Misti’s Adventures Part 21

Misti’s Adventures Part 21
Sharon had been so excited over Bill proposing to her that she had barely slept at all. She finally gave up around 6 in the morning and went in and started a pot of coffee, and made a pan of her “scratch” biscuits. When they were made, and in the oven, she sat down and did something she rarely did. She lit a cigarette and took a couple of drags on it. She had smoked for a short while while in college, but, had never smoked more than two or three cigarettes a week. She liked to have one when she had serious thinking to do, or, occasionally, after sex.

She sat there thinking about last night, and, finally, reached over and took the phone. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was just a little before seven. Everybody would be at the house for the morning get together. She dialed the number and heard the phone ringing on the other end. Her mom answered, and told her that they were all there except for Billy. He had gone out with a couple of his friends. Sharon told her to put the phone on speaker. She had some BIG news for everyone. She heard the click as her mom put the phone on speaker, and heard Daddy Breen ask her who it was. “Papa. It’s ME, Sharon. I have something I want to tell ALL of you about. Bill asked me to marry him last night. I SAID YES. I’m so happy and excited I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.” There was applause from the other end. Her Dad cut in to tell her that she had made a good choice. “I hope you two will be just as happy together as your Mom and I are.”

She heard echoing sentiments from the whole family. Carol had walked in and sat down beside her, kissing her on the cheek as she always did. She said hello to everybody and told Mama Breen, “Thank You, again.” She had given Carol several sets of baby clothes for Sarah, when she arrived. She also reminded Carol that her, Mama Breen, and Betty would be staying to help her until she was recovered, and promised that they were going to take GREAT pleasure in spoiling their new grand daughter totally rotten. That was what Grandmas were best at doing.

Carol got up and put the phone in the charger, and checked the biscuits. Dave had come in, spoke to everybody, and went out the back door to get Bill. Sharon started a pan of sausage gravy, and Carol was peeling some potatoes for hash browns. They wouldn’t cook the eggs until the very last. Dave was back in just an instant with Bill beside him. They could tell that he hadn’t slept any better than Sharon had. Dave had worn a pair of baggy shorts and a T-shirt to go over to Bill’s house, and Bill was dressed the same way. The girls were naked, as usual. They had tied in aprons so as not to get burned while cooking, but they barely covered their breasts to their knees. Their backs were completely open. Dave mentioned he had seen a light on at the other two houses, and asked if he should call them over. Sharon, wordlessly, called them both, and invited them over for breakfast. They would be right over.

Dave reached into the cupboard and took out plates and bowls. Bill opened a drawer and took our silverware, and napkins. Sharon and Carol smiled over this. They knew Dave would help, but now, they knew Bill was cut from the same pattern. What was better, he also knew how to keep out of the way.

They heard a call from the back door, and Jerry, Mary, Mike, and MIsti were there. Misti was wearing a long T-shirt, and Mary was wearing a short housecoat. Jerry and Mike were wearing blue jeans and T-shirts. It was immediately obvious that neither Sharon or Bill had gotten much sleep the night before, which made them the targets for some good natured teasing. Carol told everyone to sit down and the food would be right in. Everything was on the table, and the ladies finished cooking the eggs. Mary accused them of getting Jerry spoiled. He usually got something on the way to work. Mike just laughed. He took a thermos of coffee, and stopped at a doughnut stand for his breakfast.

They ate and talked for a long time. The girls were talking about a shopping trip, and the men were going to look at guns. Jerry and Mike both needed them for their deer hunting. Carol mused that if she had thought of it, she could have brought her gun back for one of them. It had served her well over the years. They thanked her, but they would need guns of their own, in any case.

They all went to get dressed, and making a last check to make sure everything was cleaned, left for their shopping. They women went to a mall, and the men went to a large outdoor sport center. They each had lists of things they wanted or needed.

Dave was telling Jerry and Bill what his opinion was on guns that would be needed. Jerry had hunted while he was in High School, and a bit less while he was in college, but Bill had not hunted anything more serious than squirrel and rabbit. Mike had obtained permission to hunt on some land not far out of town. The owner and Mike worked together, and he told Mike that there were so many deer on his land that they needed to be thinned out. They could, hopefully get two apiece. There were also feral pigs om his land that needed to be killed if they got the chance.

Considering these things, they looked over what was there. Jerry looked at several rifles, and chose a semi-automatic 30-06 carbine, and a very good 3x9x50 scope, a sling, and a storage case, along with several boxes of ammunition. Bill chose a bolt-action .308 and a similar scope. He also bought a sling, gun case and several boxes of ammo. They bought vests, hats, and boots. Both Dave and Mike bought new vests. Theirs were both nearly worn out. They both had their background checks and paid for their purchases, and went to a range to get their arms sighted in. Mike had been an instructor in the military, and they finished in just a few minutes.

The women were still out when got back, so, after putting their things in the living room they started fixing some lunch. There was plenty of food left last night, so they put it in the over to warm up. There were still plenty of drinks, and they always had coffee and ice tea on hand. It was a bit cool today so they put on jackets and went out in the back yard.

Bill was still excited from last night. He was going to have Sharon look the house over and tell him any changes she wanted to make. He wanted this to be HER home. The others teased him very little bout this. They understood.

It was about an hour later before the women got home. They had all made a few purchases, and were anxious to show the men. They had all bought new lingerie and wanted to show it off. Carol had bought some new things to wear before the baby came, and Sharon had bought a couple of new outfits. MIsti had decided that she wanted to “Cowboy up,” and had bought several new items. Mostly jeans, denim skirts, and western blouses. She had also bought Mike and her matching fleece lined coats. His had a Thunderbird emblem across the back shoulders. Hers had an eagle. They rook time to eat lunch before they looked at everything.

The women stripped off their clothing in the living room and began modeling for the men. They never tired of seeing the looks on their faces when they looked at them. It didn’t take long before the men were turned on and grabbing the women. Dave was taking care not to get too rough with Carol, but was just as enthusiastic as he had ever been. There were clothes s**ttered all about the room, but not a stitch on any of the people. Each of them had paired with their own partner. There was plenty of time for everything else, later. Each of the men knew what his wife enjoyed most. Bill was still learning about Sharon’s preferences, but, MAN, OH MAN. was it ever fun to learn. If only school had been this much fun.

He had pulled her down on the floor and was licking her unmercifully, and she was telling him, with moans, groans, squeals, and sobs that he was a “Straight A” student. The others were reacting in much similar fashions. The room was filled with a symphony of appreciative moans. Jerry had Mary so turned on that she was having trouble catching her breath. Misti had turned Mike over and had switched positions for the third time. Dave had Carols back to him, holding one leg up, and spooning her as hard as he dared. He was kneading both of her breasts in his hands in time with his strokes. She was “calling monkeys.” Bill, at Sharon’s insistence, had her on her back, legs wide open, and was pouring the coals to her. She was dancing a “horizontal hula” in return. Within a very short time of each other, they had exploded, and collapsed in place, unable to move. They were a VERY happy group pf people.

Each of the women cleaned their men in their usual manner, with their mouths. The men had, in appreciation, cleaned their ladies in the same way. None of them were disappointed. Bill had taken a shine to Carol early on, and had teased her about getting some pregnant pussy. Carol had replied, with a smile, “Any time you want, Big Boy. It’s always open and ready for you.” Misti wasn’t choosy. She enjoyed any, and all of them equally, as did Mary. Sharon was just as wanton as any of the others, more than ready to partner with any or all of them at any time. The fact that all four of the ladies was ready, and able to cause wet dreams was a pleasant bonus. Sharon still thought about her ex- husband at times. If he hadn’t have given her all those d**gs, they might have still been married. She would have gladly let most, if not all, of those men fuck her. She would not have even minded the pictures and movies of her getting laid. He had to be a sneaky ass about it.

They sat around around talking for a long time. Bill told Sharon that he wanted her to look at the house so he could fix it up for her, explaining that his late wife had fixed it up to her taste, and he wanted Sharon to do the same. This would be HER home. It was then that he dropped a bombshell on her. He was RICH. He had played a lottery and had won a Grand Prize. He worked at a menial job just to have something to do. He had many millions of dollars in various banks, had invested more, and had two more properties in other states. He had fairly simple tastes, so he lived plainly, If there was anything she needed or wanted, all she had to do was say the word. Sharon was dumbfounded. She had fallen in love with a regular guy, and discovered he was wealthy. This was something she had never thought about.

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