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Interracial FuckThis is a true story that happened just yesterday. Feeling horny as hell and hungry to have some cock in my faggot mouth, I headed off to the Happy Time Bookstore. I have had some great times at this place and yesterday did not disappoint.When I pulled up to the store there were only about six cars, but I decided to go in and see what was up(hopefully a bunch of dicks) lol. Anyway, after watching a few gay and shemale flicks for about 10 minutes I didn’t get any action. I decided to walk around the maze of booths when a black guy called me over. He was already down on his knees at the opening to his booth. I asked him what he said and he replied “Can I suck your cock?” Now being the bottom faggot that I am, it would normally be me down on my knees giving head. Even so, I still took out my dick and he went to town. Man was his mouth warm. After blowing me for about 3 or 4 minutes, he got, pulled down his pants, turned around and offered his round black ass for me to fuck. Told him I’ll pass on that and walked away.After sitting down in a booth that I have had considerable luck in, my black buddy showed up and instantly got on his knees and started sucking my dick. Well, I didn’t want to waste my time or his (I was there to suck and swallow, not get sucked), so when he asked if I wanted to fuck him I replied that I am usually the one that gets fucked. Wow, did this change his mindset. Instead of sucking me, he began bursa escort rubbing my gay ass crack. Oh man, do I like that! He stood up, took out his cock –about 6.5 inches and thick and said “get me hard so I can fuck your ass.” You don’t have to tell this faggot twice. I was instantly down on my knees swallowing his black cock. After just a couple minutes of me sucking, licking and slurping on his now very hard dick, he helped me to my feet and said let me get you lubed up.This was starting to be a very good day. He spun me around with my shorts down to my ankles and put two hot fingers up my ass. He lubed me up pretty good. I thought he would just bend me over and fuck me like the faggot I am, but instead he sat down on the bench and said “get your ass down on my dick.” Not my favorite position, but I gave it a try. His black cock wasn’t real long but it was nice and fat and starting stretching my white fag hole real nice. After he got it in he started thrusting up inside my gay asshole. he put so much lube up there that his dick kept slipping out of my hole.Finally after having me sit and bounce on his hot black fuck stick for about ten minutes and me moaning like the faggot sissy slut I am, he had me stand up and bend over. Usually when this happens to me, the guy fucking my ass pushes me against the wall inside the booth. Not this guy. He wants me with my hands on the wall outside the booth so anyone that comes around bursa escort bayan the corner to our booth can see me hanging out of the booth begging him to fuck me. I kept saying thing like fuck me with that big black cock…..fuck my faggot ass….fuck me haaard. This really got him going and he pounded my gay white hole real good. The whole time he’s fucking me, a couple of other guys kept coming around the corner to see me getting fucked by my black stallion. I love to be watched while I am getting fucked. Just when I didn’t think things could get any hotter, my fucker pulls out and tells me to get down on my knees and suck his cock some more. mmmmm ass to mouth. One of my favorite things to do. I was on my knees on the cum stained floor in seconds. I put his cock in my mouth and got a great mixture of lube, pre cum and my asshole. A true faggot delight! By this time my ass was pretty sore and he told me he was out of lube. I looked up at him and said then just cum in my cock sucking mouth. He muttered something, but I couldn’t understand because he had grabbed my head between his 2 hands so he could fuck my face. I tried as hard as I could to keep my eyes open so I could see his black cock sliding in and out of faggot mouth. I starting getting so hard thinking about what a faggot queer I am down on my knees worshiping some strange black man’s cock after he has fucked my gay asshole.I kept sucking and stroking his escort bursa member, taking it out of my mouth a couple of times to stroke it and tell him how much I wanted him to cum in my cock sucking, queer mouth. I don’t know who was moaning louder. Him knowing that he was going blow his wad in my gay mouth, or me down on my knees sucking his big black cock like the faggot cocksucker I love to be. I could tell he was getting close by the way his cock was bulging on the underside. We both started moaning even louder…then it happened. He growled out “Oh God” and I moaned and whimpered as he shot jet after jet of hot white sperm in my hungry mouth. As he sat down, I kept his still leaking cock in my mouth. This cocksucker doesn’t like to miss a drop. After he sat down he pulled my head off his dick but I saw he was still oozing come, so leaned forward and got the final drops of the juice I crave. I kept his cum in my mouth for at least 3 minutes, swirling it around and around before swallowing my prize. Man, did I feel like a complete faggot queer.After he zipped up he thanked me on his way out of the booth. I waited for another 5 minutes or so to see if anyone else was going to feed me some dick, but…no such luck. My ass was so greasy from all the lube I was afraid it would show right the shorts I was wearing. I said to myself, Fuck it, I’m a faggot and proud of it. So I just walked out of the booth and out the front door of the bookstore with a nicely fucked ass and the taste of black cock, ass and cum in my mouth.Check back again, soon. I have been fucked at this bookstore at least 3 dozen times and will share some of those stories in the future.

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