Young stupid and horny. Just after matriculation and first year at varsity, my friend Marc and I were at our peek horny stage in life where we battled to find times where we weren’t rock hard and throbbing to cum. His parents were divorced but who ever his dad had land a MILF (Stacey) who was soon to be his stepmom.
Stacey was in her 40s blonde tall, silicone tits sexy ass, cute face which I’d love to cover in my hot cum. She would be any varsity boys fantasy MILF FUCK,  and to top it all off she had a teen daughter who too was banging hot. Her Daughter Lauren, also blonde tall and sexy as fuck but Stacey was definitely the main attraction for us.

Stacey and her daughter just moved in with Marc’s dad a few months ago after being together for a number of years. During the first semester of varsity, while Marc and I were doing assignments or studying for test, we would often talk and perv about his hot stepmom to be.
The one day Marc and I were so horny, and being young and naughty we decided to go into Stacey’s lingerie and take a pair each to use to stroke our throbbing hard cocks.

Into the main room we went, giggle from naughty thoughts, we soon opened Stace’s lingerie draw. A selection of thongs and g strings as well as her 36D bra’s, my cock was absolutely throbbing while looking at all her lingerie. Lace, cotton and silk both marc and myself couldn’t decide which pair to use to help us blow our load. Marc then suggest, “why don’t we take a pair from the dirty laundry pile. I immediately agreed and off to the bathroom we went.
Marc picked up the first g string blue lace. I then picked a silky black thong, it was rather clear to see that it was smaller than the g string marc picked up so a definite sign that it was Laurens’. Marc suggest that I pick another pair of lingerie and then which ever is the odd one out we’d cover it in our hot cum. I agreed and next I picked up a white laced g string and judging by it, it was of Stacey. Off to Marcs room we went, where we examined the three items of sexy lingerie.

On looking at the silky black thong of lauren we could see the dry white marks of her juices making us even more horny. On examining Stacey’s blue and white laced g strings it was also noticeable that her pussy had been wet off late. Within seconds Marc and I were standing naked next to each other, our hard cocks exposed to each other for the first time. Laurens silky black thong on the bed while Stacey’s laced g strings was wrapped around our cocks and we started stoking back and forth.

Marc soon grunted while jerking his hard cock and I looked over to watch how he shot his hot load of cum onto Laurens sexy thong. I started to get nearer as I imagined having Stacey lay on the bed and instead of cover Laurens thong in my cum, to rather shoot it over her pretty face. I groaned as my cock exploded and my cum fell on top of Marcs cum helping cover the sexy thong. I wiped my cock clean with the lace g string feeling rather relieved after releasing my balls of the pressure. Marc and I then returned the lingerie to the dirty laundry, well if it wasn’t dirt before it sure was now, and then head back to studying.

Hard to study as we both enjoyed the orgasm we had, that we chatted and discussed to do it again the next morning before class, using the lingerie of the two sexy ladies which they would have worn today. Excite as hell the night seemed to take for ever but eventually the morning arrived.
I was soon by Marc and him and I were soon going through the dirty laundry pile. Pink and red it was. Back in his room we laid down the two g string, sexy red of Stacey and I could picture in my mind how it would look on her and the pink of Laurens which we could still feel was damp and we gathered that she must be at the stage where she’s just like us, horny as fuck. Once again I found myself next to my mate Marc, naked with my cock in my hand wanking while he wank his cock. With all the naughty thoughts of fucking this blonde milf running through my head or her daughter sucking my hard cock, it wasn’t long till my throbbing cock exploded, releasing my hot cum onto these two sexy babes lingerie. Marc groaned as well and we shot our loads to cover the g strings. Enjoying every second of this thrilling experience. Once our loads were finished, we once again returned the lingerie to the laundry.

Being relieved and satisfied, Marc and I soon left to go to class. Once in the parking lot and waiting for class to start, marc and I chatted about how much fun these last to cumming sessions were and again discussed and planned to go to his house the next afternoon after class to wank our cocks together and cover some more lingerie in our hot cum.
The next afternoon soon arrived, and after class being all excite we went to Marcs house. Walking in through the front door, there was a suprise waiting for us. Stacey was home in the kitchen and the three pairs of cum covered lingerie, red pink and black were on the kitchen counter. Oh shit I thought. Stacey immediately asked me if I was also part of this? Marc started to answer by say no it was only him but being friends I immediately stopped him and said yes we did this together.
She looked at us with a stern face as she asked what is the purpose of this. And we explained how we find her very sexy as well as Lauren. Although initially we only wanted to cum over her thongs but Laurens was also there so cover hers as well. That we were really horny and found another way of satisfying our horny cocks. Stacey seemed to have understood and just asked in stern voice please not to do it again.
Rather relieved that she was not gonna tell Marcs dad or my parents about it, Marc and I knew we got lucky but never regretted the fun we had covering that  sexy lingerie in our hot cum.

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