Part 2 Baby sitter..preggo wiv black cum!

Part 2 Baby sitter..preggo wiv black cum!
…..So young teeny Sue had been well and truly stuffed full of negro semen. Her true Afro fucker had seen to that. She had teased him in the taxi, when they 1st met. Sue as usual being skint and not been able to pay her fare. The driver a huge African immigrant had taken his fare the best way he knew how. He loved tiny slim white pussy.Sue was very impressed with what she had seen, even though she was very drunk, her memory just said….mmmmm more please.
You would have thought she was happy with her young black boyfriend, but this man was a true Lady pussy pleaser!
It was a few weeks later and I had to go out with my Black Stud to a party. I dressed with slutty clothes for him and waited by the door for him to pick me up in his MERC. Mick as usual said he was out with his mates for a drink , at the club? I knew he would be hanging about 1st to see if Sue turned up with her boyfriend to Baby Sit.
My black baby Junior was crying out from upstairs in his nursery, so I popped up and sat him on my knee, undid my peephole bra, so he could latch on to my swollen nipple. He got those Afro lips onto it and sucked away, all happy. I could feel the milk flowing fast out of my tits. After about 20 mins Junior was asleep again, I could do up my bra and go downstairs. Sue had arrived, just and said,’Oh, wow you look nice, love your, For anyone nice hey..wink, wink!!!’
‘Thanks Sue, yes my usual friend. You know what I mean…haha!’ I replied.
Sue was wearing a very tiny red and blue tartan skirt. It was just about covering her white panties and very low over her pert bum. Her top was long sleeved, cropped just under her tits, unusually I could see that her tits were over spilling her bra. Bulging out over the top of the white cups and trying to climb out underneath too? I would say she had gone up 2 cup sizes in the last few weeks?
Another thing I saw was when I got downstairs and in front of her, she seemed to have a bit of a belly on her? Her tartan skirt was turning over at the top, as her belly pushed it down?
I got straight to the point and asked her,’Hey Sue are you pregnant love?’
Sue looked sheepish and took a while to reply?
‘Erm, well, I don’t know?’ she said slowly.
‘Well, did you have your period Sue?’ i asked her.
‘Do you mean my last one?’ she asked dumbly.
‘Yes and when did you have the last one?’ I insisted!
‘ Oh, I see what you mean. I did not have last 3 ones, haha. I nearly forgot about that!,’ she told me.
‘But Sue, I did say you should use a condom and the pill, didn’t I love?’, I reminded her.
‘Yes you did, but I thought I would be OK?, She hopelessly said.
‘Why did you think that? You are a fertile young Lady and your boyfriend too. you can see what happened to me, playing with a black man. This is why I said to you,be careful playing!,’ i said
Sue said,’ I know, you see I was playing with Jamile lots for months and I still had my periods,so i thought I was OK without a condom and Jamile hates them too!’
I knew from what Mick had told me about her with the massive black immigrant an her, that she had more than Jamile’s spunk in her pussy and that about 8 weeks ago, since he had been with her in our lounge! In fact the big black man had well and truly pumped her full with his fertile filth. Never mind Sue, our sofa was still stained from the mess!
Even though I knew about her fuck session with the big stud, she did not know I knew about it. I just asked if she thought Jamile was the Father,if she was pregnant?
‘Erm, yes of course Mrs Smith, he is my boyfriend,’ she said too quickly!
‘OK Sue there was a rumour that you played with another black man? Did you love?’. I insisted.
She put her hands on her slightly swollen belly, caressing it. she looked down at it too.
‘ Please don’t say to anyone, Mrs Smith. I wanted to play with a nice man. He is older than Jamile and likes me very much, he is kind to me, wants me,’ she smiled and said still holding her belly.
‘OK, well how many times you been with him love?, I asked.
‘ I seen him a few times, last time I really wanted him, do you know what I mean?. she looked at me and said.
Well I told her, we both had a love of the feel of a big black cock and now it looked she like me had been banged up by one?
‘Oh Mrs Smith, my titties are swelling, belly swelling, even my ass is filling out.Did you feel naughty all the time when junior was in you?’ she asked.
‘ Haha, Sue, yes I did feel horny with the black baby growing in me,me and his Daddy were proud too, his Daddy could not leave me alone, no complaints there…lol!, I laughed out.’ Who then is Daddy for your Baby, Sue?’
‘Oh, please do not tell anyone, please do you promise me,’ she almost pleaded with me!’It is a guy called King Masala, an African man.’
‘My, tell me more Sue, your a dark horse!’ I lied, pretending not to know.
‘ Well I was pissed and he was a taxi driver, who let me off my cab fair for a suck of his cock and play with me. Then he said he wanted to see me again.’ she said.
‘ Ok, but your boyfriend, did you not think about him, Sue? I asked.
‘ No I never, I wanted to see the African man, so much,’ she sheepishly said.
‘ Was you in love wit that huge cock Sue?’ I knew to ask.
She blushed and said,’Oh Yes, I know he is very ugly to look at, but that cock is amazing. I love what he can do with it. Jamile can make me cum, but this Mr can blow me up in my head and pussy with pleasure. He knows how to treat a girl, that big cock drives me silly. I dream about it all the time and not happy until I have it. oh sorry I said too much.’
‘ No that is all OK Sue, I know that feeling. It will gnaw away at you all your life now, you will always want a huge black stud in you, shit I know all too well, love.’ I confessed.
‘Oh yes Mrs Smith, you and me are alike, so much, except your hubby is useless and I have a loving boyfriend! she said.
‘Does your Mr have k**s, Sue? i asked knowing secretly the answer to that.
‘ Ermmm, well he does yeah,’ she said slowly, as I would be offended in some way to know that. Or possibly since I warned her about the potent black sperm, these boys orgasm!
‘Ok, how many does he say? I mean if you know that did you ask him how many? I asked
‘ Erm, he has 6, they are in Africa to wives there,’ she said, as if they made it all OK.
‘Wives love? You mean more than 1 woman? I asked again.
‘Yes, different negro women, he has 6 boys,’ she uttered.
‘ Oh my and you fucked with him bare knowing this, how old is the youngest one,’ i was curious, as I did not know the details.
‘He is just 3 months old, younger than your Junior!’ she explained.
‘Did your Mr not say to you be careful with him Sue? I mean he knew how potent his cum would be in you, like his wives?I asked her.
‘ No, he joked with me and told me he would knock me up 1st time, I told him my boyfriend had never in months and we rode bare and how my Jamile filled me often. He laughed and said the King will bang a young nigga boy in my cute white belly and I will love it. Oh Mrs Smith please keep this a secret, please. Look at me, even you noticed how I am swelling up. Jamile has not noticed as sees me often. I said I was just getting fat, eating chocolates and that! He has not noticed about you know, well how messy I am some times, you know in my knickers. I mean he is at me all the time, filling me, like a young boy does, quick and fast. So he thinks the mess is all his! She blurted out.
‘ I see, you mean you still see the taxi driver love? I asked.
‘Yes I said to you, I can’t stop myself. I can go 2 days and then I go crazy without his attention. I will call him up after Jamile has left and he comes to pick me up, when he has done with work, so sometimes 3 am. I don’t care. He takes me to some dark alley, park up and get on the back seat with him. That big monster has his way for a few hours. I go crazy, just cumming and cumming over and over.He is different. He is so big. I can take him now, well just. He says his wives struggle too, except the oldest one? He can cum lots of times and never is he empty? I love taking his cum, I can’t explain it Mrs Smith, Oh Sorry, what am I telling you?, she said.
‘Sue, don’t worry, your secret is OK with me. He can’t knock you again, well not at the moment, haha. He has done that and has he promised, he got son number 7 in you Sue, that is for sure love, I said feeling better about it.
‘Oh Mrs Smith, will I be big do you think? I mean I am only a tiny girl, I am worried about that?’ she said.

I explained, ‘Well. it is like this love. Normally men with huge cocks deliver deep in us ladies. Like Mick when he could do it, he just made a mess on my pussy or belly, so I stopped with the pill with him as his sperm never got into me. Black boys will get into us very deeply, I mean you will know that now. They will relax you and work into your cervix, you know Sue at the top of your vagina. They know how to open our cervix’s and slide into our wombs. I think this is the feeling that makes us want more and very maternal. Once in there and at the right time in the month our cervix will close around the shaft. You will know the sign from your stud, mine usually kisses or tongues me, tells me it’s fucking lovely and stuff, sometimes a little hot squirt to reassure me, you know Sue. It is being in our wombs that makes sure the black man will be more successful than the white man. If our eggs are in our fallopians, then when he fires his seed, it splashes over the eggs, plastering them and filling our wombs. The cum cannot escape as the cervix has hold of the spunking shaft, this also makes his orgasm more intense and ours. It is just perfect…oh yes Sue, just perfect. It is how and why your Mr knew he would knock you up and I bet 1st time he fucked you love. Yes you must be ready to be very pregnant too, I mean look at you at around 8 weeks, he is growing fast in you. African sperm is powerful and strong, it will pull out the best from you to feed itself, you will eat like a horse to keep up. well I did! I can give you some nice cream for your belly as you stretch out,it helps lots. Also let Daddy sort you out until the end. Let him keep fucking you,filling you. The stretching will help you and the cum will give you the hormones you need in your pussy as it swells up. I would suck him off too often, this will help feed baby with Daddies best food. sorry you may not enjoy that?
‘Oh I love sucking him, it’s how we met remember. I often try to get him deep down my throat, even though I struggle, the bell end is so fat. He fucks my face, he loves it, holding me, treats me cheaply, then delivers in big loads. I love the taste and amount…mmmm. So no problem there, ‘ she said excited.
‘OK,love my lift is here now, look you go steady and enjoy it,’ Mick will get you a drink, ask him before he goes out,’ I said knowing Mick would be watching later to see if she was there with a black man. I noticed he had slightly opened the curtains ready.
Sue walked slowly off into the lounge, holding her new bulge, looking lots bigger when she forgot to hold it in! A King Masala special inside her womb!
I saw Mick briefly skulking about and he asked eagerly what was it all about?
‘Easy one that Mick, she’s got banged up,’ I explained.
‘Oh, the big stud, him who came round to ours last time?’ he asked me.
‘Yep, that’s him and you saw it happen to her. Poor girl. She played with more than she realised. Like lots of ladies who think it is OK and it never happened with hubby or boyfriend hey? One night with a nigga dick and a big swollen belly on it’s way and one very happy negro man, especially when it’s a white lady filled with his k**s married or not. You know Mick, like us. Your little dick was trying and trying, you were doing your best love I know, but you were not to be Daddy. But you know Sue has got me all horny and maternal feeling too,’I said.
Just then my latest Stud was at the door. Ding-Dong wen the bell.
Mick stayed to look him up and down in as he entered the hall.

Ignoring Mick, he said,’Hey Doll…mmmm…wow you look divine. Wow love the little white skirt, is it leather? Mmm my fave Doll. And wooooh, give us a twirl, seamed stockings. Wow fashioned tops and are those 6 strap sussies, mmmm. The top is devine too, yeah see through black lace. As promised peep hole bra, yeah love it. Look at those nips poking out, woooh they is big, Lady. I hopes I can please this mature beauty this eve.’
He went in for a kiss, towering over me, rather unexpected as Mick was here and they had not met. I told my new man though I was married and he was not bothered, he knew what I needed outside the marital bed. I was not objecting though to the advance. He smelt lovely and loved his hot hands on me, been a week since I had a true man. His hands found my fat saggy ass, slightly lifting the tight leather dress to feel my bare ass and 6 straps, holding up my stockings. His fingers pressing deep.
‘Wooo, that is what I like, oh yeah Doll. A nice big booty, very nice, we are gonna get on you and me Princess. I can’t wait hunny to see more later on,’ he said wanting it bad.
As we kissed I could already feel what was waiting for me later on, throbbing in his pants. Mmmm usual gold standard I thought.
‘Ok Doll lets go, sooner we get know each other the better hey,’ he asked me.
Then I stood to one side and gave Mick a quick kiss on his bald head. My new stud adjusted his bulging pants, pushing his big dick down one leg.
With that his hand on my ass we left for a night of exciting fun. Sue’s story ringing in my head still, making me over eager to get this boy in my married womb. I knew he was not going to disappoint. Mick knew too.
I said,’ Don’t wait up love, we should be back in the morning, have fun.’
I thought dirty bastard any minute sneaking a look through the curtains at Sue and her black boyfriend when he arrives to pleasure her cunt pregnant from another black.She won’t be able to keep it from him for much longer!

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