Obedient Wife

Obedient Wife
It all began with me taking my wife Trudy dogging after having a few drinks, the first place we tried was an out the way country park l had heard about. There was a bloke staring at us from his car he would go in and out the toilets then wonder closely to our car, so the next time he went to the gents l followed and struck up a conversation as you do then when we came out, he came over to the car and began speaking to my wife Trudy, the conversation got more personal and the bloke admitted he liked being spanked as he wanked himself, so that’s what l told Trudy to do, she nervously got from the car and we all went into the gents, he dropped his jeans and pants then bent over as my wife began slapping his bare arse while he wanked his cock, with a bit of encouragement she started slapping his bum cheeks harder which were turning red. I stood behind Trudy and rolled up her skirt then slid her knickers down the bloke having his bum slapped saw her hairy pussy and began wanking himself faster then when he was ready to shoot his load he stood upright and shot his spunk over the floor. I wasn’t finished with my wife yet, l bent Trudy over the sink and fucked her from behind as the bloke watched then when l finished with her l made my wife walk from the gents back to our car with her skirt rolled up and my sticky load running down her legs. On the way home Trudy was asking if she did alright and if l enjoyed watching her slap the bloke, l assured her she did really well but l didn’t tell her she was going to be doing a lot more in the future.
After checking out a few dogging sites online l found one fairly local and picked a lay-by for our next evening out, it was sheltered from the road. I got my wife to wear something that would display her cleavage and a short skirt to show off plenty of leg and like before l took Trudy for a drink. The lay-by was quite long, a couple of lorries were parked up and about six cars were s**ttered along the roadway, every so often l could see pathways leading into a wooded area, l told my wife we were going for a walk and got from the car to disappear up one of the pathways, we sat on a fallen tree it was about 5 minutes before the first bloke appeared, he sat next to Trudy and began telling us about the lay-by as we chatted he put his hand onto my wife’s leg then looked at me, l didn’t say anything but just watched his hand disappear under her skirt. I told Trudy to open her legs so he could get his hand into her knickers and finger her pussy there was the sound of twigs braking and 2 more blokes appeared and stood watching Trudy being finger fucked, one of the onlookers asked if he could play with her tits, l nodded, he lifted her top and bra to start sucking her nipple then my wife’s top and bra was lifted over her head so she was topless the other onlooker got behind Trudy and played with her tits. By the moist sound coming from Trudy’s pussy the bloke finger fucking her was getting my wife’s hole very wet, she began panting and making little whimpering noises, her knickers were slid down her legs and there was a damp patch on the crutch from Trudy’s juices, she stepped out of her knickers and stood up, he unfastened her skirt which then fell to the ground, Trudy was leant over the log and the bloke slid his very erect cock into my wife’s waiting wet pussy. I watched him impale Trudy on his shaft, she let out a loud ‘oh god’ and that was the last sound she made because the bloke playing with her tits held her head and shoved his thick cock into her mouth and began fucking her throat, while the bloke with his cock wedged in her pussy fucked my wife, the third bloke rested Trudy’s hand onto his cock, she automatically grasped him and started wanking the guy. The bloke fucking Trudy was building up quite a speed, her tits swung back and forth, side to side, he gave a groan and drove his cock into her hole then held Trudy onto his shaft as he emptied the contents of his balls she pushed herself backwards onto his cock, he gave another groan and started to give little jerks into her pussy then eased his now limp shaft from her frothy sticky hole. The bloke my wife was wanking got into position behind her just as the bloke fucking her mouth let out ‘ah, ah fuck’, Trudy began choking but he wasn’t going to remove his cock till she had his salty tasting load shot into her throat and by the way Trudy was choking it was a large amount but my brave wife gulped down the lot and sucked the head of his cock so as not to waste any. The guy behind fucking her wasn’t deterred by Trudy’s choking he had a tight grip on her hips ramming his cock deep into her sticky wet pussy, he looked over at me and announce my wife Trudy was the best fuck he has had in a long time, l informed him that when a woman has had as many cocks as my wife it does make her an expert at being a spunk dump. He gave Trudy’s arse cheek a good hard slap and ordered she shaves her pussy hairs as soon as she gets in because he likes to fuck a clean shaven hole then gave her cheeks another hard slap and began ramming his cock into her cum dripping hole, as they fucked he asked what contraception she uses, l informed him she has a coil fitted, he stopped fucking her and in a threatening manner ordered she gets it taken out because when he fucks a slut it has to be real bare-back then gave her arse cheeks another slap before continuing to stuff her pussy with his cock. He was fucking Trudy at great speed then gave a hard thrust and let out ‘fucking yes!’ she gave a whimper and began wriggling on his cock as he pumped and pumped his hot thick creamy load inside my wife and she was loving every drop filling her womb the bloke gave a gasp then released his hold on Trudy’s hips and stepped back his dripping cock dangling down between his legs. A river of spunk spurted from her pussy running down her legs and onto the ground like a drain being unblocked, the bloke wiped himself with tissues then passed my wife a handful but she declined because Trudy knows l like her to have a sloppy pussy ready for me to fuck when we get home. We all walked back to the lay-by the guy introduced himself as Dan so l told him our names, Dan asked Trudy if she liked role-play, she glanced at me then answered she will do whatever he wanted, Dan smiled then inquired if they could role-play **** the following Friday, we got to our car and he told me to make sure Trudy wears old clothes and l had better bring her something to wear home as the ones she arrives in will be in pieces, l could feel myself getting a hard cock just thinking about what Dan has instore for my wife.
Once we get home Trudy knows the routine when she is filled to the brim with other men’s creamy spunk, she will asked me which position am l fucking her, doggy or on her back, my wife then goes straight to the bedroom strips naked and gets on the bed ready for me to slide my cock into her well used flappy spunk filled pussy. Her hole feels so sticky and hot the spunk inside her runs out as my cock slides deeper then when l’m into her up to my balls l will begin fucking Trudy, the faster l fuck her the louder my wife’s moans and whimpers get. I take hold of her hair to pull her onto my cock, she screams, l give her bum cheek a slap then push my cock hard into her, my sticky load shoots deep inside her, Trudy grins and we kiss, my wife asks in a whisper if she was a good girl at the lay-by, l tell her she was a good dirty slut just like l wanted her to be. I lay on my back for my wife to lick my cock clean of any spunk she gives the head of my cock an extra good sucking to get every drop then slides her tongue up and down my shaft so too get the taste of all the other sticky creamy spunk shot deep in her hole earlier, after l reminded her that Dan wanted her to have a bald pussy, later Trudy showed me her new hairless hole, l couldn’t help myself from ramming my cock deep inside her new smooth inviting hole to fill it with another sticky liquid load.
I rested Trudy for 2 days because of the meet she had with Dan at the lay-by, when Friday came l picked out an old thin tight sky-blue dress, no bra as my wife does have nice size nipples that are always hard. She made the splits in the sides of the dress bigger then hunted through her drawer to find a G-string which was no more than laces attached to a triangle, Trudy gave me a twirl and that’s when l noticed in certain light the dress was completely see through, my wife looked just like the slut l wanted her to look like. I gave Trudy instructions that her makeup was to match the way she was dressed or l’ll leave her at the lay-by for the night which she knew l would do if my instructions were not carried out to the letter.
We got to the lay-by and saw Dan’s car was parked all most out of sight at the far end of the lay-by, l parked in front of him then me and Trudy quickly nipped up the pathway to the trees and bushes, a little way along the path l let her walk on ahead of me, Dan would meet with her somewhere along the path then drag my wife off into the bushes to begin the role-play ****. I saw Dan walking towards Trudy the anticipation was breath taking, my excitement grew with each step he took towards her, just as l thought he was going to walk past, Dan punched her in the stomach, not hard but hard enough to double her over. He pushed her to the ground grabbed Trudy by the hair and dragged her to a small clearing which looked like he had used the clearing before as there were ripped clothes s**ttered around, he tore open her dress got his cock out and shoved it into her mouth then held the back of her head so he could ram his cock into my wife’s throat, Trudy began choking and gag as Dan fucked her throat, he stopped stood her up and ripped her dress to shreds and with ease pulled off her G-string to reveal her shaven pussy. He kissed Trudy and told her she was a good girl for shaving, l told him she didn’t have her coil removed so he slapped her across the face and informed my wife he will take it out then pushed her to the ground spread her legs and forced his hand right up into her pussy, Trudy let out a cry which earnt her another slap across the face then as Dan rammed his fist deeper he asked Trudy if she was going to get her coil removed or will he have to do it, she began promising she will get it removed and wont disobey him again, next my wife was turned onto her stomach, Dan pulled one of her arse cheeks to one side and slammed his cock up into her arse hole Trudy winced as Dan’s cock slid all the way up inside her till his balls pressed between her legs, he forcefully asked how did she like a cock up her arse, my wife submissively answered, she liked it. As Dan began fucking her, he was calling Trudy a spunk slut filthy whore, when he had enough fucking her arse he stood her up and punched her in the stomach then again and warned Trudy to get her coil removed, while she was still doubled up Dan leant her over a half fallen tree, took an empty 2lt coke bottle from a bag which he had obviously got ready earlier, rolled a condom over the bottle and with some force slid it up Trudy’s pussy, l had never seen her hole spread so wide but my slut wife took the whole thing inside her, l was so impressed l told her how proud l was of her, she couldn’t answer as the bottle being inserted in her pussy was taking her breath away. Dan leant over her and l heard him whisper he was now going to fill her with his cock but as hard as he tried the bottle and his cock in my wife’s pussy just wasn’t going to happen so she ended up with his cock and a womb full of his creamy spunk the bottle was replaced after filling her. I thought he had done with her but Dan tied a rope around her neck then paraded Trudy along the pathway with the bottle wedged up her hole when we came across any blokes she was put to her knees and they spunked into her mouth then swallow, my wife was doing really well till she got to the 9th bloke she swallowed all his creamy load but then sicked it all back up along with all the other spunk she had been told to swallow. Dan led my wife back to our car where l gave Trudy some wet wipes because the spunk, she threw up was all down her front then l got the spare clothes for her to wear home.
When Dan left, he thanked me for bringing my wife for him to use and asked if he could book Trudy again for role-play so l gave him my mobile number and told him to call, as the other blokes that my wife milked dry drove passed, they sounded their horns.
It was still quite early so we took a drive and found a little pub, Trudy knocked back a few vodka and oranges, l told her she deserved them for being such a good obedient slut wife plus the vodka helped settle her stomach. We began talking about if she should have her coil removed as being fucked by so many blokes that was a lot of spunk she was being filled with and the inevitable will happen, l confessed that l found the risk of another guy impregnating her added to the whole thrill of watching her being used and fucked by different men, Trudy admitted she got an enormous kick when Dan was filling her with his load and she imagined she didn’t have any protection, Trudy took a sip of her drink and said she will get her coil removed, l got another round of drinks before going back to the lay-by.
The lay-by had almost emptied apart from 4 lorries and a couple of cars, a guy in one of the cars came over, he heard what my wife had done and invited us to his place the following Saturday night and explained there will be 3 or 4 other men no more, adding there will be plenty to eat and drink and guaranteed Trudy would enjoy herself, he gave me his number telling me to phone in the week then went back to his car and drove off. Out of nowhere a bloke appeared at Trudy’s window saying he was a lorry driver and had seen us at the lay-by before so thought he would come say hello, as we chatted his eyes were fixed down my wife’s front, he asked Trudy if she would like to go with him into the wood then looked over at me saying he’ll have her back in know time at all, his face lit up when l said he can take her in the woods but l would stand back to watch. He opened the car door and Trudy stepped out while they walked up the pathway l locked the car and followed to stand about 15 foot away from them. The guy helped Trudy out of her dress then off came her knickers so she was naked he pressed her against a tree and they began kissing he had one hand squeezing her tit as the other hand was between her legs with most of his fingers stuffed in her wet sticky hole, Trudy was lowering herself onto his fingers l could hear her moaning and whimpering. My wife unbuckled his belt then unfastened his jeans as she slid them down his legs he was helping by wriggling, his cock now stood to attention so my wife got to her knees and his cock disappeared from my view as she took him to the back of her throat for him to fuck her face. He didn’t take long to empty his balls down my wife’s throat and before she let him have his cock back Trudy licked and sucked the guy dry, he pulled up his jeans and boxers and walked off smiling, l wasn’t going to waste my wife’s nudity so went over, got her on all fours and had my turn, my wife’s pussy hole was wet, sticky and very saggy but l enjoyed fucking and filling her, we finished and went back to the car to go home. I let my wife have a few days off before taking her out again plus she needed to rest after having her coil removed, l couldn’t wait to see her being filled without protection, l also made that call to arrange Trudy’s Saturday night, but first l was taking her to the lay-by.
I was hoping Dan would be there but he missed his chance of being the first to fill my wife with no protection instead it was a stranger about 40ish and he was more than happy to fuck my wife knowing there was a chance she could be bred with, Trudy remarked how he began fucking her harder when l mentioned she wasn’t using any contraception, he didn’t remove his cock from her pussy till she had every drop of spunk inside her the next guy wasn’t happy fucking her knowing there was a chance Trudy could conceive so he fucked her throat and shot his thick sticky load straight into her stomach then once he was done the third bloke had my wife on all fours and loved the fact she was up for breeding, Trudy said he shot a very full load but he didn’t take long to do it but she was more than happy with what she got, afterwards l took Trudy back to the car to wait for a few different cars to arrive. She was becoming well known by the blokes that came into the lay-by, now they would walk up to the car knock on the window and my wife would follow them to a clearing, l would be a little way behind her and just watch as she got used, if she didn’t do what the bloke wanted l would tell them a hard slap on her arse will change her mind and that only ever happen once, Trudy is a very obedient wife. As for the Saturday invite that went well, maybe after downloading the pictures for the event l’ll download what happened.

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