Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 3

Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 3

After I lucked out with the older sisters drunken state I mentioned in the previous post in this series it was a while before I had another opportunity. I spent considerable time positioning myself and trying to manipulate situations and eventually the hard work paid off.

We were on a beach holiday a couple of years later and I was on full alert.  On the first day I had scoped out the place, noting the private balcony attached to the girls bedroom.   It took me a few days to find a location where it was in view.  The path behind the villa meandered uphill exposing the balcony and a section of the bedroom.  My daily jog eventually proved fruitful having the pleasure watching both sisters topless on one occasion. Comparing their

One afternoon sunbathing on the boat I noticed her pink bikini bottoms were slightly out of place leaving a few straggling hairs exposed. My mirrored sunglasses firmly in place I watched and waited. Finally the reward came and the edge of one lip appeared. It remained visible for a few minutes during which time I had to reposition my book to cover my growing manhood then one slight movement and it was gone.

The following day we were swimming A wave crashed into her and ripped her top to one side exposing the left nipple, unfortunately she noticed and the top was replaced. The tit looked much fuller by now, stored!!! 

It was another long wait until I got lucky again.  We were skiing and with the power of alcohol I somehow managed to talk her into having a naked sauna after a night out.  As she undressed facing away from me my heartbeat quickened.  If I timed it perfectly maybe I could get my best view yet.  I started imagining open pussy and ass as she bent forward.  I couldn’t get caught but if I timed it correctly I could dip down and get the full view. 

Her top went over her head, then her hands reached behind to the clasp of the white bra. Bending forward those pert breasts swung free. My position allowed a full side view which I devoured.

As her hands grasped at the belt buckle I adjusted my position again watching as jeans dropped revealing nondescript knickers. I held my breath as I prepared to duck down below her spread cheeks when her trousers reached her feet. Thumbs in the elastic they dropped. I lunged down and was rewarded with a view of lips slightly spread. Short black hair framed the incredible pink lips. Then in a quick motion she started straightening. I was in a predicament, fully erect and fully dressed having made motions and noises as if I was undressing. Luckily the quantity of alcohol she had consumed meant I got away with it as I leapt out of my clothes. Luckily the fear of getting busted instantly deflated my wood.

She entered first and sat down, my now shrivelled manhood was almost exactly at her head height as I walked in. I watched closely for a reaction to my size but she looked away before I could observe one. Trying to make the most of the opportunity I stumbled around adding water to the hot coals and waving my shrivelled member just a few feet from her eyes.  I caught her glancing several times looking confused and increasingly flustered.  The discomfort manifested itself in her moving around giving me chance to observe her firm breasts and trimmed dark bush.   Eventually I sat down right on the edge of the bench legs spread as wide as I dared without rebuke.

My balls were effectively pushed up by the ledge jutting my penis up at an angle above them. I glanced down overjoyed at the ridiculous position my genitalia was in pointing directly at her. I engaged in conversation trying to get her to make eye contact while she continued to shift around awkwardly. I moved my arse backwards on the seat quickly making her eyes shoot downwards as my tiny member bounced lewdly.

Her responses to questions were now laboured and her body language showing her level of discomfort. As her arms clinched closer with hands clasped covering the pubic region her tits were pushed together amazingly. Eventually she had enough and swung her legs up to lie on the bench. I caught a fleeting glance of lip and a good view of cheeks as she moved. The breasts stood up surprisingly well as we chatted.

I continually steered the conversation to sex telling tales of being caught or catching others. She visibly relaxed and engaged as my member returned to life. It was hot as hell, but I knew I had to leave first to ensure a good position of her dressing. She looked stunning as the clothes returned to her body and I raced to bed with mental images rushing through my mind.

I hope you enjoyed- please let me know if you would like the next instalment.

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