Wife, her best friend and I go to ABS round 2

Wife, her best friend and I go to ABS round 2
As told to me from a good Friend

If you have read our previous writings you know that my wife’s best friend has become more and more involved in our sex life. It started with her video taping us in a video store, to her preparing dinner for us in only an apron, to inviting us to suck on her breasts, to joining us at an adult video store where we had a 4 some. We have all been anxious for our next adventure.
If you have read our stories you know my wife is a kinky sexy woman who can squirt enough to end any drought. She has a wicked kinky side. In this past year she had me suck a cock through a gloryhole and she also pegged my ass in a video store as her best friend (who I refer to as WBF) video taped the whole thing. She loves fucking with my mind as she fucks my body. For example she had me blindfolded as she fucked me in the video booth, not letting me know her friend was watching and videotaping. She at times is more reserve and does not like when she feels unsafe, so in a video booth she can get scared off if she hears the constant jiggle of the handle. She loves fucking in the car, and is always open to pulling over to have a quick backseat fuck.
If you have read our stories you will also know about us that we were high school sweethearts who went in different directions in college, both married someone else and ended up both getting a divorce. Then we reconnected in our 40’s and it has been like we have been in our teens again. We are crazy in love, and super horny for each other and we are always up for an adventure. We have been exploring sexual sides of us we never even knew we had.
Finally if you have read our stories, you know about me that I had been to gloryholes in my 30’s (I had divorced before my wife divorced her husband) and had some fun finding women and couples there. One time while I was there I saw a hot young woman kneeling and sucking cock from the booth opposite mine. I could not see her face but her body was perfect. After she finished him off she turned towards me and just before I stood and stuck my cock thru I saw her face. I was more than surprised to see that is was my niece. I hurried out of the booth before she could see me or she could suck me. It was a story my wife later revealed to my niece (you can read about it in my stories “surprise at the glory hole” and “surprise at the gloryhole-the follow up”). Since we have been married my wife has had me suck a cock for her through a gloryhole because it was always her fantasy to see me suck a cock. It was my first time ever sucking a cock.
The last time her, her best friend and I went to a ABS we all lived out some of our fantasies. I got to watch my wife suck another mans cock for the first time, I also got to see her eat another woman’s pussy. She got to watch another man suck my cock and she also got to watch her friend suck my cock. The wife’s bestfriend (WBF) got to live out many of her fantasies and even discovered she has a mommy fetish that she lived out. Her highlights were she got to fuck a man half her age and at one time she had my cock in her mouth, a strangers mouth on her breast and her best friends mouth on her pussy.
This all leads us to setting up our next adventure. My wife decided that one of us had to be blindfolded at the bookstore. It is a real kink of hers. She likes fucking with our minds and she likes having her mind fucked with. So as a way to determine who would be blindfolded we made a bet. The WBF has never squirted and I always brag that I can make any woman squirt (I taught my wife how to squirt). So my wife came up with this plan. “Using only your hands you need to make WBF squirt. If you do she will be blindfolded. If you don’t then you will be blindfolded. If you make her gush but not squirt then I will be blindfolded.” I could not care less about the bet, what I heard was I was going to get to play with her best friends pussy. So on a Thursday night on our living room couch I sat with WBF who was naked and I was given permission to touch her all I wanted, but only with my hands. My wife sat across the room pants off masturbating as she watched me fondle her friend. I wanted to kiss her friend and to suck on her hard nipples but I knew I could only use my hands. I really had no doubt that I could make WBF squirt. She had been so awaken sexually recently and she was so uninhibited that I knew she would have no problem letting go. As I massaged her g-spot she was squirming more and more. Her pussy was grabbing at my fingers. I kept whispering her to “let go, don’t hold back!” As I was doing this I looked over at my wife who had already started squirting and had a large puddle on the floor beneath her. WBF let out with a loud moan and her hips lifted off the couch and she begged me not to stop and then she unloaded. There is nothing hotter then watching a woman squirt, and she has never looked hotter. When she was really going I pulled my fingers from her pussy and watched as her pussy shot the cum every bit as hard as my wife was doing across from her. I did what I always do when I am with a woman squirting, I leaned down and stuck my mouth over her pussy and drank up as much of her pussy juice as I could, but it was too much and I had to pull away. Wow it tasted so good. She grabbed my head and pulled me back in and I used my tongue to make her squirt again and again. Once she turned that faucet on, there was no turning it off. Finally out of exhaustion she let go and I fell to the floor. At which point my wife stood up and said “looks like you will be wearing the blindfold, you used your mouth”. I would have tried to argue but I knew I would lose that battle. I also knew my wife knew I would lose the bet because she knew it was impossible for me not to go down and catch the squirt in my mouth. It is an addiction I have.
So that leads us to this last Tuesday morning and the three of us pulling into Mr. Peeps on 122nd street. It was early enough that there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot and I assumed those were likely the workers.
My wife told me that we were going to go into the buddy booths (with the voyeur windows) and her and her friend will go in one booth and I in the other. I was to put in $20 in the machine, open up the window, strip naked and then put on the blindfold. When they were ready one of them would come in and suck me off while the other watched from the window. (They said they would knock three times so I knew it was them). They said “YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHO IT WAS THAT SUCKED YOU”
I entered the booth and put the money in as instructed. Meanwhile they entered the booth next to me and put in the money. I pushed the button waiting for them to accept and open their side. It was uncomfortable being on display. Finally their window opened and what I saw was the two of them making out. It was a hot passionate kiss and it was causing a reaction in me. They finally stopped kissing and turned towards me. They gave me a look that told me to strip. As I stripped my wife moved behind her best friend and lifted her shirt, exposing her breasts to me. I was growing hard watching her play with her best friends breasts. Finally I was naked and watched as my wife’s hands slipped into her friends pants. I was hard and stroking. My wife had me take a Viagra before we got to the video store, she said she wanted me at my best. I think it was working. I don’t normally take Viagra but when we want to have an all day fuck fest then I do. Finally they motioned for me to put on my blindfold as they continued to kiss and fondle each other. I was hearing the sounds from the sex on my video, I also was wondering what was happening in the booth next to me. This is why my wife likes blindfolds, she knows that the imagination can be so erotic. She knew that I was curious what was happening in that booth next to me. I was wondering if they were kissing still, or were they naked? was one of them going down on the other? did one of them bring a strap on that they were using on the other? What were they going to do to me? Would they really just suck me off or would there be more? Who would come into my booth? I was pretty confident I would know which one it was because I knew how my wife sucked my cock. No one has ever sucked my cock like she does. She is amazing and has a style all her own. So I would know if it was her….what if they did not come in at all? What if they were having too much with each other to come over to my booth? What if they left the booth and someone else was watching me? Just then I heard three knocks on my door.
I reached for the door handle-it took me a few seconds to find it being blindfolded and I opened the door. I felt someone walk in and push me back towards the tv. Then I felt a hand on my cock and another on my chest, both hands rubbing me. I knew to keep my hands behind my back, that was the prearranged rule. If I was to move my hands they would move them for me. I so wanted to touch the person touching me. I was not sure yet who this was, I knew it was a woman and that is all I could tell. I felt her slide down my body and start kissing my cock. This definitely was not my wife. I knew it was not her. My wife is what I call a dirty cocksucker. She sucks me, she sucks my balls, she slaps her face with my cock, she slaps her breasts with my cock, she gags on my cock, she fingers my ass as she sucks me. I know her every touch and her ever sound. This was not her. So I could only assume it was her friend. Just then I was spun around and pushed to face the window and pushed up against it. My hands were moved to the front of me against the wall. I was leaning up against the window giving the viewers a good view of what was happening. Who I assumed was WBF was kneeling behind me and she spread my cheeks and started rimming my ass like nothing I have ever experienced. She was not just licking the outside or kissing it, she was tongue fucking the hell out of me and I was loving it. She reached through my legs and started stroking me. Fuck this was amazing. My wife was a dirty cocksucker, but her best friend (well I assume), was even dirtier. I was not going to last long. She spun me around again putting my back to the screen and her feet to the door. This gave my wife a great view of what was happening. This was not going to be a long slow cock sucking, this was going to be a sprint. She took my cock in her mouth she moved my leg and lifted it so it was over her shoulder and she moved her lubed finger (from her pussy) into my ass. Fuck she was sucking and fucking the hell out of me. It was unbelievable. I was holding onto the wall for balance. Within minutes I was shooting my cum down her throat and she never moved away. She swallowed every last drop. She kept sucking until I could not take any more. finally she got up and gave me a soft slap on the face (like a love pat) and left.
A few minutes later I was trying to get dressed and I heard a knock on the door, knowing this was a signal to tell me we were leaving. I took off my blindfold and noticed the window had been closed. I finished getting dressed. I exited the booth to my two beautiful women and they each took an arm. They looked pleased and excited. We walked out of the store all joined together. Just as I was getting ready to smugly say to WBF ‘You are a great cock sucker”, a car pulled out of the parking lot driving past us at the door. They honked and waved. My wife and her best friend waved back. As I stood in shock. It was my niece who is now in her late 30’s.
Fuck! here were my thoughts that went quickly thru my head.
Was this a coincidence? (not likely)
Did my wife set this up? Having her drive out just to mess with my head? (yep she would do that)
Did my wife let my niece watch me get my cock sucked by her best friend as a pay back for me seeing her naked and sucking cock all those years ago? (She definitely would do that)
Would my wife have my niece suck my cock as she watched as a completion to an erotic event of our pasts? (yep she would do that but don’t know if my niece would).
My wife slapped my on my chest as a bit of a “WAKE UP!” and she smiled and said “You will never know!”
Damn her and her mind games.

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