Breed Beach 0

Breed Beach 0

Erotic Eden is a pretty Paradise, full of fine femmes, young yummies and warm wanton women from all over
Erotic Eden is a private property, and Prof Peter can do there as he likes, as he makes all his own local laws

Erotic Eden is importing interestings great girls from Africa and Asia, for reasons of love, breeding & building
Erotic Eden is intended to become self-sufficient for hundreds of my wives and offspring, so we want to build

Erotic Eden offers orphans from all over a chance to help a hand in changing the world, far from all upheaval
Erotic Eden offers orphans shelter and chances to develop a career & start a f(a)mily bred by Professor Pete

Erotic Eden is autonomous, has its own norms & rules: green households, free erotic education for everyone
Erotic Eden is autonomous, has its own food chains, farming & free housing for all girls agreeing to our terms


Erotic Eden is Earthly Paradise, Partly Found, Partly Founded By Mighty Minds Of The First Ever Visitors

Erotic Eden is an outbound island in the archipelago of Samoa, where we were with my wives first inhabitants
Erotic Eden provides fresh water, bananas and coconuts for food, fish from the sea & sexual complete freedom

Erotic Eden offers a lot more, as a promise to us three at first visit, me Prof Peter, pretty Petra & juicy Jenny
Erotic Eden needs more people than the three of us, if we want to live our long love lives there in the Pacific

Erotic Eden is also the name of our ship and small plane, which we use to bring in imports and fresh females
Erotic Eden is finally also the of our orphanage for girls, mainly from Africa and Asia, also some from Europe

Erotic Eden is the name is everything erotic there in fact, as our schooling and educational perfect projects
Erotic Eden is the name of our official Foundation for legal reasons, like adoption from foreign far countries


We Come BackTo Breed Beach To Build Our Own Orphanage Self-Sufficient Sexually-free Society

We come back there with our first shipment of a couple of dozen teens, cattle and cargo to start plantations
We come back there with yummy young wanton warm women aged seven to s*******n keen on a new life

We have half a dozen from West-Africa: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Guinea and East: Somalia and Sudan
We have half a dozen Chinese, idem Indian tight teens, few from Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Siberia

We begin by building from palms two longhouses on poles in Indonesian style, covered by big banana leaves
We begin bits of farming food: fruit, herbs, vegetables, build stables for our flocks of chickens, cows and pigs

We want to breed as many of my babies as we can, so soon I order to construct two more of our longhouses
We want to breed my babes every day of the month, women tend to synchronize their periods living together


All Rights at Professor Poet-PETER, in Amsterdam-Westerpark, de dato January Twentyfourth, 2018

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