iSummer, chapter 10


iSummer, chapter 10iCarly – iSummer, chapter 10Freddie and Sam both woke up about an hour later around 10am. Sam woke up because her phone was going crazy and Freddie woke up because Sam fell on top of him trying to get to her phone while she was still half asl*ep.”What’s going on?” He sl*epily asked as he rubbed his eyes.Sam groaned. “I have like a million text messages from both Carly and Mel.” She said as she scrolled through her message directory.”And?””They both want to talk to me.””I wonder what happened.””I have no idea but Carly says she is at the gym and Melanie says she is at mom’s, so I guess I will see what Carly has to say first.” Sam said as she replied to one of Carly’s messages.”So you’re going to the gym?”Sam fell back into the bed. “Yeah, eventually, but right now we still have an hour before checkout.” She closed her eyes.”You’re going back to sl*ep?””Sure why not?” Sam asked without opening her eyes.”You should get ready and go now and I by the time I get ready and get everything set, it will be time to go.” Freddie informed her.”Ugh, you kept me up too late Benson.” Sam moaned as she sat up again. She paused. “I need a quick shower.” She stood up and walked to the bathroom. Freddie watched her, not only to make sure that she sl*epily wouldn’t bump into something, but because she was also completely naked.When Sam got out of the shower she was now fully awake and Freddie had already gotten ready and gathered up their things in preparation for checkout.”So while you are talking with Carly and Melanie, what am I supposed to be doing?” He asked as she emerged from the bathroom in a towel.”I don’t know. Do whatever Freddorks do.” She replied as she grabbed her bra.”I suppose I could see if Spencer wants to do anything, if not, I guess I have to see if mom wants to do anything.” Freddie shivered at the thought of spending the day with his mom.Sam laughed. “For your sake I hope that Spencer is free.”She finished getting dressed and the two of them left the room and checked out of the hotel. They kissed as Freddie went toward Bushwell Plaza and Sam headed for the gym where Carly was.* * *The unmistakable sound of a basketball bouncing on the floor filled the gym as Sam walked in. She made her way around the bleachers and saw Carly.”What’s up k*d?” Sam said announcing her presence.Carly stopped and looked toward her.”Sam.” She said, still breathing hard. “Hi.”Sam took a seat on one of the bleachers. bahis siteleri Carly walked over and joined her. There was a moment of silence.”What happened?” Sam finally asked.”Mel and I slept together.” Carly blurted out.Figuring as much, Sam shrugged her shoulders. “And?””I’m freaking out, Sam. I am freaking out!” Carly started yelling.”Whoa, calm down.” Sam said. “Why are you freaking out?””I’ve never done this before, Sam. All these feelings I’m having are all new to me. Last night was one of the best nights of my life but I never thought of myself as a lesbian before but I think I have fallen in love with Mel but how could I fall in love with Mel? But I am in love with Mel, she’s smart, pretty, and she seems to really like me but why would she really like me? She knows who she is and what she wants, but look at me. Do I look like someone that knows who she is and what she wants? No I’m a mess.”Sam raised her eyebrows. “Wow. That was a lot of buts.””Sam!””Alright listen, as lovely as it is to hear that you slept with my s*ster.” Sam eyed her. “You’re saying that you don’t think you are a lesbian?””Right.””You feel like you still would like a boyfriend?” Sam asked.”Yeah, well, not right now, but eventually.””And when you think about last night?”Carly smiled. “Last night was awesome.””Then is safe to assume that you would like to…” Sam swallowed hard. “…be with Mel again?””Yeah.” Carly told her.”Okay then. Maybe you are bi. Have you thought about that?” Sam asked.Carly shook her head. It made perfect sense and she smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand for not having to think of it herself. She was bisexual. It would perfectly explain the feelings of wanting to be with Melanie again but feeling like she was still into boys.”Oh my god. Duh. Big red truck.” Carly said to herself. “Of course, why didn’t I think of that? But that makes me sound a little slutty don’t you think?”Sam shrugged. “Hey everybody likes sex, those who say they don’t… are lying. You just so happen to like it from both sides.””I know. And that makes me sound like a slut.””Carly, you’re not a slut. You’re not sl*eping with everyone you know. Are you?””No!””Well then you’re not.”Carly thought for another minute. “What would Mel think if I told her that I think I’m bi?””I don’t know.” Sam told her. “There is only one way to find out though.”Carly was quiet.”Okay here is what you do.” Sam told her. “You talk to Mel, you tell canlı bahis her how you feel about last night and then you tell her about how you feel about guys still, tell her about you being bisexual and see what happens after that.””I guess you’re right.””I am right, k*d.” Sam said as she stood up. “Now if you excuse me, I think I will end this awkward conversation because I’ve got somewhere I need to be.”Carly smiled knowingly. “I’m sorry I know this was a weird conversation to have but I thank you Sam, you’re my best friend.”Carly stood up and gave Sam a hug.”It’s alright cupcake. I’ll see ya’ later.”Carly stood there and watch her best friend leave. She needed to decide on how to talk to Melanie. She thought about it as she walked back to Bushwell to take a quick shower before meeting Melanie at the Groovy Smoothie.* * *Sam left the gym and headed toward her mom’s place where Melanie was. Without knocking she went in the front door. She saw Melanie sitting on the couch, her face in a book. Sam thought to herself that was typical.”You wanted to see me.” Sam said as Melanie looked up from her book.Melanie put her book down. “Yeah I wanted to talk to you about Carly if that is okay?”Sam rolled her eyes as she took a seat next to her s*ster on the couch.”I know this may be a little strange for you but…” Melanie started before Sam interjected.”Last night you and Carly slept together and this morning she was acting different?”Melanie took a beat. “Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. How did you know?””I know you guys.” Sam said with a grin that surprised even her. “I figured if you guys stayed the night that Carly would be acting, you know, all Carly-like afterward. I take it you haven’t discussed any of it with her?””No, I mean I was going to when I left but I chickened out at the last minute and just left.””Are you going to talk to her?” Sam asked.”I was going to try again when I meet her at the Groovy Smoothie later.” Melanie told her.”I know Carly alright. I know that she likes you and yes, I mean ‘like’ in that way.” Sam said as she realized that she was more uncomfortable than she thought.”What do you think made her act all different this morning?””Carly has a lot on her mind. I’m sure she will talk to you about it later.” Sam said as she stood up. “Does mom have anything in the fridge, I got hungry on the walk over here and I don’t have any money.””There is some pie left over that I made yesterday güvenilir bahis before going over to Carly’s.” Melanie told her as Sam made her way into the kitchen.Sam came back a couple of minutes later with the pie in her hands and her mouth full. “So when are you meeting Carly at the Groovy Smoothie?” She asked.”Sometime today. She is supposed to text me.” Melanie said, checking her phone to make sure that Carly hadn’t texted her.”Oh.” Sam said as she took another bite of pie. While she chewed she thought about what Carly had said and what Carly was going to say to Melanie. She wanted to keep quiet. It was none of her business. She couldn’t just let her s*ster go in there blind. Sam swallowed the pie in her mouth and sat down the pie in her hands and sat back down next to Melanie.”Look I’m going to tell you this because I think you should have a heads up so you don’t act all strange and maybe make it worse.”Melanie looked confused. “Okay?””I just left from talking to Carly before I came here and she does love you and she wants to be with you but she still feels like she’s into guys as well, she’s going to tell you that she is bisexual.” Sam warned her. “So when she does, don’t act like it is a shock to you.”Melanie smiled a little, confusing Sam. “I figured as much. Sam, I didn’t come here to ‘convert’ Carly or something like that. I never expected her to be like me. I should have known that was what was on her mind when I left this morning. We had a great night last night.”Sam held up her hand telling Melanie to skip what she was about to say.”And it’s okay if Carly wants to keep her options open.” Melanie smiled. “I love Carly and I want her to feel comfortable.””You’re okay that she still likes guys?””I’m not crazy. I knew that Carly wasn’t gay. That’s one reason why I was nervous with telling her my feelings. I was so thrilled when she said that she wanted to be with me that I didn’t think about anything else.””So what are you going to do?” Sam asked.”I think I will just go with the flow.””What are your plans for when the summer ends? You know, when you go back to NYU and Carly goes back to USC?”Melanie just shrugged. “I don’t know.”Sam stood up. “Whatever you do, don’t tell Carly that I told you what she was going to say. I just thought you should have a heads up.””I won’t.””I’m going to go and see if I can find my boy-dork.” Sam said with a smile.”Tell him I said hey.” Melanie said as Sam went out the door.Sam gave her a wave and was out of the door. Melanie sat back and started thinking but she didn’t have long to think before her cell phone beeped telling her she had a new message. It was from Carly.Groovy Smoothie. One hour.

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