Caught by my roommate!!

Caught by my roommate!!
This story happened to me almost 20 years ago. At the time I had a d**g / drinking problem. (Meth, pot, booze) I was about 28y.o., 6ft and 180 lbs with red hair. Since my addiction led me to have times of almost incurable horniness. It all happened when I was at home sleeping in living room of buddies apt. I thought he was asleep or jerkin off or whatever since he was high also. I had been high for 2 or 3 days and my horniness was off the charys. I’m sitting on the couch reading some gay stories/books I got from the abs that really into masturbaton mode. I was discreetly, or so I thought, wearing a pair of Womens panties that I had gotten into the habit of wearing when I was strung out. I loved the feeling and I felt sexy in em. I was really getting into my book while trying to rub one out quietly. I was getting into it. I was than starting to play with my ass by rubbing it and gently fingering it. So here I am stroking my cock, fingerings my ass while wearing panties. I must’ve been so into it lost that the next thing I know, my roomier saying “having fun?” I was caught banging myself in a thong. I tried to cover myself up. I didn’t know what to do or say. Once I realized he wasn’t gonna beat my ass or kick me out, I saw that he was rubbing himself through his sweats. He a little bulge growing and was constantly rubbing it. He asked me what I was doing and just said I’d been caught. He had this look in his eyes. He than asked me if I’d ever done anything with another guy before. I kinda lied. I had done the abs/college bathroom glory holes a few times when I was younger. I told him no. I had never played with someone I knew up to this point. He then asked me if we could go to his room and j.o. together. I hesitantly said yes because I was still shocked about being caught. He put some hetero porn on. We get on the floor since he has a small bed. He brakes the ice by reaching into my panties and grabbing my cock. I like to thin of my self as average in size. About 6 1/2″. I can’t believe the way his hand feels on me. At this point, I’m still kinda shy about this. He grabs my hand and puts it in his underwear. I’m feeling a cock other than my own for the first time. It’s amazing. Hos isn’t as long as mine, maybe 5-51/2″ but was fatter. After about 30 mins of rubbing each other, he asks me if I’d suck his dick. I was apprehensive at first since I’ve only recalled oral up to this point. I didn’t want him to know I’d been waiting for a moment like this happen to me
I kept telling myself that if I was gonna bug out, now was the time. But I wanted to know what it was lie to be with another man. My inhibitions got the best of me. I slowly moved toward him and pulled his skippis down his legs. When they are off I finally come face to face with my first real cock. Before I can chicken out, I open my mouth and stick my tongue out. I start by liking the head a few times, then run it up and down his length. It doesn’t taste bad. I get the nerve up to finally let loose. I open my mouth and take his head in. It was bigger than I anticipated, filling my mouth. Once I get used to his size, I start liking around the head as start to suck him. It took some time, but I was finally able to get past the head. After some of this, I start moving him in n out of my mouth. After some effort I was able to get my nose into his pubes, so I knew he was as far Ias I could get him. Thinking this was only gonna be 1 sided, I was surprised when he stops and says we should 69. I never knew being with another guy could be this enjoyable. After 69ing for what seemed like a half hour, he said he wanted to change positions.he lays down on his bed and I get between his legs and resume giving him a blowjob. After about 10 mins, he shudders, so I think he’s close. Guess not. After another 10 mins he grabs my head and starts pundit into my mouth and shaking violently. Said I’m cummins in ur mouth, take it. I did for the first time, wasn’t bad. After that he proceeded to give me a bj. I didn’t blow in his mouth, but I shot a load so hard that it actually flew over our bodies and over my head. I later find out that he not only came once, but twice in my mouth and I was none the wiser. The end. Till my next story.

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