Controlling Sofia

Controlling Sofia
Sofia’s eyes rolled back into her head as the orgasm hit.

Her whole world went red with pleasure, but the man behind her didn’t let up; his finger danced on her clit until she shuddered and moaned with pleasure so intense that it was literally beyond words.

“That’s it,” he whispered in her ear as she leaned into him, her cries echoing off the walls of the climate-controlled basement, “let it all out and come for me.

That’s my good girl, coming so hard, it’s okay, you can moan for me, there’s nobody to hear it, you can give in completely for me. That’s right. Good girl. Come. Come. Come.”

She slowly sank to her knees as he relentlessly fingered her. Her legs didn’t want to support her anymore; every bit of her concentration was wrapped up in the tide of bliss that washed over her and through her, and trivial things like standing didn’t seem to matter in the excitement of the moment.

The man guided Sofia gently downward, supporting her body with his arms even as he continued to tease the pleasure out of her cunt. At last, trembling, she crested in one last climax and slumped to the floor. Her eyes didn’t want to open. Her legs didn’t want to stand. Her body didn’t want to move.

“Now, Sofia,” he whispered in her ear, crouching over her. “We’ve only just begun.”

“That’s a good girl, Sofia,” he said warmly, as she finally managed to kick off her panties and expose her cunt fully to his gaze and his touch.

His fingers caressed her pubic mound lovingly, but there was no mistaking the possessiveness in his hands. “You’re doing so well, and of course the more you obey, the deeper you go for me. And you can just say that right now, repeating it easily and effortlessly and believing it more and more with every repetition. The more you obey…”

“The deeper I go,” Sofia mumbled hazily, her fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.

“The more I obey,” she murmured again, her body gently settling into a prone position on the cushion of her own clothing. She didn’t remember what he’d just said to her; long stretches of time kept disappearing into the haze of pleasure in the back of her head. Even his name

“That’s my good girl, Sofia,” he replied, his fingers sliding back into her wet pussy. The sensation blurred Sofia’s sense of time, confusing her perceptions until she couldn’t quite remember for a moment whether she was experiencing reality or profound deja vu.

She felt like she was sinking into pleasure all over again, so distracted by the feel of his finger on her clit that she couldn’t process what he was doing to her. It felt so good, and she couldn’t resist all that pleasure, could she? “Of course not. And you don’t need to.” She realized she’d tuned out again, that his words had become her thoughts without her even noticing. “Because the more you obey…”

Sofia sighed, her hips involuntarily squirming into his touch. “The deeper I go,” she whimpered. The words came automatically now; his voice had worn a groove into her mind with the endless repetitions, creating an unthinking association between obedience and trance. She was deeply hypnotized, so naturally she obeyed him. She allowed him to command her mind and body, so naturally she didn’t need to think for herself anymore. The pleasure welded the two ideas together in a seamless loop, one link in a chain of programming that bound her mind into his control. She almost marveled at how quickly he’d taken her will away, but she had no idea how long she’d spent lost in the fog of bliss for him.

“Helping me fuck your will away, Sofia, until all you are and all you want to be is my obedient slave.” She didn’t even notice the way his words and her thoughts intertwined anymore. She only accepted. “And you can go so much deeper for me. No matter how smooth and blank your mind is, you can always sink further into my control with another repetition. Your programming has only just begun, pet. Because the more you obey…”

Sofia’s response was barely even recognizable as words. “Ohhh, Goddd,” she moaned, her cunt clenching around his fingers in climax. “The deeper, ohhh, deeper I… gohhhhh!” She felt pussy drench itself with fluid as the orgasm blanked out her mind and melted her voice into a slur of incoherent moans. Sofia heard him whispering to her, urging her on to new heights of pleasure and tying that pleasure to new depths of obedience, but she couldn’t make her mind consciously focus on anything but coming. Everything else simply slipped past her.

“Good girl,” he purred, his voice seeping into her mind like a drizzle of warm honey. “You don’t need to stop, you don’t ever need to stop coming for me. Just keep going, keep coming, let me fuck your mind away completely. Fucking your mind away completely, pet, no thoughts, no will, no resistance.” His fingers kept pumping in and out, relentlessly rubbing her clit, pounding her cunt, never giving her even the slightest chance to recover her thoughts. “Fucking your mind away. Completely.”

Sofia let out a wordless groan of ecstasy, unable to stop the waves of orgasmic delight now even if she wanted to. The stimulation was unyielding, turning one climax into two into three like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond. Time stretched and distended like warm taffy, until all she could do was come against his fingers and soak up his hypnotic words. “That’s a good slave,” he whispered in her ear, the endless pleasure inexorably associating her new self with powerful, helpless bliss. “That’s my good, obedient slave. Come for me, come for Master, belong to Master.”

“Mmmmmaster!” she choked out, the word almost unrecognizable among one moan after another. She couldn’t stop coming, she didn’t know if she was ever going to stop coming and all of the pleasure came from Master. Master’s fingers fucked her into obedience, Master’s words smoothed her mind into bliss, Master’s power washed away everything but her slave self and that was all she needed now. She needed to go deeper. She needed to obey. She needed to belong to her Master.

“That’s right, slave.” She felt his mouth on her nipples for just a moment, tugging at them with pursed lips, and the shock of it cascaded a whole new series of climaxes through her body. “Keep coming, keep coming for me, keep coming for Master. All your will is dripping out through your cunt, gushing onto my fingers, vanishing away. The more you come, the less you think. The less you think, the more you obey. The more you obey, the more you come for me. Good girl. Good slave. Come.”

Sofia had long ago lost track of the number or orgasms. Her mind had completely given up, shutting down from the overwhelming sensory overload until Master’s words became not just her thoughts but her entire identity. She was slave, he was Master, and everything else was simply overwritten with the inexorable truth of his words. Slave obeyed, slave came, slave accepted. Her brain simply couldn’t handle anything else right now.

“Good girl,” he said, his fingers finally slowing to a stop inside of her and withdrawing. “Good girl.” Sofia instantly slumped into complete, boneless exhaustion; only when he finally let up did she realize just how badly she had needed to stop. Her muscles felt weak and rubbery, and she was drenched with sweat. A streamer of drool trickled from the corner of her mouth, but her limbs felt too heavy to reach up and wipe it away. When her Master gathered her up in his arms, Sofia simply went limp and allowed herself to be held. His possessive embrace soothed away her returning thoughts before they could even form; all she wanted was to be stroked and petted and owned, and his touch filled that need perfectly.

After what seemed like a blank, timeless eternity, he helped her back into a kneeling position. “Go ahead and get dressed again, slave,” he said to her gently, handing her back her blouse. “You don’t need the underwear anymore, but at least the blouse and the skirt. We have a little traveling to do, and you’ll need to be dressed to go out in public.”

Sofia’s only response was a to murmur acceptance in a blank, docile tone, but he must have seen a furrow of confusion on her brow because he cupped her chin and gave her a kiss. “I’m taking you home, pet. To your new home, where I can help you go even deeper into my will. You’re already doing so well, and surrendering so deeply, but…” He chuckled. “As I said before, my darling slave. We’ve only just begun.”

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