new rules part 5

new rules part 5
mark as you are the oldest you have the final say on how and when the money is spent enjoy good luck and goodbye’ the smartly dressed man departs
‘oh shit’ says sally
‘sorry boys but we were only mucking about’ says katy
‘well looks likes the shoes on the other foot now’ says dick
‘not quite’ says mark ‘you heard him i’m in charge so it looks like now all 3 of you will do as i say some of this is your fault dick you had to cum on katys panties didn’t you ? and you think it was a bit of fun katy although if i’m honest i did like eating my cum but thats beside the point payback is going to be a bitch’
‘come on it was harmless i was just horny thats all’says dick
‘shut up for now you still stick to the rules and you 2 as well katy sally strip’ says mark
‘please bro’ says dick
mark kicks him in the bollocks ‘don’t forget no talking’
‘sally i’m hungry go in the kitchen and make us all some food chips and sausages i think’
sally goes to the kitchen
‘katy i think you need to phone becky tell her you were being a cunt explain what you were doing tell her to come around for some payback tell her you will do anything she says’ says mark
katy picks up the phone and dials beckys number
‘hi becky sorry i was being a cunt today we thought there wasn’t a will so my ma made up a bunch of rules for the boys to follow otherwise they would be homeless and penniless well i’m sorry but there was a will and mark is now in charge of everything he told me to ask you to come over please and that i am to do everything you say’

‘ok lets sit at the table ready for some food’ says mark ‘dick tie katys hands behind her back and her legs to the chair she’s sitting on so they are spread and her cunt is available’
dick ties katys hands behind her back and her legs to the chair legs so they are spread open
sally brings in plates full of sausages and chips
‘sally as katys hand are tied you will have to feed her i want you to take those chips shove them up her cunt then feed them to her i expect it will be uncomfortable for her as they are very hot but nevermind i would have covered them in cum for her but my cock is still sore’ mark smiles
‘dick stand up wank over your plate then eat your food’
sally takes a chip pushes it into katys cunt katy screams then sally takes the chip out and puts it in katys mouth
‘don’t just push it in then pull it out again fuck her with it a couple of time then feed it to her’ says mark
dick is wanking over his plate the sight of sally fucking katy with chips then feeding them to her is too much for him and he blows his load over his plate then sits down to eat
‘stop’ says mark ‘you forgot to ask if you could cum so stand up and wank it again that wasn’t a very big load anyway i’m sure you can do better’
‘sally push a finger up katys cunt and finger her a bit is she getting wet yet?’
sally pushes a finger into katys cunt and slowly fucks her ‘faster’ says mark
sally fucks her faster with her finger
‘is she wet?’
‘yes she is’ says sally
‘yes she is sir’
‘yes she is sir’ says sally
‘good i want her chips to have her cunt juice on them so keep feeding her chips after you dip them in her cunt and you can start eating your food now dip all yours in her cunt as well ‘
sally takes one of her chips pushes it into katys cunt fucks her with it then eats it then takes one of katys chips shoves that up katys cunt fucks her with it then puts it in katys mouth
theres a knock at the door mark stands up and opens the door
‘hi mark’ says becky ‘why are you nude?’
‘i couldn’t be bothered to get dressed not when everyone else is nude , come in and enjoy the show , they will all do anything you tell them to no matter how humiliating it is for them’
becky come in and walks over to the table just as sally is dippinng another chip into katys cunt then fucking her with it then eating it
‘hmm sally do you have any mustard the hotter the better’ says becky
‘yes we do’
‘yes we do mistress’ says mark
‘yes we do mistress’ says sally
‘go get it then dip the chips in the mustard before you stick them upher cunt that would be more amusing’ says becky
katy shakes her head
becky walks behind her take her nipples one in each hand pulls them and twists them as hard as she can
katy screams in pain
‘never shake your head at me again understood?’
‘yes mistress’ gasps katy
sally comes back with the mustard then dips one of katys chips in it then shoves it up katys cunt and fucks her with it katy groans and sally puts the chip in her mouth
‘sally take one of the sausages and stick it up your arse’ says mark
‘oh thats disgusting’ says becky
‘she got me to fuck her arsehole then eat my cum from her arse earlier so i think its only fair’ says mark
sally pushes a sausage up her arse
‘push it in so only the tip is sticking out use squeeze your arse to keep it in there while you finish the rest of your chips and finish feeding katy hers’
‘please may i cum ‘ says dick
‘stop wanking’ says becky
‘why are you doing this to dick ?’ says becky
‘because i can and because he liked wanking over their knickers which is one of the reasons this all happended’ says mark
‘ah i see , dick dip a finger in the mustard then rub it over the tip of your cock then carry on wanking’ says becky
‘please no’ says dick
‘hands behind your head legs spread ‘ says mark
dick puts his hands behind his head and spreads his legs mark kicks him in the balls
‘you must not speak unless spoken to and when spoken to you will call me sir and becky mistress now do as you were told’
dick dips his finger in the mustard and rubs it over his cockhead crying with pain
‘put a little more mustard in the palm of your hand before you continue wanking ‘ says becky smiling ‘ i caught you looking up my skirt and down my top many times when i came here to see mark in the past’
dick puts some mustard in his hand then starts wanking again
all sallys and katys chips are gone leaving 1 sausage on sallys plate and 2 on katys plate
‘take the sausage out of your arse and eat it chew it slowy take one of katys sausages and fuck your arse with it while you eat that one’
‘please may i cum sir’ gasps dick crying in pain
‘ask becky’ says mark
‘please may i cum mistress’ begs dick
‘of course you may’ says becky
dick gasps and cums over his plate
‘good boy’ says becky ‘now sit down and eat all your food enjoy the cum when you have finished lick the plate clean we don’t want any cum wasted’
sally has finished eating her sausage and is still fucking her arse with 1 of katys sausages
‘feed that one to katy take small bites and chew it slowly katy enjoy the flavour , while she is eating it take your other sausage and fuck your arse with it ‘ says mark
‘mark your cock is hard would you like a nice blowjob ? ‘ says becky
‘sounds very nice but don’t make me cum yet i have other ideas’ says mark
becky gets on her knees takes marks cock in her mouth and sucks him while bobbing her head up and down on his shaft
becky finishes her sausage
‘take that one out of your arse sally and eat slowly it put katys last one up there and fuck yourself with it then when you finish yours feed her the last one then untie her and clear the table and wash up’says mark
grabbing beckys head in his hands and pushing it further down on his cock
dick picks his plate up and licks it clean
‘you need to stop becky please i don’t want to cum yet’ says mark
becky pulls her mouth off of marks cock sally unties katy then starts to clear the table
‘katy bend over the table and phone your boyfriend i’m going to fuck your arsehole while you talk to him i want you to tell him its over that you enjoy me fucking your arsehole better then him fucking your cunt tell him what i’m doin as i do it’
katy bends over the table mark stands behind her and pushes his cockhead into her arse katy picks up the phone dials jack ‘hiiiiii’ screams katy as mark pushes his cock all the way up katys arse ‘jack i won’t be seeing you anymore i love mark fucking me up the arse its much better than you fucking my cunt he’s fucking my arse now while i talk to you his cock is all the way up my arse he’s pulling it out now and walking round in front of me he’s going to put it in my mouth’
mark puts his cock in katys mouth and fucks her throat katy gags on it he squeezes her nose shut with his fingers while he fucks her throat she starts to turn purple he lets go of her nose takes his cock out of her mouth and then shoves it all the way up her arse again
‘he pushed his cock down my throat now he’s fucking my arse again’
becky takes the phone off of katy
‘why haven’t you hung up yet jack?’ she asks
‘listening to that spoilt bitch get whats coming to her is making me horny i’m wanking off while listening please give her the phone back
becky give the phone to katy
‘mark just took his cock out of my arse and shoved it down my throat again now he’s back to fucking my arse’ katy is crying now ‘its coming out of my arse again he’s going to put it in my mouth again’ mark shoves his cock as far down katys throat as he can while squeezing her nostrils shut then he pulls out of her mouth and starts cumming over katys face
‘he’s cumming on my face now ‘ says katy
becky takes the phone off katy again
‘did you enjoy that i hope you got off’ she says to jack
‘never came so hard in my life thank you ‘ says jack becky hang up the phone
mark starts licking his cum off of katys face
‘what the hell are you doing?’ says becky
‘i didn’t know until today but i love the taste of my cum i don’t want to waste it’ says mark licking his cum from katys nose then swallowing it

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