His best friend’s mom


His best friend’s mom
Jonas had not expected to find anyone in the kitchen when he walked down to fetch something to drink for Ellie and him and almost ran into her mum Miriam who was going flicking through the pages of a cookbook.

“Oh hi, sorry I didn’t see you. Just going to fetch us something to drink.”

“All fine. Hey, are you going to stay for dinner? I’m just trying to decide what to cook.”

“Uh, I wasn’t going to, I need to catch the train at six, still have work to do for university.”

“Alright, you can still help me decide since you are here.”

Jonas moved a bit closer to take a look at the pages, and for some reason he felt his neck hair stand up a bit all of a sudden. It creeped him out, sure the got along quite well but all of a sudden thoughts were crossing his mind that shouldn’t. He looked at a couple of pages but couldn’t really concentrate on anything and then he made an irreversible decision. His hand reached out and found its way down into the backpocket of her jeans almost on its own, making them both look at each other in shock.

“I’m sorry”, he mumbled, “I shouldn’t have.”

She shook her head with a mix of disbelief and friendliness. “You really shouldn’t have, but I haven’t seen anything. Go on up before Ellie starts missing you, and don’t forget those drinks.”

Jonas felt his skin burn as he took two glasses and a bottle of coke and went back up. In the the door he turned around and looked back, but she didn’t look angry and send a friendly smile his way, then waved him to go on up.

“There you are, what took you so long?” Ellie was still planted into the couch as Jonas had left her, taking the offered glass and downing it in one go.

“Sorry, your mum needed help deciding on the dinner plan.”

“Oh really? So what’s on menu tonight?”

Jonas waved his hand. “Something, I can’t say I really listened. I just pointed at something.”


For the remaining two hours they played video games and talked about life, university and what went on in their social circles. Jonas really liked her, but they had an unspoken agreement that they wouldn’t start a relationship for the past three years. At some point he had thought about her a lot, but with time she had become more of a friend and he felt nowhere near as uneasy around her as he had in the beginning. It was always great hanging around with her though, and time to leave closed in far too fast as usual.

As Jonas took another glance at his phone and saw it was half past five, high time to leave if he wanted to catch the train. Just when he wanted to ask Ellie to drive him to the train station her mother knocked and stepped into the room.

Jonas did his best to keep a straight face, but he knew that things would always stay complicated between them from now on.

“Hey, you said you need to catch the train at six?”

“That’s right.”

“I need to do a quick grocery run, I could let you out on the way.”

Jonas’s head shot up and he almost uttered a ‘no way’ under his breath but caught himself just in time.

“Uh, sure, that’d be great. I’m ready in a second actually, just need to pack my stuff real quick.”

“Thanks Mom, that’s nice of you. Come here Jonas.” With that she hugged him, this hug that could drive you crazy because you wanted more but knew there would never be more, then Jonas packed his bag, threw his phone and some other stuff inside and followed her Mom out to the car after waving back at her.

They got inside and Miriam drove through the forest road leading to their cute little house in the woods in silence. The moment they were out of sight from the house however she let the car roll to a stop at the entry to a little backroad, switched off the engine and looked at Jonas.

“She can never know, okay? You need to promise me that, whatever happens don’t tell her.”

Baffled and in disbelief Jonas could only nod, he had expected a stern talk far more than this little fantasy of his actually playing out, even right up until this point.

Now he almost wanted to step out, tell Miriam he wouldn’t be able to do it, but his dick was pressing against the inside of his pants so hard that he knew he would jump on the chance.

“She won’t, promise.”

Miriam nodded and unclipped her seatbelt. “Then I’m afraid you are going to miss your train.”

“I, uh, think I’ll be able to catch another one.”

The fact they were barely a mile away from the house where Ellie had no idea what was going on was somehow adding to the situation, but quickly moved to the back of his head when they got out and Miriam actually started undressing. It was like he was still waiting for her to expose it all as a joke she had played on him, but with every second that became less likely.

Jonas went around the car and took matters into his own hands, all but yanking the loose fitting tshirt over her head before throwing it onto the car’s roof. There she was, topless and visibly equally horny as he was. He went on to work on her belt, but she stopped him in his tracks.

“You first, and all of it. Take it all off.”

Jonas smiled and obliged, getting out of his shirt and quickly undoing his belt before dragging down his pants and boxers in one go and then stepping out of them.

He now stood in front of his best friend’s mum all naked and waiting anxiously while she glanced down on his whole body, apparently satisfied with what she saw since she opened her belt and pulled down her pants completely. With their clothes mostly s**ttered across the ground Miriam moved to the back of her car and opened the trunk. As all cars in the countryside it had a big enough trunk to fit everything from firewood to two horny people fucking each other’s brains out, and that was exactly what they set out to do.

There was no need for words, and no need for finess either. Jonas hardly waited for her to get inside before he was on top of her, guiding his dick into her wet cunt where it found little resistance. Miriam was wetter than he had ever experienced a woman before and Jonas took immediate advantage of that by plunging into her like a jackhammer into concrete.

He knew he wouldn’t last long this way, but neither was Miriam. He could see the look in her eyes changing from desire over hunger to brainless stupidity in a minute, and from then on it was just grunts, moans and her fingers digging into his back and little involuntary squeals rewarding each of his thrusts. Jonas had never seen another of his dates go from turned on to on the brink of orgasm in such a short time, but Miriam definitely was not going to make him struggle to control himself long enough.

He uppped his pace once more and was immediately rewarded by a slur of words no woman should say to her daughter’s best friend.

“Fuck me, don’t stop now. Treat me like the bitch I am.”

Once again he obliged, now feeling the increased pace challenging his own control but then again he could feel Miriam was coming now. Her body stiffened up in his hands and every muscle felt hard as steel, her voice turned into hoarse whispers that made no sense and then her body was overcome with shivers and one long moan that ebbed down to a sigh, pushing all air out of her lungs and all the tension from her arms and legs went soft.

Knowing he had a few invaluable second left before she would come back to her senses Jonas plunged his dick into her three more times, bringing himself so close that he wasn’t sure if he would manage to pull out in time. He managed and with this dick already exploding the shifted his balance forward, splurting ropes of cum all over Miriam’s naked belly, hitting up to her breasts and building a small puddle of cum between them.

They came to their senses at the same time and looked at each other and the mess they had made in mutual confusion.

“I can’t believe I really let you fuck me.”

Jonas laughed. “Yeah, me neither.”

“I haven’t had such a slutty day in ages. Hey, listen.”


“I really shouldn’t tell you this, but since I seem to be a slut today I might be a helpful one. My daughter really, really wants you to do to her what you just did to me.”

“If that is true she’s doing a damn fine job of hiding it.”

“It’s true though, she just can’t bring up the courage to take the first step. You should really ask her out, I mean it. Actually I want to ask you to do it, she needs a good guy like you in her life.”

Jonas gulped, right now he didn’t feel like such a good guy. Miriam seemed to be able to read his thoughts and smiled.

“This right here doesn’t make you a bad guy. Besides, we agreed never to tell anybody, so it basically never happened. You and I are going to keep this as our secret, and let me tell you I really needed that secret today. I won’t think bad of you if you don’t think bad of me, and the next time you see my daughter you invite her to dinner or a fucking skype conference or whatever you guys consider a valid date night these days, okay?”


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