My First Time

My First Time
My First Time
Although I played sports (Basketball, and Swimming) and was tall well built and athletic, I always seemed to be an outsider. My father a big wheel attorney was a tall well built Nordic guy. He traveled a lot especially to Southern California, being in demand in the entertainment industry. Mom was a Black woman, a professor at U of W often involved in projects especially in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. Growing up in Washington State in those times left me confused and without a culture, I was neither white nor black and there is no mulatto culture. Of course within the family there was no racial distinctions but just step outside the door into the real world and …. Well I didn’t belong and I became introverted and withdrawn. When I was 12 my mother died suddenly, at 15 father remarried. Barb the new wife was a really beautiful woman who seemed to have little time for me but I was into my sports, as well as really into school. I seriously loved to study and learn all manner of things. So it was that at 19, I was a recent HS grad, totally without experience at anything important and still a virgin. For sex I fantasized over my step mother and Playboy mags. Oh of course I masturbated but there had been no serious face to face fucking with anyone.
I had spent the morning working on our pool, vacuuming the leaves and cleaning the filters. Starting the heaters and checking chlorine levels as I scoped the neighbor lady with the grass stained knees working in her flowerbeds. She was at least 50 but a really firmed 50. I kept checking out her butt in her tight shorts as she bent over pulling weeds. She seemed to keep catching me staring and she would smile back at me like she could read my mind. About noon I went inside for lunch. Barb had just come home. Dressed in a dark gray suit with a white blouse she made my mouth water. She was wearing her “aviator” style sunglasses that made her look like an executive pilot for a commercial airlines that had gotten her job by fucking the boss and the Chairman of the Board. Actually Barb sold real estate. While getting a beer from the frig she informed me she and dad were having dinner at Canlis with a couple of his clients and would be home late. Sounds like a train wreck to me, Christ she always got blasted when she drank which means no work for her tomorrow. And that will fuck up my day catering to her hangover, I thought being personally bitchy. I started to go upstairs to shower when she asked me if I would go next door and help Miss Kennedy. Our neighbor had called Barb and asked if I could check out the water situation in her kitchen sink. Barb told me to just go in through the patio Jada would be in the kitchen to explain the problem.
As I entered the kitchen no one was there and I called out giving my name. “Hello, anybody here, this is Jason … Miss Kennedy?” I hear a shout from upstairs “Call me Jada, the problem is up here”. As I got to the top of the stairs Jada is standing there with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her body. She’s pointing at the bathroom sink. “No water, at the sink.. Jason can you scope it out and tell me if I need a plumber.”
“Sure thing Miss Kennedy” I reply. Again she tells me “Call me Jada, Please. We’re neighbors”
Jada left to change into clothing and it takes me about 20 seconds to find that the shut off valves under the sink have been turned off manually. I turn them on and we have water. I get up off the floor and turn around to find Jada still in the white bath towel just watching with a silly grin. “I saw you staring at me this morning, you like my ass don’t you Jason. Every time I caught you I could see your dick was bulging in those shorts”
My eyes keep looking at the floor as firmly as my dick was again pressing into the fabric of my shorts.
” Jason I think you’re a virgin, she teases I can see it in the shyness of your face.” She dropped the towel. Standing there naked she begins with, “Starting today we’re going to teach you all about fucking. No more magazines, only real people, and movies with real people. ” Staring at my wood Jada began fondling my dick through the gym trunks. “Oh such a hunk of meat, you’re dripping pre-cum already”. I had an instant hard on and cum was oozing making a wet spot on the shorts. “I love the energy of young cock”, she tells me as she kisses me while still rubbing on the mushroom head through the cloth. Reaching down inside the shorts she levered my stiff cock out and in one motion drops to her knees taking that black hunk deep into her mouth. She pumped it once or twice. Fearing I would explode into her mouth I pushed her head back as I too quickly came shooting cum all over her chin and her tits. Milking my dick she licked it clean of cum, her mouth worked the head and without warning I came again. It shot all over, in her hair dripping down onto her tummy, god what a mess.
With laughing eyes she stammers that fixing that lack of control should be the first order of business, if it weren’t for the excitement those sudden blasts of cum bring to the moment. She personally enjoyed watching a young buck lose control. She confided that the second time I came, she came also simply from enthusiasm.
As she licked my dick clean again she asked that next time I shouldn’t pull out of her mouth. “Many women” she whispered “are excited by making younger boys come in their mouths. It’s their thick rich cum. A youths cum is all salty and sweet and so fresh” she explains all the time rubbing the head of my dick over her lips.
Jada it turns out is a Psychiatrist that specializes in sex therapy. Some of the most important people in Seattle society are her clients. She led me into her bedroom and put in a video tape explaining we need to watch this together. Suffice it to say the tape shows just about every perversion available to two people.
The attention Jada was giving me went on for a several weeks. We experiment with many of the things we viewed together in the videos. She explained the pros and cons of different positions and techniques. I was having a wonderful summer vacation. Jada’s claim to fame for me was teaching me to control my orgasms with the muscles in my groin and the sense that women want sex as badly as men but the culture is stacked against them. Eventually I could go for hours without losing my erection or blowing my load. My gift to her was the ability upon request to fuck her doggy style while reaching around pinching and tugging her nipples. She loved it, and she could orgasm many times fairly easily. Eventually I was doing her anally with essentially the same techniques. It had been a great summer of learning about sex and how relationships function. When I left in the Fall for my freshman year at Stanford I was ready, as she had told me she would, Jada had given me many skills. Not the least of which was self confidence and the mindset that if it’s going south just walk away.

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