Daddy’s Virgin

Daddy’s Virgin
What type of mischief and fuckery have you been getting yourself into lately? Since last time you skillfully and seemingly effortlessly managed to successfully empty my entire body of every single last drop of cum. Not only were you better at it than most woman who have far more experience (proving yourself to be a naturally talented sex kitten and kinkster) but you made it look easy like ?Sunday morning?, a walk in the park. This is a precise and powerful procedure that you somehow have presumably learned very quickly compared to some others who still after many more years of practice than you most women still find the art form you’ve already mastered elusive and baffling. After hundreds of hours of lab experiments where they were provided with an extremely horny male test subject who has a cock and spent most of his time jacking off in his parents basement anyway so when he found out there was a scientific study he could participate in and get paid to jack off with the help of real life college girls who would aid with his masturbation it was a no brainier. Then there’s your average cock gobbling cum guzzling slooty sloot who needs the approval of men to bolster her lack of self esteem and what better way than to let them cum in on you in exchange for compliments nn herpes? The thing about this group of talent is that they’re out there in the field gaining first hand (&mouth &asshole) experience they have gained over the years by performing almost any & all sex acts imaginable to a wide range of men all with their own individual preferences. so they should be at the top of cum mountain with the vast knowledge they should’ve gained along the way. Unless they got their brains fucked out which having talked to some of them I would find that entirely possible. And last but not least you looked smokin hot doing it with confidence. Confidence that only amplifies your sex appeal. Which in my opinion is the perfect combination of a pretty face on a head that houses a brilliant mind. plus bonus points bc youre charming innocence which is somehow able to escape from your soul-like a bright light beam surfacing from the depths of a watery grave- but only when you blush involuntarily despite your best efforts to conceal it.

bonusx2 your perky firm tits dotted by nipples that were made to be pinched played with and when bitten by my front fangs gives you butterflies bc it’s a painful pleasurable sensation that almost causes a bit of a dangerous threat. which of course you choose to ignore if you trust me not to take it too far, then your flat stomach that’s like a desert one must cross on his southerly journey which can’t be skipped as the trail of kisses leads farther into the wonderland of uncharted virgin territory that is your body and all its nooks and crevices yet to be explored by anybody. The adventure only gets better as excitement builds at the discovery of your small patch of freshly scented well groomed hair that frames an exquisite and dare I say magical pussy. once your cute pair of undies are slid all the way off to reveal your love muffin bare and splendid as your wetness glistens on your pink lips so juicy looking as they play peek a boo when you spread them open finally proving to be too powerful in their plea to be licked and tongue flicked, sucked on and devoured whole inside my mouth. I get a really good taste of your flavorful juices as they start to flow increasingly more as your hungry pussy that’s been starving for the one thing it wants more than anything else on earth but up until this point has been denied and deprived of which is frustrating to the point of madness now that it’s sure this is finally the moment your pussy prepares itself in anticipation of a forceful pounding that’s almost certainly going to occur any minute your natural source of lubrication is a raging river flowing from inside and then overflows like a flooded river of sticky lady liquid you feel it dripping down past where your pussy ends all the way down the crack of your ass and finally reaches your butthole where it stops running and begins to pool up. If we follow the sweet water of the river back up past your pussy that is now swelling up from the increased blood flow you’ll start to notice the intensity of every sensation down there and realize that your pussy is now super sensitive. you become acutely aware of every breath of hot air I exhale as I lay there between your legs spread wide to allow full and easy access to your fuck monkey that without warning is suddenly penetrated with first one finger that slides in easily then another just as easily as the first slips inside you and together they begin to rub your gspot sending waves of pleasure outward from this hot button of condensed nerve endings bundled up there in a gift to you from Mother Nature you feel each wave as it drifts from deep inside your pussys back wall and crashes into your belly like its the shore line. You start to get lost in the immense pleasure of soothing rhythmic pleasure pulsating now throughout your entire body tingling muscles spasm uncontrollably and the longer I keep stimulating this pleasure center from the shallow depths just inside the top of your greedy cavern of love and lust your squirming, begging to feel my rock hard slab of man meat filling you up and stretching out your soon to be deflowered pussy cat purring loudly you plead with me promising to do whatever I ask of you but I let you continue to melt into a puddle like the one that’s collected on your unbelievably tight rear parking space that you now feel my thumb rubbing with just enough pressure to let you know there’s someone knocking at your back door.
that door is locked up so you relax and begin once again to let your self get lost as all the different sensations you’re feeling get blurry until my thumb teasingly tap tap tapping your balloon knot mixes together with the melody of the musical symphony I’m creating with surgical precision. I use my fingers now quite vigorously thumping your gspot you feel like you might have to pee from the fluid build up that I’m working on getting completely full in hopes your lubricant reservoirs will soon overflow and I’ll be able to make you shoot your warm stream of squirt juice all over my face and with luck into my mouth so I get a really good taste of you but there’s still one more place we need to pay close attention to. I’ve been avoiding your clitoris this whole time keeping you waiting with mind bending frustration anticipation and desire for dick but also saving the most intense pleasure point until just the right moment now that your pussy is opening up to accommodate even more visitors I slide in all four of my fingers as far as I can which is my last knuckle and almost punching your gspot with fast forceful direct thumps I can feel how full of girl cum ready to gush forth from the fountain of joy very very soon now. With my right hand almost swallowed whole by the greedy fuck holes monstrous mouth opened as wide as it can to take this increasingly brutal attack on the gspot only my thumb is left out side which is perfect bc your butthole is liking my thumbs flirtatious advances that playfully apply more and more pressure slowly but surely it begins to relax enough that my thumb is barely able to breech its heavily guarded back door entrance and you can feel my skin on the inside of your butthole for the first time ever and it drives you crazy making you even wetter than you ever thought possible. So wet that my still hard working fist and knuckles start to make sloshing noises like a k** stomping his feet in a mud puddle your juices are splashing making a lot of noise and starting to be a big mess all over your inner thighs even up to your belly button. As all this is happening I reach up with my left hand and pinch your nipple so hard you think it should really hurt but by this point your pain tolerance has increased to where getting cunt punched is pure ecstasy and the cruelty with which I am inflicting on your nipples by pinching and twisting them is perceived only as a pleasurable sensation impossible to seperate from everything else your body is being overwhelmed with. such a variety of stimuli it overloads the receptors in your central nervous system until you feel invincible even tho you can clearly see me just pounding away on your pussy but it’s like your watching it from outside your body and you experience a true disconnect from your mind and body physically so much so you’re having trouble thinking all together and completely drift away trusting me to do whatever I wish with your body even tho I warn you I’m gonna bring your mint condition flawless body that started out the day perfect in every which way & now all you can do is turn it in for recycling so hopefully it’s donated to science or a less fortunate inner city youth to share between all 7 k**s but you’re charitable donation is tax deductible meaning you don’t have to pay property tax bc you are the property now & selflessly donating such generous contributions such as yours helps make the world a better place for living!

you hand over the key to your ignition and I take the wheel when we switch seats so I can have control of this vehicle before we go off the rails and crash. Once I think your nipples have had all they can take judging by the bruises starting to form and the colorful reds and purples they’ve turned into I slap each one of your perky tits as hard as I can a couple times to snap you back into attention because I want you to be focused on what I do next. I get out my 3 suction cups. One for each nipple and one to use on your already hard and throbbing clit. I suck up one nipple into the suction cups then the other and leave them hanging down tugging on your nipples like a fucking vice grip at rest on your chest they look like jewelry you’d see African tribal women wearing on there exposed breasts but you don’t even flinch. Next I use my free hand to spread the skin surrounding your hot button so that it pops out of its hoodie where it’s now fully exposed. I can tell how much bigger it is now and just know it’s at its highest possible level of arousal. I lean down so my face is back between your legs and let out steamy breathe s of hot air to tease it just one more time before I fucking devour it. Lightly at first I trace around your hard clit with my outstretched tongue for awhile creating an unbearable amount of frustration I know it’s almost more than you can handle any longer bc of how violently your hips,are,shaking. You’re probably grasping at the air tryna get a hold of the back of my head with both hands trying your hardest to make me take your angry fuck button in my mouth and start sucking it like its the last thing I’ll ever do and I don’t let you down or keep you waiting bc you’ve been begging your heart out until tears start welling up in your eyes and finally stream down your cheeks but now I’m giving everything you want. I know exactly what you need rn and I can tell by how your hips begin to move in a circular motion and the muscles start to twitch like the decapitated head of a chicken immediately after its severed from the body. you’re starting to buck your hips against my face but I pin you down bc I know you have no control of your body and probably even less of your blank mind. Then I start to use my teeth and sc**** the sharp edges over your clit which is torture to this bundle of tightly condensed nerve endings until it gets so angry it starts telling your body to flee for safety. I bite down on it with moderate to damn near uncomfortably painful amount of pressure and lock it in place between my sharp front teeth. Then I tell you to pull the suction cups off your nipples. You try but can’t force yourself to inflict even more pain on your now battered and abused body but I scream at you to do it or I’ll make it hurt even worse by sinking my teeth into your clit that is pounding with every fast paced heart beat your arms are like rubber and for a second I question wether or not you’re even physically capable of getting the suction cups off or not. Youre shaking every where and twitching uncontrollably as your muscles seize in violent constrictions that seem to be scaring you but you’re enjoying this so much you find the strength somehow and I look up at you like a proud parent knowing you had to dig deep to find the strength and bravery to rip them off your extremely tender & tortured nipples that have turned a deep dark purple which means it’s going to hurt when you take them off and sure enough it takes a second or two but as the blood rushes back into your poor poor nipples they go from comfortably numb to daggers of intense focused pain stabbing your badly abused nips until it becomes so intense I watch your head fall back onto your pillow and your eyes roll into the back of your empty skull that’s flashing with neon lights as the painful electric bolts shoot out from your tits that I’ve destroyed into your body where they eventually explode with bright colors and flashes of lighting inside your head and you can barely say my name when I command it of you. By now my cunt punches with the consistent thumping against the inside of your beat to shit pussy have become a soothing escape for you to focus on as you slip in and out of the room you barely resist as I finally coax your asshole open far enough to get my thumb in thanks in large part to the never ending flow of lube that’s now covering your bed and slowly soaking the sheets under your bubble butt cheeks. I release my clenched teeth much to the relief of a pissed off demon clit straight out the gates of hell just long enough for the blood to rush back in to it and I wait for your body’s reaction. I don’t have to wait long at all until I get it. You arch your back so violently its raised all the way off the bed like a bridge which unintentionally drives my thumb deeper into your now nice and loose slippery asshole. I fuck it with my thumb until it relaxes and I hear you start to moan and make sounds I’ve never heard you make but I can tell you’re a nasty anal slut and loving your stuffed little butthole getting stretched out by my thumb that is now easily able to slip all the way in and out without any discomfort so I pull it all the way & back in a few times until the tiniest off gapes begins to stare back at me with a hungry appetite so I give it what it’s wanting.. My playfully flickering tongue tickles all around the outside of your yummy bum then I can’t help myself I have to get inside so I slip my tongue inside the lil gaping hole & do circles for awhile & before I’m done I really face fuck your tasty asshole you whisper to me that’s the bestest feeling you’ve ever felt & doubt there’s ever going to be anything better. You beg me to keep going so I get back down & continue to eat your booty til you’re satisfied. Then you totally catch me off guard by wanting to know what it’s like if roles are reversed & you’re the one performing anilingus logically concluding that since it was by far the best feeling of your past & of the future it must be pretty good for the other person too. It’s not easy do get into position over your face & keeping your pussy & ass happy but I somehow manage. You lay your head down flat on your pillow stick out your tongue & tell me to sit my ass sandwhich on your face so you can get a taste. So with butt cheeks spread as wide as possible to assure you full access deep inside me I slowly lower myself onto your face & enjoy your tongue bath while you lick circles all around the outter rim then you wrap your arms around the outside of my legs & tug downwards so I let you feel my full weight rest on your face that’s when I feel your probing tongue finally start to slip in & out of my asshole which feels so good I lose myself for a moment &!i start really getting into it riding your tongue trying to feel it as deep inside me as it will go.your tongue deep inside my ass feels so good I go crazy on you & start bouncing up & down straight riding your face as your tongue punches my balloon knot every time I come back down and land on you face it’s a bullseye you never miss it goes on like this til I start grinding again & you tap out on my legs before I smother you. But first I stop rubbing your clit and grab the third suction cup. After what I did to your ruined bruised and beaten up titties that don’t look anything like the ones you’d recognize as your own you are aware of what these little suction cups did to them so it terrifies you to imagine what it’s going to do to your demon clit now that you know just how much pain they’re capable of producing I see the horror wash over your face and the color drains leaving you a few shades paler and trembling with fear but now that I’ve got your lubricant reservoirs filled up to max capacity I try to calm you down a little by reassuring you it’s always darkest before the dawn and the sun is about to rise. After a couple more minutes of damaging blows to your gspot and hard anal courtesy of my thumbs first one then the other. I decide it’s now or never and reach up to slap your cheeks so you’ll look at me when I give the order to remove the cup from your D on clit that I can see through the clear cups is the same gnarly shade of deep dark purple as your nipples were not long ago. I know this is going to be your toughest challenge of endurance thus far. I feel a sudden sense of compassion for you and almost start to get emotional as I tell you over and over how proud I am of you and what an honor it is to be the one you chose to trust with complete control of your body I reach out and take your hand in mine and tell you again how strong and brave you are and that its truly a privelage to know I’ll be taking your virginity with my hard cock very shortly and we both say how we can’t wait to feel it inside you for the first time.. We sit there just staring into each others eyes allowing ourselves to soak in the moment and appreciate this very special bond that’s being forged between us and growing stronger even now. I stop the stimulation of your gspot that has got to be sore AF by now bc I’ve been steadily pounding away at it this entire time with damn near a closed fist inside a virgin pussy. I slide my hand out its soaking wet and covered in sweet sticky goodness all the way up past my wrist and as I go to flex my fingers I get a cramp and after I get it uncramped I realize that I was hitting you so hard that even my hand is really sore. I ask you if I hurt you more than I wanted and make you answer after I have to repeat myself twice to make sure your pussy isn’t seriously injured.. You don’t want to tell me but your silence says it is really fucking sore and I actually kinda feel bad about it for a second but I remind you and myself both that it will be worth it if this squirt pays off for us bc you’re going to have your first orgasm be so fucking incredible that you’ll remember it the rest of your life. Now back to business no more stalling. With your hand in a death grip on mine I take my thumb out of your asshole and with my hand as sore as it is I still force myself to push thru it like you have everytime I asked you to keep pushing yourself past the threshold and keep breaking barriers that keep you constricted within your comfort zone so that you can know the thrill and freedom of doing things you never imagined let alone could believe your body is capable of.. I rub your asshole with two of my well lubed fingers and they’re so sore trying to squeeze into your tiny ass that it hurts pretty bad until I get them stuffed inside and in a weird an unexpected way your fully stretched out asshole is somehow acting like an ace bandage wrap on my tender fingers to the point I just wanna let them rest inside your butt so they don’t hurt anymore but the whole reason I decided to finger your asshole with two fingers is so that you have something else to concentrate on while you remove that cup which has been on there so long that I don’t even know what color your clit is now but it’s dead I can tell. It’s not hard now and it looks smaller. I tell you to do it whenever you’re ready and I start to finger fuck your butt slowly at first bc your little honey hole is stretched out so much I’m genuinely concerned I might tear the tender linings of your rectum so I proceed with caution gradually increasing the speed and force until I see a shit eating grin forming at the corner of your lips so I curl my fingers up so that I can stimulate your gspot from inside your ass and you really like that judging by he long loud moan you let out. Then still smiling you tell me not to stop and that you’re ready. I wait til you reach down to grab the cup to really start to give your asshole a proper but tfucking now that it’s relaxed a little it’s loose enough that my fingers have some wiggle room. You take a deep breath and right as you close your eyes tight and pull it off like a band aid I curl my fingers up and thump your gspot as hard and fast as I can so vigorously that I had to stand up to do it and that felt so good you didn’t even wince in pain from the cup being removed but I was waiting for the blood to rush back in and with it feeling which is when the worst pain she’s gonna feel today is gonna hit her so I gave it everything I could ignoring the fatigue and soothing pain in my hand. What happened next I will never ever forget as long as I live. It has to be one of the best sexual experiences of my life and that’s saying a helluva lot coming from me! I was pounding her gspot from inside her asshole. And that means her ass was taking just as hard of a pounding as her gspot inside her still gaping pussy from having most of my hand punching it for almost an hour so I bent over to stick my tongue in the wide open dripping wet and quite frankly irresistibly inviting and absolutely fresh deliciousness of that beat up young cunt. She was in a world of pain and clenching my hand even harder which I didn’t think was possible but I had no doubt her nails punctured my skin bc I could see blood oozing out around her finger nails that were so deep only the top halves were still visible above my skin. But she was also getting a fuck load of pleasure from having both her asshole and gspot getting pounded in blur of fury from my hand that was so fatigued it went numb but that’s good cuz it didn’t hurt as bad so even tho I was worried that I couldn’t keep up this pace much longer not being in pain was like a second wind so with one final burst of energy that I swear was a miracle I went HARD AS A MOTHER FUCKER ON THAT GSPOT FROM INSIDE HER ASS WHICH I KNEW I WAS DESTROYING BUT I COULDNT QUIT KNOWING BY WHAT I FELT UP INSIDE HER THE RESERVOIRS WERE AS FULL AS THEY COULD POSSIBLY GET THEN I LOOKED DOWN AND REMEMBERED WANTING TO SLURP UP ALL THE MESS DRIPPING FROM HER CUNT BEFORE I TONGUE FUCKED IT. THE CONVULSIONS SHE WAS HAVING AND KNOW THE SCREAMS SHE WAS FILLING THE ROOM AND PROBABLY THE ENTIRE HOUSE WITH MADE ME KEEP GIVING HER EVERYTHING I HAD. SO WITHOUT LETTING UP ON HER ONE BIT I BENT OVER AND STARTED TO SLURP UP THE MESS HER DRIPPING CUNT WAS MAKING EVEN WORSE NOW AND RHEN IT HAPPENED…

She collapsed with a smile only a woman who is 100% satisfied in every which way you want is able to. I tried asking her stupid questions and got this blank stare looking back at me so I asked easy math questions.. The lights were on bright lights her eyes were so full of joy and the love of life it was a rare and beautiful sight to behold… But nobody was home.. I asked her her name and she rolled her head one way and stared at something I couldn’t see for what seemed like an awkwardly long length of time before all of a sudden she snapped her head back around and with all the sincerity in the world she enthusiastically popped off with pride and deep emotion flashing in her eyes that she had a laser lock on mine with she held her gaze for just a second started to say something but it got caught in her throat and she took a deep breath swallowed hard got her composure back and apparently atleast a minimal amount of brain activity. She sat straight up a reached out to take my hand, clasped both hers around it like she was holding a fragile baby bunny rabbit shed rescued from a lawn mower and I felt our bond solidify and intuition told me it was going to be lifelong and unbreakable. I felt love in the air but before I could get sentimental she took me by complete surprise by lowering my hand in hers and placed it over the still wide open gape of her drenched mess he tattered remains of her pretty pink teen pussy that is absolutely flawless and perfect in every way and with her fingers interlaced in mine she shoved all four of my fingers along with all four of her as deep inside herself as she could the shoved a little harder to make sure they were in as far as they would reach. She clenched her pelvic floor muscles in a pussy version of a hug and that destroyed cunt that I was sure I had ruined for good got so fucking tight I honestly was in awe of how her one of a kind fuck boxes Kung fu grip if I wasn’t there with nearly the entirety of both our all up in her feeling it for myself I would have never believed it could be done. And she held it like that for a couple of minutes while she said these words to me.
David, daddy, will you always be my daddy?
Yes I will always be your daddy and you will always be mine, baby girl.
She smiled big and went on to add, and this cunt you like to abuse so badly.. The one that fits your hand like a glove, the one we’re inside rn, both of us together, you OWN it.mits your property. Get me the deed and I’ll sign it over to you free and clear bought and paid for and all yours to do with as you please anywhere any time by you or whoever you want to share it with. I will never tell you no.
That’s very generous of you sweety. It’s my most valued possession and you’ve made me the happiest man in the universe by doing this for me do you even realize how much a priceless piece of pussy such as this one we’re holding hands inside means to this man? I’m humbled. I can assure you that out of every other basic bitch’s plain old one trick pony of a pussy there’s not a single one I’ll ever trade this one in for and that I promise you on my own cock and balls and everyone I love. I am content with just this and even after time takes its toll and all the brutal shit I’m bound to run thru it over our lives I will always be happy to be the owner of this particular pussy. I think I love you babygirl
David daddy I love you so much but I’m not your babygirl anymore
Ok who are you then? Morgan?
Yeah that too but I’m not just Morgan either. From now on I’m your dirty butt slut with a stretched out gaping cunt to fuck, an anal loving filthy cocksucking cum guzzling kinky freaky pet pig and your personal whore to pimp out to anyone you want
You’re the best one of those there ever was or ever I’ll be and I’m a very lucky man to have you.
One more thing David daddy. A favor for me?
Sure anything.. You name it.
Get that handsome cock hard and fuck my hungry holes. You’ve still got a v-card that needs to be taken. And you better fucking take it too. Don’t take it easy on me. I’m not happy til you use my every hole as your cum dump and leave me dripping your DNA out of them all

I pulled our hands out of that mess and brought them very slowly up close to our faces. With an evil ominous glare I locked eyes with my fuck puppet and detected a slight tremor as she met my intense glare so I knew she heard me loud and clear and without uttering a single syllable she understood that I was communicating a warning to get ready bc I’m not going to play nice. Then with our fingers still intertwined I stroked her cheek and told her how pathetic her existence was and how she disgusts me so much I didn’t want her to even look at me bc I’m going to be pretending your someone else this entire time I made her repeat the words I’m a worthless fuck puppet whose sole purpose is to serve me by offering up her set of holes and that the most important thing in her life is to make sure my cum stays drained from my balls so it can keep her whore holes filled and be disposed of in her cum dump bc she is the proper trash receptacle hen I wrapped my hand around her thin neck and squeezed as tight as I could waiting for her veins to pop out and eyes to bulge then finally with her lights out I carried her out side and laid her down on the dirty forest floor behind our house. I strung up four ropes from nearby trees and restrained each limb by her wrists and ankles making sure the ropes stay taught so she would have the very least range of motion possible. Then I squatted down on my haunches and let my mind wonder while I waited for her to regain consciousness. I got my mind into fuck mode again and did some stretches to loosen up and center myself so I remember to be safe and that its not real. I’m not really the sexual deviant monster of a man I was about to play. This is just an act and I’m a David a gentle kind loving romantic loyal man who’s favorite thing in the world is holding her in his arms to let her know she is always safe with me. Morgan is a girl a young girl with an amazing skill set and charming personality who’s devoted everything she has including herself to me and who loves me very much. She’s also a bratty lil tease who will learn sooner or later that teasing leads to taking and she did practically order me to take it. I like it when she bosses me around. Hey I think I heard a rustle in the leaves she must be waking up. I think it would make her happy if when she wakes up I already have my hard meat stick down her throat so she has to gasp for air before she even realizes what’s happening lol she’ll freak out an think she’s really choking. I love seeing that panic stricken look of terror she gets on her face. The best is when she turns white as a ghost and her eyes open up really wide. Sometimes I can see her jugular pulsating if I can make her heart pound out of her chest.

I walk over to where she lays restrained on the ground defenseless and unzip my pants. Then I said fuck it this is my property I’ll get butt naked if I god damn well please. So I stripped off all my clothes and she still didn’t have her eyes open. So I walk over and look at her. Kinda concerned bc she should definitely be awake by now. But then I look again and suddenly realize this bratty bitch is faking it. So I say hey shit head. Throw a pine cone at her head. It bounces off but she’s really trying to win an Oscar so I start to get that feeling only she can cause in the pit of my stomach or more accurately the belly of the b**st. This is no game. She’s poking the monster and getting him agitated bc she knows I need help to be mean and also bc the sex will be better for both of us if she can get me tapped into to the evil that’s always lurking just under my skin. What I love about her is her courage to do this everytime she senses I need a little nudge to get into my character. Without a single ounce of fear in her little body she knows by doing this it will almost certainly mean the most pain and cruelest degradation as possible within the limits of our contract & yet here we are again. Before I even make a move she’s got my monster salivating with the promise of the v******e and hainous sex acts he needs to feed his bloodlust or he won’t be easy to put back in his cage.
I pace up and down the length of my piece of property and have the sudden need to pee hit me just as I spin on my heels to pace back towards her precious fake AF sleeping face and before I take two steps an idea hits me as clear as day & just as necessary as he urge to empty my bladder. Ima make it rain babygirl. Get ready to take a shower in gold you faking brat. Now I’m the one wearing a sheepish grin from ear to ear & with a bounce in my step I damn near skip back to where I can stand directly over her face & stare down at her summoning the anger I have to have before the monster can be released from his securely locked & guarded cage he’s held captive in at all times impossible for him to escape & only able to be released once I have summoned all the anger I am allowed to use in or scene together. Then he has to climb out & thru the clutter of my soul before he makes his way to the surface to rear his ugly, extremely homely face or what’s left of it anyway after that brush with the angel that accidentally got trapped in my soul supposedly after some clerical error in heaven’s human resources department or whoever is responsible for assigning & dispatch of those annoyingly cheerful cherubs. Yeah that self righteous mother Mary cunt sprayed him in the face with her holy water which is what they carry instead of mace.. Anyway I’m stalling bc she’s so cute and after that show of emotions with her gifting me full ownership & managerial rights to market her pussy I’m mean that’s the ultimate act of selfless submission & then the magic I felt when we bonded . I have his gooey lump in my throat that makes me wanna puke like I get when I see young lovers engage in extremely cheesy acts of PDA so I think it’s blocking the hatred from getting all the way through & into my blood bc it still far from boiling. But I won’t have any trouble draining the main vain. Squat down on her face and rub my asshole on her nose. Then I find enough evil to grab her face and squeeze like I’m checking the air pressure in an inflatable ball & try to pop her head like a giant zit. Wake up you fake fraudulent cunt I know you hear me open you fucking eyes bitch! Do it now or I’ll squeeze all the sit for brains & pubescent puss out of that adorable skull of yours which is going to me me one very angry beaver bc that will mean one less hole & zero skulls to fuck.. Slap each side of her face harder & harder then stick my fingers down into the black earth & scoop up two hand foils of soil to shove in her mouth so I can get her to open wide & saw ahhhhhhhh in preparation of her pee pee mouth wash to help clean that dirty cocksucking whorish mouth of hers. Finally ingest my whole hand in her mouth but not without having to damn near pack both her cheeks full of forest floor dirt & decaying insects. It’s always the hard way with you bratty bitch face pigs isn’t it? Why can’t you take the easy way the one with the least resistance for both of us & make life just a tiny bit simpler huh? HUH BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP GOD DAMN YOU WHO HE FUCK YOU THINK YOURE FOOLING OUT OF YOU & ME BC YOU KNOW & I KNOW & THERES NO FUCKING AUDIENCE WATCHING YOUR ATAR PERFORMANCE HERE YOU BIRD BRAINED NINNY. UNLESS YOURE TRYIN TO SHOW OFF FOR A FAMILY OF SQUIRRELS? That wouldn’t surprise me actually as squarely as you get sometimes you’re sure as hell nutty enough too tryin to play dead like your an opossum is that it? ANSWER ME GOD DAMN YOU SLUTTY SET OF FUCK HOLES YOU ARE! I’m not into n*********a & I absolutely will not tolerate being ignored so what’s it gonna be you rise & shine sleeping beauty so I can get you all showered up & looking pretty before I fuck you to death? I get the idea to hold her cocksucking whore mouth open with a couple sticks so I look around & spot some branches. I break off two pieces & go squat back down with my asshole right on her nose again? Can you tell me what I had for breakfast back there you human toilet? If you’re lucky there’s still some tracer rounds in there you can invite your Forrest friends over for shit corn out of a cripple cunt? I’m on full throttle now my anger is maxed & that means no more mr gentleman. I pause for a second hoping she’ll come to before I have not get all amped up & have to hurt her. I’m in freaky fuck mode bc I wanna stab that intact hymen with my sick like I’m spear fishing in Cripple Cunt Creek down there. Dumb bitch. Fine I’ll tell you what you spoiled brat I’m gonna make you booger queen & I’m the booger king & you can have it your way & ruin a once in alive time event bc it’s like we’re not even sharing the experience together BC YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID I MEAN REALLY MORGAN YOU HAVE TO BE THE STUPIDEST BICHNOF ALL ILL BET YOU that when you & all the other stupid bitches get together to exchange the shitty thoughts that ooze out your shit for brain heads through your ears that are completely worthless bc you can’t listen to anything with all the shit in your brains. But as I was saying I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck even your stupid bitch friends see you & say now here’s one dumb cunt if I ever did see one. Am I right or am I right you fucked off excuse for a sleeping beauty. No prince is gonna wanna kiss that dirty cocksucking whorish looking big ass blabbering brat mouth of yours unless you let me wash it out with my organic mouthwash that may or may not be alcohol free depending on how much whiskey I had to drink the night before to try & forget I’ve been cursed to be the owner of a stupid bitch’s crippled cunt & the big ass blabbering cocksucking whorish looking mouth she likes filled with rotting exoskeletons and straight dirt but refuse to rinse out with mouthwash. How stupid can shit for brain bratty bitch be seriously. That’s it I fucking swear to Christ’s holy taint that I’m done giving you chances. The next time you smell what I ate for breakfast you better prepare yourself to get hurt dumb ass cripple cunt fake acting possum playin Forrest fraud. Here I come. I go over for the last time & just smear my asshole all over her face. Fart on her forehead & tell her that’s the only kiss I’m giving her til she opens her eyes or I’m going to the camp ground & rounding up all the nasty homeless dudes who live in tent city & share diseased needles. I’m gonna go down there & round up every crusty balled hepatitis infested bum I can find & we’ll have em line up for a piss parade since you think you’re so god damn cute & can piss on my parade with getting hurt for it I’m gonna have a whole parade of pissing bums in honor of my embarrassment of a piece of pussy property & the biggest mistake of my life. Then for the grand finally I’m gonna let them gang bang your already over worked back door party room & leave a mess so filled with homeless diseases your whole ass will probably fall off by this time ?next Tuesday?. I punch her so hard right in her dirt filled chipmunk cheeks that there no way anyone could get sucker punched like that & keep up their fake sleep charade. She made an sound like a groan but the dirt in her cheeks is starting to get muddy & run down that deep dick taking porn star throat I trained when she was still my pet puppy with a pussy living in her kennel. I knew as more dirt turned to mud it would get to be too much to swallow even for a cum guzzling brat with a gallon of love in her tummy yummy yummy. So she will start choking on the mud & have to sit up to spit, I never taught her how to spit but even a stupid shit for brains bitch like her should have enough since to spit whatever is choking her out of her mouth, hard skull fucking deep throat stabbing dicks excluded. The day she tries to spit my dick out as I’m about to send some more yummy yummy love down to her tummy we will have a serious problem. I know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong I wouldn’t murder her for that. There would be some serious redirection & intensive jaw breaking blow job marathons, but c’mon who am I gonna find to let me treat them worse than almost everyone in America treats a****ls that also comes as a complete package including an all rights waiver & bargaining rights to her

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