Caught Him Jerking Off..And Then The Fun Began


Caught Him Jerking Off..And Then The Fun Began
My first roommate after college was “Mike.” He had an extra bedroom to rent and I answered his ad in the paper. Mike was a nice guy but we both worked long hours so we didn’t have a lot of time to hang out together. But when we did we got along very well. We were on our way to a good friendship.

I had a girlfriend at the time and I spent several nights every week at her place. That was the plan for this night..but as you will all see, this night turned out much different than any of us thought it would.

That morning before work I told Mike I would be spending the night at my girlfriend’s place. I was hornier than usual after work and I was looking forward to another night of great hot fucking. “Jen” was hot and she loved to fuck.

I had a key to her place so I let myself in as I always did before. Jen was standing in front of me – looking like hell, wearing a heavy robe and with a tissue in her hand.

“Sorry baby I got this nasty cold all of a sudden. I think it’s best for me to sleep it off. I hope I’ll be feeling good again tomorrow because I really want you to fuck me.”

I said that I understood. Then I gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed back to my place.

When I opened my front door I heard a moaning noise so I walked quietly to the living room to see what was going on. The moaning was coming from Mike, who was totally naked on the living room couch, jerking off. I accidentally walked in on his jerk off session.

Let me describe Mike…he was same age as I was, mid 20s. Mike was a black guy and he was very good looking. He was tall, around six feet 2 inches (I’m 3 inches shorter than him), with a toned body and smooth dark brown skin. Trust me, folks, I had many hot sex fantasies of me and Mike before this night.

I also learned right then that Mike had a huge dick. My dick is big – 8 inches – but what Mike had in his hand was a lot bigger than just 8 inches. I felt my dick get hard and I adjusted myself to mask my sudden hard on in case Mike looked down there.

I wasn’t sure what I should do. At first I thought about leaving for a while to give Mike time to finish his business. But then my inner gay self completely took over my thoughts and actions. I decided to play this out and see what – if anything – interesting might happen.

I made a fake coughing sound that Mike could hear and then I walked into the living room. He looked up at me, startled, and quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself up.

He was obviously shocked and nervous and also very embarrassed.

“Ummm I’m so sorry, Richie. I thought I heard you say you’d be at Jen’s place tonight.”

My reply totally defused the situation. “Yes I did so you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. I’m the one who should be sorry..I should have called first to let you know I’d be coming back here.”

This cool and calm response from me calmed Mike down. I told him about Jen feeling sick and then I added that the situation sucked because I’d been so horny all day and really looking forward to fucking her. Then I kept on talking – I didn’t need to, but I wanted to flirt with my hot black and now verified very well hung roommate and friend in the making. This is what I said to him: “I’m still horny as fuck so I’ll be doing the same thing you’re doing as soon as I walk into my bedroom.” This made both of us laugh and I told him not to go to his room and it was fine with me if he finished what he started right there on the couch.

Then I took two steps toward my room and then turned around to face him and then told him I had an idea.

“I get it if you’re not into the idea I just got and that’s fine but we’re friends now so I’ll tell you what I’m thinking anyway and see what you think of it.”

Mike said ok go ahead but I knew he had no idea what was on my mind.

So I told him about my idea. “We both know what you were doing when I walked in on you, and we both also know that I’m going to do the same thing in about one minute from now. So it’s not that big a jump from both of us jerking off in two different rooms knowing what the other is doing to doing it together, here on the couch, right next to each other. If this turns you off please tell me and we’ll forget that I even mentioned it.”

Mike was silent for a few seconds and as I waited for his answer I regretted asking him the question. But then he surprised me by looking at me with a smile and saying “yeah, I get exactly what you’re saying. Let’s do it. It should be fun and it’ll definitely be interesting for sure.”

Hearing this made me so horny. The gay kind of horny and the inner big black dick slut I’d known was inside me since I was 11 years old was fully unleashed.

My clothes were off and on the floor in seconds and Mike could see my dick was already hard. I watched him look at it for a few seconds before he said “you’ve got a nice looking big dick.” “Thanks,” I replied, “but right now my dick is the smallest one in the room. Yours is huge!!”

And then I sat down on the couch. Next to and also very close to my new jerk off buddy Mike. I was to his right, close enough that our legs were slightly touching each other. He didn’t mind that. “I was watching a porn video before you got here..should I turn it back on?”

“No need for that,” I answered. This situation has me feeling really sexy already.

And then we both stroked our dicks in silence for the next 3 minutes. My eyes were locked in on Mike’s big black monster dick the entire time and I noticed that he was looking at me as I stared at his dick. I felt the need to say something so I said this to him: “Sorry I know I’m staring at your dick but I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s just so big and so much bigger than mine is.”

Mike’s reply was also his way of signaling to me that he was into me doing more than just looking at his dick. “Go ahead, you can hold it if you want. And I’ll hold yours. We can switch dicks for a while if you want to.”

Of course I wanted to. So I wrapped my left hand around that huge black thing and he wrapped his right hand around my also big but not as big as his thing and we jerked each other off, looking at each other the whole time.

You can guess what happened from there. Hands on body. Our first kiss. And soon after that me between his Mike’s legs giving him a hot passionate blowjob that only a BBC loving white guy. Black dick lust and passion that only a well hung black guy can fully feel and enjoy.

I didn’t tell him until later that night that he got the first complete blowjob I ever gave a guy or that the facial I asked him to give me at the end was also a first for me. He returned the favor with a hotter than fuck blowjob which was the first blowjob I ever got from another guy.

We agreed to continue our new sexual relationship and the next night he fucked me that huge black dick of his. Also a first for me. Definitely not the last time Mike fucked me. We had sex together two or three times a week for the next 3 years and we kept it a total secret. I still fucked Jen as often and it was always great and Mike fucked virtually any girl he wanted to fuck. We both were overwhelmingly straight but our gay sides were too much to ignore so we had the best of both worlds for around 3 years.Then I moved in with another woman and our secret sex had to end.

By the way Mike’s dick is just a little under 11.5 inches. I measured it on our second night of sex together.

Hope you all enjoyed this. It’s based on my true experiences from the past, not word for word but very close to what actually happened…

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