Vacation time from work!


Vacation time from work!It’s a Friday Morning and my Neighbor asked if im up camping again? I told him I’m on Vacation and told yeah I’m free of course can’t forget what happened last time in my last story. And yes these are true! He told me we weren’t going tent style were going motor home style, I said Cool! So later around 3pm, The motor home arrived and it was pretty good size! His friend came out and Cute as fuck with a ass that don’t quite, round in those tight jeans. We Packed And we were off to the campground But Had to pick up some of his friends. So stop at one house a tall twink looking black man came out and jumped right in. The second house we pull up and average man, good looking but muscle everywhere.Wow! We were talking say Hello’s and having cocktails. So four of us get to place and it looked small but campers everywhere, my neighbor told me this is a gay campground so can walk nude, fuck safely, suck anything. This is a private ground so can do anything and said sweet!, Were all in home and decided to w alk around so we started to undress. Now as I looked around their were hund fellas, especially the black man i bet it was 10+ and thick as shit. Mind saying I want that in my mouth or ass OMG!The izmir escort rest pretty good sizes, me-7, nieghbor-8+ definetely, the other about 7. So were walking around and talking and of the guys asked are gay, bi? I told him gay and I was verstile. He has noticed my cock started to get hard, he says need help? UUUmmm i said yeah i think so, we all headed to the bushes and area of grass and laid down. My cock was red throbbing while the others started to throb and black friend oh he’s 12″ hard i definately want him. So he Slowly puts my cock in his mouth and his warm lips were so good and even made me harder, slurping away like no other, licking my balls, shaft, tip around it, and my lil hole. It was awesome up and down so hungry slobbing my knob oh so fucking hard. My neighbor came over and put his ass right my face so i can rim his lil hole that is so smooth. While this was going on , I’m fucking horny as shit like the rest so i told them i want to gangbang and said the black man i want you in my ass. He laughed and said no problem. I have three cocks my face sucking and 12+ owning my ass, he was pounding my ass so good and said feels so fucking good fuck me with all of that cock, luckly I have 12 inches escort izmir in my ass pounding me. so he slowed down and came all over my asshole, it so warm thick mmmmmm! After he was done one guy went back and started sucking til every one fucked me and came all over me. My hole was loose as hell feels like can put two cocks in lol. everybody went to clean up in this spring looking beach it was small but enough. We were done with that and left the guys wanted to go back and i said ok but im walk around lil. I walking around my ass feeling so good from fucking, i was still horny so walking half cocked seen this gentleman about early 50’s, black with cock really tastey. We talked and invited me inside and he had porno on, it was bbc on bbc. So were chatting away and asked if im top, btm, vert? i said Vert, he said cool and he is a btm. told i was new here even just had gangbang about half hour ago, his eyes went really? HIs cock was growing looking pretty long, i was like “I LOVE BLACK COCK! lol so i said seemed lil excited? He said well yes so looking over his dark chocolate shaven body, and cock was so big i just went over started sucking. This cock was huge, curved to the right but i didn’t care. i was deep izmir escort bayan throat that cock fast and slow, choking and spitting on it. It was tasting so good, i turned around and he rimmed my ass then stuck his fat cock in my loose asshole and put it balls deep. Then started fucking til about 5 mins into it he was pounding my ass hard, i mean hard and loving everything how his cock and viens feel around my asshole. After couple mins he took out his throbbing cock ready to burst turned me around he shot a load so huge in my mouth, i had no choice to swallow and tasted like sweet apples, why? but it did! i was exhausted and thank you and might see later on, said anytime and thank you for that ass. i go back to camper and no shit, the others guys are fucking like in train like one fucks one, other comes from behind fucks him, and you get the picture. thier fucking and said fuck it i jacked off til i got hard. from listening to moaning, and hearing harder! I got hard spit on dick and slammed my cock in the last person ass so we were having a 4 some train each of us fucking eachother. After i cum i had to lay down in 5 hours here i have been pounded 4 times in ass and sore lol, sucked cock, got sucked, rimmed, just was the park whore lol. this is day 1 of three. had to write this and share cause i had a fucking awesome time thus far. I know there are plenty of cocks to suck, assholes to fuck for the next 2 days……..Peace stay horny!

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