Out in the Sunshine

Out in the Sunshine
In the recent sunshire I driving home feeling really hot. I needed a pee and when I saw a laybye with a grass field behind it with a wood on the far side. I got out of the car an walked through the very long grass in the feild to the woods. By the time I got their I was desparate. and as I was getting my cock out some wee went all over the brand new lacy thong I was wearing. After I had finished I looked around and not seeing anyone pulled my shorts downand took off the thong.
The area looked stunning and as I needed to have a break I took a few steps into the grass and sat down to catch some rays. I lay my thing out on the grass to dry, took my shirt off unzipped my shorts and opened the fly so I wouldnt have a straight tan line making sure nothing was showing and lay down. I must have gone off to sleep almost straight away.
I started to come around and I could hear a couple of female voices, but I wasnt sure at the time if it was a dream or they were there.
“Wow, he’s got a big one”.
“I’ll see if I can get it all out” said the other “I’ll try and pull his shorts down, get ready to run if he wakes up”
At this point I could feel my shorts being pulled down, and I realised I had a hard on. I decided to keep my eyes closed to see where this went.
“Wow I can see all of it now” said one
a hand puts its self around my cock and lifted it up
“How would you like that up you June”
“He is so much bigger than my Paul I dont think I could”
“Ive had one this big before” said the other voice You just have to take it slowly”
With the nice feeling of her hand on my cock It suddenly jumped and the both gasped. The one holding my cock sarted gently moving her hand up and down. I knew this would only end one way and so I quickly grabbed her hand and opened my eyes.
“What are you doing” I said looking at this gorgeous looking woman in her late 30’s
She loked really shocked and mumbled “I’m really sorry, we got carried away, We walkwed past and saw your erection poking out of your shorts and we stopped to have a look.”.
“Well this is sexual asault” I said “If I was a woman and a man had down this there would be all hell to pay”
“She looked frightend then and said “you’re not going to report it are you.
“I don’t know, what would your husbands say?”
At this point June spoke up and I turned to see this blond woman with huge tits in a tight teeshirt “You cant tell Paul, he wouldnt understand”
“Well I said, let me think…. As you have both seem my cock maybe if I saw your tits we could call it quits?”
“OK” said June “anything but please dont tell anyone, Mary?”
Obvioulsy the other woman was Mary and I realised I was still holding her hand against my cock
“Of Course he wants to see your tits June, I felt his cock jump when you said yes
June sat down and started taking off her t shirt off, “come on Mary you as well”
“OK ” said Mary and she started taking her top off
June undid her bra and let her magnificent tits free
“Wow, they are fantastic” I saw a smile spread across her face
“come on then Mary” I said and she relaease her bra and let her tits out. they had huge nipples and I thought I could push it a bit further.
“Mary, as you were holding on to my cock when I woke up you should let me have a feel.
“Go on then” She said looking over to June
I reached over grabbed her breat and gently rubbed my hand over her nipple, she let out a gasp of pleasure and he nipple shot out about 1cm “Ah you like that I see”
“I have very sensitive nipples” she said
So I brushed over it again then pinched it, her eyes rolled up into her head and she let out a long moan, so I grabbed the other and started rolling both of them between my fingers. This sent her into almost a trance moaning gently.
“Oh please stop” she said, but not very forcefully
“Are you sure?” I said “your seem to be enjoying it” as I carried on
“Ohhhh no dont stop please” she said as she laydown in the grass
I put on leg either side of her head so I could get both hands on her nipples, I saw her had move down to her body, she lifted the skirt up she was wearing and started rubbing her panties.
I carried on for a couple of minutes with Mary moaning getting louder and louder until June came over, Still topless, and asked if Mary was OK
“Yes” said Mary “I’m sorry but dont let him stop”
“OK” said June and with that she reached over to my cock that was still pointing out of my shorts and started pumping it.
Soon June lost some of her rythm and started moaning herself. I looked around at her to see that she had pushed her skirt down and had her hand inside of her panties.
In a couple more minutes Mary’s moan’s become really loud and she started shaking and then her orgasm hit her.
June was getting completly carried away and pumping my cock for all she was worth. I could feel my orgasm starting to cum as she was rubbing herself and me to a frenzy. Just then I started cumming and a long rope of cum went right over Marys head and landed on her tits. I this moment Junes orgasm hit her and she collapsed onto my cock and the next 4 ropes of cum spread over her huge tits.
A couple of minutes later we all started to gather our senses again. I said
“Well thankyou very much that was great”
“mmmm” said Mary”it was thankyou”
June started to panick again “You can’t tell Paul, you wont will you Mary?”
“No I wont ” said Mary “I promise” at that moment she saw my thong tat was laid out to dry. “Whose is this” she said
“Thats mine” I said “I collect them.
“I knew you were a pervert” said Mary “Now how am I going to get your cum off of my tits”
“same here” said June
“Well” I said “you could always use YOUR panties and then give them to me as a reminder of this incident”
And suprisingly they did just that and when on their way without panties and left me with 3 pairs/

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