractive. Stephi stepped around, to the front of the slave, careful not to trip over his splayed legs. As she turned back toward the slave, her mouth opened forming a silent “Oh my!”She just stood there, staring at his cock and balls. His balls were immense. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. His cock lay softly, stretched out on his thigh in a small pool of pre-cum. Stephi was amazed; she had never seen a soft cock during any of her sessions.The head of Ross’ cock was partially hidden under the heavy, thick foreskin. His pubic hair was wild and led to the edge of the base of his cock. Even soft, his cock was about six inches long, and extremely thick.His balls were smooth like a baby’s skin, completely hairless. Each ball was about the size of a medium avocado, held inside a g****fruit. The room being so warm, Stephi could make out the complete shape of each ball, inside the soft fleshy sac. They were HUGE. Stephi had never seen anything even near this size, not even on the biggest sex slave on her ever growing clientele list.Ross wasn’t moving. He was just quietly sitting there, as if waiting for her. His expression was peaceful, if not tranquil. Stephi stared at his face for a long time and then returned her attention to the huge orbs between his legs. She knelt down in front of him to get a closer look.There was a pool of pre-cum that continued to form on his upper thigh. Being so much closer, she could easily see the smoothness of the skin covering both his cock and his balls, which looked as if someone had taken extremely good care of them, for a long time. Looking closer, she could see just a small portion of his huge cock head, poking out of his thick foreskin. At this distance, she could see that the mouth of his cock was gaping open, wide. Stephi had never seen a urethral opening of that size. She laughed to herself, thinking that it would take a lot more than three Q-tips to close that hole! Even covered with foreskin, the head of that cock was huge.She gently reached out, just brushing her fingertips across the foreskin. Immediately, the slave moaned and the cock head flared out full, pushing out of its hiding place. In a matter of seconds, the head had pumped up to an engorged, amazingly hard, size. It seemed that the pre-cum really started oozing then.The cock twitched and started quickly elongating, getting thicker at the same time. Stephi couldn’t believe the size of this cock. She had seen big cocks before, but this one was really thick. It was shorter than one or two of the larger ones that she had seen, but no where near in comparison, when it came to thickness. The head alone would have created a problem in entering a woman, she thought to herself. Stephi felt her own juices start to dribble out of her. She thought back to the BDSM sites, but couldn’t remember ever seeing a picture of a male this big. She knew she had never seen balls the size that Ross had.As she stood, mesmerized by the growing cock, she suddenly wondered if the slave’s balls could be real. She had heard of implants. She had never seen them, but she had heard of males receiving implants, either after an accident, or just for “bigger looks”. Since she didn’t really know what implants would look like, she wondered if Ross might have them. She thought to herself that if the slave’s cock was getting hard, wouldn’t he have to have real balls? She didn’t know.Stephi quickly thought of a way to see if they were real or not. By now, the slave’s cock had softened a little, and was slowly starting to rest on his thigh. Stephi raised her left leg, placing the arch of her boot on the edge of the chair. The slave’s balls were big enough and the room hot enough, that they lay flat on the chair, almost floating in the soft bag surrounding them.Stephi placed the toe of her left boot on top of the left ball then slowly rolled her foot forward. The slave stiffened and let out a muffled sound from behind his gag. Stephi raised the toe of her boot up, waited a moment, and then rolled the toe of her boot forward again, harder this time trapping the ball inside its sac.The slave stiffened and his head jerked upright, but this time he was in obvious pain. Stephi watched curiously, as the slave’s cock hardened and pre-cum seemed to pour from the open mouth. Pain and Pleasure; Stephi was loving every second of it reveling in the power and the control she had over this man.She immediately removed her left boot from the chair, and placed her right boot up in the same position, but on top of the right ball. Odd, she thought to herself, but the right ball was obviously bigger than the left. She rolled her foot forward again, trapping the right ball as she applied slight pressure to the soft tissue; she could feel the ball trying to squirt out, from under her boot. She pressed harder, watching the slave’s face. His face was blood red and sweat started to form on his furrowed brow. He was in obvious pain and was still making that strange muffled sound. He sounded almost breathless.Ross’ cock was rock hard and straining, his pre-cum now dripping into his pubic hair and onto his thighs. Stephi eased up the pressure on his ball and watched the slave relax, then she quickly pushed down hard on the ball again. There was no where for it to go and under the increasing pressure it was flattening out.Ross was pulling hard with his restrained wrists, trying unsuccessfully to get his hands free. His thighs were pulled tightly inward, trying to protect the exposed and highly sensitive orbs; but he remained completely restrained by the leg and wrist restraints. He was getting increasingly louder with his moans and gagged cries of pain. Stephi couldn’t believe how aroused this was making her.Stephi had never actually inflicted pain on a slave. Her behavior with this slave seemed to be different, and she couldn’t help herself, she continued to put increased pressure on his ball. The slave was struggling against his bonds, but completely trapped by tethers, restraints, the posture bar, and Stephi’s boot. He had nowhere to go and worse than that, the ball had nowhere to go and it continued to flatten under her boot. She relished the control she was feeling.Stephi was unbelievably drenched, she felt herself quickly approaching orgasm, without even a single touch to herself. She could see that the slave’s cock was rock hard, the veins standing out, the head flared wide, and a steady flow of pre-cum running down, coating the toe of her boot. She then noticed something odd. She couldn’t believe it, but obviously she was exerting enough pressure on the ball, that it was somehow relinquishing its milky cream. There wasn’t much, but it was obviously a small amount of sperm, mixed in with the flowing pre-cum.Stephi was stunned as she watched the white glob slide down the underside of the slave’s cock; she was astounded that she had never even touched his cock. Stephi almost had her orgasm right then and there when the understanding of what she had just done crossed her mind. She immediately relaxed her leg, releasing the pressure on the flattening ball. The slave sucked in a huge gulp of air, and began trying to catch his breath. Stephi had never felt so alive. Her entire body was pumping with adrenaline, wanting to continue working on the slave. Now she wanted more, and this slave was going to help her get it.Stephi reached out with one hand, gently touching the slave’s cheek. She glanced down, seeing that his cock was no longer straining, but still hard. Pre-cum was everywhere. The slave’s breathing had returned to normal and his face had lost some of the redness. The right ball appeared to be returning to its original size and shape, still resting in the soft sac. No damage had been done.Stephi couldn’t wait, she was so very excited, she wanted to play and enjoy herself like never before. She felt if she even reached down and touched her swollen clit that she would explode. She had never been this wet and could feel her own juices coating her upper thighs.Stephi stood there, watching the slave’s breathing return to normal; with her right foot still resting about an inch from the slave’s balls; she reached down and slowly, deliberately, pulled the boot zipper down, making Ross listen as the zipper went from her upper thigh down to her ankle. Stephi casually kicked the boot off to the side. She then slowly unzipped the left boot, all the way down, but this time, let the boot fall onto the slave’s thigh. After a moment, she picked it up and tossed it to the side. Barefooted, Stephi put the arch of her foot, back up on the edge of the chair and rolled it forward, coming to rest on the slave’s left ball. He stiffened, obviously scared, with the exception of his cock, still rock hard and conveying his obvious excitement.She rolled her foot back and forth, crushing the ball underneath, and then she relaxed the pressure. The slave was beginning to pant, pre-cum flowed from the gaping mouth of his engorged cock. While still continuing the “flatten and release” fun to his ball, Stephi reached up and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall onto his thigh. Unless he was a complete idiot, the slave would know what was about to happen to him. Stephi stepped out of her skirt, letting it lay on the slave’s thigh. She thought to herself that he couldn’t be too scared, since his cock reached out as if it were begging for attention.Stephi couldn’t believe how horny it made her feel, being nude from the waist down, standing in front of a slave, his cock rock hard just for her. She was in control and he would perform for her. Stephi was literally dripping wet. She was beginning to really like this slave, and wondered if his sexual attribute was his size, or could there be more to him, than what was obvious. She wanted to know.Glancing at a wall clock, Stephi knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea, being caught nude, in the owner’s home, hours and hours after the session had ended. Yet she had only been with the slave for about twenty minutes; even if it seemed like hours. She quickly left the room and ran up the stairs to make sure everyone was still gone. She couldn’t believe it, but she could actually hear a “squishing” sound coming from between her legs as she took the stairs two at a time. She checked and saw that there were no cars in the driveway and returned to the playroom.Stephi felt so alive. She had never been this hot and wet during any of her sessions. This was the power and control that she had dreamed about. Furthermore, she had never undressed at a session. She had worn loose clothing, or gone without panties for easy access during other sessions, but she never removed any clothing.Stephi stood between the feet of the slave, just staring at the huge balls and thick cock, feeling the drops of her own hot juices literally run down her thighs. She paused for a moment, then reached up and removed her top letting her small but extremely sensitive breasts free. She was now totally nude.As if sensing what was happening, Ross’ cock was gradually thickening and the head was hugely bloated. Stephi watched intently as the foreskin slowly rolled back, fully exposing the purplish engorged head. There seemed to be no end to the pre-cum that was oozing from the mouth of his awesome cock.In the past, Stephi had used her hands on slave’s cocks, usually with a rubber covering it in case of an accident or to just help keep the mess to a minimum. On rare occasions she had played with the slave’s cock using her bare hands Now she wanted to feel this one, taste it, work it, feel it inside her, make it erupt in her feel deep inside what had to be a record amount of cream.With something this big, she only hoped that he would not disappoint her, as so many others had done. She wanted to find out. Either way, she was so close to cuming and it didn’t matter. Her clit felt like it was on fire and it throbbed like never before. She removed his blindfold because she wanted to see his every expression.Stephi moved into a position of standing above the slave her legs spread wide along each side of Ross’ legs. She wished he didn’t have the gag in place because her pussy was centered in front of his mouth and only an inch away. She would have loved to feel his tongue lapping at her soft velvet like lips. She considered removing the gag and decided it would be too risky with this being her first session with this particular slave. She gyrated her hips in front of him and watched his eyes open wide in disbelief. She then slowly lowered herself down to her knees, his cock just barely touching the juicy lips of her pussy.Stephi reached in between them and grasped Ross’ cock by the shaft guiding it to the center of her pussy lips. She was determined to fit his huge member into her tiny hole. As she lowered herself down to where just the head was flush against her hole, she looked into the slave’s eyes and noticed his longing. He fixed his eyes on hers and groaned out loud against the gag when she fitted the head of his cock tightly against her opening.Stephi had to work hard to get the head of Ross’ cock into her pussy. She ground her hips down against the head in an attempt to stretch herself so he could fit inside her. As her desire grew and her excitement peaked, she exploded from just grinding against this slaves cock.She moved Ross’ cock so that it slid up and down her slit teasing her clit and causing it to throb even more, she vowed to get his cock buried deep inside her hot wet pussy. Feeling the skin of her entire pussy stretch as she worked the head into her hole, the tightness of her skin stretching over her clit was more than she could take. She sat down hard on Ross’ cock crying out when she felt herself stretched beyond anything she ever imagined.Stephi let herself sit there in an attempt to get used to the size of the slaves cock buried deep inside her. She was sure something down there had torn as she took him deeply into her center. All she could feel was full. Then out of the blue she felt her pussy begin to contract around his cock and she was thrown into the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She wasn’t able to move all she could do was sit there and experience the heat, the contractions of the walls of her hot cunt around Ross’ cock and her hot juices running down from the depths of her. She involuntarily rocked on the huge cock imbedded deeply inside her and was shocked when that slight movement triggered another powerful orgasm from deep within her.Ross was watching Stephi intently. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had not felt this tight of a pussy in a very long time. It was everything he could do to maintain his composure. He didn’t want Stephi to see that he was enjoying this more than she could ever have imagined.Stephi was gasping for breath with Ross’ cock still buried deep into her pussy. She finally opened her eyes and saw him watching her. She decided to remove the ball gag from his mouth. She wanted to feel his mouth kissing her and licking her center after she had cum just once more.Ross moved his jaw as if it were stiff, he stretched it all around and Stephi thought it was so sensual, she just watched him. As he seemed to settle back into his relaxed state she leaned in and lightly kisses him near his lips. He turned his face in time for the second kiss to land on his parched lips. She tasted so sweet and he carefully worked his tongue inside her mouth. He explored her as he memorized every feeling she gave him and he was so excited he broke the kiss to tell her he was about to explode inside her. He was concerned about birth control.Stephi stepped up off of the slave’s cock and as she pulled the head out of her drenched pussy there was an audible “pop” sound. She was visibly embarrassed. She looked at Ross and told him she was going to release all but one restraint on a leg. He was puzzled; he had never been out of bonds with anyone but the three women who owned him.Stephi told him that she was willing and very capable of punishment for any behavior not approved by her. Ross nodded his head in agreement, thinking that being free of his bonds for even an hour would be better than nothing. He decided that he wasn’t going to pass up any opportunity to finish what Stephi had started with him. He wanted her more than he could ever let be known.Stephi released Ross from all bonds and walked him over to the bed using the tether attached to his leg. After he lay down she attached the tether to the eye bolt on the pole at the end of the bed. She told Ross to roll over facing her and kiss her as a lover would. Ross eagerly complied. He pressed lightly on her lips with his own. He gently nibbled her lips and with just the tip of his tongue, he traced the two lips as if that were the last time he would ever feel them in this life time. His eyes were closed as he completely abandoned himself to this passion filled woman.Stephi felt every move Ross made. She felt his lips caress her own and she felt him kiss her deeply. She responded to him with a hunger she never knew she possessed. Her hips involuntarily pressed against his engorged cock as the kisses deepened and became extremely passionate. Ross slowly kissed all over her face and down her neck. She gasped as he touched those special places on her neck which seemed to be attached directly to her clit. She felt it throb, it was a pleasurable and painful feeling and she was confused as to how she felt about that intensity.Ross took her mind away from that quickly. It was if he demanded she pay attention to his every touch, his every move and every feeling he awakened inside her. She had never experienced this before. The few lovers she had were very young and inexperienced. Ross was playing her body like a fine tuned harp. He touched her in all the right places and caused reactions she didn’t know she possessed.As she felt his lips press firmly around her left nipple, she moaned out loud and her back arched pressing it harder into his mouth, but he retreated and kept the pressure where he wanted it. She was going to walk away from here today knowing that a “real man” had made love to her. He gently pressed his teeth into the base of her nipple as he firmly sucked it into his mouth. She cried out and her hips came up off of the floor, reaching out for attention, but it was too soon.Stephi was trying to catch her breath as Ross moved over to her right nipple repeating the same slow tease that he applied to the left ending with his teeth gently pressing around the base of her nipple and he was sucking firmly. He had grasped the left nipple between his thumb and forefinger of his left hand and applied pressure to that nipple as he sucked on the right. He suddenly pulled it out and away from her body and she exploded in orgasm again. He rolled that nipple between his thumb and forefinger and had her squirming under him as she came.Ross switched nipples once more; he had her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger with a small amount of pressure as he fixed his teeth around the base of her left nipple and began sucking firmly. He pulled that right nipple out and away from her body as he sucked harder on her right nipple, she cried out for more, her head rolling back and forth on the bed. He rolled the nipple and she screamed out in total ecstasy. He body responded to him like never before.Stephi begged him to stop and he obliged her by kissing his way down her stomach and over her mound. She was bald as a baby’s butt and he appreciated that. He licked just the outer lips of her pussy, very slowly, over and over for what felt like hours to Stephi, but in reality it was only minutes. She moaned and pressed his head down trying to get him to her center, but Ross was determined that he was going to stay in control this once. He was going to make her feel things no one else had ever done, nor ever would. He was just teasing the inner lips of her pussy with the tip of his tongue when she began pressing her hips up into his mouth and her orgasm send her sweet juices into his mouth. Ross could do nothing but lick and swallow, she was bucking and thrashing around and he was enjoying every minute of it.Stephi was begging him to enter her again, but Ross wasn’t finished teasing her yet. She really didn’t want him THAT bad yet. He took his middle finger of his right hand and slowly fed it up into her pussy. She let out a scream that could have waked the neighborhood up; thank goodness the walls were sound proof! He slowly finger fucked Stephi as he licked and sucked on her clit. She couldn’t lay still and was bucking up and down on that mattress, her head rolling back and forth on the bed with her eyes closed, moaning loudly.Ross inserted a second finger and pumped her a moment and then added a third. He got serious at this point. He was stretching her and teasing her at the same time. She was begging for his huge cock to fill her up again. He noticed a single tear fall from her right eye and his ego soared. He slid up on the mattress where his mouth was even with her nipple again. He took that nipple into his mouth and he finger fucked her hard and fast until she exploded again, cuming hard all over his fingers. Her breathing was just returning to normal when he maneuvered above her with his cock pressed between her legs.Stephi’s eyes flew open and she looked deeply into the slave’s eyes as she reached between them guiding his cock to her stretched opening. Ross pressed firmly against her until just the head of his cock popped into her. She gasped and he had to wince and hold back his own orgasm. He was holding himself right at the opening as she got used to his size again. She was so wet he easily slipped farther and farther into her tight pussy. She was so tight and HOT!! He was in seventh heaven, knowing he would be severely punished if anyone found out, he was going to enjoy every second of this.Stephi had returned to bucking her hips up meeting his every stroke. They were long, slow, deep, strokes that touched the very core of her. She fell into that slow leisurely pace with him and they moved together as if they had been together for years. She was so excited and he was so huge she loved the feeling of his engorged balls slapping against her ass.Ross could feel her pussy begin to convulse around the shaft of his cock when she was beginning her peak orgasm and he just couldn’t hold back anymore. He exploded deep inside her as she loudly cried out that she was cuming. They shared an intense and explosive orgasm; their combined juices dripping down across her ass and into the bed clothes. He was spent and collapsed on her chest. She was breathing fast and still moaning.They lay intertwined for almost an hour just enjoying the after glow of the powerfully passionate sexual experience they just shared. Stephi shifted in the bed and Ross rolled to her side, his cock slipping out of her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her and they rested that way.Stephi woke and realized that she had better get out of there. She woke the slave and told him it was time for her to leave and he needed to get back into the posture bar and bonds. She unhooked the tether from the eye bolt and walked him to the posture bar, securely fastening all the bonds that she found him in.Ross asked that she leave the gag off and Stephi didn’t see a problem with that. She ran upstairs and made sure all the locks were locked. She then walked down into the playroom and put her clothes back on. She gathered her tools and started for the door when she remembered his blindfold. She rushed back over to replace it then snuck out the side door.Stephi was almost home when she thought about what she had done. She broke every rule she believed in and she couldn’t believe that she didn’t care. She had in one night with Ross, what she had been looking for her entire life.Ever since the time that Ross became mad and defied the girls, Brenda had fantasized about ways that she could “play” with him. She relished in her memory, the satisfaction and arousal that she received in punishing his balls, that night. She looked for any and all chances that would give her an opportunity to punish him. Her idea of punishment was not that of extra chores, or the little punishments that Linda and Sara made him do, but real punishments. Brenda wanted to hurt him, and hurt him sexually. She wanted pain, but not damage. She had discovered since the first night that Ross was brought to their home that his cock and balls could take almost anything and recover quickly. The kind of treatment that they had administered to him didn’t seem to damage his ‘toys’ at all. And, she thought to herself, “who’s toys are they, his or ours’?” Getting wetter by the minute, Brenda remembered the beating she had administered to his balls, only days before. Like a smaller version of a boxer’s punching bag, she had slammed blow after blow into them, only to see him still rock hard and leaking gobs of his own sperm, an apparent involuntary release. He wasn’t cuming, but his balls were giving up their contents.Brenda arranged ahead of time, a night that all of them would be home. Brenda told the others that she was planning some “amusing entertainment” with Ross, and that they should plan for an evening of fun. She also added that the entertainment would involve Ross, but not involve them directly. They could have all the fun they wanted, but by their own hands, not with Ross. She added that Ross would be “tied up” for the duration of the entertainment. Both Linda and Sara were more than curious about what Brenda had in mind, but knew that it would have to be great, if Brenda was planning it out. The night was agreed upon, and all were excited, wondering to what degree Ross would be used. Privately, he had entertained each of them and in a “direct” manner. When asked what she had in mind, Brenda told the girls, “just consider Ross a ranch a****l and us as the ranch hands.”Over the short period of time that the girls had Ross as a captive, they had learned that his balls were always producing. To say that they were “in abundance” would be a huge understatement. With all that had been done to him, he had continued to pump out more and more of his milky cream, each and every time it was attempted. It seemed to be an almost endless supply. Brenda had wondered if there was an end to his abundance. They had talked about it before, wondering if he could be emptied. As a nurse, she knew that he could be drained, but she wanted to know where that point was and what it would take to do it.Prior to the planned evening, Brenda had contacted Laura, one of her friends from the BDSM community. Laura was, as so many others in the group, very wealthy and possessed ‘different tastes’. Brenda felt that Laura could help in this endeavor. Laura and her husband were well known ranchers, in the area, having both large herds of cows and horses. Brenda met with Laura and told her that she wanted to rent from her… A milking machine. When Brenda finally broke down and explained what her intentions were, Laura was excited, and more than aroused. Laura told Brenda that she would do her “one better.” She told Brenda that she would give her a used machine, if she would make a video of the entertainment. Brenda didn’t like this idea at all, but finally agreed, once she was convinced that Laura would use the video, only for her own use. The alternative was that Laura be allowed to attend the entertainment or no machine at all. Laura agreed to the video, thinking that she could enjoy it, over and over.In the barn, Laura showed Brenda the machine and gave her a quick ‘crash course’ in its use. There wasn’t much to it, being electric and having controls for both vacuum and pulse. Laura explained that vacuum, naturally, was for the amount of pressure exerted on the teat, to draw it into the teat cup. She also explained that the machine was capable of creating a lot of pressure. Pulse was for the amount and speed of the massage being exerted on the teat. The liner, inside the teat cup was made of silicone and created a ‘massaging effect’ from small air bags being pumped up and released in different sequences. Both Laura and Brenda were getting more than wet, just thinking about the possibilities of the machine. The machine was rather simple: a pressurized teat cup and silicone liner, attached to vinyl hose, which lead to the pump and the clear catch cylinder. At the tip of the teat cup, was a pressure line, which would create the vacuum in the cup. There was a second line that would draw the milk or fluids, through the vinyl tubing, up and into the clear catch cylinder, showing how much had been harvested. There were four teat cups, but Laura said that the pressure could be increased to any cup, by blocking off the un-used teat cups. Laura suddenly looked at Brenda in surprise. Laura had heard about “That slave,” but had not attended the only auction that Ross had been shown at. Laura told Brenda that if it was the slave that she had heard about, that the teat cups wouldn’t even come close to fitting him. Brenda had already thought of that, and was in the process of taking care of that problem. In looking at the teat cups, she knew that they wouldn’t fit Ross. Brenda told Laura that she would be delivering a video to her, very soon.Brenda disconnected two of the teat cups and took them to a metal fabrication shop. The teat cups were only about 5 inches long, and in no way wide enough to accommodate Ross’ cock. Using them as they were, the vacuum would have sucked his cock head in, but not his entire length or girth. Brenda explained to the metal fabricator, that she wanted the cup, lengthened and widened, by adding copper pieces. She also instructed them to smooth the edges and polish the entire cup, making the entire surface smooth. Having a silicone liner in place when the teat cup was pressured up, would be pliable enough for expansion, yet soft enough to conform to the slave’s cock. Once vacuum pressure was exerted on the teat cup, the slave’s cock would be drawn into the liner. The rest would be standard, using the machine as intended. The shop fabricator was more than curious and a little suspicious as Brenda launched into her next project.Brenda had taken the 2nd teat cup from the machine, and instructed the fabricator to re-fashion it. Luckily for Brenda, the fabricator had no knowledge of a****l husbandry. She had him add copper pieces to the existing teat cup, in order to enlarge it, then fashion it more into the shape of a rounded clamshell, except a lot larger. By now, the fabricator was afraid to ask what he was creating, but said that he could do it. Brenda’s intent was to have a clam shell shaped teat cup that would fit Ross’ massive balls. She figured that the massaging action could be controlled to the point that the liner would literally squeeze and manipulate the fleshy orbs. A special silicone liner would have to be used, in order to seal the clam shell, exerting a vacuumed pressure on his balls, without leaking. Under pressure, the clam shell would literally suck on his ball sac, and the massager would do the rest of the ball manipulation. Brenda already knew where to manipulate Ross’ balls to make them release. Hopefully, if the clam shell was done properly, the clam shell itself would virtually manipulate his balls into emptying, over and over again. And, it would have to be big, in order to hold them securely and massage them.After all was said and done, the fabricator told her that it would be no problem and told her when to pick it up. The price was more than Brenda had figured, but she knew that the new toys would be used more than once… and probably on more than one slave. By having oversized teat cups, this would allow for even the smallest of slaves, to be inserted into the machine. Once pressured up, the liner would form to the existing shape of it’s captured organ, and literally milk it over and over, or until the machine was turned off. Brenda knew that the slave didn’t have to be hard, to cum. And besides, under pressure, the cock would stay hard between orgasms.Brenda took home the milking machine and immediately started cleaning it up. Having been discarded in a barn, it was pretty dusty, but in perfect working order. In short time, the entire machine was glistening polished metal. Brenda took special care to soften and renew the silicone liners, in order to better work the intended meaty parts that they would be sucking. In essence, the machine was a work of art, and would definitely be used on more than one occasion and on more than one person. She knew that the Linda and Sara would be impressed.Several days later, Brenda returned to the fabrication shop and picked up her new toys. The fabricator was still curious and pressed her about the items. Again, she just smiled and asked “wouldn’t you like to know?” Getting into her car, Brenda pulled out the newly fashioned teat cups. She was amazed at how smooth each one was, but even more surprised at how large they had become. But, for someone the size of Ross, it would be necessary. Now, if they only worked. Both cups had been smoothed to a high finish, and as far as Brenda could tell, there were no sharp or rough edges. As a nurse, she was more than aware of what any bleeding, under pressure might do. One tiny cut or scratch on Ross, and the blood loss would be a major problem. Checking closely, she could find nothing that would damage the slave. The fact that his cock would be sucked into a machine and his balls drained to the last drop… She didn’t consider damage. Just part of her fun.When Brenda reached the house, she went inside and checked. No one was home. She removed the milking machine from her car and carried it inside. She was surprised that such a fun toy was so light weight. The machine was designed in such a way, that a large milk canister could be attached to the unit, but under these circumstances, it would only require a small container. She had left the large canister with Laura. Laura k**ded her, saying that the larger milk canister might be required, if what she had heard about this slave was true. She continued laughing, saying that “you can always dump it out, if it overflows.” Laura was referring to the 4 gallon size canister. They both laughed at the joke. But Brenda had noticed that the slave had produced tremendous amounts of sperm. She had never seen a man ejaculate so much, so often, and so hard.Laura went to her room and locked the door. At that time, neither Linda nor Sara knew anything about the ‘entertainment’, except for the date. She knew that once she convinced them that there would be no damage and that it wouldn’t hurt him, “much,” that they would be all for the milking. She figured that as the entertainment wore on, that they would all relax, and start having their own fun, while watching the predicament of the slave. With the slave immobilized and a machine, literally draining his balls, again and again, it would be very arousing. Brenda knew that she would and was pretty sure that Linda would definitely join in. Like Brenda told them, “they could have their own fun, indirectly.”The girls had been together for several years. They had never exhibited any outward signs of attraction for each other, but had been involved many times, with what they referred to as “mutual pleasures.” On the first occasion, they had all watched an extremely erotic adult movie together. It had been a boring night, and none of them had dates. Just as the movie was ending, and being in the dark, both Brenda and Linda were surprised to hear soft moaning coming from Sara. To the surprise of each of them, Sara was just a few ‘caresses’ away from where the other two were headed. On that occasion, they all started laughing, and then thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with no embarrassment. On separate occasions, each of them had walked into the dungeon, when another was in the middle of having her own brand of fun with a date. And, on each of those occasions, the fun just continued without the date ever knowing that he was being watched. The girls had become more than accustomed to each other and enjoyed these rare times together.Brenda sat the machine down, at the foot of her bed. After plugging it in, she sat at the foot of the bed, with the odd contraption displayed in front of her. Besides a very pleasurable toy, it also looked like a work of art, shiny and polished. She cautiously turned it on and was amazed at how quiet it was. She had been expecting a loud machine, but instead, it was whirring, almost like a purring sound. The machine sounded more like something that you would hear in an intensive care unit at the hospital. There was a slight hissing sound, as the air sucked through the unattached teat cups. She placed her hand against the opening of one of the cups and watched as it gently sucked her soft skin into it. She was becoming more aroused by the minute, as she pondered the possibilities of the machine. The teat cup was actually holding onto her hand, just by its own vacuum. She then noticed that the vacuum control was at its lowest setting.Brenda jumped up and rushed to the window. Checking outside, she saw that neither of her roommates had returned. She went back to the machine and sat down again. She undid the buttons of her blouse and unhooked her bra, quickly. Gently, and very cautiously, she moved one of the teat cups to her breast. Holding her breath, she placed the sucking teat cup to her nipple. Her arousal was instantaneous as the cup gently sucked on her swelling nipple. Brenda pulled the cup from her nipple and got up, quickly grabbing a bottle of lotion. She gingerly applied lotion to both of her nipples, which were by now, fully erect. Sitting back down, she took the teat cup and put it back to her nipple. As the teat cup drew the nipple in, she moaned softly. She turned the vacuum pressure up, just a notch, enough pressure that the teat cup would hold onto her breast, without the use of her hands. Brenda couldn’t believe the sensations that were coursing through her body. She was more than wet and had not even touched her pussy. Without getting up, Brenda undid her jeans and raised her legs up, sliding the jeans off. She quickly removed her panties and reached for a second teat cup. She placed the second teat cup on her other nipple, with the same, immediate results. She then realized that she had not even switched the massage controls on yet. With both teat cups sucking on her distended nipples, she tentatively switched on the massage control. Immediately, her eyes fluttered as she gasped a long soft moan. It was unbelievable, as if two hungry mouths were sucking and nibbling on her tender nipples simultaneously. She felt herself quickly approaching orgasm. As the teat cups sucked and massaged her, she could only hold on and enjoy the ride. Her hands were clawing at the carpet grabbing tight handfuls, as her thighs opened wider, allowing the first orgasm to rock through her. She could feel it build up in intensity, inside her vagina and roll up through her lower abdomen. Her entire body tightened as her body shook from the first of several strong orgasms. After several minutes, her body was spent, but the teat cups were still sucking and massaging the now very swollen nipples. It was too intense now, and she was already too sensitive to go any further. Her pussy couldn’t take any more, as she felt the deep contractions lessening. All she could do was grab the electrical cord and jerk it from the wall socket. She sat there, leaning back against the foot of the bed, spasms still running through her body. It had been the most intense series of orgasms, she had ever felt. All she could do was lay there, legs shaking, and juices running from between her still quivering lips. As she regained her composure, she saw that the suction control was only on 3 and the massage control was on 2. Both of the controls had levels of 1 through 10. And, with using two of the teat cups, she had never blocked off the suction to the other two cups. There was no doubt in her mind, that the milking machine would have enough suction and massage power, to totally work the slave’s large genitals. That is… If the teat cup would fit him. She looked down and saw that both of her nipples were jutting out, farther than they normally were. Each nipple was hugely swollen to almost twice their normal size. And sensitivity, she couldn’t begin to describe how sensitive they were. Just touching them sent shivers through her body.Brenda jumped up and hurried to the dungeon, still feeling her thick juices running down her thighs. At the dungeon door, she stood for a moment, watching the slave. He appeared bored, just standing in the middle of the room. For the first time that she could remember, his cock was soft, hanging down like a thick rope, between his thighs. Of course, tethered, there was nowhere for him to go, and nothing for him to do.Brenda entered the room and stood at the door. Upon hearing her enter, the slave looked more than surprised, seeing her totally nude and just watching him. Oddly, he did not start to get hard. Brenda walked up to him, standing face to face, only inches apart from each other. Brenda was more than proud of her body. She was in excellent condition and even at her age, her tits still looked like they did, when she was 20, full and ripe. She was what most men would refer to as “very hot.” Without saying a word, she quickly knelt down and immediately sucked his soft cock into her mouth, hard. There was no gentleness to her mouth, as she sucked hard, literally pulling his entire cock into her mouth. Her lips were pursed tight against the base of his shaft, as her tongue swirled around the head and thick foreskin. Within seconds, her mouth had to push out an ever increasing amount of him, as he thickened and lengthened. In less than a minute, she could not take any of his shaft, and could barely close her mouth around the engorged head. She could actually feel his rapid heart beat, as blood pulsed through the veins of his cock. He was starting to moan now, his breath coming in quick pants. She could feel his hands gently rest on her shoulders. He had gotten fully hard so fast, that there had not been enough time for his pre-cum to start flowing. In time it would. He was beginning to slowly push in and out of her mouth, his hands tightening on her bare shoulders.Brenda stopped and pulled her mouth from his cock with a loud “plop.” Looking up at the slave, she said “I have a present for you.” His eyes were closed as his cock searched for her warm mouth, hips still gently thrusting. She brought the specially built teat cup up, and quickly pushed it onto his cock. He looked down in surprise, and softly asked “what is it?” Brenda was astonished. The slave had been told dozens of times that he was not to speak, unless given permission. She stared at him. Only once before had he dared to speak, and that time he had been punished severely.”You know better than to speak, unless permitted” she told him.”I know” was his only response. He continued to look at her, then at the teat cup. Having put the teat cup on his swollen erect cock, Brenda was holding it flush against his pubic bone. She would quickly shake it left and right, then up and down, trying to gauge his cock size, in comparison with the cups inner dimensions. She could feel it flopping around inside, indicating to her that there was room for him to expand, both in thickness and length. This would mean that the suction and the massage would work perfectly on him. Smiling, she again looked up, into his eyes, saying “it’s a present, and it’s for you.” He looked at her closely, then at the teat cup. Then he said “a present from you?… it must be something that will hurt me.” The words stung as Brenda stared straight ahead, looking at the teat cup. She continued to jiggle the cup, feeling tears start to well up in her eyes. His remark had hurt her. She wanted him to like her, to want her, to need her, but in looking back at their past times together, she realized that it had always been something, resulting in pain or punishment to him. She enjoyed those memories, but the result was that he was scared of her. She enjoyed torturing his balls, but she had never thought that it would drive him away from her. She had never considered his reaction to her actions. She also realized that she had never done anything gentle or satisfying with him. But she would not cry, not in front of him. She blinked away the tears and continued looking straight ahead at his crotch. She pulled the teat cup from his cock and was shocked to see that it was completely soft. With all the sexual manipulations she was doing on him, his cock had shriveled to a small, soft, almost withdrawn cock. He truly did fear her. She rose up and stood facing him. His expression was flat, emotionless. She couldn’t decide which she felt more, fury or hurt. She slapped him hard, across the face. His face stinging, he averted his eyes and would not look at her. A tiny drop of blood started to run down, from the corner of his mouth. She could only stand there, saying nothing. She turned quickly and walked toward the door. At the door she stopped, her gorgeous backside, the only view to him. Without turning, she said firmly “Yes, it is a present for you, and it will be pleasurable… at first.” She then left, locking the door behind her.Back in her room, Brenda allowed herself to cry. She had always been the strongest of the three girls, if not the hardest and most realistic. She was torn between two emotions. One emotion was her usual, the one that wanted to punish the slave, to really hurt him where it counts, those huge balls and that cock; but she knew in that respect, Linda and Sara wouldn’t go for it. Well, Linda for sure, and maybe Sara. She wasn’t so sure about Sara. Sara didn’t seem to have a lot of interest in the slave except that he could bring in a lot of money for her; and the slave didn’t seem to be Sara’s type either. Linda, well that was a different story. Brenda knew that Linda wouldn’t go for any pain to the slave, let alone real pain, and especially pain that might result in damage; as for her other emotion, the one that wanted the slave to want her, to need her; Brenda had never felt this type of emotion before. With her looks and independence, Brenda really didn’t need any male; they were pretty much there for her enjoyment. The more she had been involved with the slave, the more bornova escort bayan she felt a want, a need and she didn’t know what to do. She had planned an evening, in which they would all be entertained by the slave. She would just have to wait and see how things went.Linda and Sara had finally gotten home. Brenda met with them in the kitchen and told them that the “party” would start at 9:00pm. She also explained that the dungeon would be a little warmer than usual and strongly suggested that they wear little, or nothing in regard to clothing. They all laughed at this, knowing the effect of a warm room on the slave’s equipment and abilities. Also, they understood the ground rules of the party, they could have all the fun they wanted, in any manner they chose, except with the slave.They were all excited until Brenda told them that there would be a little inconvenience for them. Brenda then explained that part of the deal in getting a particular item for the party was that a video tape be made showing the party and its peculiar entertainment. At that point, the girls didn’t know what Brenda was talking about. They had no idea that the particular item was a milking machine usually used on a cow. They both immediately balked at the idea. They did not wanting their faces shown nor did they want anything that they might do during the party video taped. Brenda finally calmed them down and explained that she had already studied the room and had figured out several ways that the video could be made with none of them shown.She told them about how they could still have everything they wanted and never be seen totally on the video. Brenda told them that no one would ever know who they were, where the video was made, or any detail that would betray them. She added that if there were any mistakes in the filming the video could be edited to remove any incriminating evidence.Brenda discussed with them how she had met with someone, told that person of her intent, and in the deal how she had gotten a fabulous toy that each of them would be guaranteed to enjoy. Now, the ladies were more than excited and they were very curious as to what Brenda had in mind. Brenda smiled deviously and said she could guarantee that both of them would love the toy, and she emphasized that Ross would as well.Since their dungeon had so many toys already, Linda and Sara couldn’t even begin to guess what this particular toy might be. Brenda told them that she could explain nothing more, and if she did it would give away the entire surprise. She assured them that by the end of the night they would know all the details. They agreed and went to their separate rooms, to get ready.At just after 8:00 pm Brenda had already cleaned up and was lounging around her room trying to decide what to do with Ross. She was still torn between the two choices and did not know whether to go with just one, part of one, or neither. She didn’t know what to do so she finally decided that doing nothing was the acceptable answer. She would just give them all a party, and let the fun happen, as it happened; besides, her original reason for looking into the prospect of a milking machine, was to find out exactly how much sperm Ross could produce at one time and exactly what happens when a male reaches a point of empty or as she had come to call it, testicular inadequacy.She laughed as she thought of the phrase, testicularly challenged; but with Ross, there seemed to be an almost endless supply. She knew from her teenage years of Sex 101, that he had a limit and she was determined she would find it. Just thinking about the size of his balls and of the huge amount of sperm they had already extracted from him; she knew that it would take awhile to find his limit. That was ok, they had all night and she knew that Linda and Sara would love the show.Brenda was more than curious and medically speaking, she really wanted to know. The vast majority of men that she had been with had only made it, one time. There were several “two time” guys, and there was even a “three time” guy, but almost all of them had either left before she could satisfy her curiosity or they had fallen asleep. In Brenda’s mind, the morning after sexual encounters didn’t count as a continuous sexual encounter on those rare occasions in which the man had remained in her bed.Just thinking about the entertainment, tempted her to just try the milking machine on herself just one more time, however she decided that there would be plenty of time for that; besides that, her nipples were still tender from the afternoon’s session. She also noticed that the vacuum pressure had produced a huge increase in her nipple size something she thought wasn’t a bad thing!Brenda went to the dungeon just after 8:00 pm. The other two ladies were upstairs working on their final touches before starting time. She wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing, but they were preparing as if they were going on a first date.Brenda had soaked an extra long time in her hot bath, almost falling asleep, after she had experienced such intense pleasure earlier in the day. She was squeaky clean, relaxed, and smelled fabulous. She had picked out a short kimono, not for the slave, but for herself. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t understand how Ross could not want her. Her tanned legs were long and definitely remarkable looking. The kimono barely covered her ass and if she bent over there would be nothing left to the imagination. Wearing only the kimono, she crept downstairs to the dungeon.Reaching the dungeon door, she peeked in; she noted that Ross was in the middle of the room, tethered. It almost appeared that he had not moved from the spot that she had left him in earlier.Brenda opened the door and walked toward him smiling, as if nothing had taken place earlier. She couldn’t help but notice that his cock was as soft as it was when she last saw it. Without knowing it, they both were thinking about the feeling of her mouth on his quickly hardening cock; he had the feeling of it swelling inside her mouth on his mind, and she had the memory of it quickly swelling into her throat. His memory of the moment didn’t connect with his cock, and it remained soft. Seeing no reaction to her, Brenda had to hold her emotion in check, otherwise she would have begun her own party right then and there. She walked over to the room’s thermostat and turned up the heat in the room. She knew that the room would get very warm, but it was needed to keep his balls hanging full and soft.Brenda walked up to him, facing him as she had done, earlier in the day. She asked him “Will you behave yourself?” He glanced away; avoiding her eyes, but did not answer. She told him that he had permission to speak, and asked the question again. For a second time, he did not answer. She said, “I take your silence as a NO”. She stood there, inches from his face, staring at him, waiting. He still did not answer. She said, “Ok, if you want to be that way”. She turned and walked to a wall cabinet. Raised on her tip-toes, she reached high into the cabinet and started feeling for something. She could feel his eyes on her, as she rose up again, on tip-toes, legs slightly spread, and the kimono slightly riding up her back, exposing about half of her beautiful ass. She felt around in the cabinet some more, then stopped, changing her search to a nearby drawer. From the drawer she pulled out a stun gun and pressed the trigger discharging a loud crackling sound. There was no doubt about the effect it would have on a person. Ross’ cock was about as small as it could get. She walked up to him and repeated the same question, “Will you behave yourself?” His eyes turned downward he softly answered “yes.”She smiled and shifted the stun gun to her left hand. She then told him “I told you that I had a present for you and I told you that it would be very pleasurable.” Without looking at her, he softly reminded her that she had said it would be pleasurable at first. She remembered what she had said, and wished that she had not put it that way. She had meant that the machine would make him cum probably twice and that would be pleasurable for him.Brenda wasn’t sure but she suspected that the milking action would eventually make him sore, especially in his balls when they tried to continuously pump out cream that just wasn’t there after a couple times. Dry cuming would result in a very severe case of blue-balls. Brenda stared into his eyes hoping for some sign or indication that he might begin to like her. She thought for a moment and then told him it was a party and he was the entertainment, then added Linda and Sara would be there.He quickly glanced at her, with almost a smile. He hesitated. Brenda told him again that he would positively enjoy himself, and that Linda and Sara would be part of the fun. Looking into his face Brenda could see movement from below his waist. Glancing down at his organs it was obvious that the thought of Linda and Sara had triggered something with him since his cock was getting very thick very fast. Brenda smiled at him and surprisingly, he smiled back, if only slightly. She told him “quick, we have to get you ready. They’ll be coming down soon.”Brenda removed the tether attached to Ross’ ankle restraint and ordered him to the bathroom. The dungeon bath was large and built that way intentionally. It served more as an entertainment room rather than a bathroom. The spacious bathroom even had a garden tub. The tub was equipped with soft restraints on adjustable tether lines built into the walls and ceiling. There were two ankle restraints one at each end of the oval tub. There were two wrist restraints each about waist high also at both ends of the tub; and there were eye-hooks in the ceiling allowing for restraints above the head in various positions.Each restraint had the ability to be adjusted to force the restrained individual be held in any position, from tightly pulled to loose binds; overhead, behind the back, bent over, spread eagle, or any variety of other positions. Brenda ordered the slave into the garden tub. Holding the stun gun in her left hand, she ordered him to attach the left restraint to his left wrist. The slave did as he was told, and upon doing so, Brenda locked the restraint in place. Secured by hand, she then bent down and secured both ankle restraints, virtually locking him into the tub, facing outward. She left his right hand free, so he could wash himself.Brenda adjusted the water temperature and turned on the shower. After the slave had rinsed and soaped all over his body, Brenda ordered him to wash his cock and balls again. She hopped up onto the sink counter to watch. The Slave’s cock had been getting gradually harder and obviously thicker, the longer she sat there. She hoped that it was the sight of her legs, and her slightly exposed pussy, that was arousing the slave. Either way, his cock was hanging down, long and thick.She ordered him to reapply the soap to his genitals and to rub it in good. She was smiling; her eyes glued to his cock, watching his right hand slowly rub the thick foreskin back, then forward as he covered the head and shaft in soap suds. Once his eyes started to flutter and close, Brenda loudly ordered him to stop, and to rinse off. Hopping down from the counter she took the shower massage head and adjusted it to a hard pulse. She knew that he was well rinsed, but she just wanted to be positive. She knew that he was “warmed up” but wanted to add just a little more heat to the equation. Hot water could do wonders to sensitive tissue and nerve endings.She turned the hot water up and quickly turned the hard spray toward his cock and balls. As the hot water pulsed over his already soft sac, it pummeled the two fleshy orbs stimulating them further. His cock was rock hard and quickly turning a bright red from the hot water. At first his hips instinctively pulled back protecting his soft sensitive parts and within a few moments his pelvis began to thrust outward. He was just beginning to pant when Brenda turned the water off and all he could do was stand there dripping wet, in more ways than one. Brenda smiled and told Ross she just wanted to help him warm up for the show. She didn’t want him wasting his milk down the tub drain. She said the word milk in such a way that Ross wondered what she meant. She then tossed him a towel, ordering him to dry off.Brenda quickly left the room closing the bathroom door behind her; she knew that Ross was securely restrained so she rushed upstairs and picked up the milking machine. She carried it to the dungeon and placed it in the middle of the room very close to where Ross would be tethered.The machine was covered so that no one would know what it was until she unveiled it. She checked on Ross and found him still drying off; she gave him a fresh towel and went back into the dungeon to continue the preparations.Brenda placed a stand made of three inch tubular aluminum that was softly padded, in the center of the room. The stand had been built for another purpose but it was just the right height for what she needed on this occasion.Brenda returned to the bathroom with the stun gun in her hand she removed Ross from the bathtub restraints; then ordered him to go to the center of the dungeon room. Once there, she had him kneel with the aluminum stand in front of him, and put the wrist restraints on. The stand was high enough that when he bent over, his upper thighs and lower abdomen would rest against the stand which would support his weight. When the wrist restrains were locked on she made him remain down on his hands and knees, with the stand resting under him.Brenda placed several pillows under his head, shoulders, and chest area then told him to lie down and relax. He was stretched out across the stand with his upper body resting on the pillows when she ordered him to extend his arms fully out in front of him on the carpet. She moved up to his outstretched arms and locked the wrist restraints to a tether which was already bolted to the floor. She gave him only enough slack that allowed him to lay with his arms out straight away from his body, or he could rest comfortably with his elbows on the pillows and he could not pull them back toward his body. The slave’s arms locked securely to the floor tethers Brenda then walked around behind him; she could see that even though his body was restricted to being on “all fours”, he was able to rest his upper body on the pillows, while his lower body was supported in a kneeling position by the aluminum stand. Brenda was enjoying herself. She wasn’t sure about the slave’s arousal level, but she could feel hers climbing high.Standing behind him she quickly put a restraint on each ankle and attached a tether to both. Each tether was attached to a floor bolt which could be tightened or loosened depending on how much freedom the captor elected the slave to have. Brenda pulled each ankle backward and outward, forcing them to spread open wide which left him resting completely on the aluminum stand at his pelvis area. In this spread position his thighs were open wide and his ankles spread even wider. Stepping back, she admired her handiwork and then moved in behind the slave. The position he was locked in now left him spread wide and more than vulnerable. His position was not uncomfortable however it gave him very little room to move.Brenda glanced at the wall clock and noted it was 8:50pm. She surveyed the room; everything was ready, and she still had 10 minutes to spare. She turned her attention to the slave, and knelt down behind him between his out spread legs. “If you could just see yourself right now” she said softly. Ross was attempting to turn his head but due to the restraints he could only turn slightly. She reached up with both hands cupping them together and held them under his sac. As soon as her fingers touched him, Ross jerked forward away from her. His thighs involuntarily tried to pull together to protect the exposed cock and balls, but he couldn’t. Brenda cupped his sac, one ball resting in each palm, feeling each one and noting they were very than thick and full.She told him that he was going to be so much fun for the three of them tonight as her hands began to gently massage the bloated balls. It was so warm in the room, that the sac hung way down, enough that she could easily pull the sac and its contents back and away from his body. Brenda rapidly undid the sash on her kimono and pressed herself up behind him. Pulling the stuffed sac out away from his body she leaned in and rubbed the two balls against her pubic mound. As wet and excited as she was, it wasn’t hard to manipulate the balls and use them to stimulate her already swollen clit.She grasped them firmly and rubbed them up and down her wetness coating the sac and her clit with her own juices. Seconds later she was breathing hard and quickly approaching her first orgasm. Ross was still attempting to pull away; desperately trying to free the captured balls from her firm grasp but she was too close to let go. Squeezing them tightly, she held them against her shuddering clit as she continued rubbing her body up and down the captured sac. In seconds, she was spent and she slowly let go of the fleshy sac. She rolled forward resting on top of the slave, her nude breasts still heaving against his back with the rhythm of her breathing. Then she heard the voices at the door.Pulling her kimono together to cover herself, Brenda rushed to the door and unbolted it. Linda and Sara were standing there smiling at her. Both were dressed in short kimonos, which Brenda took to mean that they were probably not wearing anything else. They both hurriedly stepped past her, wanting to see what was going on, in the room.They went to the center of the room to get a look at Ross. From the position they were standing in, they were able to see his very red and puffy ball sac. A slight amount of wetness could still be seen, coating his sac. Linda ask Brenda what she had been doing to make his balls so red looking. Brenda stated that she was just warming him up for the evening ahead. Sara jokingly wondered who was warming whom up.Still laughing at Sara’s joke, Linda and Sara noticed the towel covered object that was sitting several feet away from the fully restrained slave. As Sara reached to remove the towel, Brenda quickly ordered her away from it, telling her “hold on, I’ll explain in a minute”.Linda moved around to the slave’s head and plopped down in front of him sitting back on her haunches. Staring into his eyes she slowly opened her kimono and pulled it back behind her. She scooted up closer to him and spread her knees wide allowing him such a close look at herself, from the position of his head he couldn’t see much more than her thighs, lower stomach, and pussy. Brenda and Sara were standing behind the slave just enjoying the Ross and Linda show. Linda reached down and took Ross’ face into her hands, leaning down she pressed her lips to his and started gently kissing him. Ross must have been responding because Linda started to kiss him harder. From where they were standing, Brenda and Sara could see his soft cock begin to inflate, swelling faster than they had ever seen. It was quickly elongating like a thick bell rope, literally pumping up in size as they watched. In a few seconds his cock head was fully exposed and flared wide open as a long, thick glob of pre-cum oozed from the mouth, and dropped onto the carpet.At that moment Brenda decided it was time to get the evening started; before any more of the slave’s juices were wasted. She thought she was going to have to pry Linda and Ross apart. Brenda announced that it was time for the party to begin and after a pause; added “Welcome to the dairy”.Linda and Sara looked at her quizzically. Brenda reminded them of when she had told them to consider Ross as a ranch a****l, and they were the ranch hands. She then told them that she was going to teach them how to milk the male a****l. It was obvious that Ross was trying to hear the conversation occasionally turning his head back toward them. With that said she pulled the towel away from the milking machine. Linda and Sara both sat, mouths open, staring at the machine. The slave actually jumped, his eyes growing huge when he saw the machine. He must have been familiar with milking machines because it was obvious that he immediately knew what it was. He had heard what Brenda had just said so he knew that the milking was going to be used to drain his balls via his cock.It actually looked more like an art piece or a metal sculpture than a dairy implement. They both immediately rushed over to it and started examining the new toy. After a few minutes, Brenda moved closer and gave them a brief crash-course on the machines’ controls and uses explaining vacuum pressure and massage frequency. She explained to them, how she had two of the teat cups modified, and she finished by explaining what she was going to do with the machine. She laughingly told them that she didn’t know if the un-modified teat cups would work on a female. They all laughed at the joke as Linda jerked Brenda’s kimono open exposing one obvious extremely swollen nipple. Several hours later Brenda’s nipple was still at least twice the size of normal and it wasn’t even hard. Brenda told them that she had only tried the teat cup for a few moments. They all laughed.Brenda assured her two friends that the slave would not be hurt and that he would be enjoying himself to the fullest. She also told them that they could have any and all the fun they wanted, but the slave’s cock would be continuously inside the milking machine any pre-cum or orgasm to be gathered by the machine and saved in the ‘catch cylinder’. Standing slightly behind the slave Brenda reached over and swatted Ross’ huge sac sending it flying under him, they all heard it slap his abdomen and watched as it bounced back to his butt. His immediate body jerk told them it had hurt not to mention hearing the grunt that escaped his mouth. They continued to watch as the bloated pink sac swung back and forth and finally came to a rest. Brenda laughed and told them there isn’t much milk in there, but the cream is potent as hell. At that point, Brenda decided that the fun should begin. They were all obviously ready.Linda and Sara both wanted to watch as Brenda readied the machine. She brought it over closer to the slave placing it near his left side; she reached under him and not surprisingly, found that his cock was soft after the hard slap to his balls. Brenda instructed Sara to start oiling his cock she figured that Linda was going to start her own fun with the use of Ross’ face and mouth. Sara was more than happy to join in and immediately lathered both of her hands in warm oil. Brenda told her to keep the oil away from the cock head, since she didn’t want to contaminate the sperm. Brenda was in the process of oiling the ball sac gently kneading each ball with oil. She explained to the others that the teat cups will suck his cock and balls in, and that as the vacuum pressure climbs, the sensitive skin of the cock and balls will start to engorge causing them to swell.Brenda estimated that the process of emptying the slave would take quite awhile and he would be hugely swollen by the time they were through. Her main intent was to see what happens once the balls have been emptied. The oil would keep the skin soft and supple giving them the ability to stretch.Sara was having way too much fun sliding her oily hands up and down the now rock hard cock. Brenda finally looked up just in time to see the slave’s back arching and his hips thrusting. She immediately told Sara to stop. Sara was tickled to see that once she took her hands away the slave’s cock was twitching and bobbing with long strings of pre-cum dripping from him. Sara was acting more like a teenager at a slumber party, than a grown woman. Linda was just watching Sara’s hands, and she was getting wetter by the minute.Seeing Ross begin to drip heavily, Brenda instantly grabbed the modified teat cup and easily slid it up the length of his cock capturing his erection in the silicone tube. There was no resistance since the tube had been made bigger to accommodate his cock. Brenda held it snugly against his pubic bone and with her other hand switched on the vacuum pressure. All of the machine settings were at zero.Quietly, the machine hummed as the vacuum pressure slowly sucked the cock deeper into the tube. Once the cock was fully distended in the tube the suction continued creating an air tight seal against the skin of the pubic bone. Brenda knew that the machine was having one hell of an effect on Ross because he began to gently push his hips forward. Even with the suction on the lowest setting, there was enough pressure that Brenda could let go of the teat cup and it gripped his cock.Brenda then turned her attention to the modified teat cup for his balls. Opening the teat cup wide, she placed the bottom of the clam shell shaped cup under his sac. She raised the cup up essentially creating a little bed for the balls to lie in; as they lay there Brenda gently tapped the cup shaking it, trying to get the balls to settle down into the silicone bed. When the balls were in position she closed the clam shell, sealing the balls inside.The vacuum pressure was already engaged so the modified teat cup started slowly sucking more and more of the slave’s sac into it until it reached a point where there was an air tight seal with the balls and sac, neatly trapped inside. Brenda started to turn the pressure up ever so slightly trying to make sure that the teat cups would hold onto their meaty contents especially if the slave started thrusting or thrashing about.Based on the slave’s body reactions Brenda knew it wouldn’t be long before both of his balls blew their milk. Ross was already breathing erratically, his hips beginning to thrust forward; watching closely, Brenda rapidly reached under him and hooked the vinyl tubing line to the tip of the teat cup on his cock.The vinyl line would carry all the pre-cum or sperm that was sucked from him to the catch cylinder. Brenda didn’t want to waste the use of the machine as she estimated that the entire process to drain him might take quite awhile; but it was going faster than she had anticipated. Slowly, she turned the massage control to the lowest frequency setting. There was an immediate groan from the slave, as the silicone liner inside the cups started pressing and squeezing at his cock and balls, like hundreds of fingers working him. His back arched and his hips rammed forward against the aluminum stand, he had nowhere to go, but his pelvis was pushed hard against it with every thrust.Each of the women sat back, staring, amazed at what was happening to their slave. Linda stopped in mid kiss as the slave’s head jerked back and his hips bucked violently. Within an instant Ross was panting hard and jerking back on his wrist restraints. Linda grabbed both wrists and pulled them out away from him as she stared at his jerking body. Brenda couldn’t believe that the machine could work that fast, and just sat back, enjoying the show. Sara actually moved away from the slave not sure what to expect.Looking at Linda, Brenda said “Did you think that one kiss could make him cum?” Grinning Linda planted her mouth on the slave’s and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. The effect was instantaneous as Ross thrust forward hard his hips bucking and his thighs shaking. The only sounds he could make with Linda’s lips glued to his were loud muffled groans. They could hear him panting and breathing hard through his nose. His body jerked several times as Linda held onto his face her mouth still planted on his.Sara suddenly screamed out oh yuck as she pointed to the clear vinyl tubing. Huge amounts of pre-cum were being sucked through the tubing followed by even bigger globs of creamy white sperm. The white and clear mixed fluid just kept flowing and moved steadily through the tubing. Brenda had never seen that much sperm from a male before and feared she should turn off the machine. Ross was still shaking and thrusting violently his head was thrown back and jerking. Brenda noticed his legs; his thighs were rigid, his toes were curled downward and under (carpal pedal response).As a nurse, she knew that this was rare in a male and it only presented in times of an extreme orgasm. She smiled at the thought, reached over and turned the massage frequency control up one notch. The reaction was immediate as the slave’s body stiffened; thrust forward in what looked like a frozen position. From his voice was emitted a long a****l like growl.Leaving the controls at their present settings, the three ladies continued to watch the tube as more and more sperm was sucked toward the catch cylinder. They were in shock never having seen anything near the amount that Ross was pumping out. Linda could actually hear the first loud splats as the gooey fluids reached the catch cylinder; it kept flowing and flowing pooling in the bottom of the clear cylinder. Now Ross had slumped down looking as if he were u*********s as more and more ‘milk’ loudly dripped into the cylinder. Seeing that no more sperm was coming from the cock end of the tubing, they watched as the last few drops made their way into the clear cylinder. There was just under a quarter of a cup of ‘male milk’ collected. Linda moved over to Ross and as she was holding his face, grinning she told him he was her favorite cow! Ross slowly opened his eyes and smiled back at her. He was exhausted but the party was only beginning.Brenda, in a rare moment of affection, crawled around to the front of Ross and asked if he was okay. Ross only groaned and smiled. Linda questioned if they should remove the cups to allow him to rest, or at least clean him up. Brenda replied that they were just getting started and told Linda to leave them on. Linda tried to explain that the average male’s refractory phase was anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes. She laughed complaining about five minutes; yea right, I’m lucky if it’s an hour or hell, the next morning.They were all laughing as Brenda started checking the cups and tubing. Brenda explained that with the suction pressure turned down to almost nothing he would remain hard inside the cup and his balls would stay pumped up due to the blood flow being forced to the two extremities. She laughed and told them there would be no refractory phase for this slave. She assured Linda and Sara that there was no harm to Ross and he would more than enjoy it. Just to make sure Linda went to Ross’ face and looked at him, asking if he was okay. Ross just smiled, dreamily and moaned. Brenda got some plastic wrap and secured the top of the catch cylinder trying to keep the warm milk from spoiling. She smiled at the others telling them that she had plans for the milky goop.Just after Ross’ first orgasm, when things were settled down and the three of them were talking; Linda and Sara suddenly remembered that there was a camera set up in the room. Petrified, they both started yelling at Brenda. Brenda just laughed, reminding them that they had already been on camera for about thirty minutes. She assured them there was very little footage that would show them personally and the video would have to be edited anyway. She promised that they would see the finished video for their own safety and approval. They agreed as long as they could watch it together. They each wanted a copy of the video for their own enjoyment anyway.Brenda stopped the camera and took it from the tri-pod. She took some very close up video shots of the slave. Brenda wanted to make sure that the machines donor was pleased by seeing close-ups of the cups in use and especially the shots of the ‘used’ catch cylinder. Brenda was thinking that she and her roommates might make a lot of money with help from that video.As usual Sara was sent to the kitchen and the bar for more drinks. Privately away from the slave, who was resting comfortably Linda quizzed Brenda as to whether or not they were hurting the slave. Brenda just looked at her and asked “does he look like he’s in pain to you”? “No” replied Linda, “but to pull that much cum out of male, it’s got to hurt”. Again, Brenda asked “does he look like he is hurting?” They both giggled, remembering the thrusting and jerking that Ross had just gone through. Brenda told her, “worst case scenario; tomorrow his balls might be aching and his cock might be a little tender but probably nothing more than that. If it makes you feel better, why don’t you be his nurse tomorrow?” Linda’s eyes lit up “you mean kiss it and make it better, sort of?” she laughed. Brenda rolled her eyes and shook her head yes.Once Sara returned Brenda explained to her roommates that what Ross had just gone through was one huge, powerful orgasm. She told them that there was probably a lot more where that came from. She went on to explain that each orgasm would be a little more difficult to “pull” from him and that they didn’t want to overuse the machine which could desensitize him. For that reason they would go slow trying to get as much out of him as they could using gradual means. Brenda continued explaining that her main intent was to see just what happened when the male was completely drained; would his balls shrink, would they crater, would they implode? They were all laughing, knowing that she was k**ding. “So, let’s see what exactly does happen.” She said.Turning back to the slave they could all see that he was slightly aroused, his head turned back toward them watching and waiting for the next event. Brenda took her position at his rear while Sara sat cross legged next to him peering under his belly, fascinated with the shiny apparatus that continued to gently suck at his cock.By now, Linda had tossed her kimono to the side of the room; she preferred easy access to her very wet crotch. She went over to the cabinets and pulled out a leather hood which had a small built-in mouth gag on the inside and on the outside, an eight inch synthetic skin-like dildo attached solidly to the chin of the hood. Sitting down on the floor by Ross’ head, she pulled his face up in her hand and told him that he wasn’t going to be the only one having all the fun! She gently pushed the hood over Ross’ head and secured it in the back with buckles. The dildo stuck out obscenely and both Brenda and Sara wondered how she planned to use it.Brenda turned the vacuum pressure up just a notch reminding the others that they were going to only increase the slave’s arousal as little as possible to keep from desensitizing him. It was obvious as soon as the slave felt the increased suction on his cock and balls, as me emitted a long growl letting his head drop down. Brenda turned the massage frequency up to the same low setting used before. Immediately, the slave’s body jerked forward and his head popped up as a long groan escaped his lips.With such a quick response Linda told Brenda to hold on, she wasn’t quite ready yet. She leaned back, spread her legs wide, and eased her ass up closer to Ross’ head, positioned between his outstretched restrained arms, she placed her ass just below his head and the dildo from the hood pointed directly at her pussy. Using her hand she rubbed the dildo around her wetness before she slowly moved forward inserting about two inches inside of her. She loudly moaned as she rested on her outstretched arms which were back behind her and she held herself up. She began to gently rock back and forth.Sara was more interested in watching Linda and she moved to a closer position near her side. Brenda twisted the control knob to the suction up another notch and watched as Ross began to thrust a little harder. His breath was coming quicker but no where near what it was only thirty minutes earlier. Brenda turned the massage frequency up which caused an immediate jerk from Ross. He gasped through the hooded mask and tried to jerk his head up but he couldn’t because it was being held down by the ever disappearing dildo into Linda’s dripping wet pussy.Linda’s body wrenched from Ross’ head jerking which caused her to gasp and increase her rocking; her eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. Brenda was really enjoying her orchestrations she was well aware that the two of them were getting close to powerful orgasms.Holding herself up by her arms and her ass completely up off the carpet, Linda was rocking back and forth much faster; she was nearing her own orgasm. Brenda didn’t want to disrupt Linda’s fun, but she noticed that the increased massage frequency had caused the slave’s hips to be almost popping with short fast thrusts. Ross could actually be heard panting inside the hood and his thrusting was becoming more violent.Linda was panting and clutching at the carpet, her orgasm imminent. As she reached her powerful orgasm she reached forward and grabbed Ross’ head, holding him firmly in her hands. Her entire body was shaking as the pleasurable waves cascaded through her pelvis, thighs and stomach. Brenda looked down at the tubing and saw surprisingly, that there was a huge amount of pre-cum quickly flowing to the catch cylinder.Brenda didn’t want to turn the controls up any further knowing that Ross was quickly approaching orgasm. But she wanted the orgasm to be powerful. Brenda quietly told Sara to help her and motioned toward the slave’s cock. Sara jumped at the chance to join in still watching the sleepy looking Linda; Sara moved closer to Ross’ side and reached under him grasping the aluminum and copper cock cup, she jerked down on it hard. Seeing that, Brenda glared at her and whispered “gently, gently!” But Brenda had also seen the reaction by Ross. His entire body stiffened at the jerk by Sara. Brenda moved up closer to Ross’ ass and firmly grasped the clam shell shaped cup which encapsulated the huge orbs. Looking at Sara, she whispered “milk him, slowly and firmly!” As Sara started her milking action the response was immediate from Ross. His hips bucked and his back arched up his thrusting become almost desperate. Watching closely, Brenda knew he was on the verge of another huge orgasm and she slowly pulled back hard on the ball cup. Ross’ head jerked up fast which completely dislodged the dildo out of Linda with a loud squishy plop. A loud muffled whine came from within the hood. Sara’s milking had now become more definite, with quick hard jerks downward and then slamming the cup back upward, against his pubic bone.For the first time Brenda could see Sara’s wetness, spreading over the tops of her thighs and her untied kimono confirmed just how excited she was. Brenda spied the hard nipples pushing out, achingly; my goodness, little Sara is actually enjoying herself!Looking down, Brenda could see the clear pre-cum flowing through the vinyl tubing, not as much as before, but still a large amount. Knowing it was time, Brenda jerked hard on the ball cup, pulling it to a point that she feared the sac would detach from Ross’ body. Sara was beside herself, mesmerized by her hard frantic milking action, a look of sheer ecstasy on her face. Ross was now bucking hard, panting and thrusting hard enough that his pelvis was actually slamming into the aluminum stand. Checking, Brenda could see the carpal-pedal response taking place and turned her gaze to the vinyl tubing. Ross’ thrusts had now become one huge pelvic grinding pump, then a long rest, then a hard pump, hold, hard pump, hold, indicating that his balls were contracting, pumping hard to empty their milky contents. The vinyl tube proved it, as Brenda watched the sticky white globs travel quickly toward the catch cylinder. There definitely wasn’t as much as the first orgasm, but the amount was easily more than any average male, spilling in loud thick globs into the catch cylinder.As the last of the thick fluids made their way into the glass cylinder, Ross was completely slumped down, breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. Linda was laying flat on her back, her knees slightly up and spread, and the dildo was still several inches inside of her. At first glance, it would appear that both Ross and Linda were passed out. As Sara relaxed her tugging, and Brenda let go of the ball cup, Ross’ legs completely lost all tension, and he slumped down, settling back on the stand. This time, Brenda had to ask Linda, if she was ok. Linda just lay there, smiling; eyes closed, and mumbled, head rolling from side to side.Sara was overjoyed that she got to play with the milking machine, but was now considering using the un-modified cups on her self. She was completely oblivious to her open kimono, and to her more noticeable wetness.Thinking that he was u*********s, Brenda reached under Ross and tugged on the cock cup. He moaned, and shifted his weight a little. She turned off the massage frequency, then turned down the suction, leaving just enough on to keep his cock captured inside the cup. The suction going to the catch cylinder remained on, to slowly pull all the tube contents, into the cylinder. By this time, Brenda had to admit that all of this had her wetter than she had ever been in her entire life. Here was her friend, Linda, almost passed out on the floor, legs spread obscenely, a dildo hanging out of her; and Sara, being seen for the first time, obviously wet as hell, and not trying to hide it. Brenda wondered when it would be her turn, again. Looking at the wall clock, Brenda knew that the second orgasm had taken longer than the first one but that was to be expected. She had anticipated that. She knew that each orgasm after this one would be more difficult, based on past experience and having seen the unbelievable amount of sperm collected in the catch cylinder; she wasn’t sure if a third orgasm was even possible.To have extracted that much cum out of one man definitely would have left a toll on his reproductive system; but she thought to herself, it had not been that much effort to do, and besides, Linda and Sara were having fun.As Linda slowly came back to earth and Sara calmed down, Brenda thought it was time to medically examine the slave. She didn’t fully know what effect the machine and the suction, not to mention the massage, might have done to Ross’ cock. Even though he was their slave she didn’t want to damage him permanently. The three of them enjoyed his cock and balls too much for that.Brenda announced that it was time to give him a break and clean him up. Sara immediately jumped up yelling “I will, I will, I will”, while Linda slowly got up off the carpet. Brenda instructed Sara to go and get a large basin of hot water, some wash clothes, and a soft towel. Knowing what Brenda was suggesting, Linda volunteered to go get Ross something to drink to replenish his lost fluids and perhaps something in the realm of an ointment or salve.When Linda and Sara returned to the dungeon, Brenda finally shut off all the suction and noted that the vinyl tubing was totally empty, all the sperm and pre-cum had been collected. With the suction turned off, she gently pried the clam shell cup open. They all jumped when the slave’s squishy, hugely swollen balls rolled out, over the edges of the cup. They were so huge that neither could believe the balls had once fit into the clam shell. Brenda tossed the clam shell to one side and immediately started massaging the misshapen blobs of tissue. Ross moaned gently and pulled inward with his hips, as if trying to protect the bloated balls. They were huge. Each of the girls were surprised, expecting the balls to have been a lot smaller, after spewing out so much of their thick fluids. But they weren’t. There was no way that the balls could have been fitted, back into the clam shell.Brenda continued rolling and kneading each squishy ball, trying to fashion them back into the original shape. But they were too big. She figured that in time, they would return to normal. Brenda glanced at Linda, saying “well, it looks like he’ll need a nurse, after all. Are you up to the task”? Linda just smiled, already thinking about her ‘treatment’ for Ross. Naturally, Sara liked the look of the obscenely huge balls and wanted to make them bigger.After working the balls for several minutes, Brenda hesitantly pulled the cock cup away from the slave’s body. The fact that the suction pressure had already been turned off, and the fact that the cock cup was NOT pulling away, freely … worried Brenda. Getting a firm grasp on it, she pulled hard, downward. Each of them heard the loud squishy sucking sound, as inch by inch, the cock slid out. Completely out, they all sat there, staring at it. It too, was huge.Even without being erect, it was still about seven inches long, and soft. It was so thick that Brenda couldn’t get her fingers around half of it. It actually had an extremely puffy appearance. The skin was still soft from all of the oil treatment, and in all, appeared to be undamaged. They couldn’t believe how huge and thick it was. And… it was still soft.Not wanting to release the restraints of their slave, and the fact that he was resting comfortably, Brenda had Sara brought the basin of hot water over to Ross. There, as instructed, Sara dipped the wash cloth into the hot water and rung it out. Opening it up, she gently wrapped it around the distended ball sac. As the hot rag soaked the monster balls, the slave jumped slightly, feeling the hot water in the tiny cracks and tears of his sac. Sara immensely enjoyed her assignment, especially when Ross jumped. She rung out the rag again and quickly applied the hot rag to his elongated cock. The slave’s entire body jerked upright as the pain slashed through the overly sensitive cock. Sara could barely contain her delight as she squeezed harder, and forced the foreskin back and up, tight against his pubic bone.Since the other two hadn’t noticed, Sara began squeezing and rubbing Ross’ cock, frequently pausing to dip the rag into the hot water. Linda and Brenda were talking over near the cabinets so Sara quietly continued her hot water torture, while her other hand probed deep, into the huge ball sac. Amazingly, she could feel the swollen, tubes and parts, attached to the balls; cautiously watching her roommates, Sara would probe deep with one hand, her fingers clutching and squeezing the tubes, cords, and balls; while her other hand firmly jerked hard on the painfully swollen cock. Surprisingly, the slave’s cock was beginning to get hard. Sara continued dipping into the hot water, till her hands couldn’t stand the heat any more.After giving Ross some refreshment and using a medical solution on his cock, he was refreshed and ready for more. His cock was still largely swollen and tender; they all wondered if he would be so ready, if he could see the elephant sized balls and cock. Both Linda and Brenda agreed that his cock was about the same size as a horse, only shorter.By now, Linda was just sitting on the floor, watching dreamily. Sara on the other hand, was more animated than ever. After her little water torture session, she was in the higher levels of arousal, and showing it too. She was hot and wanted to play. She announced that she wanted to ‘try out’ the milking machine on herself just to see if it works. Both her roommates laughed at her saying “yea, right, sure.Brenda agreed, knowing that Sara’s use of the un-modified teat cups would create more suction, once they all were engaged. Since the clam shell wouldn’t be used, that would reduce the pressure, but Sara using the machine would bring the pressure back up. It really didn’t matter, since she had been using only the lowest settings, anyway. Brenda wanted to make sure that the machine had extra levels of power, knowing that it would be used many times in the future. Ross had not experienced any pressure or massage frequency setting, above a three, and the machine controls went all the way up to ten.Brenda moved behind Ross and began rubbing the warm oil into his cock and balls, while Linda sat and watched. Sara was watching intently, as she applied the oil to her now fully exposed breasts. Her nipples were already hard, in anticipation of using the machine. This was a side of Sara that they had not seen. Brenda continued applying oil to the sac, paying special attention to each ball, rolling it, kneading it, squeezing it gently. Looking down, she saw that the ball manipulation was working, as his cock started to slowly stretch out like a huge snake. She then paid more attention to his cock, gently massaging it in a milking type of motion, drawing more blood to the end of the shaft and the head, causing it to pump up thicker. When Brenda felt his cock become fully erect, she started massaging the oil into just the velvety head. After a few minutes, she could feel it flare out, swelling. The foreskin had pulled back, and with the head fully exposed, she knew that he was ready. Besides that, he was starting that gentle thrusting with his hips.Brenda quickly moved around to Ross’ front, where she could see him. Face to face, she held his face in her hand. “Baby, I told you that you would enjoy yourself, didn’t I”? The slave smiled at her and answered “yes”. She couldn’t believe it, he actually smiled at her. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the mouth. To her surprise, he responded back, kissing her longer. Fearing that he would get soft, she quickly returned to her rear position and continued milking his cock with her oiled hand. Once he started to breath hard and the hip thrusting was getting stronger, she stopped. She quickly grabbed the cock cup and put it up against the head of his cock; pushing, she discovered that his cock head would barely go into the tube. It was so pumped up that she couldn’t slide the cup onto his cock.The three had all agreed that he was a lot bigger than the time they pumped him up, just prior to auction. His cock was thick enough that it was virtually, unusable, to any woman. Holding the cup tightly to his cock head, she flipped the milking machine to on, and turned up the vacuum pressure. She turned it immediately to position number three. Looking down, she could see his cock slowly being sucked into the cup. It had worked. The suction would do what her hands couldn’t. After a few moments, his cock was pulled completely into the cup and was resting as before, up against his pubic bone. She did notice a slight quivering in his thighs, knowing that he was enjoying the suction.Brenda knew that to continue forcing orgasms out of him, she would have to use her imagination. Just rubbing his cock, after awhile, wouldn’t make him cum. There would have to be more and different things done, to get any sperm out of him; but she had several ideas. After having his cock in the cup for a couple of minutes, under pressure, she turned the massage frequency on and turned it up to level two. Immediately Ross’ back arched and he pushed hard against the stand. She turned the frequency to three and watched as his hips began to thrust faster, as if he were trying to fuck. His breathing had already gone to a pant.Linda moved to the slave’s face again and started talking to him. Brenda couldn’t hear what Linda was telling him, but whatever it was, he was responding to it. His thrusting become harder and the moans and grunts coming from him were louder. Brenda knew that more stimulation was needed. She slipped on a pair of latex gloves and applied a large amount of oil to them. Massaging it into the gloves, she reached down with both hands, grasping both sides of his bloated ball sac. As expected, his body jerked as she applied pressure to the orbs. Each ball was bigger than her hand could hold.She started out rough and with a lot of pressure, massaging them, trying to flatten them out. A long, groan escaped his mouth. Linda immediately pressed her mouth hard, to his and started her kiss again. It had been noticed by both of them that Ross responded very fast to hard treatment to his cock and balls, while one or the other kissed him. Odd, but he appeared to enjoy Linda holding his face and kissing him.Brenda applied as much pressure as she physically could, squeezing each ball as hard as she could. The slave’s back reared up and he tried to jerk his head away from Linda, but she held on. Brenda’s work must have been hurting him, because even being kissed as he was; he was panting and loud with a gasping type of sound coming from him. He was trying to escape both of them at the same time, the ball pain and the smothering. But both held on. Linda released one hand’s grip, only to turn the massage up a notch. Again, the reaction was immediate as he started bucking and jerking. Linda held tight, continuing what was now, a very wet messy kiss. Brenda had let go of his left ball, the less sensitive one, and used both hands on the right ball, trying to flatten it, then squeezing it to round, then flattening it. They all knew that for some unknown reason, Ross’ left ball didn’t feel much, but his right ball was overly sensitive.Sara was now oblivious to the torture. She had been watching and enjoying what Brenda was doing to Ross’ ‘sac full of nuts’ as she had come to call it. She had placed the first teat cup to her areola and had been immediately sucked in. This had been when the massage frequency had been first turned on. Now, it was at a higher level and … so she was as well. She had quickly placed the second teat cup on, and now both nipples were being sucked and massaged. As she enjoyed the show with the slave, the milking machine working on her, she had slowly lost tract that she was almost totally nude, and that the others were watching her, as her finger worked frantically on her clit. She was so close to orgasm, and was working feverishly to her explosive cum.Watching Ross’ hips jerk hard, Brenda knew that he had to be real close. He was panting loud and his moans had become frantic. It was almost like he was desperately trying NOT to cum, but the machine was winning the battle. He had no choice. He was going to cum again, whether he wanted to or not. Linda was still planted to his mouth, her right hand moving quickly between her legs. Ross’s panting had reached a fever pitch when Brenda suddenly let go of his balls. She quickly grabbed his right ball, and using her whole hand, gripped it in such a way that it was if she were trying to crush it in half. Ross reared up hard, completely pulling free from Linda. He let out a loud scream as the pain shot up into his stomach and down his legs. At the same time, Linda grabbed his face tight with both hands, sensing that a powerful orgasm was about to explode, deep inside Ross’ balls. She quickly continued the hard kiss, while Brenda quickly pushed an oil coated latex finger deep into his ass.Just as soon as the finger penetrated him, his whole body started jerking and the panting grew louder. Brenda knew the male anatomy. With her finger buried deep inside him, she curled it back toward the penetrated opening, and downward, feeling for his prostrate. The almond sized lump wasn’t hard to find, with the slave’s arousal level so extreme. It was literally throbbing as she pressed her finger hard, against it. The slave let out a high pitched yelp as his left ball literally exploded, pumping harder than normal to expel the last drops of sperm it held. As her embedded finger dug hard into the prostrate, she let go of the right ball. The way she had been holding it, pinching it a certain way, she had actually blocked the thick vas deferens and in essence, trapped the sperm from being expelled.His left ball had completely emptied and was still pumping frantically, but the right ball was now quivering so hard it was cramping, trying to pump out the trapped sperm, blocked inside. With pressure building up in the tube, the sensation was that of a small explosion taking place deep inside the ball sac. Once she let go of the ball, it literally erupted, over and over, pushing the last drop or two, out of the cock. Brenda continued the hard digital massage on the throbbing prostrate, forcing the balls to finish their desperate pumping, completely emptying them.Ross had ceased jerking and bucking, his body almost rigid. His high pitched yelping had gradually stopped, almost in unison with his balls emptying. Even though he was still panting hard, his upper body dropped to the pillows, but only after Linda let go of him. Brenda continued her finger massage, slowing it down, and becoming gentler with each finger stroke. She was watching the vinyl tube, but saw nothing going through it. There was a small amount of pre-cum, making its way to the catch cylinder, but she figured that amount came from early in the session. Looking closely, she could see what appeared to be two small thick white drops, going through the tubing. As she slowly eased her finger from the puckered butt, she knew that his balls were empty. Now she would start her own fun.Fifteen minutes later, Ross was still barely moving. Linda had to check him several times, just to see if he was conscious. He was lying, with his eyes closed, moaning. Brenda finally turned off the suction, and had long since turned off the massage. Brenda had been concentrating so hard on manipulating his prostrate and the delicate touch that was needed, to locate and pinch off the inner vas deferens; she had not noticed that Sara had pulled both teat cups off of her hugely engorged nipples.Sara actually had tears in her eyes, from what must have been one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Sara had started cuming a long time before Ross got there. She had become more and more aroused, watching his body motions and bucking, not to mention what the two teat cups were doing to her, that she had just slowly laid back on the floor, cuming hard. When it got unbearable on her overly sensitized nipples, she pulled the cups off. Sara was now, just lying on the floor, legs splayed wide, still oozing juices from her hard cum.Brenda knew that the slave was pretty well spent. Under normal conditions, with the amount of sperm that had already been collected, she knew full well that he would probably be able to cum more than five or six times, easily; But not under these conditions. The sperm was literally being sucked out of him, after being roughly manipulated. No male could stand up to that. But the reason she got the machine was for one purpose and that was to see what happened when the male was empty. The fact that she had literally, pulled well over a quarter cup of sperm out of him, told her that he was empty. The last orgasm almost rendered him u*********s, and she only got less than two small drops from him. He was dry, that was one reason that she had left the suction on and the massager going. He was being milked to empty and now he was. This was what she had been waiting for.Brenda knew that to make him cum one more time, just to see what would happen, she would have to do even more to stimulate him. Apparently Linda’s kissing helped a bunch, but it would take even more than that. She knew what was needed.Brenda had heard of males having what they called a “dry orgasm”, but not under circumstances such as what Ross had gone through. She knew that there was literally, nothing left inside his balls. It would take awhile for him to build back up any supply of his male milk. But now she wanted to see just what the male went through, when there was nothing left in there and the orgasm was intense. She could only imagine.Sara was asleep on the floor. Brenda told Linda that she would need her help to coax one more batch of cum out of him. Linda immediately said it couldn’t be done, having watched intently, his last one. Brenda guaranteed that she could “do him, one more time”. Linda agreed and asked what she needed to do to help.Brenda went to a cabinet and took out one of the girls’ favorite toys: a TENS unit; Also known as trans-cutaneous electronic nerve stimulation, or electric shock. She had already planned on what she was going to do and had already prepared several pieces. She moved to what was becoming her favorite spot, behind Ross’ outstretched legs. There, she gently removed the cock cup and put it to the side. His cock was no bigger than it had been, forty-five minutes earlier. But it was still huge and messy. The oil had been soaking into his skin, giving it a sheen, and helped keep the skin from stretching too tight. The head alone was huge, and because of the entire trauma to it, the mouth Linda put on a double set of latex gloves, explaining that she was going to need them. Dipping the wash cloth into the hot water, she partially rung it out, and then stretched the cloth around the slave’s ball sac. Ross immediately jumped, pulling his butt upward, trying to draw his balls in close to him. It didn’t matter as Brenda grabbed on tightly to the sac and jerked it back outward. Ross was definitely awake as he jerked upright and yelped. Brenda knew that the rough manipulations on his balls had caused small tears, and the hot water was sending the nerves, through the roof.Smiling at Linda, Brenda again dipped the wash cloth into the hot water, but this time did not ring it out. Carefully she opened it and quickly wrapped it around the hugely swollen cock. Ross’ hips bucked hard, slamming into the aluminum stand as he tried to escape the fire to his cock. Brenda told him, “Hold still, this is for your own good”. Ross was still jerking, and breathing hard. He wasn’t moaning, but he was making those strange sounds from earlier. Once again, Brenda dipped the wash cloth into the hot water and did not ring it out. This time she reached out with both hands, her left hand grasping the middle of the shaft, drawing the foreskin up tight. The right hand slapped the hot cloth to his horse sized cock and held it tight. Ross jerked straight up, pulling Brenda’s hand with him. Brenda immediately jerked downward hard, stretching his cock and foreskin unbelievably. Ross emitted a long loud scream as the hot water soaked into his cock. After a few moments, he stopped bucking, and Brenda smiled at Linda.Looking down, Linda could see Brenda’s hand, holding the cock out, away from his body, pointing backwards. Besides it being hugely swollen, it was obviously getting hard, and was throbbing. Brenda closed the hot compress back around it and gently, started to rub it slowly it up and down. Within moments, the cock nerves were screaming and Ross was beginning to pant.Ready again, Brenda quickly grabbed the copper wire and slowly and gently started inserting the looped end, into the still throbbing cock head. Ross jerked as the hard wire poked up inside his sensitive shaft. Once it was situated about two inches into his shaft, Brenda held it tightly, as she trailed it back down the outside of the shaft.Holding the wire in place, she placed the opening of the teat cup, up against the swelling head; with her other hand she turned the suction pressure back on and dialed it up to two. Still very oily inside, the cock easily started sliding back into its torture chamber. Brenda fed the cooper wire into the tube, as the slave’s cock slid in.Once positioned, Brenda turned the pressure up to three. Brenda then took the dildo, and after lubricating it well, slowly slid it into the slave’s ass. He tried to pull forward as she pushed it in, but he could move no further, being up against the stand.Ross was still breathing hard, and was probably becoming extremely sensitive very quickly, just from the copper wire inserted into his cock head. Brenda just smiled as she connected both electrodes to the TENS unit. She then told Linda, “With the condition his cock is in, he might be hard as a rock, but he probably can’t cum.”With the TENS unit, she was going to run an electrical current through his entire sexual circuitry, guaranteeing a very hard cum. With an electrode in his ass, and the other end of the current being sent to his cock head, she was virtually running the current from his ass, down through his prostrate, through the shaft, and into the head, all this, repeating itself, thousands of times per second.For what she called ‘insurance’, she grabbed two highly conductive electric bands. They bands were made of a conductive material that was somewhat stretchy. With the first set of electrodes in place, she took the first band and stretched it open, sliding it up the ball sac, leaving it around the top one- third of the sac where the epididymis and those huge tubes were situated. The other band was placed in a similar way, but around the middle of the sac. In this configuration, there would be a running current through both of the meaty balls, again at thousands of times per second. She then hooked up the electrodes from the bands, to the TENS unit. Since the TENS unit was a two channel system, she could control the power and frequency to each set of electrode leads, separately.Brenda handed a syringe full of saline solution, to Linda, telling her that she might later need it, to saturate the sac and the bands, creating a higher intensity to the electro stimulation.With everything in place, Brenda looked at Ross who appeared to be either asleep or u*********s. Smiling, Brenda said “Let’s do him”. Linda looked worried. “I’ve never seen any man cum that much, in my life, even in porn movies”. “Are you sure this isn’t gonna hurt him”. Brenda looked at the catch cylinder, thinking the same thing. There was about a third of a cup of thick white cream, in the cylinder. “I don’t think so, not unless his balls explode”! Linda was horrified, mouth hanging open, staring at Brenda. Brenda grinned back at her, “Linda, I’m only k**ding. NO, this won’t hurt him, not much. And if there was any pain, it would result in one unbelievably intense orgasm”. “Think of it, an almost pure orgasm. No messy sperm to get in the way, just his balls convulsing and convulsing, trying to push it all out, and there is absolutely nothing there to push out”. “No muss, no fuss”. Linda seemed satisfied, as she stared affectionately at Ross. She did NOT want her slave, damaged.All of the girls had used the TENS unit, dozens of times. It was their favorite toy. They had even joked that they were surprised that it hadn’t been worn out, yet. Brenda knew that electrical current could affect everyone, in different ways. All she had to base her experiment on, was her own body, which responded unbelievably, to the stimulation from a TENS unit. To say that her orgasms were Earth shattering was a huge understatement.Brenda turned the TENS unit on, watching closely. She knew that in her case, she barely felt it, till the power was about half way up. She immediately turned the power control to half way. No reaction. She then turned the frequency up to half way. There was a slight jerk in Ross and he moaned softly. She then turned the power up a little more, causing a harder jerk in his hips, and immediately turned the frequency up, equally. It appeared that frequency was the key to Ross’ stimulation, as he thrust his pelvis forward hard. He immediately jerked back on his outstretched arms, pulling hard at the wrist restraints; the very loud groan that escaped his mouth was more than obvious.Brenda slowly turned the power control up a little, with a fingernail, watching intently as the slave’s hips jerked several times. His vocal sounds were starting to get louder and his fingers dug into the carpet, gripping and pulling. Holding this setting for several moments, Linda was fascinated as she tried to imagine, exactly what it felt like, as a male. The current was literally exploding in his genitals, coursing between his spread open ass and to the tender cock head. She couldn’t even imagine the super fast throbbing that was pounding through his prostrate and vibrating fast through the swollen shaft. Loving every minute of her experiment, Brenda turned the power setting to full power.Ross immediately stiffened and his head jerked back, hard. Almost growling through clenched teeth, he made that long loud groaning sound, then began panting hard. His hips were thrusting violently, causing the teat cup to bang against the aluminum stand. Brenda knew he was close, figuring that his balls were already pumping hard, jerking and twitching inside the tight skinned sac. “Well, if frequency is the key to his cuming …” she thought to herself as her fingernail tapped the frequency control. She was literally mesmerized, thrilled by what she was watching being done.After several minutes of the unbearable intensity, Brenda turned the frequency control to full power, virtually battering the inside of his cock, balls, and ass, with electro stimulation, at an extremely fast rate. What she had been witnessing before paled with what Ross’ body was doing now. He literally came up off the floor, pulling hard at all the restraints. His knees were pulling inward, trying to cover up the electrified cock and balls. His toes showed the tell-tale carpal-pedal response, indicating that he was in mid orgasm. His arms were pulling on the restraints, while his hands clawed and pulled at the carpeting. His head and neck were thrust back, and his back arched to its limit. Brenda knew that he was cuming harder than he had ever cum in his life. She watched, wide eyed, loving every minute of it.Linda immediately crawled to Ross’ front. She wasn’t sure if he was hurting or feeling good, as his body continued jerking and convulsing. Grabbing his head and pulling his face close to hers, she asked “did you cum”? Through gritted teeth, Ross breathed, “NO”.Brenda couldn’t believe it. She was right there, still enjoying the scene of him cuming. She quickly rushed to Ross’ front and grabbed his face. “Did you cum”? “Are you cuming now”? Again Ross moaned, “NO” in a whining, almost desperate voice. His teeth were still clenched and he was panting hard, his entire body shaking. Brenda couldn’t believe it, looking at him “You didn’t cum”? “NO”, he barked angrily. Brenda held his face tightly, watching him. “Can you cum”? “Do you want to cum”? Ross instantly moaned “Yes”, through clenched teeth, as tears started forming in his eyes.With all of the controls still set to full power, and full frequency, his genitals were literally being racked with electrical stimulation, so intense that he could barely talk. Linda knew that he was literally cuming, but not actually cuming. It was a point where he was there, but not exactly there. A little more was needed to send him over the edge. It was as if he had begun cuming, and had been experiencing the beginning, for over three minutes. He desperately needed the climax.Brenda stared into his eyes, whispering “I can make you cum, do you want that”? Ross’ head was bobbing up and down, trying to catch his breath, as the almost unbearable pleasure surged through his upper thighs, genitals, and stomach. “Yes” he begged, loudly. “It might hurt you” she quickly fired back. “Yes” he cried out, even louder. “Do you want me to hurt you, so that you can cum”? She questioned, staring into his eyes. “YES” he demanded, as tears started falling down his cheeks.Linda was appalled, but quickly relaxed, when she saw Brenda wink at her. “No harm”? She asked, staring at Brenda. “No harm” Brenda replied, as she quickly crawled back between Ross’ splayed legs. By now, Sara was fully awake and had crawled closer to Ross, just to get a better view.It was becoming more obvious, that Sara was a voyeur at heart. Just her lazily watching Ross being tortured by her roommates, had Sara’s arousal level peaked, over the top. She was sopping wet between her legs, and the look on her face was pure excitement. Brenda told Sara “Use the syringe on him”, nodding toward the syringe on the floor. Sara, wanted to join in the torture, immediately grabbed the syringe, then looked at Brenda thoroughly confused, “where to I inject him”? “You don’t; you shoot the saline all over his sac, and make sure to saturate the bands around it”. Sara started slowly shooting the saline solution all over the tender sac, making sure to cover the bands.Taking a deep breath, Brenda took the TENS unit and instantly turned the second channel to full power and full frequency, sending a separate current of electricity through the bloated sac. The reaction was immediate as Ross jerked and his hips started bucking hard. He was literally slamming his pelvis into the aluminum stand, so hard that Brenda feared he would smash the cock teat cup. Sara immediately reached under the slave and grabbed the teat cup, sending a jolt through her hands. Grabbing a towel, she gripped the teat cup again, and started jerking it up and down, milking him hard.Ross’ body was still reacting to the full power and full frequency settings. He was literally shaking, his muscles tensed as tight as they could get. Linda was holding his head still, watching him closely as his face reflected what his cock and balls were now being subjected to. Brenda looked down and was shocked to see both of his balls dancing around inside the skin tight sac. They were involuntarily contracting so hard that you could see each orb jerking and moving under the skin. They were quivering as the electricity passed back and forth between them, over and over at an extremely fast pace.Brenda estimated that what Ross was feeling, was in essence an orgasm, but that it had been lasting for more than four minutes. She knew that it was time to “finish him”. Linda was trying to hold his head still, as his shoulders and neck continued to rear up and then drop. She pulled his face forward, planting her mouth firmly on his, instantly sucking his tongue into her mouth.Brenda quickly moved in closer between his legs and reached out, cupping a ball in each hand. She held them, pulling them back, behind him, trying to close her hands around the huge sac. She couldn’t get her hands all the way around the sac, but got enough, that she could place each thumb on top of a ball. She rose up on her knees and pressed down hard with her thumbs. Immediately Ross jerked hard, slamming again into the aluminum stand. He was panting hard, each breath coming through his nose, as Linda kept her mouth planted on his.Brenda was shocked to feel that his balls did not have the normal thick, somewhat squishy feel, but actually felt rock hard. The electricity was causing such severe contractions that each ball felt solid, like an oval rock. Brenda continued her hard squeeze on him, and then relaxed her grip, rhythmically squeezing hard, then relaxing, squeezing, then relaxing. Besides forcing the balls to spasm, her hands were holding the conductive bands tight against his sac, making the electro stimulation even more intense.Suddenly, Ross jerked free from Linda, his shoulders and head jerking up hard. His entire body stiffened as Brenda pressed on each ball even harder, keeping up her rhythmic squeezing. She had become so tired, from what seemed like working him forever that she slumped over, resting her body on top of his lower back, her hands still working viciously under him. She knew he was there. He suddenly let out a loud moan then thrust forward hard. He started making grunting sounds, very fast, that seemed to match Brenda’s squeezing. Brenda then knew that his balls were pumping out. (Of course there was nothing in them, but they were working hard, literally exploding.)Brenda continued her squeezing as Ross’ strange sounds started to subside, his orgasm lessening. Once his body collapsed on the pillows and his arms and hands stopped clawing at the carpet, Brenda began to gradually lessen her squeezing.The TENS unit was still turned to full power and full frequency, on both channels. Brenda watched the vinyl tubing closely, as Ross gradually slumped down, his panting coming to a stop. There was nothing going through the tubing.Sara was jerking the teat cup so hard and fast, that Brenda finally had to order her to stop.Brenda had literally taken him to the edge, held him there for five or six minutes, then shoved him over. She didn’t want to just drop him now, so she continued her ball manipulation, gradually lessening the squeeze, till she finally heard Ross’ breathing return to normal. Then, while one hand continued the rhythmic squeezing, she quickly turned down the power to about half way on both channels.Now, his body was resting comfortably on the stand and the pillow, the only visible sign of orgasm was the gentle, slow thrusting of his pelvis. After several minutes of this, Brenda released the empty ball sac and turned the power off completely.Brenda quickly rushed to Linda’s side and together they checked Ross. It was obvious that he was u*********s. Brenda checked his pulse and found, naturally, that it was racing. Opening his eyelids, his eyes were rolled back. Gently slapping his cheek and calling to him, Brenda tried to rouse him. After several moments, his eyes fluttered a little and a grin started to spread across his face. Linda quickly asked, “Are you ok”? The only response from Ross was a moan as his eyes closed again.Having seen the power turned off, Sara had wasted no time in turning off the vacuum and massage controls to the milking machine. She was indeed, a fast learner. With the suction and massage turned off, she was jerking and pulling at the teat cup, trying to get it off. Since it wasn’t coming off, she undid the vinyl tubing, attempting to create an ‘air break’ to release the pressure. Finally she was able to gradually pull the cup off, with his cock slowly sliding out in very obvious squishy sounds.Sara was beside herself, grasping and pulling at the hugely swollen cock. She was acting as if she had just gotten a new toy, jerking and rubbing it. The head was unbelievably huge, so large that the foreskin could not be pulled over it; much to their surprise, the mouth and the urethral opening were completely dry. Not even the slightest hint of pre-cum or sperm.Sara continued playing with her toy till Brenda told her “There’s no way you’re gonna get him hard. He is spent”. Sara just laughed, continued rubbing it harder, saying, “that’s ok, I don’t want him hard”. Both Linda and Brenda looked at each other, not understanding.No matter how hard they tried to wake him, Ross was fast asleep. He was, no doubt, completely exhausted. Brenda continued to check him, assuring Linda that he was just fine, saying that he was literally “cummed out” and laughing.Brenda and Linda were finally able to pry Sara away from him, sending her to bed, fearing that she would inflict some real damage to the obscenely swollen cock. The two roommates watched him for a few more minutes, and then undid all the restraints, except for one tether to his ankle. He was sleeping so soundly he didn’t make a sound or even move, when they rolled him off the stand. He didn’t seem to feel anything when they removed the chrome vaginal plug and conductive bands from him. Brenda was sure he’d wake when they slowly pulled the copper tear drop from deep within the almost swollen shut, cock head, but he didn’t. They moved all the toys and the milking machine away from him, and Linda covered him with a sheet.Both of the women were exhausted. Even though Brenda had not actually participated in the sexual fun, such as Linda and Sara had, she was still exhausted. Saying goodnight, and thanking Brenda for the party, Linda went into her bedroom. Brenda just sat there, watching Ross as he slept.For the first time, Brenda noticed that she had been extremely aroused for the entire night. Her thighs, knees, and pussy were literally thick with her dried juices. She hadn’t even noticed it before, but she knew that she was intensely aroused by what she was doing to Ross. She walked over to Ross, pulling back the sheet, checked him one more time, and seeing that he was breathing softly. His cock was bigger than anything she’d ever seen, swollen to bigger than a beer can. And there was no doubt that the TENS unit had caused a lot of swelling in his balls. They were immense, lolling on top of his thighs. She reached down and with a fingernail, traced a line along the top of his cock. There was an immediate twitch. She immediately smiled, thinking “Tomorrow is another day”, and headed up to her bedroom. was stretched wide open. Brenda figured that the gaping mouth was due to his size, and to the head pumping so hard, expelling larger than normal amounts of sperm. Ross didn’t even move as she removed the cup. The head plopped out with a loud squishy pop.Linda watched intently as Brenda prepared the TENS unit. First, Brenda attached one electrode to the end of a chrome plated, vaginal plug. The plug had been used by the girls on many occasions, due to the odd irregular shaped head. In essence, the head was so big that the plug could not come out by accident. Then Brenda attached the other electrode to a long, soft copper wire. At the end of the wire, was a stiffer copper piece, looped around and appeared like a very long teardrop. Linda had no idea what Brenda was going to do. Finished with her preparations, Brenda asked Linda to get more “very” hot water, to clean Ross up. Upon doing so, Brenda dipped a wash cloth into the water and immediately jerked her hand out. “Damn, that’s hot”!! Linda apologized but Brenda said that it was a good thing. She laughed, saying that earlier she had been watching Sara, using hot water on Ross, and getting one hell of a hard cock. Linda laughed too, saying that she too had noticed, but thought that Sara didn’t want them to knowBrenda had literally crashed when she reached her bedroom. She had carried the milking machine to her room, fearing that Linda or Sara might wear it out. She would later put it in the room with the rest of the toys.Tossing her kimono to an easy chair in the corner, she just dropped on the bed and was asleep within seconds. In no time, she was in deep sleep, dreaming. In her dream she was resting on top of Ross, his hands were caressing the soft mounds of flesh and pinching the swollen and tender nipples of her breasts. He was kissing her deeply and passionately, that soul full kiss that lingers long after it is over.He had yet to even touch her dripping pussy, but she could feel her clit pushing out from under its hood, throbbing, yearning for any attention he might have for it. She was close to orgasm, just from his fondling and the kissing. Ross wasn’t tethered, which gave him free reign to roll her over on her back. As he continued the deep kisses, softly, tenderly, his knee gently pushed her knee outward, opening her legs. It didn’t take much effort as Brenda slid the other leg outward, across the carpet. She was sopping wet and as he moved above her, his cock slid against her mound, pressing downward. His hardness was now coated in her juices as he moved his hips gently, up and down. He wasn’t inside her, but the friction of his warm thick cock, throbbing against her clit was almost enough to send her over the edge.He continued this slow, rhythmic grinding against her as her breathing got more labored. She pushed her hips outward, thrusting against him, hoping that he would slip deep into her. But he didn’t. He continued as her breathing got harder, his hands rolling her nipples around between his thumb and forefinger. She was so wet that they both could hear the slushy sounds, coming from between their bodies.When she was so close, he gently nudged his engorged cock head between her pussy lips, slowly putting pressure on the door that would give her so much pleasure. Suddenly, the head pushed through her tight opening, embedding itself deep into her cavern of warmth. It was too much as she started to feel spasms coming up through the bottom of her stomach, rolling across her. As he slowly pushed deeper into her, she could feel herself stretch open, farther than ever before, as if she were being split in two. She could feel his cock head, buried deep inside her, throbbing hard.Ross was beginning to breath harder, as he gently rocked forward, pushing against her cervix. Her orgasm was imminent as she felt the mushroomed head flare wide, signaling his orgasm. He stared into her eyes, as she wrapped her thighs around him and held on tight, just as her orgasm started …Brenda sat up in bed instantly wide awake. She was breathing hard and was feeling so very wet between her thighs that she thought she had just wet the bed; it wasn’t that kind of wetness. Her thighs were literally drenched in her juices.Brenda could feel what was left of one huge orgasm, slowly leaving her trembling groin. It was so close but now it was gone. Her clit felt like it was on fire, begging for a touch, a rub, a caress. She was so very close, but the feeling was fading fast. Now, she was extremely horny and even more frustrated.She was still dripping her own juices as she got up and wandered to the foot of the bed, in the darkened bedroom. There, she felt around, almost desperate for any type of relief. At this late stage in her sexuality, a hand or a finger would have worked instantly, but that would have been a huge let down, after the dream. She thought of Ross, asleep downstairs, but feared going to him. She had had her fun with him, literally draining his balls of every drop of sperm. The vision of his bucking hips and wildly thrusting cock was almost too much.She sat on the floor and pulled the milking machine closer to her, between her nude outstretched legs. The machine was already plugged in, and in the dark, she felt for the familiar controls. Placing one of the un-modified teat cups to her breast, she turned on the suction and allowed the cup to suck her tender, swollen nipple into the silicone liner. Without hesitation, she took a second teat cup and attached it to her other breast. She turned the vacuum pressure up to three and held her breath, as she turned the massage up to three. Instantly, both of the tender nipples were being sucked and massaged better than any man had ever done. Her feelings of arousal went through the roof; as she let her fingers dip into her saturated pussy and begin a tender work out, on her engorged, throbbing clit.The machine hummed quietly as Brenda’s legs tensed up, pulling up toward her crotch, and opening up the sensitive area between her thighs. As the lips of her pussy engorged, her finger found its way into the soppy warmth. Within seconds, a second finger easily slid in, as the machine quietly purred, sucking her distended nipples deeper into the silicone lined cups. Her thumb was firmly rubbing the hard little clit as a third finger pushed inside of her. She felt as if she was starting to cum, but the intensity was nothing, compared to the intensity of her dream fuck.She stopped and angrily jerked her hand from her crotch. Even the milking machine was not working up to her expectations. She was so frustrated that she could scream. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was just after three am. She quickly turned off the machine and jumped up, rushing to the door. Outside her room, she listened intently for any sounds, but there were none. Completely nude, she quickly moved down the stairs, leading to the dungeon. She knew what she needed and where to find it.At the door of the dungeon, she paused, peering inside at the sleeping figure on the floor. Ross was in the exact position he was when she last saw him, except that he had kicked off the sheet that covered him. With Linda’s bedroom only yards away, she knew that she’d have to be extra quiet. She also felt that with Linda’s earlier fun, she’d, no doubt, be in a very deep sleep.Brenda quietly tip-toed over to Ross and was listening to the sound of his deep breathing as he slept. After everything that had been done to him that evening, she wasn’t surprised that he was out cold. By her estimation, it would be some time before he would be able to cum anything.He was lying on his back, his arms folded back above his head. One leg was straight and covered only at the thigh, by a sheet. His other leg lay sprawled out to the side, leaving him very open and very vulnerable. The massive ball sac literally laid on top of his thighs, his massively thick cock softly laying flat against his stomach, upturned and soft. Even soft, he still appeared monstrously thick and for a change, there was no pre-cum and nothing flowing from the swollen head.Brenda quietly whispered his name. There was no sound, except for his continued deep breathing. She called his name a little louder, but still there was no response. She knew that he was sound asleep. She wondered what he was dreaming about, after the attack of the super sucking machine.Brenda quietly crawled up to the side of him, near his straight leg. This was the leg that was still tethered. Lying down beside him, she faced his body, supported by her elbows. She just lay there, gazing at the rise and fall of his chest, taking in his entire body, and thinking of the dream that she had just awoke from. She leaned forward, closer, her face only inches from the soft cock. She looked at his face, again quietly calling his name, still no response.She leaned in closer and with her tongue, she gently licked the velvety head, lightly. It immediately flared wide as the foreskin began to push back from the head. Watching intently, she gently licked it again, softly, and the head pushed farther out, the foreskin falling back over the thick shaft. She then made one long lick, running her tongue from the head to the base. Leaning back away from him, she watched, fascinated as his cock twitched and started to elongate. It was a definitely battered cock because it wasn’t swelling with the usual speed that she had seen before.She watched as his cock started to swell, then slow down, as if pausing for a moment. She immediately lowered her face closer, and kissed the head, then ran her tongue down the length of the underside, again, only harder this time. The response was immediate as his cock again started to swell and the head throb. She continued watching the thickening cock as she listened to the deep breathing. There had been no change, he was still sleeping deeply.By now, Ross’ cock was hard and starting to slowly rise from his belly. With it hard, pointing up his body, Brenda scooted in closer, her elbows resting against his hip. She leaned in, opened her mouth as wide as possible, and very slowly and very gently, sucked the head into her mouth. She remained motionless, holding the throbbing fleshy head in her mouth.She listened, but heard the same breathing pattern as she had been hearing. He was literally, feeling nothing. That was ok with her; she was starting to have her own fun. She could feel her wetness against the carpet as she continued to ooze her frustration out. Gently, she moved her tongue around the head, feeling it flare and relax, flare and relax. Ross’ breathing didn’t change, but a very soft moan came from him.Brenda continued gently sucking the head, taking as much of the huge cock into her mouth, that she could. Because of his swelling, she wasn’t able to get more than a quarter of his cock in her mouth, but the head told her that he was definitely feeling it.She continued to gently suck on the head and foreskin, while her left hand moved down to her wetness. Rolling over slightly to her right, she continued her oral manipulation of him, while her finger began to massage her hard clit. Within moments, she could feel herself building up to the same intensity that she felt when she woke up from her dream.Brenda’s mouth continued its quiet meal as her fingers brought her to the edge of a powerful orgasm. By now his cock was rock hard and she was having difficulty holding it down with her mouth and still affording her the ability to reach her own wet area. She was becoming uncomfortable with her head and neck stretched up over Ross’ body, and still laying tilted to her right side. But cuming by her own hand was not what she wanted.With Ross’ muscled cock hard and sticking straight up, she sat up and moved her body over him. In his position, she was almost stretched to her limit, trying to get her thighs wide enough apart to straddle him. His breathing had not changed and she knew that he must be exhausted. As she scooted closer to his crotch, her left hand found his cock in the dim light, preparing it for her pleasure. But he wasn’t hard.She used both hands, discovering that he was still very long and thick, but no where near hard enough to enter her. As massive as he was, it wouldn’t make any difference, if he stayed soft. She immediately scooted back down his thighs, letting her face drop back down to the fleshy cock.Resting on his stomach, she again took the head into her mouth and started sucking it, hard. Within seconds, it was pushing against her mouth, hardening and beginning to push straight up. She continued to suck on his cock till it was hard and again moved up his body, where her pussy was positioned just above his cock.Using her left hand, she squeezed hard, at the base of his cock, trapping the blood inside it. She moved forward, easing the bloated head against her lips, rubbing her juices against his skin. But even as she felt the head touching between her lips, she could feel him softening again. She was so wet, and he was so soft. She couldn’t stand it.She eased back off of him, resting on his thighs and gently rubbed the thick cock with both hands. Within moments, she could tell that her hand work was having no effect on him. He was completely soft. Frustrated, she immediately sucked the head into her mouth for a third time, and again, felt the head flare and start to swell. She continued sucking till the head and part of the foreskin was all she could get into her mouth. Again, fully erect, she moved to straddle him, but could feel his cock soften, as soon as her mouth left it. Brenda could almost scream… With everything that she had done, she knew that he was more than capable of erection, even though he probably couldn’t cum. But she couldn’t keep him hard, long enough to enter her. She wasn’t even sure that he could enter her, with his swollen size. Almost in tears, she leaned over, resting on him, her mouth only inches from the now soft cock. After several minutes of more frustration, Brenda suddenly thought of something. She quickly got up and padded over to a cabinet. Inside, she removed the TENS unit and toys that she had just put away, several hours earlier.Returning to Ross, she could still hear the same deep breathing, and noticed that he had not moved an inch, since she had entered the room. With the exception of his cock inflating and deflating, he could have been the same as dead to her. She dropped down on the carpet, between his legs and laid out the TENS and its attachments. She quickly hooked up the lead lines to the TENS and selected two different attachments.Insuring that the unit was turned off, she took the still damp elastic conductive band and stretched it open wide. She immediately was amazed that it had to be stretched open further, just to fit around his bloated sac. Obviously, totally draining his balls, and the use of electricity, had a profound effect on his already huge sac.She positioned the band up near the vas deferens and the epididymis, figuring that the electricity would stimulate the empty balls. She then connected the other lead line to the tear drop shaped attachment.She took the flaccid cock in her hand and slowly started feeding the tear drop into the gaping mouth. There was a small amount of pre-cum, just at the tip. Surprised, she thought that it was a good sign, his body starting to replenish the amount that had already been forced out of him. Once the tear drop attachment was embedded about two inches into his shaft, she smoothed the lead line down, back towards his balls. He still had not stirred. With both electrode lines planted, she felt the TENS unit controls, making sure that they were in the off position. She didn’t want any accidents here.Using her right hand, she pinched off the base of the soft cock, trapping the blood again, and moved her mouth to the head. Taking a deep breath, she sucked the head into her mouth and began to work it with her tongue, using hard swirling strokes. Within seconds the head had ballooned to full size as her tongue continued on the velvety texture. With her right hand, she squeezed and released, squeezed and released, allowing more blood to flow into the spongy tissue, trapping it there.Within a few minutes, Ross’ cock was rock hard and throbbing. Sticking straight up, she released her oral grip and grabbed the TENS unit with her left hand. Immediately she turned the power up to half way and then the frequency to half way. Even in the dim light she could see the hard cock jerk and begin to twitch. Watching for a moment, she knew that her plan was working, as his cock remained hard, without her lips being wrapped around it. She continued watching until she knew that the electricity was keeping him hard, stimulating everything between the two balls, and up the shaft to the head.Ross was still in deep sleep, but his breathing had changed. It had quieted, and become more normal, as if he were waking. Brenda could tell that he was still asleep, but knew that subconsciously, his body was aware of the manipulations being done to it. He was still rock hard as she got up to her hands and knees and began to position her body over his. Brenda got ready, then turned the power of the TENS unit to off.She immediately lowered her body over his, and the slave’s cock head pushed tightly against the opening to her pussy. Holding her breath, she slowly let her body slip downward, feeling the huge fleshy head penetrate her. It was only the head, but she already could feel her pussy stretching wide as it pushed deeper into her. She felt as if her pussy was on fire, it was that painful. The initial pain was enough that she tightened her thighs, trying to stop her body from going any further down. The shock of the massive cock sliding further up into her was almost more than her body could take. She felt weak as her body dropped fully onto him, with his cock completely buried in her.She gasped as she tried to relax her throbbing pussy, her breath coming in short bursts. Slowly she started to relax, realizing that her tender insides were beginning to accommodate the massive size. Unbelievably, it was actually starting to feel good. Brenda sat back allowing her pussy to become used to him being buried deep inside her. She felt as if she had literally been stuffed.None of this seemed to have any effect on Ross, he was still asleep, but his breathing sounded normal, and he had moved his arms. She quietly called his name and he mumbled, barely audible. She knew that he was starting to wake up. Brenda was beginning to feel more and more erotic sensations coursing through her pussy, lower abdomen, and thighs. Like a small shock wave, the stuffed sensations were starting to move through her. She quickly picked up the TENS unit and turned the power back on, just slightly. She knew her limit and did not want to get shocked, or feel a sudden jolt. Just the past few moments had been a shock to her body, a shock from the TENS unit would just about kill her mood. Turning it up very slowly, she took the controls up to half way in power, and half way in frequency. By now, her pussy was beginning to throb from the sensations that the TENS unit was delivering.She slowly began to move her hips, rocking slightly forward, then slowly back. She had already been wet enough for both of them, and was now beginning to get even wetter. She knew that her plan had worked, using electro stimulation to keep him hard. And since the TENS unit was one of her favorite toys, she had not contemplated it being put to such a good use, ‘between them’. With the electro stimulation coursing between his balls to the tip of his cock, it was now coursing from his balls, up through her lips, through her clit, deep into her, and through his shaft and head. He couldn’t get soft it he wanted to. She continued her gentle rocking back and forth, allowing the sensation of fullness to roll over her. With his massive size cock buried deep within her, she didn’t want to move very fast or very much. Her pussy had become accustomed to his size, but she didn’t think it would take much more. It was almost stretched to the limit.She was beginning to feel the electro stimulation, even stronger. She turned the control up, just a little, as well as the frequency. As the first waves of the increase started running through her lips and clit, a soft moan came from Ross. His arms moved, and his head turned, but he was still asleep. She stopped her rocking and allowed the stimulation to just massage her tender skin and muscles. She knew that she was already very close to one extremely powerful orgasm, but she wanted it to build.After several minutes, she turned the TENS unit up slightly again. Immediately her pussy twitched from the electricity and started what felt like a high speed throbbing; like using a vibrator, except from the inside out. Her head rolled back and she was already beginning to pant. The muscles deep within her pussy were starting to contract, hard. She began to rock forward and back again slowly, causing Ross’ cock to move inside her, stretching her again. But this time it didn’t hurt. As her pussy became accustomed to the fleshy cock, Brenda could feel her muscles clutching at his hardness. Ross had moaned softly, several times, but he looked asleep. Even in sleep, his body was feeling all the pleasures. He was still rock hard, but Brenda couldn’t tell if the throbbing was from his pulsing cock or from the electro stimulation. Either way, she could feel the first of several orgasms begin deep within her. As her pussy continued to contract involuntarily, she suddenly felt fingers tugging at her sensitive nipples.As ripples from the second orgasm slowed, she looked down to see Ross, wide awake, watching her. Both his arms were in front of him, grasping her breasts, his fingers working the tender swollen nipples. He was awake and smiling, his breathing no longer deep, but beginning to become erratic. His occasional body jerk told her that he too was approaching orgasm. She was surprised, since he had been drained, and since she also thought that being so swollen, he wouldn’t have felt anything. Obviously, he was feeling everything. She leaned down, resting on his chest, as her mouth found his. Now, his hands moved from her breasts and rested on her hips, holding her down.He began slowly and gently thrusting into her, his hips pushing her up off the carpet. Even though she felt stuffed with his extremely thickened cock, it was sliding smoothly in and out of her. With each slow thrust, Ross would not allow his cock to come out of her, but would only allow the head to almost clear her entrance, before pushing back deep, into her; long slow deep strokes. She could feel another orgasm building deep within her, harder than the first two. As her body started to shake, she fell to his chest, her mouth sucking his tongue hard, into her mouth. He was grimacing as he continued the slow thrusting, knowing that she was beginning to cum again.Rising up for only a moment, she held the TENS unit, turning the power and the frequency up to full. Ross’ body jerked hard and he thrust deep into her. As his orgasm smashed into her, flowing into her stomach and legs, she could see that Ross was gritting his teeth. With the electro stimulation at full power for both of them, she continued to cum hard, feeling his cock twitching hard, inside of her. His eyes were closed and he appeared to be in pain.As her body slowly began to return to normal, she whispered to him, “Are you ok”? He was panting and she could feel his cock literally jerking, deep inside her. All he could get out was, “it hurts, and it’s too much”. She looked at him quizzically, then reached down and felt of his stomach. It was rock hard and twitching. She then realized that he had been cuming, a long time before she ever came, but didn’t stop allowing her to finish. His cock and balls had literally been in orgasm for several minutes, without stopping. Since he was drained, there was no tell-tale heavy gushing, to tell her that he had cum. He was still cuming, electrically. She immediately rose up, grabbing the TENS unit and turned it down to half way. His body immediately slumped and the deep internal jerking of his cock slowed down. Her pussy was still gently clutching at him as she slowly turned the power and frequency down even lower. His entire body went limp as the lessened stimulation allowed his cock and balls to relax.He had been totally exhausted before she started, and now, even more exhausted, she could feel the huge cock begin to soften inside her. Within a minute, he was soft but still buried deep within her entrance. Being so swollen, his cock was literally stuffed inside her, even though soft. She kissed him gently on the mouth and rose up, stretching his cock as she pulled away from him.He remained in her for a long time, till he popped out of her. Huge and wet, his cock landed on his stomach with a loud squishy splat. They both giggled at the sound. All he could do was lay back, his arms over his head, as she snuggled up next to him, her head on his chest.She reached down, gently feeling his cock. It was enormous and her fingers wouldn’t begin to even go around it. There was no throbbing to it now, and her squeezing and gentle rubbing had no effect on it. She lay there, listening to his heartbeat through his chest for several minutes, till she heard his soft breathing, become deeper. Sitting up, she saw that he was sound asleep. But, for once, she wasn’t mad at the male, asleep beside her.Her pussy was still gently contracting and her legs were almost unusable. She stood up, looking down at Ross, then picked up the TENS. She could barely walk as she made her way over to the cabinet and put the toys away. She walked back over to him, knelt down and gently kissed him on the lips. He was exhausted. She then got up and went to her room. Ross had barely recovered from the milking machine when Brenda met with some of her fellow nurses. Brenda knew that both Rachel and Toni were members of the BDSM community, but they were rarely seen at the auctions. Most members knew each other from the auction events, and were usually shocked to find people that they knew, right there, indulging in the ‘alternative life style’. Almost all of the members were from the normal walks of life, with the exception of the time they spent at the gatherings or the auctions.Rachel and Toni were registered nurses and had known Brenda for several years. Rachel and Brenda had even worked together for over a year, in the emergency room, unbeknownst to the other, about their alternative life styles. At a slave auction one day, Brenda and Rachel ran into each other and were shocked to discover their similar interests. Later, Brenda found out that Rachel’s roommate Toni was also a member. They both agreed that it was indeed, “a small world”.A day or so after Ross’ exhaustive evening, Brenda was out and ran into Rachel. Rachel told Brenda that she had heard about “that slave” and asked if all the sordid details were true. Brenda wasn’t sure how to answer, not wanting to advertise Ross too much. She figured that the less that was known about Ross, the less chance of getting caught or being discovered. She didn’t mind ‘showing’ him at auction, but that was a lot more discreet than going around, talking about him. Once it became obvious that Rachel knew all about Ross, Brenda admitted to ‘owning’ him. Little jokes, comments and questions flew from Rachel as she asked if he was as big as she had heard, could he cum huge amounts and is he insensitive to pain, along with all the other usual questions. Brenda slowly began to admit to her, in graphic detail, that it was all true. Unspoken, it was more than obvious to each of them, that a nurse’s salary could never pay for a night with the slave. With that in mind, Brenda told Rachel all the details about Ross.What Brenda didn’t know was that Rachel already knew a lot about Ross. Rachel had heard all about him from a good friend and employer, the doctor that treated Ross after his first auction. Rachel had worked for the doctor and only later, discovered that the doctor was a member of the BDSM community. Again, it was a very small world. Rachel had already given it much thought and brought up the subject of Ross, with the intent of trying to get him for an evening. She had already thought the entire evening out, and now, only had to talk Brenda into it. Rachel was relying on her friendship and BDSM ties with Brenda, hoping that Brenda would go along.After a very graphic and erotic conversation of questions and answers, Brenda found herself very wet; just describing what things had been done to the slave. Rachel finally got up enough nerve and blurted out her proposal, asking Brenda to just consider it, before she said no. Rachel and her roommate, wanted to take Ross for an evening, for sort of an educational show and tell, with several young student nurses.Brenda was well aware of those long ago years of student nursing and how miserable and hard they had been. One of the hardest things to get use to was the relationship between nurse and male patient, in the sexual realm. It was not sexual in any form or fashion, but the sexuality of the relationship was sometimes, more than obvious.Brenda immediately thought that it was a bad idea for several reasons; the most obvious one was getting caught. Brenda didn’t have a problem with Rachel or Toni, but student nurses; that was altogether a different thing.Rachel swore that she had it all figured out and that there would be no getting caught. She started explaining a rough idea of what her plan was. The more she talked, the more Brenda was listening. Rachel had a story already cooked up, on who and what Ross was. She also explained that she had hand picked the young nurses and that they were the type that would enjoy ‘a show’ and would not be talking about it, the next day.What caught Brenda’s attention was when Rachel mentioned the name “Raven”. They both laughed at the name, each of them knowing the ‘legendary’ Raven. Raven was indeed a beauty. She was a student nurse and her reputation had already reached legendary status. Everyone laughed, saying that she had two lists; “Fucked and to be fucked”.Raven had probably slept with almost every doctor at one hospital, and was slowly working her way through the interns. She was more than good looking, had a body that looked like she had just stepped out of Playboy. She was smart enough to make her way in the nursing field, and knew how to manipulate people. She was also a legend for her “technique”.It had become common knowledge that Raven had a unique ability to masturbate a male, in under a minute, and that was from soft to cuming. It was alleged that one young doctor had confronted her one long, boring night and laughingly challenged her. Those that were present that night said that they both entered the doctor’s lounge together, and before the door had completely shut, the door opened back up, the doctor emerging, red faced and sweating. He later admitted that Raven wasn’t exaggerating about her technique.No one was sure about the ‘technique’, or how she did it, but it was something to do with her fingers and hands. A magic touch, if you will. Almost everyone in the hospital figured that Raven would either be fired, or end up marrying one of the doctors. She was definitely a legend. And if her ‘handi-work’ wasn’t enough, her body could handle anything that her hands couldn’t.Almost all of the nursing staff hated Raven, since she started to get special privileges from the doctors, a sort of come and go as she wanted attitude. Sources inside the personnel office had leaked that Raven was not her real name. It turns out that her real name was Mary Catherine, a good Christian name. Apparently, Raven had given herself the erotic moniker.When Brenda found that Raven was invited, she agreed to the get together. Rachel did explain that the evening was not all fun and games, but was an attempt to teach several young nurses a subject that was rarely dealt with, in much degree; the male patient (and his sexuality).Rachel said that the nurses were picked because of their wanting to learn, and that they were actually good at what they did. These particular nurses were ones that would benefit from the use of a real, male patient, and not the usual one found in hospitals. Brenda understood what Rachel was planning. It was somewhat sexual, with a slant on a medical teaching plan. Brenda knew that it would be very erotic, just sitting and watching someone else do things to her slave.What Brenda didn’t know was that Rachel and Toni had their private agenda. Yes, they were serious about an ‘educational’ evening with sex, but they were also very horny ladies and even more than that; they were unbelievably voyeuristic. Both Rachel and Toni got off on watching.Though not known to others, Rachel was strongly heterosexual, while Toni was bi-sexual. A long time before, over too many glasses of wine, the two had admitted that they had watched each other. Turns out that Rachel had inadvertently come upon Toni and a boyfriend, at the height of an ‘intimate moment’. Instead of leaving quietly, Rachel sat and watched, enjoying the X rated show; she especially watched the immensely endowed male date.Toni admitted that she had caught Rachel in a similar moment, with a date, and she too had sat and watched Rachel. They both laughed about it, discovering that each was a hard core voyeur. Both Rachel and Toni had hoped to get Ross, along with the young nurses, and watch what would no doubt, be a fabulous show. Add to that, the fact that as a “training aid”, both the experienced nurses, Rachel and Toni could choreograph the entire show. They were both extremely excited at the prospect of a voyeuristic evening.Brenda agreed to the teaching experience, wanting it to be the next afternoon, since Linda and Sara would be out for most of the day. It was also arranged that Rachel would come to Brenda’s, for the added security in taking Ross across town to Rachel’s house. The time was agreed on and Rachel set about making all the arrangements and calling the ‘students’.The next day, early, Brenda went into the dungeon, finding Ross just sitting on the floor, knees to his chest, his arms wrapped around them, looking bored. Within a few steps from him, Brenda spied the huge erection sticking out, his sac lying bloated on the floor. For everything that had been done to him, an evening before, he was obviously ready to be played with, again.Once Brenda began staring at the thick fleshy cock and balls, Ross became very embarrassed turning a bright red. Apparently he had been caught, playing by himself. Based on the size of his sac, it was obvious that his balls had completely replenished the supply sucked out by the milking machine. As Brenda stood smiling, enjoying the huge erection, he was so embarrassed, trying to hide it under his legs.Brenda walked over, knelt down next to him and started gently stroking the thick cock. He was already very wet, dripping onto the carpet. It was apparent that he had been having some fun, thinking that no one was home. Brenda, chidingly, admonished him for ‘wasting it’, as she rubbed the gooey head with her thumb and fore finger.Looking him in the eyes, Brenda asked if he was interested in being the center of attention, or being an ‘experimental patient’ with a group of student nurses. Still stroking his cock, she instantly felt it jump. With her continuing the slow strokes, his eyes closed and his legs slowly spread wide, allowing her more access to him. In a shaky voice, he could only mumble, “yes”.Brenda told him that he was going to another location with two other nurses and that he would be ‘examined’ by a group of student nurses. Brenda couldn’t help but notice that his cock was actually throbbing, as she continued her gentle stroking. She knew that he was very interested. She suddenly stopped stroking him and told him that he would have to hurry and get cleaned up. She undid the tether from his ankle and pointed him towards the bathroom. For a change, she did not feel the need for the stun gun, and watched as he walked across the room, his cock bobbing up and down.After a very long hot shower, Ross emerged from the bathroom and was immediately told to put on the ankle and wrist restraints. After doing so, Brenda locked each restraint with small locks. Judging by his body language and semi erect cock, Brenda was surprised at Ross’ excitement over the aspect of being seen by the nurses. Ross was still dripping and in an exceptionally good mood.Brenda went over to one of the many cabinets and produced a large leather choke collar, telling Ross that it would add effect to his overall appearance. Ross took it from her and placed it around his neck. Turning around, he stood patiently while Brenda locked it in place.Thinking for a moment, she went to another cabinet and took out a large cock and ball cylinder. As Brenda turned toward Ross, he saw the cylinder and smiled, immediately sitting on the floor, spreading his legs wide open and leaning his upper body back, ready for the ‘enhancement’ tool.Smiling, Brenda took him the cylinder and a tube of lotion, instructing him to prepare himself. She watched as he quickly rubbed the lotion into his balls and the base of his shaft, she handed the huge cylinder to him and told him to put it on. After several moments of struggling to get his oversized equipment into the cylinder, he was finally in.Brenda attached the pump handle and hose and slowly began sucking the air out of the cylinder. Ross could only lean back; eyes closed, and relax, as he felt the blood surging into his cock and balls. Within a few moments, the cylinder’s effect was becoming obvious. He was swelling up nicely.Brenda was very aware of Ross’ ability to enlarge. She didn’t want him huge, even though he was normally oversized, but she wanted him to have that “puffy, fat” look. Brenda thought that the young nurses had never seen anything like Ross’ size, but she didn’t want to scare them either.Brenda knew that Rachel and Toni had seen plenty of male genitals, both at work and away from work. Brenda also knew that Ross’ balls would pump up quickly, while his cock was somewhat slower at enlarging. But this was good, since it kept his cock ‘usable’ instead of getting to that beer can size, which was basically good for nothing. Even Ross had a hard time feeling anything when he was that big.Once Ross had reached a nice size, Brenda released the pressure and told Ross to remove the cylinder. He almost looked disappointed as he struggled to pull the cylinder off his swollen organs. Outside the cylinder, Brenda closely examined him, seeing that he had swollen to a very nice size, his cock was thick and his balls very bloated. He was still ‘usable’, and she noticed him quickly getting hard as her hand worked his cock and balls. The head was immense and was leaking pre-cum in huge amounts. He was ready.For a finishing touch, Brenda gave Ross a baby blue loin cloth, telling him to put it on. The baby blue would look good with his dark tan, and would temporarily escort bornova hide the tan lines, till it came off. Besides, she felt that it was only ‘decent’ of her, transporting Ross across town clothed, instead of restrained nude in the back seat of her truck. And this particular loin cloth barely covered anything. Even when he was soft, the tip of his cock hung down below the bottom of the cloth.Not long after Brenda finished preparing Ross, the door bell rang. She told Ross to behave himself this evening, but said it in a more pleading tone than demanding. Ross just smiled and said that he would. She left Ross with an ankle tether attached, while she ran upstairs to greet Rachel.Brenda led Rachel to the downstairs dungeon, talking along the way. Rachel said that she was only able to get four of the student nurses that she wanted, the others had prior plans, and it was short notice. Brenda laughed, saying that it was their loss.Upon reaching the dungeon room door, Rachel stopped and stared at Ross. Ross looked up and stared back at Rachel. They were both taking each other in.Rachel was about the same build as Brenda, but more endowed in the breasts. It didn’t help matters either, with Rachel wearing short white running shorts and a dark purple jogging bra, both of them showing her very dark tan.Her long legs were only enhanced, by the huge mounds, barely covered by her bra. Brenda almost felt embarrassed, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. Rachel immediately smiled, walking over to Ross. Almost face to face, she dreamily whispered, “Hi”. Ross was smiling, staring back at her, glancing quickly at Brenda for permission to speak. She nodded approval.”Hello”. It was very obvious that these two would fit together, in more ways than one. Almost chest to chest, Rachel reached down and with just her fingernail, started flicking the foreskin shrouded head of Ross’ cock. His reaction was immediate and expected as his cock pushed out from under the loin cloth and began to rapidly swell.Glancing down, Rachel pulled up the loin cloth and stepped back, now holding the growing cock. “Wow, he is a VERY big boy”. Watching intently, she slowly pulled the foreskin back and watched the head flare out immensely. In her best Sandra Bullock impersonation from “Miss Congeniality”, she said “He wants to date me…”They all laughed as Ross quickly became rock hard. With pre-cum starting to cover her fingers, Rachel pushed the massive cock up against his belly and leaned down, finally noticing the huge balls hanging below. “This is unbelievable; I’ve never seen anyone this huge”. “I’ve heard about him, but never dreamed he’d be this big”. Putting her hand under the sac, she gently shook them up and down, feeling their entire weight. “And they are full, too”, she added laughing.Rachel started gently massaging one ball, rolling it around inside the sac, squeezing the fleshy oval. Ross was extremely hard and started to drip heavily, his eyes closed as Rachel continued rolling the huge ball around in her hand. Finally, Brenda had to stop them, “Ok you two break it up”. “Damn Rachel, you’re gonna make him cum” “I can only wish”, replied Rachel.All Ross could do was stand there swaying, eyes closed, and moaning. Rachel relinquished her grasp of Ross, stepping back away from him, taking a deep breath. They had been standing so close that as Ross got harder, his cock was pressed up against her, just above her pubic mound. When she stepped back, it was very obvious because her white shorts were coated in his shiny pre-cum where his cock head had been pressed into her.She immediately smiled coyly at Ross, saying “damn, hope it doesn’t stain”, and pressed her thumbs into the waistline of the shorts. In a second, she had dropped her shorts, kicking them off to the side, wearing only a tiny purple g-string underneath.Ross didn’t miss any of this; his eyes were now wide open. In an exaggerated move, Rachel stepped away from Ross, turning her back side to him. She slowly bent over, picking up her shorts, and remained there, looking back at him. “I really should wash these out, don’t want them to stain” she smiled. Ross was still rock hard and watching every move she made. Finally, Brenda said “that’s it, let’s go”. Both Brenda and Rachel started laughing, Rachel putting her shorts back on. Ross was almost panting, watching Rachel. Rachel quickly looked at Ross and winked.They had decided to take Brenda’s truck, since it was a full sized four wheel drive and would give them more room. In addition to the dark tinted windows, it had already been used and tethers were secured to the front seat floor bolts. By placing Ross in the back seat, he could be secured with no threat of him getting loose, at least from the waist down.For the trip across town, Brenda had gagged Ross and placed a leather hood over his head. Otherwise, he was only dressed in the loin cloth. It was the usual method that they used in transport so to not allow Ross any idea of where he was, or in this case, where he was going. According to Rachel, the hood and gag would be needed when the student nurses arrived.Brenda locked the wrist restraints together, behind his back They walked him out to the truck and placed him in the middle of the back seat. A cushion was placed behind his back, to pad his restrained arms against his own body weight. It had been decided that Rachel would sit in the back with him, just in case he got any ideas, while they were traveling.Seated in the middle, Ross’ left leg was comfortably stretched outward, toward the left side of the back of the driver’s seat. The ankle restraint was secured by a short tether, almost guaranteeing no movement from his left leg. His right leg was pulled outward, toward the outside of the front passenger seat, but with a longer tether. This way, he could shift his seated weight, with his right leg being more mobile.With Ross sitting upright in the seat, both Brenda and Rachel couldn’t help but notice that the loin cloth didn’t cover much. Rachel quietly pointed to it, both of them giggling. Brenda loaded a black canvas bag into the back of the 4×4, saying that it was some extra toys, just in case they were needed. At this point, Brenda still didn’t know what Rachel had in mind, or how she would explain Ross, or what they were planning on doing. Brenda knew Rachel well enough to feel secure with her, and thought if things started going badly, she would simply grab Ross and leave with him. Brenda hit the electronic door lock which locked the entire vehicle’s doors, she turned the key and started the engine then pulled out from their driveway. Within ten minutes, they were on Interstate Five.The drive over to Rachel’s house was going smoothly. With the windows tinted as dark as they were, Brenda wasn’t worried about any prying eyes. And, through the rearview mirror, Brenda could easily see Ross, and partially see Rachel, sitting beside him. At one point, Brenda even noticed that Rachel had her arm around Ross’ shoulders, like a first date in the back seat.During the drive, both Rachel and Brenda chatted about different things. Occasionally Ross could be seen turning his head to the left or right, as if listening to sounds. Otherwise, he was sitting quietly, listening to their conversation. About fifteen minutes into the drive, Brenda suddenly noticed that the conversation had become very one sided. She was the only one talking. Glancing into the rearview mirror, she could see Ross’ head, but it was tilted back more than it had been. She could vaguely hear a wet slapping sound. She could also see Rachel’s head which appeared to be looking downward, intently watching something. She turned around and looked into the back seat. There, Rachel was turned in her seat, one hand holding up the loin cloth while the other hand was furiously pumping Ross’ drenched cock.Her hand was coated in his pre-cum and it was splattering all over his thighs and loin cloth with every jerk of her hand. Apparently Ross was trying to control his breathing, not panting or breathing hard, thereby not giving away the fact that his cock was being so skillfully manipulated. He was wanting to cum, almost as much as Rachel wanted him to cum. Brenda yelled at Rachel, “Stop, you’re gonna make him cum”! Rachel slowed her pumping, but kept a firm grip on the throbbing shaft.The foreskin and head were literally glistening from all his juices. Rachel seemed almost oblivious to Brenda’s demand, continuing to watch the throbbing cock and flared head. Finally she looked up, smiling, “what…. Are you afraid he’ll make a mess all over your seats”? Brenda was mad, “No, I’m not worried about the seats, but you don’t know how much he puts out”! “Damn Rachel, give it a rest. You’ll have plenty of time with him, later”. Rachel mumbled an apology and agreed, relaxing her grip on Ross. Rachel looked and sounded like a small scolded c***d. She then looked at Brenda in the rearview mirror and smiled, “No problem, I’ll just quickly clean him up”. With that, Rachel’s head dropped from view. Within a second, her head was bobbing up and down on Ross’ cock, cleaning him. “Dammit Rachel, stop it”! Brenda snapped, instantly slowing the truck down. Rachel’s head came up, and by then Ross was actually gasping, sucking in large gulps of air. He had been so close to cuming.Brenda kept glancing back, till she was satisfied that Rachel had stopped, Ross was softening, and the loin cloth was again, barely covering the still throbbing cock. Rachel was quiet for several minutes she asked some trivial question of Brenda. They both laughed as they started talking again. For the rest of the trip it was quiet, with the exception of an occasional gasp from Ross. Whatever Rachel was doing to him, he didn’t mind, and Brenda figured that keeping him horny wasn’t a bad idea.When they arrived at Rachel’s house, they pulled down the long driveway and into the double car garage and parked. Rachel’s house was somewhat like Brenda’s, deeply wooded, lush trees and vegetation, basically surrounded by heavy shrubbery. In the garage Rachel produced a garage door remote and closed the heavy door on them. Inside, they both got out and released Ross from the tethers.It must have been a fun trip, Ross’ cock was sticking straight out and pre-cum was all over his thighs. As long as he hadn’t cum, Brenda thought to herself. escorting him into the kitchen, they could hear Toni bounding down the stairs. It was obvious she had been getting ready, she was wearing only a pair of panties.In all her youthful exuberance, she ran straight up to Ross and jerked the loin cloth up. “WOW, he is huge”. She stood there, just staring at his now softening cock. She reached down and grabbed both balls in her hands. Ross jerked back, not expecting the attack on him. Toni was ecstatic, feeling his balls, examining his cock, checking every square inch of his now, hardening cock. “This guy is huge. That thing is almost scary” she said, eyes glued to the now rock hard cock in her hand. “I bet he could hit the ceiling, or at least shoot across the room” she said, still examining the new toys.Brenda explained to her that Ross’ really didn’t spurt, that his urethra had been stretched quite a bit and that they had not seen him ever “shoot” anything. “He definitely pumps out hard, but more in huge globs, and for a long time” she explained.Toni, eyeing the thick cock in her hand turned it upward pointing towards her, studying the wet gaping mouth. She reached out with her other hand and quickly fed half of her little finger into the mouth. Ross’ hips immediately jerked back, retreating from the invading finger as Toni continued to push inward. She met with resistance about an inch and a half inside the shaft, where the urethra narrows. Forcibly she pushed harder as her entire finger disappeared into him. Ross gasped as the finger moved around inside him. Rachel just stared, mouth open, as Brenda yelled at Toni to stop. Toni continued watching intently as her finger moved easily inside of Ross, “unbelievable, he’s like a cavern inside there”.Toni was now massaging the inside of Ross’ cock while her other hand started rhythmically squeezing one ball. Obviously Ross had recovered as his hips started to slowly thrust outward. He was definitely enjoying the finger intrusion. Toni’s finger was completely inside of him, all the way to the web. She was slowly manipulating his ball, as her finger continued working the tender inner tube.Ross was beginning to sway back and forth, trying to match Toni’s thrusting. Brenda relaxed, figuring that Ross was enjoying the session, and wasn’t being damaged. Suddenly, Toni jerked her finger out of Ross with a thick squishy pop. She immediately squeezed his ball hard, then let go, stepping back and watching. Within about three or four seconds, a huge amount of pre-cum appeared at the cock head and fell to the floor with a loud splat. Ross was breathing hard. Toni immediately put the intruding finger into her mouth, as if it were a Popsicle. Sucking on her finger, she smiled, “and he tastes good too”!Everyone started laughing as Toni reached up to the buckled hood, covering Ross’ face. Within a few seconds, she had the hood undone and was pulling it off. As Ross stood blinking back the bright light, Toni stood looking into his face, “and he’s handsome too. Wow, he is gonna be fun”. Ross’ eyes had barely become accustomed to the bright room, when Brenda put the hood back on. “Better safe than sorry” she commented, glaring at Toni. Toni knew what she meant.As Brenda sat and watched Toni, she felt as if she were watching a brunette version of Sara; the same tormenting, the same teasing, the cruel streak that she had seen exhibited so much by Sara.Ross was led into what appeared to be a large family entertainment type of room. All of the furniture had been pushed back, against the walls, leaving the center of the room open. There were several heavy pieces of furniture against the walls, which would be used to tie off the tethers. In the center of the room, Ross was told to sit down. Immediately, for security’s sake, Brenda and Rachel took one arm and one ankle, and secured them with a tether, securing the tether to large pieces of furniture.Brenda got her black bag from the truck and upon opening it, asked Rachel if she had a spreader bar. Rachel wasn’t even sure what it was, and was thrilled when she saw the black three foot long bar. It had steel loops on each end and Ross’ ankle restraints were locked to the bar, in essence, spreading his ankles three feet apart.Meanwhile, Toni continued tormenting Ross, lifting up the loin cloth and playing with his still hard cock and balls. Brenda had to keep a close eye on Toni, because several times she looked up and found Toni’s finger buried deep inside of Ross. Since her little finger had slid in somewhat easily, she was now trying to put the next size finger in, with quite a bit of resistance. Brenda feared that Toni would split the already gaping mouth.Several moments later, Brenda turned in time to see Toni really pushing down, into Ross, using her ring finger. Ross was apparently not enjoying it as much as Toni, his hips bucking and rolling, trying to dislodge the burrowing finger. Brenda thought that Ross could take care of himself, until she saw Toni take a firm grasp of the shaft, and forcefully push her ring finger deeper into the hugely stretched mouth. Toni held on tight, gaining a little more depth into Ross. As his urethra stretched open, it must have been arousing, because his hips thrust upward, to meet her finger. She then started rhythmically thrusting in, pulling out, thrusting in, and pulling out. His breathing became deeper as hips continued to match her timing.By this time, even Rachel had noticed and stopped what she was doing, just to watch the ‘finger fucking’. Brenda was about to put a stop to it, fearing that Toni would hurt him, when Rachel suddenly told her to stop. Toni had been having so much fun, that she was starting to look like a little girl, playing with a new toy.Disappointingly, Toni started to pull her finger from the bloated cock head. But, as she pulled, it became quickly obvious that her finger was stuck inside him, caused by the vacuum of her in and out pumping. Pulling outward, the inner edges of the urethra had turned outward, as if they were turning inside out. Because of the vacuum, Ross’ urethra had a tight grip on her finger and with each pull; it became painfully obvious that the finger was lodged in. Each time she tried to pull out, her finger would pull a small portion of his inner tube with it. Toni’s finger was deep enough inside him, that the finger could be seen on the underside of his cock, a large bulging area.Ross was now pulling his hips back, trying to protect his cock. Rachel finally crawled over and told Toni to wait, let her help. Grasping the shaft tightly, Rachel massaged the lower portion of his cock up and down, forcing the pre-cum to push up, into the finger wedged area. Within a few moments, Toni gave a jerk and her finger popped out with a loud wet pop. Everyone eased a sigh of relief, watching as a huge amount of pre-cum flowed from the over stretched mouth. The hold had been tight enough, that Toni’s finger was red and numb just from being caught. Rachel suggested that Toni go upstairs and get ready.Together, Brenda and Rachel continued to place the restraints on Ross. With the spreader bar on him, his ankles were locked; both ends of the spreader bar were secured to a piece of heavy furniture, with tethers. The ladies eased Ross back, resting his head on a pillow. Both arms were pulled down to his sides.Brenda had brought a thigh-to-wrist restraint, which they placed around the upper portions of each thigh. When securely in place, they put his wrists into the restraints and secured the wrist restraints with small locks. The hood and gag were still in place, as well as the thick leather collar. For effect, Rachel took a tether and secured it to the collar, then ran the tether to a piece of heavy furniture. The collar and tether gave an appearance that the slave’s head was restrained almost rendering him motionless.Several times while securing Ross, both Brenda and Rachel asked if he was okay. He nodded his head that he was. After securing him, Rachel reached down and wrapped her fingers around the top of his ball sac, giving it a long hard shake. Ross jumped and then thrust upward, indicating that he enjoyed the firm attention. Rachel just laughed, telling Ross “we’re gonna have so much fun with you. Are you ready”? Ross’ head bobbed up and down enthusiastically, signaling YES.Brenda looked to see that everything was ready, and even got a warm washcloth to clean up what Rachel and Toni had produced from Ross. Lastly, Rachel brought out what appeared to be a hospital sheet, freshly laundered and pressed. After getting the loin cloth properly adjusted to cover as much as it could, the sheet was placed over Ross, with only his head exposed.Toni had gone upstairs to get dressed and was back in short time. No longer was she wearing only panties, thankfully, thought both Brenda and Rachel. Now, she looked more like a professional, but casually dressed.The first of the young nurses started to arrive, when Rachel told Brenda that on such short notice, she was only able to get four of the ones that were invited. Immediately Brenda asked if Raven was coming. Rachel smiled slyly, telling Brenda that she was definitely coming and that she had a particular portion of the event planned, just for her. Brenda didn’t know what she meant, but she figured that it would be something mean.As each of the four young nurses arrived, they came into the kitchen, and upon realizing that the slave was in the family room, immediately wanted to see him. From the open door of the room, they could see Ross, lying quietly under the sheet, only the hood exposed, and one very large obvious bulge under the sheet.Rachel and Toni made sure to keep the young nurses in the kitchen, with only the ability to look, hoping to ‘peak’ their interests, and their arousal. They were quickly getting more and more aroused, obviously by their conversation.They had all commented on the size of the bulge, which lead to conversations on erections. One of the nurses told about the horse cock that she had seen, another talked about an ex boyfriend that was somewhat large. The more they talked, the more erotic the conversation became. Most of the ‘stories’ were told by Raven, bragging about the different sizes and attributes that she had seen, or been with. As Brenda and Rachel listened to them, they heard all types of comments about sex, their boyfriends, size differences and what sexual technique worked better.All in all, they were getting ‘ready’ for an education. Toni and Rachel were extremely aroused. Being voyeurs, they very much enjoyed the stories and comparisons that they were hearing from their guests. After each of the nurses had concluded that Ross was erect, Toni surprised them by telling them that “in fact, he is not erect. He’s just very, very big”. There was silence as each of the young nurses turned their gaze toward the sheet covered male in the next room. You could see the smiles start to spread around the room.The four young nurses that arrived were definitely of a mixed crowd. They all knew each other well enough to be comfortable in their sexual conversations, all had been in nursing school together, and some had even worked together. As Brenda watched them, it was obvious that there were two that were more bold, more adventurous, outgoing, and very talkative when it came to sex. Naturally, Raven was one of them, and the other was Beth.The two other nurses appeared, to some degree, to be almost opposites. Both were quieter, more reserved, serious types, more in line to study, than to go out partying. This was Jennifer and Amy. However, based on past experience and their reputations, and having known them for awhile, Rachel had picked the four because of their sexual interests and lifestyle attitudes. Rachel seriously hoped that she had not made a mistake in her choice.Even their dress showed the two distinct personality types. It was apparent that Raven came to the class with the thought that the male patient would be able to see her and interact with her. Raven thought this would be an opportunity to show her sexual prowess and possibly gain more bragging rights. She was wearing a pair of short shorts that undeniably showed her legs to the extreme. Depending on how she was seated, anyone could see everything that she was advertising. And for the get together, to everyone’s surprise, she was wearing a bikini top, saying that she was going to the beach later on. No one believed her. Beth was dressed similar, but more comfortably and a lot more covered.On the other hand, Jennifer and Amy both were wearing shorts that were still discretely sexy, but slightly modest. Both were wearing t-shirts over the shorts. It was obvious to Rachel, Toni, and Brenda, who was selling and who was just attending.After about thirty minutes of gossip and stories, Rachel announced that it was time to get started. She instructed everyone to enter the family room and get comfortable, but to not touch the patient. She made sure to heavily emphasize the word “patient”. Rachel was trying hard to make the entire event sounded as close as possible to clinical and educational as she could, without being too obvious. She could tell that the young nurses were ready to go to work on the endowed male.As arousing as the kitchen conversations were, Brenda was afraid that the young nurses would become overly aggressive and hurt Ross. She finally decided to just play it minute by minute and see what transpired. Besides, Brenda had found herself extremely wet, just listening and watching. This might be fun…Upon entering the room, all of the young nurses’ eyes were on the prone slave. Of course, none of them knew that he was a slave, captured and used by another nurse and her two roommates. Each of the nurses was examining the prone figure, under the sheet. Three things were immediately obvious to them, one: he was masked in a black leather hood, two: that his legs were spread quite far apart, and last: that there was a huge bulge resting between his legs. Even under the sheet, it was enormous.Having seen the sheeted Ross, Brenda worried that the use of a pumping cylinder might have been too much, his normal over endowment being more than any average male; but she figured that the young nurses were in for a show, and it might as well be a big show.The two distinct groups remained obvious, even upon entering the room. Raven and Beth immediately went straight to Ross and sat down on the carpet, next to the area of his hips. They thought that they could get a better view of the bulging patient from that vantage point. Both Jennifer and Amy went to a couch and sat down, several feet away from the prone patient. Both of them sat legs together, bent forward for their own best view.Toni sat on the floor, near Ross’ head, while Rachel went to his feet, kneeling down and getting comfortable. Brenda sat in an overstuffed chair farther away than any of them. At this point, Brenda had no idea of how Rachel would explain Ross, or what she was going to do with him. Having asked her several times, Rachel only smiled and said, “don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out.”After everyone was seated comfortably, Rachel started, “I’d like to welcome all of you to my home and this teaching session. First off, I’d like to say that contrary to what you may think, this is not a sex show, but an educational experience. As all of you are aware, there is a certain amount of sexuality to medicine, but for decency’s sake, let us say that this is 95% nursing and 5% sexual.” Laughing, she continued, “not the other way around.”Each of the four young nurses squirmed nervously, all staring at the bulge under the sheet. “In the nursing field, it normally takes several years, sometimes longer, to get comfortable, or maybe the correct term is ‘use to’, the male patient and his sexuality. Today, you will get a chance to work with a male patient and see and experience different aspects of nursing that involve sexual overtones with males. Again, this is not a sex show, but a chance to get comfortable with techniques and procedures that you will use on a continuing basis, involving male patients. It goes without saying, that what we are doing today is not exactly course curriculum, and I strongly urge each of you to not talk to anyone of the knowledge and practice that you gain here.” The girls continued to shift nervously around, but grinning and winking at each other as if they were in on a private joke. Brenda was listening intently, waiting for more of an explanation.”I’m not going to bore you with male anatomy, you should have already had plenty of that, and I’m not talking about your boyfriends. Today, each of you will learn, examine, do the procedures, and have a hands-on learning experience, and there was no pun intended there.” They all laughed as Rachel continued, “So, take this chance to gain years of experience and knowledge, and not be afraid of ‘The Male’. I’m sure that in your careers, each of you has had female patients that you examined in intimate detail. The same does not hold true of your male patients, who are just as deserving of your attention. So, as arousing and insightful as this may be, you should at least try to keep a slight degree of dignity and professionalism to what we are doing.””With that said, let me introduce all of you to our patient, Mark. Of course, Mark is not his real name but he has agreed, enthuasistically, to be our patient.”As she introduces Ross to the nurses, she leaned out and patted the bulge in the sheet. Leaving her hand on the bulge, she continued talking, occasionally patting it. It was very obvious that the bulge was beginning to get bigger. The nurses just stared at her hand and the bulge, barely listening to what she was saying.”There are two reasons why he is hooded. One is that Mark is a local professional and requested that his identity be protected. No, he’s not a celebrity or anyone that you might know, but he does want to remain anonymous. Secondly, this is not a dating game, where he can get your phone numbers and start calling you.” Smiling, Rachel quickly added “but if any of you are interested, please get with me after class.”With that, all of them started laughing and raising their hands as if they were interested. Brenda was amazed. So far, Rachel had come up with a cover story and even a fake name, to keep the story going, and it was very good. Now Brenda was starting to feel a little bit moist, watching as Rachel innocently steered the class in a sexual direction.Rachel continued, explaining that ‘Mark’ lived an alternative life style and that he had an interest in the BDSM lifestyle. Further, Mark had nurtured a fantasy since his younger years, in which he was examined by female nurses or a female doctor. Rachel told the group that she had known Mark for several years, and that he literally jumped at the chance to be part of the class. To say that he was excited about the class was an understatement. But by wearing a hood, the young nurses would not know who he was, and he would not know who they were. Rachel made it very clear to the class, that Ross was a very willing volunteer, and that he was the one that wanted to remain anonymous.At this point, Rachel was gently rubbing the oversized bulge. Most of the girls were holding their breath, watching her gentle hand movements. He wasn’t completely erect, but he was obviously hardening. Rachel took the sheet, covering his legs and moved it upward to his thighs. As Rachel moved in between his outstretched legs, the girls were closely watching the spreader bar, none of them having ever seen one.One of the girls timidly asked what the bar was for, seeing that his ankles were locked to it. Rachel, without hesitation explained again, that the ‘willing patient’ was involved in the BDSM community, and reminded her that his fantasy was involving medical exams. All of the girls believed the story that Rachel was spinning.Rachel had spread the sheet tightly across Ross’ bulge, still covering all of him but his legs. At this point, the young nurses could only see the slave, from his thighs down. Each of them was moving slightly closer, trying to get a better look at Mark, as Rachel continued talking.Rachel was still holding onto the sheet, tightly as if she were a magician getting ready to yank the sheet off of a magic trick. Rachel had insisted on keeping the loin cloth on Ross for a reason. Being nurses, they had been trained to immediately “observe and assess” a patient. Once Ross was totally exposed, they would, instinctive to their training, do a quick observation of him, looking for any obvious injuries. They couldn’t help it. After observation, there would be no need for assessment, since Ross was obviously not injured. But, to keep the exam in a medical context, Rachel wanted the girls to follow their training and ‘observe and assess’.She knew that without the loin cloth on, their eyes would immediately go straight to the huge cock and balls between his legs. But, with the loin cloth on, they would be forced to wait doing what would be normal through their training. “So, now that I have bored you with my little speech, lets’ begin.” She paused a moment, then asked “Are you ready Mark”? Ross vigorously nodded his head, yes. Brenda was amazed. Even Ross was getting involved with the scenario. Rachel then quickly pulled the sheet off, fully exposing Ross.Immediately, there were several gasps, and even an “Oh my God”! “As you can see, our patient is that of a well nourished, fully developed, mature male. And I do mean, fully developed.” They all laughed at Rachel’s joke. Even soft, his cock head was partially exposed and a very large amount of foreskin, sticking out from the bottom of the loin cloth. But, instinctively, without saying it, each of the girls did do the ‘observe and assess’ and within about one second, each of them were eyeing the huge loin cloth covered bulge. “Luckily for us, Mark is a very willing patient.As you can see, he is more developed in some areas.” Rachel reached down and started untying the knot, holding the loin cloth on him. As she did, all eyes were trained on her hands. Undoing the knot, she pulled the flimsy cloth away from his body, fully exposing the thick soft cock, and massive sack beneath it. “Besides Mark ‘begging’ to be our patient, we have a benefit in the examination of his body. Mark is among about two percent of the male population that has very little sensitivity in his genitals.”One of the young nurses asked “you mean that he can’t feel anything”? “No, no, believe me, he feels everything very well,” Rachel responded. “Matter of fact, with this much flesh, he is highly sensitive, but not in the same regard as the other ninety-eight percent of males. That is what makes him very beneficial for examining.”With that, Rachel gently stroked the top of Ross’ shaft, instantly producing a swell in his cock and a obvious elongation. “Mark can feel the stimulation that I am creating in his penis but with his large size, especially in his testicles, he can tolerate more pain stimulus that the average male.Looking seriously at the young nurses, Rachel continued, “Erection begins in the penis as blood flow is increased to the corpus cavernosa, the chambers running along the sides of the shaft. As the penis becomes engorged, it hardens and becomes longer, becoming more stimulated. A signal is sent to the testicles, indicating that the arousal stage has started, at which point an interior gland starts to send seminal fluid into the urethral shaft, lubricating the passage for the eventual expulsion of sperm.”Rachel had continued her gentle stroking on the top of the shaft as she spoke. All of the nurses were watching the huge cock get harder and start to rise up off of his sac. Within a few moments, the head fully appeared as the foreskin slid back away. As Rachel finished explaining erection, she glanced down and rubbed her thumb and forefinger across the head, smearing the clear pre-cum around the head. “See, right on cue”! She continued rubbing the pre-cum into the head till everyone noticed that Ross was breathing harder.Giggling, the nurses continued with their gasps and comments on Ross’ size. He was rock hard and sticking out obscenely. As Rachel stopped her finger manipulations, the girls all started saying to continue, keep rubbing, and make him cum. Obviously, the young nurses were very involved in the examination. And they were only getting started. Rachel thought to herself that she had chosen the right group for her voyeuristic fun.Rachel continued, “Mark also gives us a great chance to know the inside of the male anatomy. You’ve all studied anatomy, but there is more to it than what’s in the books.” Because of Mark’s lessened sensitivity, or high pain threshold, you will be able to fully examine the parts that you’ve only read about or possibly, but not likely, found inside your own boyfriends.”Most of the girls laughed, one even commenting “my boyfriend won’t even let me touch his balls.” They all laughed. Rachel moved in closer, between Ross’ legs. She was sitting back on her legs, both hands extended out to Ross’ genitals. Rachel then slid both of her hands on either side of his balls, cradling them and lifted them up higher. Doing this, Ross’ cock rolled back, resting on his stomach.Holding one ball in each hand, Rachel started “The testicle is composed of many parts, which you all know. In essence, the average testicle is a little bit larger than an almond, being very fleshy and muscled. Coming from the top of it is the epididymis, a large coil of fleshy tubes, which lead to the vas deferens. The rest of the genital anatomy is further into the body and we won’t get into that. As you can see with Mark, each testicle is about avocado sized and both his epididymis and vas deferens are remarkably enlarged.”Pressing her thumbs down into the sac, she continued “You can actually feel each portion of his reproductive organs, tracing the outline of the epididymis coil, and the obviously huge vas deferens. In the average male, these are about as large as string, but in this case, you will feel that the vas deferens is just a little smaller than a drinking straw.” At this point, Rachel was obvious with her fingers and thumbs digging into the soft sac, probing and feeling. “Mark, are you doing ok”? She asked. There was again, vigorous head bobbing from Ross, indicating that he felt just fine. Everyone laughed, continuing to watch Rachel’s fingers, buried in his sac. “Here in a little while, I want each of you to do a complete exam on Mark’s external genitalia, and a partial exam on the internal. All of the parts that I’m working right now will become familiar to you with practice. And don’t forget ….. You’re fulfilling Mark’s fantasy.”As Rachel continued to probe and manipulate the upper portion of Ross’ balls, she told the group of student nurses that she was going to explain and let them participate in the male erection, catheterizing the male, the use of sounds, and a brief demonstration in electro ejaculatory technique.She reemphasized several times that Mark was not a sex show, even though he was willing to be their temporary patient, and request that they ‘attempt’ to treat him with some degree of dignity. They all couldn’t help but notice that Rachel’s ball manipulations were keeping Ross, rock hard. The head was engorged to the point that some of the student nurses worried about it splitting or tearing.More evidence of his high level of arousal was the large pool of pre-cum spreading on his stomach. Rachel was very graphic when showing the young nurses where to feel, probe and where to squeeze the spermatic cord. Pushing deep into his sac and using her thumb and middle finger, she announced to the group that she was holding the vas deferens between her fingers.Rachel started to roll the two fingers together, in a massaging, squeezing motion. Within a few seconds, Ross suddenly jerked, thrusting his hips into the air. The young nurses were amazed as they watched a large amount of sperm ooze out his head and slide down the shaft. His cock was rock hard and she had not even touched it. It was obviously sperm, and not pre-cum. Ross’ breathing was hard, but returned to normal within a few minutes. Rachel then told the group, “What you just witnessed, was NOT an orgasm, but a manual release of his sperm. In theory, you could do this to him all day, without him experiencing orgasm, until he either ran out of ejaculate, or was exhausted. And yes, it did feel good ….didn’t it Mark”? Ross vigorously nodded his head up and down, indicating a strong yes.Rachel continued to probe deep into Ross’ sac, massaging the other testicle. Expecting her to give a demonstration on the other ball, the nurses were watching intently as Ross’ cock remained rock hard and started to twitch. Again, she was not grasping or even touching the slimy, sperm covered cock. “Let me show you another technique, with a completely different result,” she said as she let go of his ball.Her left hand reached out and took a firm grasp of his shaft, pulling the thick foreskin upward around the head. Immediately her right hand slammed into the cock head, with an open palm. Ross jerked hard, a noticeable groan coming from under the hood. Within about two seconds, Rachel relaxed her grip on his cock, as it fell soft and flaccid to his stomach. It was completely soft. All of the girls stared, gasping from the hard blow that Rachel had inflicted to Ross. “What you just saw was a technique that is ninety-nine percent guaranteed to soften an aroused male.” “Believe me, I didn’t hurt him.What turned a rock hard penis into a very soft penis was not pain, but the shock of being stuck.” As Rachel continued explaining, she reached out and pressed her thumbs and middle fingers into his sac, again manipulating the thick inner cords. She continued explaining to them as her fingers worked on the bloated sac. Again, she did not touch his cock. Within seconds, his cock was solid and protruding upward, a steady stream of pre-cum oozing from the mouth. By this time, both Raven and Beth were leaning in close, for a better look.Amy had moved from the couch and was sitting along side of Ross’ chest, also for a better look. Jennifer had perched farther forward. Silently, Rachel prodded and squeezed into the sac, producing the same result as before. Ross suddenly tensed, thrust his hips upward and another large glob of white cream came from his cock head, this time spurting into the air. His breathing started to get more erratic as Rachel grasped his shaft, pulling the foreskin up high. Again, she slammed her other hand into the head, harder this time. Within seconds, his cock lay wilted on his stomach. Rachel looked at the young nurses, “shortly, I’ll let all of you try your hand at this …. No pun intended.”The girls were almost breathless, talking among themselves, wanting to arouse and soften, arouse and soften. Rachel quickly grabbed the sac, pushed her fingers deep into it and started massaging. In no time, Ross was again hard, straining as his cock head flared huge. It was obvious that what was coming out was cum; the thick heavy white cream was all over his pubic hair and balls. But he was hard in no time, indicating that he had not cum.Rock hard, Rachel wasted no time in taking a white wash cloth and pouring water into a large basin. Dipping the cloth into the basin, she quickly cleaned all of the white sticky cum from Ross’ genitals. “What you just witnessed is not something that you would necessarily use on a patient, at least the ejaculate part. But, with practice, all of you could easily ‘soften’ an aroused male patient. It definitely tends to take the wind out of their sails” she said, laughing. “Ok, enough of that; we don’t want to empty poor Mark. And remember, what just happened to him was not an orgasm.”All of the girls were talking, asking questions, wanting their turn to try out Ross’ cock and balls. “The technique of ‘slapping’ the aroused patient’s penis can come in very handy, if you have a above average ‘amorous’ patient; Should slow them down quiet nicely.””Ok, before we take a break and let you practice what you’ve seen, let’s quickly go through catheters.” Again, Ross was rock hard and straining. Having lost a small amount of sperm did not slow him down. Rachel picked up a small bundle of catheters, all still in their sterile wrapping.Rachel reached down and took a firm grip of Ross’ cock, her hand resting near the top of the shaft and head. As she spoke to the young nurses, her little finger started caressing the oozing mouth, smearing the pre-cum around the head. “Each of you has had at least, some experience with catheterizing a patient. The male is not difficult, and is much easier to catheterize if he is erect. You’ll see erections in most head trauma cases.” Rachel continued, “Remember, just because he is hard, does not mean that he is aroused.” “The different gauges in catheters, is NOT related to the size of the male’s urethra. The gauge is in relation to the degree of flow you are attempting to release from the bladder. Do not look at the mouth and guess the catheter gauge. Like in this case …..” As she said this, her little finger curled upward, and rolled over, into the gaping mouth. Quickly, she pressed into Ross, feeding her little finger further and further into his cock. Ross immediately jerked and started twisting, trying to push the invading finger out of his tender shaft. Rachel persisted, and with a slight bit of resistance, the finger finally popped fully into him. Her finger was buried inside of his cock. He was still struggling, but as she started to move her finger slowly in and out of him, he gradually began to enjoy the feelings. “Would any of you use a catheter, the size of my finger”?The responses were immediate as all the girls moved in closer, watching the thrusting finger. No, they wouldn’t. “My finger fits him, so far, but if I could go any deeper, there would be a lot more resistance. For reasons that we won’t get into, Mark has an overly stretched urethra,” Rachel said laughingly.Ross was still rock hard and the underside of his cock was bulging hugely, from Rachel’s finger moving inside it. Pulling her glistening finger from him, she lubed catheter with KJ jelly and deftly inserted it into Ross. Once the catheter was in about three inches, it met resistance, made obvious by Ross’ sudden jerk and body twisting. Rachel firmly grasped the catheter and continued to push it in slowly, till only about four inches of it was visible.Each of the girls was watching intently, listening to the slight whimpers coming out from under the hood. Even gagged, Ross could be heard as the catheter moved inside his awfully tender inner shaft. Rachel explained entry techniques and removal, which was obviously simple, quickly pulling the catheter from his quivering cock. “Obviously Mark finds this arousing, since he is still extremely hard. Notice the head, how tight it is and how seminal fluid continues to ooze from the restricted opening.”Rachel put in, and took out the catheter several times, with Ross jerking harder each time it was done. The inside of his cock was getting more irritated with each attempt. Standing up, Rachel announced that it was time for the visitors to try the techniques. She gave instructions, indicating that each of them would try the manipulations making Ross go from hard to soft, soft to hard, pinching off and massaging the epididymis and vas deferens. Also they would do the “slam” method on his cock, attaining instant softness. She then told them to try catheterization, several times each, making sure to use plenty of lubrication. And, she again reminded them that this was not a sex show, but educational, and to try and refrain from making Ross orgasm. There was a loud disappointing groan from each of the girls. Immediately the four girls jumped at the chance for some ‘hands-on’ training, using the overly endowed patient. Within seconds, Ross was starting to breath hard.From a distance, Brenda, Rachel and Toni watched and talked among themselves. This was a small part of what both Rachel and Toni had been waiting for. They were very aroused, just watching the four young women taking turns pumping Ross up, and then slamming his cock head. Each of them had quickly mastered the ‘harden and soften’ techniques and they were all having fun, making him rock hard, then instantly deflating the thick cock. Each time, a loud groan could be heard from Ross as his cock head was battered by the nurses.Taking turns, one nurse would probe deep into his sac, finding and working the thick cords and tubes, bringing him to an almost instant erection, while another would patiently wait, her hand clasped around his shaft, watching for the chance to ‘soften’ him. Within about ten minutes, large globs of sperm could be seen, all around Ross’ pubic hair and thighs. He hadn’t cum but the young nurses were really giving his cock and balls a heavy duty workout.Several times, Rachel had to tell the over enthusiastic girls to slow down, he was close to orgasm. The girls then decided to switch to catheterizing and began, over and over, inserting and pulling out, inserting and pulling out the oversized catheter. Brenda, Rachel and Toni all knew very quickly that Ross’ urethra was probably getting severely abused with the over use of the thick tube. But, they were nurses; they could take care of that small emergency later.After about thirty minutes, Toni laughingly told Rachel and Brenda that she figured it was time to stop the playful nurses, since she’d seen Ross on the verge of cuming, several times. In the past minutes, Ross had spent more time panting and shaking, indicating that he was extremely close.About that time, Rachel noticed that Raven was working Ross’ left ball, extra hard. Ross’ butt was off the floor; his hips thrust upward, legs tensed, and cock rock hard. Rachel quickly told Raven to stop before she made him ejaculate. In mock surprise, Raven replied “Don’t you think he deserves a little something, for being our patient”? Rachel thought for a second, picking her words carefully. This was a moment that she had been hoping for. Ross’ cock was literally quivering, the head flared huge. He was just about to start spurting. Rachel told Raven again to stop, but added, “Why don’t you show us that technique that YOU’RE so famous for.”Raven loved being the center of attention, and this was just the chance to impress her fellow nurses. As her fingers tightened around Ross’ overly sensitive skin, Rachel added, “one thing… let’s clean him up first, then you can impress us all. Show us those magic hands and fingers.” Raven was thrilled. She was very aware of her reputation, thinking that it made her something special. Now was her chance to allow witnesses to the show. Slowly, Rachel again said “just after we clean him up, a bit. You’ve really worked him. Look at the mess you’ve all made.” Raven slowly relaxed her grip on Ross, accepting Rachel’s challenge. Rachel just smiled; Raven had fallen for the bait. All the girls were excited now. They were all going to get to just sit and watch as the patient was masturbated, right in front of them.Rachel sent Toni to the kitchen to get some warm water, to wash Ross. Bringing more wash cloths, she laid them out beside Ross. “You guys really made a mess of Mark. But did you learn anything”? They all answered enthusiastically yes. “Upon close examination, you’ll notice that Mark is still very capable of erection, and he has probably ejaculated more than an average amount of sperm; without orgasm.”All of the girls were watching closely as Rachel continued teaching and Raven moved to a position between Ross’ legs. Toni returned to the room with two closed water bottles, telling Rachel that she had warmed them up in the microwave.Pre-arranged, Rachel took a water bottle from Toni and tested the water on her inner wrist. It was hot, but not too hot. By now, Raven had taken both of Ross’ balls into her hands and began massaging them, slowly. They all watched intently as Ross’ cock quickly elongated and thickened as Raven slowly increased the pressure to each one. A large amount of pre-cum was beginning to flow from Ross’ urethra, causing Raven to laugh, “I think he’s more than ready. This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.” Raven felt like a celebrity. Just as she was about to start her ‘technique’, Rachel stopped her, handing her a soaked wash cloth. “Got to clean him first,” she laughed. By now, Ross was breathing hard, his hips starting to gently thrust. He was obviously very rock hard.Raven was just starting her technique and quickly grabbed the wash cloth, wrapping it around the throbbing cock. Her other hand kept its grip, fingers deeply embedded inside the sac. It sounded as if Ross were panting; making everyone think that Raven’s technique was quickly bringing him to orgasm. His hips thrust upward, hard and he gasped. Raven smiled as she squeezed the hot wash cloth around his cock, tighter. What Raven didn’t know was that the warm water on the wash cloth also had a sizable amount of an astringent in it.The feeling to Ross would be something similar to having had gasoline poured on his cock. From all the earlier battering and irritation, there were small tears and abrasions all over his entire cock, especially the head. The burning astringent was soaking into his skin, thanks to the hot water. Raven was gleefully tightening the hot wash cloth around his cock, slowly rubbing it up and down. Ross was jerking hard, his cock on fire from the cloth.Raven was the first to sense that something wasn’t working, as she felt his cock going soft in her hand. She started to use the technique faster and harder, to guarantee a great finale to her show, but Ross wasn’t cooperating. She stared at Ross, her fingers working frantically, urging him “come on baby, come on Mark, show me your stuff” trying to use her sexiest voice. By now, he was completely soft, flopping around inside her hand. A slight murmur of giggles started, before everyone started laughing uproariously, pointing at Raven and the flaccid cock she was so desperately working on.This went on for several minutes while Raven worked feverishly on Ross’ soft cock. At one point, she even dropped her head down to his genitals, her mouth opening wide, before Rachel told her “oh no, no you don’t. I can’t allow that”! Raven was mortified. She was so embarrassed that she was close to just jumping up and running out, but she didn’t. After several minutes of ‘playing’ with Ross, she gave up and let go of him. The pain had subsided in Ross’ cock and he was starting to recover. But no one knew this, except Rachel and Toni. Neither of them said anything, but just stared at Raven, making her embarrassment even worse.Brenda was astonished. She’d never seen Ross go that soft, in such little time, especially when he was so close to cuming. She suspected some type of trick. Casually picking up the wash cloth, she caught the scent of the astringent. She looked at Rachel and smiled. Rachel just winked at her.Rachel moved to where Raven was sitting, casually moving her out of the way. Raven reluctantly got up and moved up to where Ross’ head was resting. Rachel then took the other wash cloth and doused it with the ‘other’ bottle of water, soaking it. This bottle was a lot cooler water and when applied to Ross, immediately started closing the wide open pores of his skin. Within seconds, she could feel him start to thicken.Stopping what she was doing, Rachel looked around the young nurses and asked, “Ok, who wants to give it a try, since Raven couldn’t show us her technique”? Raven just ducked her head, her face getting hotter and redder. Jennifer immediately raised her hand, “me, me, me” she squealed.Rachel looked right at Amy, and asked “want to try”? Amy was the quietest one of the group. She was known by other nurses as being very shy and quiet, but a good nurse. Rachel suspected that underneath, she was a smoldering fire of sexuality. Amy looked up, shocked, “Me ….. You want me to …..” Rachel just smiled and shook her head yes. A big smile started across Amy’s face as she immediately moved up to Ross’ side. Hesitantly, she slowly reached out and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, barely getting her hand around him. Her smile widened as she said “Hi Mark. I’m Amy. Glad to meet you.”Everyone started laughing as she maneuvered herself around, giving herself a better reach and grasp of his oversized toys. Even as she tried to reach her fingers around the fat shaft, everyone could see that Ross was quickly swelling. The head was flaring fast enough that the foreskin just slid back away. Even though he was barely half hard, the head was huge. The quickly swelling shaft looked like a large snake inside of her hand, flopping back and forth.Amy quickly placed her other hand under Ross’ sac and started to firmly massage the left ball. Amy started to slowly rub the now hard cock, pulling the foreskin up and over the head, then slowly back down, stretching it down to the pubic bone. Now, he was starting to breath hard and it had only been about forty-five seconds since Amy started on him.Her fingers probed deep into his sac, her thumb on top, her forefinger underneath; With all the ‘practice’ done on him by the new nurses, his inner tubes swollen, and easy to find. Her thumb and forefinger quickly found them, squeezed hard, and started rolling them between her fingers. Pre-cum was beginning to pour from the mouth of his cock, coating Amy’s hand and making loud squishy sounds.Everyone could hear Ross begin to pant, as well as see that he body was about to betray him. His hips thrusting, Amy exerted more pressure and started rubbing the muscled cock harder and faster. As was her nature, Amy slowed for a moment, asking “Mark am I hurting you”? Ross frantically shook his head side to side an obvious NO. Amy smiled as she squeezed harder and continued the fast rubbing. In less than a minute, Ross suddenly jerked hard, his butt off the carpet, his hips thrust far into the air, as the first huge spurt shot several feet into the air. The amount was unbelievable as it rose, then fell onto his stomach with a loud splat. The second and third spurts were almost as much in quantity, but didn’t go as high, completely covering both of Amy’s frantically working hands. But that wasn’t the end. As Ross convulsed on the floor, Amy’s hands tightened, working harder, “come on Mark, come on, keep going.”She was actually smiling as they all watched more and more huge amounts come out of him. It was unbelievable. There was creamy sperm all over her hands, up past her wrists, on his thighs, stomach and chest. It was literally everywhere. Slowly, Amy continued her pumping, the squirting subsiding till there were only globs, oozing from the head. “Are you finished”? Amy softly asked Ross.In a long moan, Ross shook his head NO. Amy smiled, watching Ross intently as her hand continued working him, but softer and slower. The squishy sounds of her rubbing were tremendously obvious to everyone. Even Raven was impressed. Finally, Rachel broke the astonished silence, saying “Wow, I do believe that Amy has one hell of a technique.” Amy smiled as the other nurses congratulated her and bragged on her abilities. Amy continued her soft rubbing, till Ross was completely soft, then quickly grabbed the wash cloth and started gently cleaning him. Ross just moaned. Toni quickly moved in and grabbed both of the wash cloths, the water bottles, and a mound of tissues that had been used to pick up the sperm. She quickly took them out of the room.Smiling, Rachel said “Now, that was a show. How does Mark feel”? Rachel softly patted the large sac between his legs. A loud groan was the only sound from Ross. “I take it that he enjoyed it.””Ok, now, back to more ‘patient related’ activities,” Rachel said as she picked up a small leather case. “For some of you, depending on what area of medicine you go into, you’ll soon become familiar with these.” She quickly opened the zippered bag, exposing eight long slender rods, each having rounded ends. Each end was one size larger than the previous rod. They ranged from Q-tip size, to as big as her thumb. “These are medical sounds, used the majority of time, in reproductive and urinary medicine. Their basic use is for insertion, into either male or female, stimulating the urethra. It also is very valuable in finding blockages and in stretching the urethral canal. The stretching is normally reserved for males, they having more ‘external’ urinary problems than females. Most female urinary problems are internal.”This will be short, but I wanted to at least give you a demonstration of sounds. With that, Rachel picked up a small, thin sound and quickly lubed it with KY Jelly. Ross was still soft, recovering from Amy’s deft touch. Expertly, Rachel pushed two fingers into Ross’ sac and within seconds, located and began to manipulate the tubes. To everyone’s astonishment, Ross was rock hard less than a minute. It had only been about three minutes since he pumped out. Holding his cock in her hand, Rachel slowly inserted the thin stainless rod into Ross’ cock. It was thin enough that it easily slid in and disappeared about seven inches inside him.There must have been an effect, his hips popped upward and his head rolled back. Rachel asked “Mark, can you feel that”? Ross moaned as Rachel pulled the sound back out several inches then pushed it back in, holding it only by the tip. Ross again moaned and jerked to his side as Rachel began to slowly push it in, then pull it out, push it in, then pull it out. Continuing this, she started “what you are seeing is extreme sensitivity, deep within the penile shaft. The sound is actually stimulating him, from the inside out. Similar to what a small vibrator would do, if it could be placed inside of him.” Rachel suddenly pulled the sound all the way out and laid it down on a clean towel. The sound was literally dripping in pre-cum.Without delay, Rachel picked out another sound, this one being a lot larger than the first. Each of the girls felt that it would not go into him. Softly, Rachel placed the tip of the sound up to the wet mouth and began to feed it slowly into Ross’ cock. It was obviously bigger than the opening. Firmly holding his cock, Rachel began to slowly push the huge sound into Ross. His reaction was immediate as he drew his hips back, twisting to one side, trying to get away from the metal rod. His cock was actually trying to push the sound back out, but Rachel would not let it.She continued her firm pushes as the sound slowly disappeared into his cock. Ross was gasping, trying to catch his breath, his hips thrusting, trying to push out the cold metal. Rachel clamped her hand over his cock head, her palm resting against the tip of the sound, the only visible part. Her other hand had since released its grip on his tubes inside the ball sac.He didn’t need testicular manipulation, he was rock hard. Looking up at the staring nurses, Rachel asked “do you think that this is under pressure” as she tapped the tip of the sound. They all nodded yes as Ross struggled to push out the sound. He was no longer moaning, but almost whimpering. Without removing her palm from on top of his cock, Rachel used her other hand and grasped the base of his cock, tightly. With one quick move, she jerked her palm away from Ross’ cock. The sound immediately shot out of his cock, high into the air, a long stream of pre-cum dangling onto the projectile.All of the girls gasped as the sound landed on the carpet. Rachel just laughed, saying “the penis and the urethra are very stretchy and can accommodate some very large sizes. She immediately picked up the largest sound and placed the tip against the mouth of his cock. Smearing it around in his pre-cum, she began to press it into the gaping mouth. Instantly, Ross was making desperate sounds begging her to stop.She grasped his hard shaft and bent over him, as if she were about to exert a lot of pressure on him. Ross’ muffled pleas became even more loud and more desperate. Brenda was quickly coming up, out of her chair, ready to stop her. The size of that sound would have easily split his cock. Rachel looked up, smiling, looking at the horrified nurses, “Don’t worry, I’m only k**ding. I don’t want to hurt him.” Laughing she put the sound down. Ross’ cock was almost completely soft. “I don’t think he liked the sounds,” one of the girls commented. “Oh he liked it, but only up to the point that it started to stretch his urethra open,” Rachel said. “The point is that you cannot judge the urethral size, based entirely on the opening of the mouth.” Then, one of the young nurses added “And it’s a lot easier to place a sound, if the patient is erect and not soft.” They all agreed, laughing.Rachel then opened an alcohol prep pad and began swabbing the head and area around the mouth where the sound had just stretched him wide open. Even though he wasn’t stretched enough to bleed, the inner tissue had been stretched wide, forcing open small tender nooks and crannies deep inside Ross’ cock. Rachel had a firm grasp of the shaft and held tight as Ross began to feel the alcohol seep into the torn skin. Like fire in a wound, his hips bounced off the carpet as he rose up, trying to get away from the burning alcohol. It was obvious to everyone that he was in pain and was trying to escape Rachel’s firm hold. Rachel just smiled, saying “The demonstration that you just saw, and the one that I am about to show you, are both lessons in something that you’ll probably rarely see. Depending on what field of nursing you go into, you will at least have a basic knowledge of what it happening.” By this time, each of the young nurses was seated on the floor, as close as they could get to Ross’ restrained body. They didn’t want to miss any of the show.When the burning got really bad, Beth one of the ‘bolder’ of the young nurses even reached out and held his clenched fist, next to his thigh. As much as she was smiling, it was obvious that she was enjoying his penile torment. Raven was still embarrassed and not surprisingly, very quiet. But she did move up close enough that her bare leg was touching Ross’ bare leg.Brenda figured that Raven was not trying to impress anyone now, but just fueling her own desires as she watched all the activity being administered to the huge genitals. Raven wanted to play with Ross. Rachel then added, “And before you start ……. NO, there will not be any ‘hands on’ practice for you young ladies.” There was an audible groan of complaint from all four nurses.”For any of you going into urology or reproductive medicine, I am going to show you something that most doctors don’t talk about. It’s a practice that is performed quiet frequently, but not well known. It’s called EES, short for electro ejaculatory stimulation.” All of the girls’ eyes were glued to Ross’ cock as Rachel continued her grasp of it, soft and flopping from side to side. Rachel had planned it that way.By using a sound to open his cock up, it had created small tears inside that were now quite painful, and had rendered him completely soft. “Mark, are you feeling ok? Do you want me to continue”? There was a slow nod from Ross, indicating a hesitating yes.It was obvious to Brenda, that Ross wasn’t sure if he wanted to be the center of attention, especially with the inner shaft of his cock, feeling like it was on fire. Opening a small leather pouch, Rachel took a TENS unit and several attachments from it. Rachel then hooked up the lead lines from the TENS unit and stretched them out in front of her. From her position between his legs, Rachel quickly fed a long chrome looking tube, down into Ross’ soft cock. He was still soft and appeared to be getting even softer.The large tube in his cock would surely open the small wounds up, creating more pain. As the tube was forced into him, he hips jerked hard and he tried to pull back, away from the pain. Once seated deep inside his cock, Rachel attached one electrode to the tip of the tube. The tube was hollow, which would allow the release of fluids, or the introduction of fluids, whichever was preferred, by the person administering it. At that point, Rachel asked Toni to help her.Toni already knew what was going on and immediately came up behind Rachel. Toni bent over, grabbing each of Ross’ ankles and lifted them up high into the air. From this position Ross’ butt was completely exposed and vulnerable, due to the spreader bar, holding his legs open. Rachel then picked up, what looked to be a large chrome plated anal plug and began applying a large amount of KY jelly to it. With his legs still hoisted high, Rachel reached between his legs and with one hand and moved the ball sac out of the way. Her other hand slowly inserted the anal plug into Ross, with some degree of resistance.Ross was struggling and trying to roll over, away from Rachel and Toni. By this point, Brenda had gotten up and moved to Ross’ head and shoulders. Kneeling down, she rested his head in her lap, while her knees helped pin him down, holding him steady. Rachel continued to work the plug deep into his ass until it was firmly seated. She then attached the other electrode to the outer edge of it.Ross was panting, not from arousal, but from resisting the three women. His cock was still as soft as ever. With everything ready to go, Rachel finally relaxed her grip on her electro toys and picked up the TENS unit. “You all saw him climax less than five minutes ago. And, you each saw the amount that was excreted from him.” As she spoke, Rachel was slowly but deliberately rubbing Ross’ cock, trying to coax it into hardness. “Mark, are you too tired for this”? “Did Amy take it all out of you”?Ross shook his head in an obvious YES. Brenda could tell that Ross did not want to continue with this demonstration, but he didn’t have any choice. Rachel then continued, “As each of you can see, an orgasm is out of the question right now. I can’t even get him erect and believe me….. I’m trying.”Each of the girls agreed as they continued to watch intently, Rachel’s skillful moving hands and fingers. “Well, what I am about to show you is as close to ‘stealing’ sperm from a male, as it gets.” With that, Rachel turned the power to the TENS unit on. She immediately turned up the power, frequency, and intensity. Ross’ body jerked hard and his hips thrust upward. Almost instantly, each of the girls could see Ross’ cock begin to thicken and elongate, very quickly.Rachel explained to them, “I am running electrical stimulation from his anus through his testicles, to the tip of his penis. Watch closely and you’ll see how sperm is harvested from an u*********s patient. He wasn’t aroused a moment ago, and he is NOT aroused now. But with what I’m doing to him, he will have an involuntary orgasm, any moment now.”All of the girls were fascinated as they watched the soft cock grow to rock hard, the muscles and veins bulging tightly from the electrical current. Ross was already panting, unavoidably as hard contractions racked his balls, forcing them to spasm. Smiling, Rachel watched intently and continued to slowly turn the power up on the TENS unit. By the time she reached full power, Ross’ body was completely stiff, only his heels and shoulders touching the floor. His pelvis was over a foot off the carpet and his cock thrust upward, huge and dark red, the skin stretched tight. His panting had become so fast that Brenda feared he would hyper-ventilate and pass out. Within a few moments of reaching full power, Ross let out a loud gasp, his body stiff.Brenda was having a hard time, trying to hold him down. Toni had even joined in, sitting behind Rachel, holding both of Ross’ ankles down. Suddenly, Ross let out a loud groan, as a huge long stream of sperm shot from his cock, arching upward and splattering all over the young nurses. A second long stream of sperm shot from his cock head, less than the first one, but still strong enough to splash onto Raven, sitting the closest. There was so much of it that most of it ended up on her hair and face. All of the young nurses were mesmerized, watching as the last of several heavy spurts shot out of the engorged head, finally ending in a steady volume of sperm oozing from the mouth, slowly cascading down his balls and onto his thighs.Ross was barely able to catch his breath as his body relaxed and slowly slumped back down on the carpet. It had been so extreme that both Brenda and Amy were checking him, Amy softly tapping his cheek, whispering to him asking if he was ok. Brenda checked his pulse and nodded positively to Rachel, indicating that he was ok. Amy was so concerned about “her” patient that she wasn’t even aware of the huge amount of sperm smeared and running over her bare thighs. Brenda was the only one that seemed to be untouched by the warm cream spewed all around. Even Toni, partially hidden behind Rachel had large globs of Ross on her hands and forearms.As Rachel started passing tissue around to the nurses, she said “Who of you would have bet that he could have ejaculated that much and that far, after having seen him just unloaded, only minutes before by Amy”? All of the girls were shaking their heads in disbelief, amazed at what had been pulled from their patient. Rachel started gently pulling the tube from the now rapidly softening cock and disconnected the two lead lines. Ross was barely conscious and could only moan. Brenda continued holding Ross’ head while Amy kept a close eye on his condition. Brenda even noticed Amy’s guardedness of him, wondering what was going on in Amy’s mind. She was extremely concerned about him.As Rachel and Toni continued to clean up the much splattered Ross, Rachel announced to the group that the demonstrations were concluded, and hoped that they had all learned something. Each of the girls, except Amy, was too busy trying to get the warm goop off of themselves and their clothes.Rachel was humiliated and had caught the brunt of Ross eruption. After a brief disappearance to the bathroom, she suddenly left without saying anything. Everyone looked around and she was gone. Amy was still mothering Ross, trying to revive him, even though he was fully conscious and alert. He was obviously feeling good, lying back, and enjoying Amy’s attention on him. She was paying an unusual amount of attention to him.After everyone was cleaned up as much as possible, they left one by one. Amy was the last to leave, still lingering around Ross, talking to him, even after having been told to not directly talk to him. It was comical to watch, with Amy calling him Mark. A couple of times, it took him twice before he realized that she was talking to him. Rachel and Brenda both figured that there was no problem in Amy’s attention or talking to him.If anyone needed to come out of her shell, it was definitely Amy. Well, she had emerged a long way on this day. It was later noted by all three friends, that Amy was never seen washing up. When she finally left, they all noticed that her thighs, arms, and the front of her shorts were coated in dry sperm. As soon as everyone was gone, both Toni and Rachel immediately returned to the restrained and sprawled out Ross. Brenda followed them into the entertainment room and watched as Rachel and Toni both started stripping out of their clothes. Slightly embarrassed, Brenda tried to act casual as Rachel reminded her “that I can have him all I want, later, Brenda remembered, and decided to just get comfortable and watch. She was already aroused and besides ….she was the one that would be taking Ross home.With lightening speed, Rachel plopped down on top of Ross, straddling him with his cock buried deep inside her. Toni now moved to his head and unbuckled the hood, removing it from him. Rachel started grinding her hips slowly, on top of Ross, smiling at him. As his eyes became accustomed to the room light, she asked “Well Ross, did you enjoy yourself? You were such a good patient. I do believe that it’s time to reward you, personally.” Ross only moaned, but smiled as he watched her breasts rise and fall in cadence to her grinding rhythm.Toni moved to a comfortable spot on the couch, only feet away so that she could do what she enjoyed most, watch. Rachel wanted to play with Ross ….. Toni wanted to watch Rachel play with Ross, and Brenda just wanted to get it all over and go home. She had some arousal issues to take care of herself.Toni was already heavily involved as her breath became erratic, her hand moving furiously between her legs. Toni had no concern with anyone watching her, just as long as she could do her own watching.Brenda was feeling more self conscious as she averted her eyes from the smiling Toni, and just watched Rachel as she plunged down hard onto Ross’ cock. Rachel had planned it well. Rachel figured that by making Ross cum twice, and with the young nurses abusing an already battered cock, that he should last for quite awhile. This would afford Rachel plenty of time to get her fill of Ross. She estimated that she would cum several times before Ross built up the energy or the stamina to cum one more time. By that time, both she and Toni would be satiated.Brenda sat back and watched, thinking “it’s going to be a long afternoon.” Linda’s birthday was fast approaching and Both Brenda and Sara had been talking about it, trying to figure out what to get her, or more likely, what to do for her. A few days prior to Linda’s birthday, Brenda and Linda were sitting at the breakfast table when Brenda told Linda to be sure to be home by 6:00pm on Friday, the day of her birthday.Linda immediately knew what that meant, a ‘surprise’ dinner, complete with her favorite foods, drinks, relaxing, the customary cake, and presents. Each of the girl’s birthdays had become traditional celebrations, arranged by the other two. With this in mind, Linda knew that it was suppose to be a 6:00pm ‘surprise’.What Linda didn’t know was that Brenda and Sara were cooking up a real surprise for her. Surprisingly, it was Sara that had thought up the “real” surprise. Even Brenda was shocked at the things that little Sara came up with.It was becoming increasingly obvious that Sara had a somewhat devious twisted imagination, when it came to sexual things or tormenting Ross. In the brief time that Ross had been held captive at their house, they had come to think of him more as a houseguest than a slave. A houseguest that was almost always nude for them and always tethered or restrained in some form or fashion. In a house with three women, he was THEIR slave, to do their bidding, or be done to, according to their own individual moods and desires.In his time there, they had not tired of him and were continuously coming up with new things to do to him or with him. On this occasion, Sara was very imaginative and told Brenda of her idea. Brenda was excited and agreed, if not somewhat aroused by the prospect of Sara’s plan. The plan required a few things to be arranged in advance, and they both went to work to accomplish it.Over the years of the three living together, they had on a few occasions, talked about their own fantasies and ideas of role playing. One common thread that continued to come up was the idea of “being forcibly taken” by a man.No, not ****, but forcible, hot, erotic taken against their will type of scenario. Obviously, “against their will” was a debatable phrase, since “against their will” would in essence, mean ****. Sexual assault in any form or fashion was i*****l and horrible to even think about, but to some degree, it could be done if the concept of “against their will” was lessened to where both were willing. It wouldn’t be exactly against Linda’s will, but for the sake of role playing, it would be highly erotic.What Brenda and Sara had in mind would require that Ross be involved, willingly, with safeguards, and certain clearly defined limits. Making a special dinner, serving drinks, buying presents, doing birthday decorations would be a snap, but it would be up to Ross’ ability to act out the scenario that was crucial.The more they talked, the more excited they became, if not highly aroused as each thought of the possibilities of what they would desire in their own fantasy. It was almost 7:00am when they both grabbed their coffee cups and literally ran downstairs to the dungeon. Quietly opening the door, they were surprised to see Ross awake, sitting on a nearby couch, watching the morning news.Even though the room was designed with a dungeon effect, a television was discreetly added on a wall mount. Both were somewhat surprised to see Ross, totally flaccid. His cock was its usual thickness, hanging down like a large bell rope, between his legs, but soft.The girls had gotten so use to him being nude and erect, that they were surprised when they saw him in a flaccid state. Upon seeing them, Ross immediately got up from the couch and moved to the center of the room, sitting on the floor, cross legged. Brenda and Sara walked into the room telling him that they had a proposition for him. Sitting on the couch facing him, Brenda began by asking him, “You do like Linda, don’t you”?After a long silence, Brenda finally understood and told Ross that he was to speak freely. Ross immediately smiled and answered that he did. By this time, both Brenda and Sara were watching Ross’ cock flop back and forth, between his legs, as he shifted his weight around. His balls were as they usually were, huge and more than likely full, as they lay heavily on the carpet below him.After several moments of cock gazing, Brenda got up and went to a cabinet and picked out a chamois loin cloth, telling Ross to cover up. He was becoming a definite distraction to her and Sara. Every time Brenda glanced at Sara, she could tell that Sara’s eyes were focused between his legs. As Ross stood up to put the loin cloth on, Sara let out a quiet sigh. Sitting back down on the carpet, Brenda saw that the loin cloth didn’t do much to hide his parts, depending on the way he sat. She also suspected that he liked ‘showing them’ what he had, noticing that he would start to swell, then go soft, a small bead of pre-cum appearing at the tip of his foreskin covered cock. Being soft, only a small amount of foreskin and just the tip of his cock were visible.Recovering, Brenda started again, asking Ross if he liked Linda. Ross said that he did and asked why they were asking. Between Brenda and Sara, they started explaining that Friday was Linda’s birthday and that they had an idea for a surprise that Linda would really enjoy. But, they added, the idea would only work if Ross was involved and that he would have to become a very good actor.Sara laughingly said that Ross already had the necessary tools but that he would have to use his imagination and creativity. Having no idea of what they meant, Ross was intrigued and asked them to explain. Brenda explained that a lot of women have a fantasy of ‘being taken’ by a forceful male. She was quick to condemn **** and tried to explain the difference to Ross, but Ross only smiled and said that he actually did understand the difference. “Similar to what a person would read in a Harlequin Romance novel” he said. Like being made love to, by a man who looked like Fabio, on the covers of such novels, he laughed. Brenda laughed and said yes, while Sara looked confused.Brenda continued, saying that Linda was of this fantasy type, and that in Ross’ current ‘situation’, he would easily have the means to act out such a scenario. Both Brenda and Sara made it clear over and over, that there was to be NO fear in Linda, and that if he hurt her in any way, emotionally or physically, that they would punish him in such a way that he’d never be enjoying sex.Ross was already agreeing with them, adding in his own ideas, suggesting ways that the surprise could be done. They continued talking about the concept of ‘being taken’ versus ****, until Ross became visibly upset and adamantly said that he understood. They again explained, very roughly, that he would be punished if anything happened to Linda. He understood that part very well, looking at Sara’s smile.Ross actually feared what could happen to him, if Sara was ever allowed to have her way with him. Sara had become increasingly rough and cruel when it came to Ross. Ross even suggested that since Linda was already prepared for Friday, 6:00pm, then things should change. When asked how, he suggested that the ‘party’ for her begin at 6:00pm, just as planned. But, he added that since Linda was going to be off on her birthday, that maybe he should start, first thing in the morning, when she first woke up. Both Brenda and Sara were very excited by that idea.The entire event was agreed on, but Ross wouldn’t give any details, telling them that he had several ideas of what he could do, adding quickly that Linda would not be hurt and would enjoy herself. Besides, you can always hear the graphic details that night, over dinner. The two women agreed. Brenda also told Ross that he would remain restrained, but that a little accommodation might be made, just for his sake and Linda’s. They finally agreed to give Ross full reign to use his imagination. Ross just smiled, promising that Linda would be very well taken care of. Both of the girls were a little worried about the situation, but knew that one of them would be home at all times, throughout the day, if needed.The conversation had gotten so exciting and arousing to Brenda and Sara that they hadn’t paid any attention to Ross’ genitals. Ending the conversation, they stood up to leave, and only then noticed that he was rock hard, his cock held down by his crossed legs on the floor.Not only was he dripping, he was literally running like a faucet. Obviously, he did have some ideas of his own. Brenda couldn’t help but notice that she too was about as wet as she could get, creating her own fantasies about being taken by Ross. The sight of his hardness popping out as he stood up didn’t help her any. This early in the morning, it did look yummy to her, and she hadn’t had any breakfast yet.Sara was almost to the door when Brenda told her that she’d be upstairs in just a minute. Oblivious to both of them, Sara said ok and bounded up the stairs. Brenda immediately walked over to Ross and undid the loin cloth, telling him that a chamois loin cloth could be easily ruined by moisture if not properly taken care of. Tossing the soft cloth aside, Brenda stepped in close to Ross, almost chest to chest. He was hard enough and wet enough, that just her movement toward him caused his cock to slide up her stomach. She slowly put her arms around his neck as he bent his head down, softly kissing her on the neck and earlobes. Her breathing became erratic as she pressed harder into him. Ross reached between them and undid the sash of her kimono, pulling the sides back and away from her. Adjusting his position, he easily pressed his cock into her stomach, and then pushed a little harder, forcing it to slide downward against her pubic mound. Slowly moving up and down, his cock was digging into her soft skin.By now, Brenda was just hanging onto Ross as she felt his hand move down between her legs, parting them slightly. His cock head was beginning to brush against her clit as his fingers moved in between the slick lips. Brenda was breathing hard now; her mouth pressed against Ross’ and her body pushed back into his. Ross reached around behind her and grabbed both of her ass cheeks with his hands. With a slight hop, Ross picked Brenda up and tilted her back, at the same time pushing his pelvis outward. Immediately, his cock pushed deeply into her.Brenda’s entire body shook as she felt his thick hard cock go deeper, an explosive orgasm starting to build in her. Within seconds, she could only hang onto Ross’ neck as her pussy convulsed, clutching at his cock Ross slowly moved in and out of her, feeling her contractions, continuing to pump till he felt them lessen. By then, Brenda was almost limp, being held by Ross, her head resting on his shoulder. He continued to slowly pump into her, till she felt him gently pull out of her.She looked up at him, “let me down and I’ll finish you”. He just smiled, pressing his rock hard cock against her pubic mound. “I would love to, but don’t you think I should save some of this for Linda”? Brenda could only respond dreamily, “only if you want to, I’m more than willing to take care of that swelling”. Ross only smiled. It had only been a few minutes, but Brenda was having a hard time walking, back to the dungeon door. She stopped, leaning against the door frame, “think of some good stuff for her. We want Linda to have her fantasy come true”. Ross just grinned.Ross had plenty of ideas for what could be done to Linda. He really did like her and felt that she was probably the only one that could ever help him if the chance of escape arrived. The sex was fabulous with her, except for a few painful times, but none the less, he was still a slave. He wanted his own life back.With Sara, he knew that she’d never let him go, and could do more harm to him if she ever got the chance. Brenda, he wasn’t sure about. She was enjoying herself too much with him. He honestly didn’t know if she would let him go free. But for now, if he played his card right, he’d put himself in a position with Linda, that would gain more of her support.Then, still feeling the tingling sensation of Brenda’s vice like grip around the base of his cock, he reached down, slowly rubbing the still slick cock. Rubbing her juices into his hard flesh, he quickly reached the edge of orgasm, but stopped short. He knew this would help increase the amount of his next orgasm. He brought his hand to his face and smelled Brenda’s scent, still fresh and musky. He was ready.On Friday morning, Ross awoke early as he always did. None of the girls were aware of this regular occurrence. Sitting up, the first thing he noticed was that the tether that was normally attached to his ankle restraint was longer than normal. It was usually a short tether, to keep him from being able to reach the cabinets. But this morning, it was the long one, affording him the ability to reach all areas of the room. Either Brenda or Sara had changed it during the night. They had been busy. Standing up, he glanced around the room, noting that there was a large assortment of toys laid out on the countertops. Surprised, he walked over to the counters and saw gags, hoods, partial hoods, vibrators, a TENS unit, and several things that he didn’t recognize. He assumed that these were toys that the girls knew that Linda liked.Listening closely, he heard no sound. Being her birthday, Linda was obviously sleeping late. He walked quietly to her closed door and tried the handle. It was unlocked. His tether was only long enough that he could stand at the doorway but could go no further. He quietly looked in. As he figured, Linda was sound asleep, lying on her stomach, her arms hugging the pillow under her head.Being so warm in the dungeon area, Linda only slept with a sheet over her, a blanket folded neatly at the foot of the bed. The sheet was more off of her than it was on her. It only covered one bare leg and was bunched up on the side of her sleeping form. She was totally nude and her ass looked beautiful from Ross’ point of view. The tan lines from her string bikini were extremely obvious, even in the dark room.One leg was pointed straight out from her, the other bent at the knee, pushed out away from her. From Ross’ position, he could see between her legs and enjoyed the sight of her shaven pussy. One thing that he had never seen before was a clit ring, barely visible under her and pushed slightly up into her semi-parted lips. She was sleeping soundly. He watched her for several minutes, very aware of his throbbing cock. He gently rubbed it for several minutes till he felt close to cuming, deciding that it was a warm up period for him. After several minutes of enjoying the private view, he retreated back into his room and waited.It wasn’t long until Ross could hear Linda get up. As soon as he heard sounds from her bedroom, he lay back down, covering himself to his waist, pretending to be asleep. Using the long tether, he knew that he needed something to restrain the obvious bulge under the sheet. Wrapping the tether around his cock head, he pulled it down, between his legs, and wrapped it around his thigh. This way, his cock would not be so obvious.Ross lay there listening as he heard Linda come to the door and enter his room. As was her usual ritual, she checked to see that everything was ok and that he was still securely restrained. Seeing that he was, she went back into her room and turned on the shower. Ross listened as he heard the sounds of the shower running, then soon after, sounds of Linda at her counter, probably putting on make-up. It appeared that Linda had plans for early in the day, but he would soon change that. He only hoped that it wasn’t something important.Ross didn’t have to wait long, lying quietly under the sheet and listening to Linda in her room. When he heard her door open, he again pretended to be asleep. He wasn’t sure what she was doing, but after a long silence, he could hear her walking barefoot across the room, toward the counter where the toys had been laid out. He figured that she had finally seen them and wondered why they were out.Normally, all toys were cleaned and put away, a house rule. Once Ross heard Linda at the counter, he slowly opened his eyes and turned his head in her direction. Damn she looked good, he thought to himself.She was just out of the shower, wearing her kimono that, from his floor position, showed him everything that was under the short kimono. Her legs were beautiful, darkly tanned and shapely. Her ass was barely covered by the satin fabric. Barefooted, she stood at the counter, trying to figure out why the toys were out. Ross quietly rose up off the floor and moved up behind her. With the long tether, he was able to reach her in only a few long steps. He just stood behind her, quietly, taking in her scent.The first indication that anything was wrong was a slight tilt of her head, upward as if listening. Ross immediately reached around her with his right hand and clamped it over her mouth. His left hand shot between her left bicep and across her back, grabbing her right bicep up high, effectively pinning her arms behind her. Her body jerked forward, trying to get away from the attacker. Moving quickly, Ross pushed his body weight against hers, forcibly pushing her body up against the counter. He could tell by the quick hard breaths through her nose, that she was scared. She struggled, but with her arms behind her and against the counter, she couldn’t move.Ross leaned in close to her ear and growled, “Happy Birthday, baby”. He could feel her relax a little, relieved to know that it was Ross. But his grip didn’t loosen. In fact, he pulled back on her arms, forcing her breasts farther out in front of her. Breathing lightly through her hair, he moved his face up and down the side of her head, stopping only slightly to run his lips over her bare neck. He moved his face up to her ear and started lightly kissing her ear lobe, breathing into her ear.After a few moments, she had completely relaxed, no longer struggling. She was pinned helplessly. Ross breathed heavily, “You’ve been using my body as a playground for some time, now it’s my turn”. With that, he pulled back on her upper arms, thrusting her breasts out farther.He hissed at her, “If I pull my hand away, do you promise to be quiet”? She nodded her head yes. He slowly relaxed his hand over her mouth, but she immediately said “Damn, you scared……” He cut her off, clamping his hand hard over her mouth again. “I told you to be quiet. You can’t follow orders, can you”? “If you’re not silent, I’ll gag you, and you won’t like that”. He again asked her if she understood, and again she nodded her head yes.Relaxing his hand on her mouth, he pulled his hand away. She remained quiet this time. “Maybe I should gag you anyway” he quickly added. But she said nothing. Looking down over her shoulder, he looked at all the gags and hoods laid out on the counter. He reached out, picking up a small mouth covering, barely even a gag.Linda immediately snickered, “Nice choice, I ……” when he cut her off, harder than the time before. “Obviously you don’t listen, and cannot understand simple commands”. With that, he picked up a ball gag, and placed it at her lips. She closed her mouth, making sounds that indicated no.Placing his hand around her jaw, he used his thumb and middle finger, pressing into the center of her jaw, forcing her mouth to open. The ball gag slipped easily into her mouth. He immediately pulled the leather binding around behind her head. Letting go of her arms, he pushed solidly into her body, literally crushing her into the counter. Using both hands he tied the gag in place, then put his left hand back in the original arm locks, pinning her arms back again. She decided she wanted to play at this game, reaching back, trying to find his cock or his balls. Jerking her arms back painfully far, he quickly reached around in front of her and undid the sash of her kimono. As the kimono was pulled back to her sides, she relaxed, waiting for his next move.His hand traveled down to her thighs, gently brushing the inner soft skin, stroking her leg. His hand traveled upward, with just a finger brushing against her pubic mound as it passed it. His hand continued up her stomach, tracing small circles, then continued upward more, playing with the bottom of each breast. He let his hand wander back down, this time tracing small circles on the smooth tight skin of her pubic bone.As her breathing became harder, he barely touched her clit, feeling her jump slightly. Immediately his hand traveled back up her stomach, but this time moving up to her left nipple. There, he gently touched it, then flicked it. His fingers moved around it, tracing the areola, pausing to gently squeeze the hardening nub. Her head fell back to his shoulder as his hand moved to the other nipple and began the same treatment. With gradually harder movements, he was squeezing them more and more, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger.After several minutes, his hand then went back to her stomach, lingered only a moment, then moved to her mound. Pressed against her, Ross could feel her move one leg outward, giving him more room to work his hand. He lightly brushed the clit again, this time finding that it was pushed out from under the sensitive hood. He gently rubbed it for a moment, and then pushed his finger down deeper, between her very wet lips.Ross found that she was sopping wet, as his finger traveled up and down the inner left lip, then moved over to the right lip, tracing the same movements. Feeling how wet she was, Ross shifted his weight. From the very first contact, Linda had been aware of his rock hard cock, pressed tightly against the top of her ass.Now, having moved slightly, Ross lowered his body and moved back, allowing his cock to drop down. Roughly, he pushed her right leg out farther with his leg. Beginning to spread, Ross pushed slightly against her and slowly guided his cock under her beautiful ass and up between her legs.Dry skin to dry skin was not fun, but as Ross’ cock moved under her, past her pussy, she was wet enough for both of them. Gently moving in and out, his cock rubbed back and forth across her parting lips. Once he was well lubricated with her juices, he used his leg again, pulling her right leg back in toward her, tightly. Then he thrust forward and pulled back several times, coating his cock in her slick juice. Linda’s breathing was heavier now and her head was completely back, resting on his shoulder. Ross continued the thrusting against her sensitive lips, his right hand coming back around and finding each nipple. As Linda’s breathing became heavier, his massaging, his pulls, and squeezes all became harder. Linda was quickly approaching orgasm and Ross knew it.He was very well lubricated and could now feel Linda squeezing her thighs together, trying to aid his sensitivity. Suddenly, Ross shifted his weight, dropping his hips lower and thrusting up and outward. With the first thrust, his cock head pushed between her lips and up into her entrance.Linda’s body jerked and she tried to open her legs farther. Ross held for a moment, pulled his cock back only a little then pushed upward, hard. With that hard thrust, he pushed his cock over half way into her. She gasped as she felt her pussy stretch open as Ross was beginning to enter her. Moving slowly, he eased it back out of her, and then slowly started back into her.Linda began to shake, her breathing heavy and almost to panting. Ross continued for several moments till he could feel Linda’s pussy start to contract. Jerking back hard, he almost completely cleared her entrance, but left only the head still inside her. She was panting now, pushing back, trying to gain the length that had suddenly pulled out. Ross backed out a little more, and then with his right hand, pulled her head back to his face. He leaned into her, whispering, “No you don’t. You don’t cum till I let you. I don’t want you to cum, not yet, do you understand”?Linda was actually whimpering nodding her head yes. Ross’ cock head was barely inside her, but he could feel the vaginal walls clutching at him, convulsing. She was so close, as his hand began to work her nipples hard, again. Loosening his grip on her arms, he pushed her forward over the cabinet, pushing her ass out farther against him.With one hard thrust, he easily pushed all the way into her. She gasped, her body jerking under him. With his now freed hand, he began to work both nipples individually. She was at the edge of orgasm as Ross pulled completely out of her, resting the slick cock against her outer lips. His fingers were working furiously on the swollen sensitive nipples. She wanted more and pushed back against him. She wanted it now; the only sounds coming from her gagged mouth were loud moans almost in a begging tone.“Would you like me to give you a birthday present”? “Do you want your present”? He whispered. Groans were the quick pleading cries from Linda. Ross waited, his fingers still squeezing and flicking the hard nipples.Slowly, he positioned his cock head at her entrance again, holding it there. Linda was pushing back against him, almost desperate. With one thrust, he buried his cock deep into her, almost to her cervix. She rose up instantly, her legs stiffening against Ross’ thighs. A loud moan came from her as her entire body began to shake.Ross held that position, pushed in, hips thrust forward, just holding it there. Concentrating, Ross began to flex his stomach and butt, making his cock head flare and relax. Linda could feel it as it flared big then went down in size, over and over. Her body shook as the monstrous orgasm started deep within her. Ross continued flexing, feeling her pussy convulse around his engorged cock, her body shaking and stiffening.As she continued to shake, Ross had to concentrate since he had been very close to cuming himself. But holding the muscles tight, he could keep from erupting but not for long. She was silent as her body continued to respond to the intense orgasms, short quick breaths escaping from her. As Ross held his position, pushed deep into her, he could feel her body begin to relax, her pussy slowly relaxing its tight grip on him. She was spent and finally collapsed from the waist upward, onto the counter top.Ross remained deep inside her, occasionally flexing the head of his cock as he felt her contractions diminish. Occasionally he would begin to pull out of her but stopped when he heard her whimpers. Drawing back, he would slowly begin to push back into her. This went on for about ten minutes, till he felt no movement from her limp body. He could actually feel her juices dripping from his balls and down his thighs. There hadn’t been enough room for him inside her and for her juices.After a few more minutes, Linda slowly began to rise up from the counter, soft moans coming from her. Ross jerked her arms back, pulling her upright, his cock still hard and buried deep inside her soft pussy. “Oh no, we’re just getting started. I still haven’t given you my present”. Ross could actually hear the quizzical moan come from Linda as he slowly lowered her back to the counter top.Bent over, Ross reached around and pulled her hips out, away from the counter. Both of his hands immediately went to her breasts and nipples, beginning softly on them. At the same time, he softly slid back out of her, leaving only the head of his stiff cock just inside of her. He then slowly but gently pushed back deep into her, rested a moment, and then withdrew all the way to the entrance.Rhythmically, he began the in and out movements at a steady pace as he listened to Linda’s breathing become erratic again. After a few minutes of this, his right hand went down between her legs and found the soft nub of her clit. Gathering juices from her engorged pussy, he slowly began to roll the nub around, feeling it getting harder.Linda was starting to breath even harder now as he continued the rocking motion back and forth, in and out of her, deeply, then almost completely out. Her pussy was beginning to grip him tightly again, as she could feel her orgasm starting. His fingers expertly rubbed and worked the super sensitive clit, now pushed out from under the hood.Rocking his hips back and forth, Ross continued thrusting in and out, listening to her gasps and erratic breathing, signaling that she was starting to cum. Suddenly, she let out another deep, but even louder moan than the first time, her upper body jerking upward stiffly. Ross immediately felt the sudden convulsion deep in her pussy, grasping and clutching his cock hard.Ross was actually gritting his teeth, trying to keep from cuming, he was close. As he felt her orgasm hit a peak, he sunk his cock all the way into her, as far as he could go, holding it there tight against her, totally restraining her with his body weight, his right hand furiously working her clit. With what seemed like forever, he held the position till she suddenly slumped down on the counter again, her pussy still contracting around him.At first, Ross thought that she was u*********s, but within a few moments, she began to softly moan, trying to rise up from the counter. He wouldn’t let her. Just the few minutes of no movement had given him a reprieve from his quickly impending orgasm.He slowly pulled his hard cock from her, dripping her juices to the floor, his balls on the verge of convulsing. He knew that it would be huge based on the pumping sensations coming from his stimulated balls. They were literally churning inside the tight sac.After resting for several minutes, Ross placed the crook of his elbow under her chin and gently stood her up. As they rose up together, she placed both of her hands on his arm, steadying herself. Upright, he leaned her back against his body, letting her rest there.Stepping back, he pulled her away from the cabinet, reaching around her and gently massaged her lower stomach and pelvis where the main force of their weight had been against her. She slumped against him allowing her quivering legs to relax. After several minutes, he looked around the countertop, searching for the right tools to use on her.Not finding what he was looking for, he opened cabinets till he found the soft leather wrist restraints. When she saw him reaching for them, she struggled slightly, but was soon pressed back up against the cabinet. Stepping back from her, Ross pulled both her arms behind her and secured her wrists. Her restrained hands were searching for something, opening and closing, reaching. Finding his cock, Linda latched onto it and started squeezing hard, clutching and squeezing, over and over. Still rock hard, she began to pump it hard, trying to make him cum. As he held still, one of her hands sought out and found his left ball, working it, manipulating it. He held his breath as she frantically pumped his cock as her other hand squeezed the thick ball. Within a moment of cuming, Ross pulled back, jerking his cock from her still clutching hand. He quickly moved her away from the cabinet and away from his twitching cock. He was so close to cuming that he had to move around.Leading her to the center of the room, Ross sat her on the floor. She sat, watching him as he went to the wall unit and pulled out the rolling office chair. Placing it in the center of the room, Ross helped Linda up and sat her in the chair, placing her arms over the back of the chair, virtually pinning her to it.Quickly, he put ankle restraints on her and tethered each one outward, spreading her legs apart. Once secure, he moved back to her, sitting between her outstretched legs. She was still recovering from her last orgasm as he gently began massaging her thighs and lower stomach. As he sat staring at her pussy, he remarked “My, you did make a mess of yourself. I should punish you, but not yet. First we’ll get you cleaned up”.With that, he leaned into her, placing his face between her thighs. He began gently kissing and licking her thighs, starting just behind the knees and working upward. Switching from side to side, he moved his mouth upward till he was beginning to kiss and gently lap at her overly sensitive clit. Pausing to run his mouth up and down her swollen lips, he would alternate between the lips and her clit. By now, she was moaning with occasional gasps coming from her. Knowing that her orgasm was imminent, he planted his mouth on her clit and sucked in hard, using his tongue to work it. Her entire body stiffened as her orgasm started, rolling through her stomach and thighs, traveling outward.Even gagged, she was gasping as her body twisted in the restraints, his mouth continuing to work the throbbing fleshy bud. As her body shaking lessened, so did his oral manipulations. As she slumped forward, exhausted and spent, he gently kissed her clit and lips, lingering on each one. Once her breathing was back to normal, he stood up, facing her.His arousal was very obvious, his cock literally bobbing from the throbbing sensations coming from it. Linda stared at the thick meat and the huge full balls hanging down. Ross moved closer to her, straddling her seated body. Holding his cock only inches from her face, he reached around and undid the buckles of the mouth gag. As he did, he leaned down, whispering to her, “You are not to speak; Nothing, not a word. Do you understand me this time”? She nodded vigorously, yes.He slowly undid the buckles, the tip of his cock brushing against her breasts, smearing pre-cum on them. She watched intently as the huge thing throbbed in front of her, only inches from her face. With the gag off, she leaned forward, trying to catch his cock with her mouth. He stepped in closer to her, holding the back of her head as he moved his cock closer to her mouth. He placed the tip of his cock against her lips, rubbing the pre-cum around on them. Then, pushing slowly, he entered her mouth.He was so aroused that she could feel his heart beat through the throbbing cock. Her mouth latched onto him and she began to suck hard, knowing that he was close. Sucking harder, she let her tongue work on the swollen head, feeling it flare with his impending explosion. It didn’t take long as her mouth continued sucking. Holding her head with one hand, he dropped his other hand down to his left ball and began squeezing it hard, amplifying his orgasm.She could instantly feel it when he started, the head flaring huge as the first thick spurt hit the back of her throat. She immediately started swallowing as the thick warm cream continued to flood her mouth. There was way too much to swallow and most of it was being forced out the sides of her mouth, dripping down her chin and falling onto her breasts.Ross groaned as his cock continued spurting, his body stiffening, pushing deeper into her mouth. Becoming overly sensitive, Ross started to pull out from her mouth, but she wouldn’t let him, biting down behind the flared head. Not enough to hurt him, but hard enough to capture the over sized head. As long as it was flared huge, he would not be able to pull it from her teeth. Still biting down, she sucked harder, pulling the last few spurts from him. He had no choice but to let her to continue sucking, till he was emptied. Sucking him hard, she continued till nothing came out of him. Feeling the head soften, she released her bite and started to suck gently, allowing him to slowly soften.As he pulled back away from her, his cock popped out of her mouth with a slopping sound, dropping onto the still quivering balls. His entire body was shaking as he dropped to the floor and lay down. Watching him, Linda marveled at how big his cock was, even soft, and how his balls still appeared to be huge and full. With the huge amount that she had just taken from him, his balls appeared to still be full of sperm. And she wanted all of that too.Slowly, Ross recovered and sat up, his cock completely limp now, his sac hanging softly but fully between his thighs. With her smiling and watching him, he crawled back toward her, moving up close to her. Leaning against her, he kissed her, long and softly, her lips still coated with his warm fluid. She kissed back, long and softly, tasting the thick salty flavor of his sperm.Leaning back he looked into her eyes, “you are not to speak, or I’ll be forced to put the gag back on”. She nodded her head softly up and down, smiling at him. He got up and weakly made his way to the wall cabinets. Inside a familiar drawer, he found the TENS unit and brought it back to the center of the room. When Linda saw it, she innocently whispered, “Please no, I’m too sensitive”. Glaring at her, Ross reminded her that she was to be silent, and that this was the second time she had disobeyed. Reaching for the ball gag, Linda softly begged, “please don’t, I’ll say nothing more, I promise”. Ross knew that her body was almost spent from the intense orgasms she had. She was sincerely begging that the gag not be used. Ross dropped the gag to the floor.The gentle lingering kisses between them quickly turned to hard passionate kisses, long and deep. Pressed between her legs, Ross held her face in his hand and kissed her deeply. As the kiss continued, Ross’ hand moved downward between her thighs, softly caressing her moist swollen lips. Upon touching them, Linda moaned softly, her body stiffening slightly. She was so sensitive, but still highly aroused. Ross expertly moved his fingers across the lips, spreading them and pushing his finger deeper into her wetness.Still kissing her deeply, he gently eased one finger into her, then two, rhythmically moving them in and out. Her body tensed as her breathing became more erratic. With his other hand, he searched and found the toys to the TENS unit, lying beneath him. Quietly he picked up the vaginal plug and placed it where his fingers had just pulled out of her. Before she could feel what it was, he sunk the plug deep into her, seating it against the entrance to her overly sensitive pussy.Still locked in a deep kiss, her eyes popped open, realizing what had just entered her. Pressing his mouth harder against hers, he could hear her muffled protests, her knowing that he was going to use the TENS unit on her. He continued his mouth locked to hers, her body struggling to get free. He slowly leaned back away from her, smiling, and picked up the TENS control box and connected the lead lines from the unit to the now fully inserted plug.Linda was squirming, trying to pull her legs together, anything to get the plug dislodged from between her highly conductive pussy lips. Holding the control box in one hand, Ross reached up to her breast and began lightly pinching and kneading the swollen nipple, his other hand turning on the power.Immediately, Linda’s body jerked as the current began to surge into the multiple contact points of the plug. The stimulation was literally surging throughout her pussy, the lips and the sensitive clit. Her head jerked back and she began to pant, feeling her clit come alive with the powerful sensations.Ross turned the frequency and intensity up to half way and watched, mesmerized as her panting increased and her body began to shake. Within seconds, she was starting what would be the first of many successive orgasms. With the plug firmly lodged within her, she could not shake it loose, nor did she want to. The pleasure was almost unbearable as forceful orgasms racked her quivering body.Ross toyed with her left nipple, then her right, watching as she orgasmed over and over. Within about a minute, she was well into the orgasms and was beginning to squirt a heavy clear liquid from her pussy. With the TENS unit still jolting her pussy, Ross quickly moved behind her, releasing her wrist restraints. He moved back in front of her, grabbing her face and kissing her hard, as she had kissed him when the milking machine was draining his battered balls.Her hands went to the chair’s seat, her arms locked, pushing her tensed body upright as the orgasms continued through her. As the shaking in her body lessened, Ross gently pulled her from the chair, taking her to the soft carpeting. The plug, still pouring out the electro stimulation to her quivering pussy, was locked inside of her, not able to come out till physically removed from her. Turning the TENS unit power down, Linda slumped to the floor. Ross turned the TENS unit to off, quickly and gently pulling the plug out of her.As her pussy still convulsed and contracted, Ross nudged her thighs apart, easing his body between them. Pressing his cock between the still quivering lips, he pushed into her and began moving in and out of her quickly. With new sensations starting to roll through her, a whole new series of orgasms started in her.Clutching at his cock, Linda’s pussy sucked hungrily at the fleshy organ, milking it. Within seconds Ross could feel his balls erupt into her, flooding her with more thick male milk, load after load pumping deep into her. Her arms wrapped around him, holding tight as her orgasm started to lessen. Her pussy was convulsing as if sucking the last drops from his balls.Both of them were panting as Ross slowed his pounding and relaxed, settling into her. He could still feel slight squeezing sensations pulling at his softening cock. He felt drained as he continued kissing her lips and neck, his hands softly running over her nipples. She appeared almost asleep, her eyes closed, her breathing deep and long.Slowly his cock fully softened till it started to slide out of her. He could feel a large amount of fluid between their bodies, especially on her thighs. With her and his fluid mixed between them, it would have to be a very, very long shower. But for the moment, neither of them could move, both resting, enjoying the sensations still pulsing through them.Slowly, Linda opened her eyes, her arms still clutched around Ross’ neck, holding tight. She slowly relaxed, opening her legs wider and allowing her body to completely relax for the first time. That was so good”, Ross whispered to her. She only smiled and stared into his eyes.Realizing that she was not going to speak, Ross told her that it was ok, she could speak now. She smiled, kissing him softly on the lips, “Good wasn’t the word I was thinking of” she breathed.Together they lay there for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of their flesh touching. Slowly coming back to normal, Ross sat up taking in her reclining form. She was gorgeous. He leaned down, kissing her again on the lips, “Happy Birthday”. After awhile, she sat up, rested for a minute, her legs barely able to support her. Standing up, she looked back at Ross, smiled at him, and then quietly walked to her bedroom without looking back.Ross could only sit there, watching her form as she left the room. Late in the morning, she reemerged from her room, cleaned up, dressed, and left without speaking to Ross. Ross was still tethered, nude and still covered in a mix of her fluid and his sperm. Watching her leave, he worried that the birthday present had not gone as he had thought.About an hour later, Brenda came downstairs, smiling and very cheerful. Standing and staring at Ross, she told him that his surprise present had been fabulous and more than she could have hoped for. Linda was beside herself, both physically and emotionally. Brenda added “you did great, you stud, and she loved it”.Obviously Linda had told Brenda all about the ‘present’ and her feelings about it. Laughing, Brenda told Ross that her birthday was soon approaching, and that she hoped he would remember her. Ross only smiled, seeing how happy Brenda was, and hearing how happy Linda had been. Then, Brenda ordered Ross into the shower.They were still planning a surprise party for her that evening, when she returned from her shopping. According to Brenda, there was no doubt that Linda would be starving by 6:00pm, and Ross added that she’d probably sleep like a baby, tonight. Brenda only smiled at him. For the first time, Ross ate dinner upstairs that evening in the dining room, with all of them.

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