It was next day.Janna had done her best to stay alone with me.And,she had succeeded.My wife has gone to her friends.I was at the beach.I was taking sun bath on the sands.And, of course,I was waiting Janna.Finally,I saw her coming.She was wearing a small bikini.A white bikini with flower design.There were laces of her bikini.I pretended sleeping.She came, looked at me.
Janna; I know you are not sleeping.
She was pretending as if nothing had happened one day ago.
Me; shall we go to rocks?(I stared at her hips and ass)
Janna; (she looked at towards rocks). I don’t know. You want?
Me; I answered staring at her hips ;very much.
She was wearing a black sun glasses.I directly stared at Janna’s pussy.
Come on, please.
Janna; okay.
I was thinking she was a real prostitute.I didn’t know her much.But, now I’m sure she is a very horny woman.
I stood up , got my towels.And we began walking towards rocks ,following the seaside.There was not anybody around.I was trying to walk from back.Because, I was peeping her ass.It was incredible.She was my wife’s younger sister and I knew I would fuck her ass at the rocks.Janna too knew that.
Five minutes later we arrived at the deserted rocks.She stopped and began looking at the sea.I kept her hand and pulled to me.My other hand was caressing her ass.And, I put her one hand onto my shorts.She directly grabbed my stiff dick with her hand.She began caressing my dick with her hand.She was caressing over my shorts.She was caressing my dick from balls to the head.My dick was ready.She was aware of this.I was caressing her hips and ass cheeks.Meanwhile, I untied her bikini’s laces.Her bikini fell down on the ground.I slightly pulled Janna down towards my shorts.She squatted.I pulled down my shorts quickly.My dick was out of my shorts.And, I directly gave it into Janna’s mouth.She began sucking my dick.She was sucking slowly but professionally.She had still black sunglasses.I was keeping her head while she was sucking.Sometimes,I was pushing her head to my stiff dick.My stiff dick was moving in and out in Janna’s mouth.My dick was getting harder in her mouth.Actually, I had never thought that.Because,Janna is my wife’s younger sister.But, I was fucking her mouth here.Yes, I was fucking her mouth exactly.Because, I was keeping her head,my dick was moving in and out in Janna’s mouth.
I pulled her up for stand up.I pulled down her bikini.And,I began sucking and kissing her tits.She began to take faster breath.I was fingering her ass.
Me; you promised to me,you know what I mean.
Janna; ohh..okay..(she was moaning with a low voice).
I was fingering her ass and sucking tits.
Me; I want to do your ass.
Janna; here?
Me; yes..behind these rocks.Nobody can see us.
Janna; boats in the sea can notice us.
Me;don’t be silly.There is no boat in the sea.
I stopped kissing her tits.And I gave my dick into her hand.She was caressing my dick with her hand.
Me;I want it Janna .I want your ass.
I kept her hand and take her behind the rocks.It was a sheltered place.I knelt down and began kissing her hips and legs.She was standing and keeping the rocks with right hand.And,she was caressing my head with her left hand.Her feet were so clean and smooth.I kept her left ankle and put her bare foot on my bare dick.
Now, she was keeping the rocks with two hands now.She began rubbing my dick with her left foot.She was looking down at my dick.She made my dick hard maximum with her foot.She rubbed my dick with her left foot for a while.
Janna; come on.someone may come now.Shall we do this style,with foot?So nobody understands and it finishes quick.
I kept her hand and pulled down.I was kissing her neck, shoulders and ears.She was getting horny.I slightly turned her towards the rocks.She understood and bent over.I was behind her ass.She had bent over towards the rocks.I kept Janna’s hip and put my stiff dick on her ass.I put my dick’s head on her ass hole.She was not speaking and she was waiting.A few drops of my sperms were wetting her ass.That was a very strange moment.Because, Janna was my wife’s younger sister.She was like my sister during many years.But today, I was fucking her from behind at these deserted rocks.
Janna; come on.
She was getting afraid someone would see.
I slowly pushed my penis into her hole.My dick was slowly entering through Janna’s hole.Her hole was so tight.I put my dick completely into her hole.
Janna screamed slowly..ahh.
And,I began fucking Janna’s ass.I was fucking her ass while my hands keeping hips.Her hands were on the sand and her head almost was touching the ground.Sometimes, she was trying to keep my hand with her one hand.Probably, she was feeling pain.And, she was trying to say that I must be slow.Now,I was fucking her hole slower.But,that was giving her more pleasure.She began moaning more clear.
Janna; ahh..ahhhh
Sometimes she was screaming with a low voice.
But,that wouldn’t last so long time.Because,I was about to come in her hole.
It was not possible to stop.And, I began ejaculating into her ass hole.She was still moaning slowly.She hadn’t noticed that I was coming into her ass hole.This had finished so quick.I pushed my dick completely into her hole.And,I began ejaculating.I was still coming and Janna was moving her hips slowly.She had noticed now.And, she began moaning when she noticed I was ejaculating.I came in her hole completely.And,I pulled my dick back.
She was still moaning.And, she turned back and kept my dick.Probably,she hadn’t satisfied enough.She was trying to make my dick stiff.
Janna; You finished so quick.
Me; Because ,your ass’s hole is so tight.It’s not possible not to ejaculate.
She gave up caressing my dick.And, she began wearing her bikini.She was not speaking.Probably,she was a little angry.Probably,I couldn’t satisfy her.
I suddenly pulled her to me.And,I began kissing her lips and necks.I pulled her bikini down.And, my finger began caressing her pussy.I was kissing her like crazy.My tongue was in her mouth completely.She was masturbating my dick with her hand.My dick was getting stiff slowly.I decided to fuck her again.My dick got stiff in her hand.It was ready to fuck her.She lay down on the sand.She opened her legs.And, I pushed my dick slowly into her hole.She grabbed my waist with her legs.And,I started fucking her pussy.My dick was moving slowly back and forth.She was pulling my waist towards her.(same as her older sister,my wife was also same).Probably,she was not being satisfied.I think she needed a bigger dick.I began to move my dick faster.Probably,she was not taking much pleasure.This situation lasted almost five minutes.I was sure,she was not taking pleasure too much.
Janna; come on, finish it.
I was thinking that I was not good at normal sex.Because,she was not taking pleasure.And,I believed that I’m a professional foot fetishist.
Me; it will take long time.Because,I came ten minutes ago.
Janna; let’s go then.
Me;But, my dick is still stiff and I have to ejaculate.
I pulled back my dick .She began wearing her bikini.
But, my dick was stiff.I again to stare at her feet.She was wearing her flip flops.Her flip flops were near the rocks.It was most desolate place of the rocks.She had worn her bikini.She was trying to wear her flip flops and she was holding the rocks.
Me; Janna I need to ejaculate.(I was staring at her well-groomed and sexy feet.)
I was masturbating while I look at her foot.I was playing with my dick.
Janna had understood that I want her foot.
Janna; you are a real crazy.
She was brushing her hair.I walked towards her.She hadn’t noticed I was near her.I knelt down and hold her left leg.She got afraid, she didn’t know I was near her.First,she resisted.But,I took her flip flop off from her left foot.And,I directly put her left foot onto my stiff dick.She was holding the rocks with one hand and looking at me down.And,I began fucking her foot again.Her foot was so clean,well groomed and sexy.That was so exciting.I was fucking Janna’s foot at this desolate rocks.We were not speaking anymore.I was rubbing her foot to my dick.And, she was watching that while she standing.My dick was like stone.She was standing on right leg and I was fucking her left foot.
Janna began caressing my dick with her foot by her self wish.She was taking pleasure.I was feeling.She began rubbing faster.We were not speaking.I was about to come.I noticed that she was rubbing her hole.That was interesting.
She was really taking pleasure.
Janna; ahh..
I began to ejaculate with a very big explosion to her foot.
Janna; ahh.. you crazy ..
I looked around while ejaculating.There was not anybody around.
She was coming too.She was pressing her foot to my dick.My dick was still coming Janna’s foot.She was taking pleasure from foot job.
She slowly pulled her foot.My sperms were dropping to her flip flop slipper from her foot.She took her flip flops to the sea and washed them there.
I wore my shorts.
Janna directly went home.I stayed at the beach one hour more and went home.

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