Cuckold Trial Quickly Gets Out Of Hand ?! Part 1

Cuckold Trial Quickly Gets Out Of Hand ?! Part 1
My wife and I had spoken a lot about finding her a black bull to cuckold me, but was very nervous about how to get things started.

We’d been messaging a few guys through chat rooms but one in particular seemed to get my wife’s interest. He’d picked up her nervousness through chats and seemed to say the right things to relax her and suggested taking things slowly. His name was Alex and he invited us to meet him at a hotel for drinks and chat and see what came of it. He suggested that if my wife wanted to take things easy and slowly we could have a bit heavy petting and mutual masturbation as a sort of introduction to each other, if she was comfortable with everything. She was happy with Alex’s ideas of taking it slowly, I reassured her that this was probably the best way to introduce us to cuckolding but deep down I hoped it would go further as the thought of seeing her destroyed by a huge black cock was starting to become an obsession of mine.

The night of the rendezvous came and we drove to the hotel where we’d arranged to meet. We met Alex in the hotel bar, he was waiting for us when we arrived. Alex was a power house of a man, about 6’6” tall with with a very muscular build, smartly dressed in a suit. He dwarfed my 5’ wife as they hugged and introduced each other. Once we’d gotten the intros out of the way we settled into a booth with drinks. There was no small talk from Alex, he jumped straight into what he had in mind for the night and reassured my wife that he would only go as far as she was comfortable with, and asked if we were ready would we like to go up to the room he’d booked. We rode the lift up to the top floor and along to the suite that he’d booked. I could sense the nervousness in my wife as we entered the room. She looked amazing in the short skirt and tight white blouse that hugged her curvy figure.

Once in the room Alex poured us all drinks and asked us if we were both Ok. We both nodded and took big drinks to settle our nerves. I was starting to get an erection in anticipation of what was about to possibly happen. Alex asked me if I was ok with him making out with my wife, which I nodded looking him straight in the eye. He didn’t waste anytime in moving over to her and putting his black lips to hers and passionately kissing her, my wife kissed him back pushing her tounge in his mouth and rubbing her hands across his muscular chest. After minutes exchanging saliva with my wife, Alex stood up and removed his suit jacket and shirt showing us his ripped physique, he beckoned her to stand up and remove her top as well. She nervously removed her top exposing her underwear, he tenderly cupped her breasts with his massive hands and asked if he could remove her bra, which she said yes to. The bra was slowly removed and thrown across the room, he gently sucked her nipples moving from breast to mouth kissing her.

Alex then said he was going to strip naked and lie on the bed and asked my wife to do whatever she was comfortable doing. I could see his trousers were rising in the groin area and wondered what we were about to be shown! I was amazed at the size of Alex’s semi erect cock as it swayed about as he removed his clothes and I could see the shock on her face as she stared at this massive black cock that was inches away from her. He jumped on the bed and lay on his back stroking his dick to what must of been more than 12” of black dick. My wife hesitated slightly but then moved up on the bed next to him as I sat on the other side of the bed. They kissed again and the sight of my topless wife kissing a naked black man with his now fully erect cock pointing to the ceiling gave me a painful erection in my pants.

As they kissed he squeezed her tits as her hand moved down to his cock and starting slowly stroking him. His cock in her small hand looked immense. She slowly stroked it with one hand barely fitting her hand around his girth bringing his dick to this absolute huge fuck stick that made me wonder how he could even fuck my wife as I don’t think it would even fit! Her strokes to his cock were now faster as they continued to kiss, she was now eyes open as they kissed staring at this incredible black cock with total lust in her eyes. I knew what was coming next as she moved down to position herself to suck his cock. She started by licking the huge brown end of his cock as pre cum started oozing out of the huge eye of his dick that would of easily accommodated one of my wife’s little fingers, the tip of his cock was now in her stretched mouth as he bucked up forcing his cock into her mouth making her gag as she hungrily devoured this massive black dick. I just sat there amazed as she fucked this BBC with her mouth, trying but failing to deep throat it as the size of it was just physically impossible. Drool ran down his cock as she moved between his legs to suck on his balls again barely fitting each ball into her mouth as she wanked his dick, rubbing her saliva into his cock which was now swollen to the thickness of a beer bottle and making her hand unable to fit all the way round. Alex lay there as she continued to orally please him spitting on his cock and squeezing the tip of his cock as she continued sucking on his balls, she then beckoned him to raise his legs up parting his ass cheeks to expose his smooth black ass hole, which she proceeded to lick and rim him out whilst stroking his cock. Alex moved onto all fours opening his ass and allowing my wife to stick her tounge deep into his ass as his cock swayed between his legs nearly touching the bed as my wife’s hands continued to pull it like she was milking him as she continued to rim him out. Her spit drooled down his balls and cock as she hungrily licked and sucked at his smooth black bum hole.

After ages of My wife rimming him out she moved across the bed and kissed me on the lips, asking if I can taste his black cock and ass. I was ready to explode in my pants as she asked if it was ok for Alex to fuck her! I agreed and helped her out of her clothes till she was completely naked, I put my hand on her soaking wet pussy as she continued to kiss me. Alex went to a bag and fetched a bottle of lube as he knew he was going to need it, walking back towards us squirting lube on his black weapon as my wife lay on the bed.

As Alex moved onto the bed on top of my wife, she looked at me and asked if I would put his cock into her. I moved between Alex’s legs as his cock lay resting on her dripping cunt and positioned the head of his dick onto the entrance of her pussy as he eased it into her as she gasped as he slowly kept pushing till it stretched open her wanting cunt as inch after inch slid into her bottoming out as her toes curled at about 9”, slowly pulling back out as her pussy tightly gripped it as though she wouldn’t let go……………….to be continued!

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