Dear Diary – Topping for Lunch

Dear Diary – Topping for Lunch
HI all thanks for reading my post. A short overview of who and what I am. i am a transgender who was taken first by my 6th grade teacher. I became his sub being pimped out to others as he wished and when. This is a short story of my lunch topping that he gave me enjoy.

The lunch bell rang. As I was walking out of my 6th grade class I turned to the teacher giving him a wink as I did everyday. he called me to his desk. i walked to him stood by his chair. He waited till the classroom was empty then reach out and snapped my garter belt straps that were showing from under my boy pants (UGH). What color slut he asked. “Yellow” i replied. he opened the desk draw took out a container and handed it to me. “poor this over your lunch and eat every bite, then meet me in the basement” I curtsied like the sissy faggot I was and walked to the lunch room.
Sitting by myself in the corner as i did every day I open my lunch bag taking out my PB&J sandwich. I opened the container he gave me looked inside and looked over at him as he smiled and nodded his head. I parted my sandwich and pored the thick cum that was in the container on one side then placed the other side on top. He was looking and his cock was noticeably hard under his pants.
I took the first bite with some of the cum dripping out between the bread. Looking at him i chewed the bite and swallowed. taking bite after bite cum hanging from the bread as I ate the whole thing.
Finished I walked to the exit door leading to the basement and went into a storage room where I would meet him and the boys if they wanted. A minute or so later he walked in :show me what your wearing” he said. i stepped out of my pants standing there in my yellow garter belt, black stockings, black ruffled panties. He tapped the top of my head and I went right to my knees as I was taught to. he was stroking his cock watching me disrobe. I reached up took his hard cock in my hand stoking it as I took the head in my mouth.
Sucking slurping blowing him as I did almost every day.. As I sucked his cock he asked “did you like the topping Michelle” I pulled off his cock looking up at him with drool hanging from my lips nodding my head and smiling. “Get ready for a fresh load slut” I took his cock all the way down my throat gagging as i did. He held the back of my head and fucked my mouth till he unloaded with a thick gush of wonderful tasting cum. Squirting over and over as he held my head seeding my throat I clamped my lips hard around his thick tool. He released my head and I slowly pulled off his cock leaving just the tip of the head on my lips swirling my tongue over it liking up the last of his cum.
The bell rang indicating lunch period was over and we had 3 minutes to get back to class. He looked down at me. “What kind of skirt you have in your book bag” I said a black pleated mini skirt and yellow petticoat. He said “After school my house you know where the key is I have a few friends stopping by around 4:00 do you makeup and hair and get ready they paid a premium for you and you better satisfy them. He helped me up and kissed me. As i entered the class room he called me “Do you know your late how many times do I have to tell you to be on time’ I’m sorry sir” I said. as he winked at me.

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